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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Painting Planters

It all started when I was browsing online while at work... as I normally do. I came across this website I had never heard of... of a shop in Australia. Their design is right up my ally and I started exploring their online shop. Many know, that I have really been into plants these days... especially indoor plants. Well... I came across their planters and fell in love.

They had so many cute designs that all went together without being too matchy matchy. I really wanted a couple of them and was ready to buy. Then I saw how much each pot was. Each was between $150 - $300! Plus shipping costs from Australia! Ouch! I decided that I should be able to paint it myself.

I contact my former roommate, MacKenzie, because she had just recently painted some pots. On a much smaller scale, but still. I know she is very straight with her lines, and knew what she was doing... so I asked her if she would help. She is the best, so of course she said yes.

First I needed to find pots. I knew I wasn't going to be finding any like the ones on the website. However, I wanted to find some bigger pots that I liked. I ended up going to "At Home" store and found out they actually have a large selection of pots. I found 2 that had potential. One was already white (which was a bonus) but it was kind of a heavy plastic material, the other was textured and heavy. I didn't care though... I was going with it and was going to make them work.

Next I had to get some paints. I figured with the textured pot, I could spay paint it white and then use black acrylic paint. So that is what I did for the big one. For the tall white one... since it was glossy, I knew I couldn't use acrylic paint. I ended up buying some black spray paint that said it would work well on pretty much any material.... and... they were right! It worked great. I did a couple coats just in case, but looking at it in person, you would never guess it was spray paint. ANYWAY... before the painting happened.... I had to decide which designs I wanted to copy from the site. There were so many cute ones to choose from. I decided on these two...

Then we had to tape them up! That is what took the longest. Mackenzie has a lot more patience than I do and like I said before, she is a lot better at straight lines than I am. It was team work... but I guarantee that it wouldn't have been as straight without her.

We listened to comedy while we talked and taped and painted and had a great time. And what we got in the end..... was this!

Isn't it awesome? And guess what? I love them JUST as much as the ones I fell in love with online! I wasn't expecting that. I figured I would like them... but I LOVE them. I even like that they are different sizes and shapes. I liked them so much that I took one of my old pots that had been sitting outside for years and brought it inside to match these ones after painting it.

The pots already look great, but look how much cuter they are with my plants (that I already had waiting to be potted) in them! If you can't tell... I really really love them! Thanks MacKenzie for helping me with this fun little project. I spent under $100 instead of $300 + Sometimes it just pays to DIY.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 361

I already blogged about going to the John Allred concert with Kyle and Heather at the Velour... but before I did that, I was hanging out with my old friend Julia. Julia and I used to be in the same ward back in 2009. We were even in a band together called KACIA... which I always thought was a stupid name, but it was a combination of my name, Kallie's name and Julia's name. We couldn't come up with anything better so that is what it was. We would get together once a week for practice and to jam out and it was a blast. I loved it. Made some new friends and got to sing which I love. We only performed a few times. Once was for an open mic night that these guys put on at Condo Row near campus and another time was for a Stake dinner... the Stake Presidency had asked us to perform to this invite only dinner event. We might have performed one other time, but I don't remember. We mostly loved getting together to play. Well... the band soon broke up because Julia had a heart break and I had a heart break and I think one of the guys graduated and was moving on and so on and so forth. After that the only one I somewhat kept in touch with was Julia... but once she got married we lost touch as well. She got married and had a couple of kids and then we reconnected when I found out she did floral arrangements and I had her collaborate with me and Lexi on our Spring Tea Party. After that we just were liking each others pictures on Instagram. I ran into her again at the Salmon Supper this last August when she was Very pregnant with her 3rd. THEN a couple of weeks ago she text me randomly telling me that she wanted to get back into music and singing and she missed it and felt like she had something missing in her life and that was it and she wanted to know if I would want to sing with her and possible write music together and such because we blend well together and I think we relate to each other in certain ways even though we are in different phases of life. I love music. I maybe don't feel like something is missing when I am not singing... but I had definitely been feeling.... well.... a lot of different feelings and had actually been thinking how I wanted to express those feelings through writing/composing music... but I am not very good at it. Anyway... so when she came to me with this, I was all kinds of on board. Perfect timing. SO that brings me to Saturday. We got together to talk about what we wanted out of our music and our time together. We were on the same page for sure. We both have a lot we want to express, but I think it will take some time to compose our thoughts and organize how exactly we want to go about this. We decided that we would start off singing covers of some songs that speak to us and then get into writing and co-writing our own music... which I am excited about because like I said, that is something that is not easy for me, but something that I really want to get better at, because I feel like it would be really good therapy for me to express myself through music the way I want and a way that is relatable. So we got together for a few hours and will try and make it a regular thing. I'm excited about this.

Sunday was the normal church and dinner with the family. Always a nice and relaxing day.

Monday I decided to treat myself. I was going to have a spa day with Hillary... but now that she has another boyfriend she doesn't talk to me anymore....again.... so I decided I am going to have my own spa day, but started out with just getting a mini and pedi. I will schedule massage and facials for another day. Mani's and Pedi's are super relaxing, so I wasn't mad with this start.

After getting my nails and toes done, I headed over to MacKenzie's house to watch the Bachelor since that is now our tradition. After making fun of the show and talking about it after... we end up talking about a ton of other stuff and I never end up leaving her house until like midnight. So typical. Ha ha... it's fun though. I miss living with MacKenzie.

Tuesday I went to hang out with Rachel and talk for a little while. It is crazy to me that she lives up the street from me.... like a block... and we didn't see each other for the last 4 years. Now when we want to have a chat real quick, I walk up the side walk a few minutes and chat with her for an hour or so and then walk home.

After leaving Rachel's house guess who made another appearance? Mr Tyler. Yep! He is super random and I never quite know when he is going to show up. Definitely know's how to keep me on my toes and keep things interesting. He is so fun, I just wish I could find another guy like him that wanted to stick around and not just show up every 2 weeks - 4 months. Not sure that will ever happen. Guys just don't see me as girlfriend/wife material I guess. Sad... I know. I think I am pretty cool.

Went on a date with a guy named Aaron last night. He was super nice, but had a stutter and I had no idea... so it just caught me off gaurd. Also you need a lot of patience when listening to someone with a stutter. I feel bad saying that. He was super nice. Did we have much in common? Not sure. I don't think either one of us want to go out again... but had a nice talk for a couple of hours.

That brings me today. After work I had my eyelash / massage trade with Ali. It is nice to get my lashes filled and it is fun to catch up with Ali once a month. She is the sweetest.

And... well.... that is about it. Did I mention that I stopped going to Josh, my trainer this month and decided I am going to work out with Jack at work instead? I was a little offended that he didn't even text me when I stopped showing up to see what was going on. I for sure wasn't his priority anymore... which is one of the reasons I decided to stop going. Plus... I can get just of good of a work out with Jack on my lunch break for free. So there is that. I just need to stay motivated. Fingers crossed.
Guess that just leaves me

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Photo of the Week 359

I'm back to going to Utah Lake for the Sunset on the Regular... I mean.... you can see why right?

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Winter Card Making - Take 2

Made more cards on Sunday... this time my mom joined Kristy and I. I think it is great idea and lots of fun that Kristy wants to do this monthly as a family. She is so nice to get it all set up for us and brings all the stuff so we can do it and keep the cards. I enjoy doing things as a family that creates memories and brings us together. I look forward to the other cards Kristy has for us to make in the future.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Where Do You Drive - Part 2

Yesterday Kyle and I went for a drive up the canyon to park, enjoy the scenery and have some hot chocolate. When you have a car like mine... you can do that. And I love doing it. My little camper SUV... or I treat it like that more than it actually is.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mexico - Cancun Video

Trying to stay caught up on projects... I'm kind of failing... but I did finish this video. Not my best work, but still captures the quick trip.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

John Allred at the Velour

My friend Kyle called me up earlier today and asked me if I wanted to go to the John Allred concert at the Velour tonight. I have been to another one of his concerts at the Velour. He is great. I apparently have a few friends that know him and then my friend RJ has done at least one music video for him... so I have heard him a few times. I am a music lover and always love a good live concert, so I agreed to go, happily.

John Allred did not disappoint. The bands before him were not too bad either... although I felt like they went on a little too long. Big bonus for us is that we got John's new album when we paid to get in. That was exciting. I have been listening to it since I have gotten home. Good stuff.

Good idea Kyle. Thanks for inviting me.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 360

I already blogged about the Yurt trip.... I had a lot to say about it and I said it all. It was difficult, but in the end, still worth the trip and glad I did it and still plan on doing it again next year. Ha ha. After reading my post about that trip, the fact that I would do it again sounds crazy... but it is all part of the adventure I guess.

Sunday is family of course church and family dinner. I always enjoy Sunday's. I get to sleep in because church isn't until 1 now and then it is a chill day and I get to have an awesome home cooked meal and hang out with my family. Always a good day.

Monday and Tuesday was quarter end... so I just worked for..... forever is what it feels like, but like 15 hours on Monday and Tuesday. Just sat at my desk and did work while I got fat because they just feed us a ton of food. This is one of the big reasons why I have such a hard time losing weight. WORK! Ugh. Jack has been disappointed in me for not coming down to the gym. Once you stop going... it is VERY easy to continue not to go after. I so wish I LOVED going to the gym and that I hated junk food. My life would be so much easier.

Have I told you how much I have come to hate the word "Literally"? Well I do. It has become such a trendy word that almost everyone I know uses it in the majority of their sentences. Correctly and incorrectly. Either way... that word now drives me NUTS and I hear it from everyone around me all day every day. Work is so bad that I started a tally on one of the white boards to point out to everyone how much they overuse the word. Nobody cares. I can't wait for that fad to go away... although... who knows how long that will take. Here is an actual quote from this season of the Bachelor... "I literally can't even.." Yep. You hear it all the time in that show. I feel like... if a word is being used that much by a bunch of pretty airheads on a reality TV show... maybe you should widen your vocabulary and choose some different words to use. We don't want to sound like the girls on the Bachelor.

Last night I made cards with Kristy. Hey... that has a nice ring to it... cards with Kristy. She could have her own show teaching people the art of card making. Anyway... I blogged about it already, but it was a good time. It was a good idea for a birthday present I thought. Right up my alley. As adults... instead of just giving gifts they may or may not want... how about the gift of quality time learning a skill? I am all about quality time. That is why I take my nieces and nephews out for the birthday's instead of getting them a stupid toy. They get a yummy treat and memories with their aunt instead. I feel like that is more memorable and meaningful. Anyway... thanks Kristy.

That brings me to tonight. Tonight after work my visiting teacher wanted to get together to introduce me to one of her other single friends that loves to travel because she wanted us to become friends and travel together. I don't know how much that happened. We did become instagram friends.... but that was about it. I do enjoy talking with my visiting teacher though and after her friend left I talked to her and her husband until midnight. They are both super sweet and personable and even though she is married... she has done a really great job of reaching out to the mid singles in the ward who all... like me.... seem to be struggling with single life and the ward. She is a great and I enjoyed hanging out with her.

And that is the close of another week. Another week closer to Spring and warmer weather... which is what I am really looking forward to. Maybe I will be more motivated to live life. Here's to hoping.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017