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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I think about you in the summertime...

In case you are wondering, the title of this blog entree is the newest New Kids in the block "hit"... I know right? Who would have ever thought they would come back. I actually kinda like the song, but when I think about how old they all are singing about young girls in bikini's on the beach... I get kinda grossed out. But it is a very appropriate title for this entree. Now that it is officially fall, I thought I would blog about some of my favorite summertime activities and moments. So here are some highlights from my summer!

There was a couple of times during the summer that my friend Bart (in the ward) and I set up the slip n slide at the park next to our house. Truly a favorite summer activity and many hours of fun. We tried to invite a bunch of people in the ward... but mostly just my friends from work came... cause they are awesome, hands down. So this picture is of me and my work friends all going down together.

Another fun activity that my work friends and I did was go to the tumbling gym in Provo. I didn't even know this place existed, but it is pretty sweet. It is just a big room filled with trampolines and bouncy floors and ropes and best of all a big pit of foam pads so you can flip and do tricks off of the trampolines and have a nice little landing. This picture is of Lindsay and I jumping into the pit of foam.

Another fun tradition that I joined in on was Culture Night! This is a tradition that my friend (from work) Jordon and his friends started and he invited me in the group. It is where they pick a different culture restaurant to eat at every week (we did not go every week) and you get to eat new food, or food you don't have often. Before we head to the restaurant, we learn facts about that country and listen to their national anthem. This picture was taken on Japanese night. That was a good night, I love Japanese food. :o)

This summer, if you could not tell already, I hung out with people from work... a lot. So here we are again. We tried to have little department parties after work from time to time, cause our department (Record Management) rocks. Here we are (plus significant others) after our BBQ and games and then having some fun in the hot tub. I guess we all hung out a lot this summer because it is so busy at Apx during the summer, it is like you live there. So you might as well hang out after work too right? It does make it easy to arrange since you are together all day every day. It is just nice that we enjoy each others company so much.

A big summer activity in Utah? The Rodeo. It was pretty fun because I had not been since I was a kid. So I first went to the Strawberry days festival Rodeo with Jordy and Trev. We had a blast, especially since it was Trever's first Rodeo. He was pretty excited, even though you can't tell in this picture. Jordon even got all dressed up for the event. :o) My second Rodeo of the summer was with cousin Lauren! I went with Lauren and Uncle Dale and Aunt Teresa to the Rodeo in Spanish Fork on Pioneer Day... which followed by fireworks. It was a blast, and we had better seats from the last Rodeo I went to.

Ever been to Mona Utah? I had never even heard of Mona, but it is about a half hour south or so from Provo and it has a nice pond and a fun rope swing. So we got a group together from the ward and went to check it out. Turns out I saw some people there that I knew. And it was a good time.

Last, I thought I would post a picture of me with Brian and Brent Christensen. Why? Because this summer, we started a dinner club. So maybe we were the only three in the club, but every week, so would invite someone different to our dinner that one of us would make (we switched off every week). Although Brian moved to Vegas, Brent and I have kept the tradition alive. Before dinner group, I really did not know these boys that well, but i am so glad we randomly decided to start it, because now they have become some of my very close friends. They are amazing.

All together, even though the summer was way busy with work, and I did not really get to go many places like many others, my summer was still very eventful and fun. Thanks to everyone that made it that way for me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Provo River Adventure

My ward (BYU 233rd) had an activity tubing down Provo River, which I have done a few times before in my years of living in Provo. I had never done it as a ward activity though, and never through this rafting company (which we had to because we were a ward group). I was expecting the same experience, which is fun, but nothing new... just floating down in the tubes. Because I had been camping the night before with the group that I just blogged about (Mirror Lake) we had to pack up camp, hike back out and drive back to Provo. This made us a little late, we had just barely missed the bus to go with our group. Probably 15 minutes later we got a ride up and all that was left were a couple of tubes and a couple of kayaks. I went straight for the kayak and Brent decided he wanted to join me. I was so glad he did because we had a BLAST. In the beginning, we made some goals. One of them was to hit every rapid that we saw no matter how small (for the most part they are small, and sometimes we barely made it to that side of the river in time). Our next goal, was to splash everyone that we knew... at first these were just the late comers that were with us, we didn't find anyone else we knew for quite a while because our ward was very ahead of us. Which brings me to our last goal... to catch up with the ward, so we paddled our little hearts out. We did accomplish all of our goals (the last goal is how we got these pictures taken, a girl in my ward had a water proof camera). Another little adventure that happened on this trip was on the drive up, the guy from the company was explaining all the rules and trying to be funny and the most part we kind of just tuned him out because I had done this before, one of the things he told us was when we hit the second bridge, to get out of the water and walk around. Once Brent and I got to that bridge, we thought about what he said, and told ourselves it must just be if you are in a raft, cause it didn't look like a big deal to us... so we went through. What do you think happened? Ya, we happened to get tipped over by the current and we lost each other in the water. 
Luckily we both had a good grip on our oars, and Brent took hold of the kayak, and it for sure took me a while before I got in again, I was swept away with the current and got pretty scraped up and bruised. First thing I thought of though were my flip flops... they floated away and I tried to get them. Thankfully there were enough people on the river that they caught them for me. So once Brent and I were back together and safely in our kayak with everything that we started with, we were laughing about it. Of course Brent felt bad and said he was sorry to me over and over for having gone through the bridge... but looking back on it, we both don't regret it, it just made the trip that much more adventurous. And even with that set back, we still managed to catch up with the ward. So fun! We still laugh about it. :o)

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I was tagged by Cheryl... so here we go!
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3 Joys:- Family, doing activities out in nature, Traveling
3 Fears:- Never getting married, Looking back on my life in regret, Dangerous situations (sometimes I am a wimp ok?)
3 Goals:- Travel all around the world, Getting married in the temple & start a family, continue to try and learn new things
3 Obsessions/Collections:- Pictures, DVD's, Music!
3 Random or surprising facts:- I have spent the night in a cell on Alcatraz, I have a scar on my tongue, I have been gold panning.

Now its your turn.. I tag: Kristy, Jamie, Cody, Abby, Jen