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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

American Idol Concert

So... I wasn't even on planning on going to this, and I knew it had sold out super quick, but then they added a second day so more people could go. Long story short, my friend went to the first one and said it was great and I should have gone, she went back the next day to get autographs and then ended up getting tickets to that nights show as well and then called me at work to tell me that she got me a ticket also and I needed to meet her in SLC ASAP. So I did. As you can see from this picture I took... I had a great seat. First row on the side. It was an awesome show. I mean... I was just in heaven considering I did not miss one episode of this season. I think it was the best season so far. I liked so many different people on the show and was so pleased that it came down to the David's because I liked them both a lot. Brooke was my other favorite. I will be buying all of their CD's when they come out. :o)

Highlights of the concert.
1-David Archuleta Live and up close 2- Great Seat 3- Michael Johns wearing a David Archuleta shirt for the concert 4- David Archuleta sporting his high school sweater (school pride) for the last number 5- Carly Smithson telling everyone that Brooke took her to see the Temple and told her SLC "This is the place" 6- Watching David Archuleta's proud dad a few feet from the left of me watching his son with a big grin.

Highlights after the
concert 1- Watching all the David Archuleta stalker fans wait for him to come out and compete with who knew more about him and who was going to be the one to marry him (young and old fans) 2- Watching someone give David A a New Era for next month that has not come out yet (I guess he is in it) .... only in Utah 3- Being one of the screaming fans that I normally make fun of 4- Me singing to David Cook "Hello, is it me your looking for" as I hand him my ticket to autograph. 5- Me making small talk with David Archuleta... even though I really wanted a picture, it was almost impossible to make that happen, so I settled for an autograph and talking to him about how I listen to him at work..... conversation went as follows; "David, we listen to you at work almost everyday" - Me *chuckle* "Really? Where do you work?" - David A. "At Apx" - Me "I don't think I know what that is" David A. "David, it doesn't matter where I work, all the matters is that you sooth our stressful days when we listen to you sing" - Me "Awww, thanks so much" *giggle* - David A. 6- Seeing what Jason Castro was dressed in to sign autographs... that guy is such a hippie!

By far this was the highlight of my month. So fun... I still can't believe I sang to David Cook. It really came out before I realized what I had done. He just got this big smile on his face and kind of laughed and told me that I was good, maybe even better than he was and that he should hire me to sing and he would lip sink. ha ha. He was really cool. But hey, I did get his attention, and as you can see, he along with David Archuleta signed my ticket. Brooke and Syesha signed the back of that same ticket. Good times!
The End.


Lynette Mills said...

You didn't get a picture of Jason for me? I'm disappointed :o)

T-Ray said...

Sorry mom, I only posted my favorites.... I do have a few pictures of Jason I can send to you though. :o)

michelle said...

Dude, did you wear the David Archuleta bottle cap earings?!?! Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Jennifer said...

So fun! Love American Idol! :-)

T-Ray said...

I did not... because I don't have my ears pierced! Otherwise... I would have been all over that. :o)