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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 344

Fall colors are at their peak! I love it so much. I wish it lasted longer, but I know the colors will only be around for a couple more weeks before the mountains are pretty much dead. Sad huh? I sure wish fall lasted longer. I wish that for many reasons... but I want to see every canyon and do several hikes with the fall colors... and there just isn't enough time to fit them all in unless I didn't have a full time job... which I do. So I never can fit all of them in, so I will try and choose the ones that I didn't do last fall I guess.

Speaking of my job... this has been my first week doing 3 people's jobs by myself. So far so good. I'm staying on top of it. I definitely have my work cut out for me... and we will see how things go the closer we get to quarter end.. but so far, pat on the back for me. Ha ha. I mean, I knew/know I am capable of doing it all by myself, but I wasn't sure how overwhelmed I would get. I guess we will see as time goes on. It's only week 1 of several weeks to come. Even when they do finally hire someone... I will still have to do everything by myself for a while PLUS train the new person. It's fine. I got this.

Friday after my work out I just chilled at home and went to bed early. I know, I'm getting so exciting in my old age. I was going to car camp in the mountains by myself... but by the time I got home from my workout and started getting my things together, it was already getting dark and I knew I wouldn't be able to find a spot in the dark. Sooo.... I hate that the days are getting shorter. Instead I woke up early and took all me stuff and spent all day in the mountains instead. Chillin in the back of my car, listening to conference and exploring and taking pictures. It was peaceful and relaxing and lovely.

Speaking of General Conference, I listened to/watched all 8 hours and that was ALSO great. It was a wonderful conference as always. It really made me realize that I needed to make some changes. And Conference always makes me feel good and that there is still so much hope for myself and the world around me when everything seems to be going to crap... especially with politics these days. We aren't going to start talking about politics... I'm not going there. I'm so sick of hearing about it. Anyway... General Conference was great.

I already blogged about my girls night out with Hillary on Saturday. A little dinner, a little shopping. Hillary is great and I love hanging out with her. After our night out we came back to my house and watched Stand up comedy on Netflix while we painted our nails.

I am on a stand up comedy kick lately... who doesn't like to laugh. I have to say I am not very exposed to the world of comedians except for the really famous ones that have made more out of their career than just doing stand up. Anyway... I love that there are so many on Netflix. They aren't ALL great, but there are a lot that are and I always like a good laugh. So yeah. good times.I have also been watching some new shows (I don't know if I have mentioned this yet... but I LOVE "The Good Place" and "This is Us") I have also been watching Skin Wars which is a body paint competition. WAY more interesting than I thought it would be. Amazing what challenges they are given and how great the art of body paint is.

Sunday after family dinner I went to my friend Lexi's s'more party. She has been having monthly parties at her house all summer and I hadn't been to any of them because Sunday I like to just hang with the family and then go home... but since it was the last one and I hadn't gone to any of the other ones, I decided to go. I ended up staying for an hour or so and talking to my friends Justine and Whitney who I ran into there and also met a fellow instagram follower. Well.. we follow each other. I recognized him and was like... hey, nice to meet you, we follow each other on instagram. ha ha. what a weird world we live in. ha ha. It was a fun party though even though it was way more crowded than I like but I was glad that I went.

The rest of the week I just work and then go to the gym and then back to work and then back to the gym and then when I get home... I'm just tired and I go to bed. Last night I met up with a guy from online and it was super weird and awkward and he was trying to be all over me and I couldn't handle it and I was trying not to make eye contact with him so that he wouldn't try and kiss me... but then I just told him not to kiss me just in case and it got even more weird and awkward and he still couldn't stop touching me so I just told him I had to go. Yep....

Today I didn't work out with Josh because I had to drive up to Ogden for my eyebrow touch up. In case you were wondering... it hurt just as much as the first time and now I have to have vaseline on them for another week. Totally worth it though. I love them and I REALLY love not having to color in my eye brows everyday. They just look perfect all of the time and sometimes I even forget that they are tattooed on there. Pretty sweet.

That is all for this week. Peace out.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Exploring Provo Canyon

It is usually the first weekend of October that the fall colors are at their peak. So I decided that I would go explore on Saturday and bring some snacks and find a spot in the mountains to listen to General Conference. So that is exactly what I did. And I am SO glad that I did. It was GORGEOUS! And hardly anyone around, which was also so nice.

During conference, I just sat in the back of my car and ate and listened while taking in the beautiful view. Before and after... I took my car a little off roading to really explore. I didn't realize that Provo Canyon connected to Hobble Creek Canyon in Springville. I went about half way there until the road was too rough and I turned back. But I saw a lot of new scenery that I had never seen before only passing a few people the entire time. I loved every minute of it and was stopping every 2 minutes to take pictures... I couldn't help it.

I never thought of myself of being the type of person to go up into the mountains by myself and just be there for hours... a lone. I have turned into that person though. Of course I would rather have company... but I didn't hate being up there by myself either. It was so beautiful and so peaceful. A day exploring the mountains is a day well spent.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Staining Crates

They don't always have them, but every once in a while Home Depot gets a bunch of wood crates. For some reason, I am drawn to them. I just love that you could use them for so many different things. I didn't even know what I was going to use it for, but I grabbed one when I was there picking up a plant.

I don't like the color of the wood though, so I took it over to my parents house to sand it and stain it a darker color. I LOVE it. I ended up using it as a shelf... but I thought, why didn't I get more? So I went back to Home Depot a while later in hopes that they didn't sell out of them. I was in luck. There were a few left and I took two more. Went back to my parents house to sand and stain and I'm so happy that I decided to get two more. I will use one for sure for road trips where I am camping out of my car. It will be my kitchen storage/ eating table.

I'm not sure what I am going to do with the other one yet.... but I will find a place for it. I don't mind having it sit around until I do. I love them. My night stand and shelves in my room are old vintage stacked crates. One day (When I have my own place and a lot more space) I would love to have a show shelf made of crates. I don't know... don't want to get too carried. away.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Girls Night Out

Tonight I hung out with Hillary. Have I said how thankful I am that she came into my life? I am! She is such a great friend and we always have fun no matter what we do.

During Man Session of Conference, we went out to dinner and then headed to the mall. My favorite store is Bohme. In fact, I am wearing a Bohme (old season) outfit in these pics. During Man Session of Conference they always do a "Girls Night Out" at the store. They had a drawing for a free necklace and had a picture spot. They are also in their new location at the University Mall. I LOVE how it is designed and decorated. I just want to have it as my apartment.

ANYWAY... we had fun shopping. Hillary picked out clothes for me to try on and then I tried them all on for her in the dressing room. She tried to get me to buy some things out of my style comfort zone... but it didn't work. I was however VERY pleased with my purchases. I hadn't been shopping in forever, so it was due. Also fall is my favorite time to shop because I LOVE fall colors and fall fashion. I'm pretty sure my season is fall. You know... your season, the colors that look best on you. Yeah, pretty sure it's fall for me. Anyway... such a fun girls night out! Thanks Hill!

Friday, September 30, 2016


So there is a new trend... or maybe it's not new and I am just discovering it... where you sign up to get a box of surprises in the mail every month. At first the concept of this to me was weird. I mean... what if I don't like the stuff. I'm picky about stuff I buy and I want to pick out my own stuff. However, I decided to give it a try.

There are several different ones out there, but I signed up for FabFitFun. Every month you get a new box of new items/products that have to do with beauty, fitness, health and the latest trends. I also signed up for an outdoors surprise box... that one hasn't come yet, so I will blog about that one when I get it. However, my first FabFitFun box came. I was pleasantly surprised how awesome it was and how much stuff came in the box. I'm paying $25 a month (until I cancel) and this box had over $200 worth of stuff in it.

I think what sold me on the surprise box idea is not only does it feel like Christmas (you don't know what is in the box until you open it) but it gives you a sample of a lot of different great products of stuff that you didn't even know was out there. If you don't fall in love with the product, you use it until it's gone... but if you do, well then you have discovered a new product that you love and you get more. It's really smart actually.

In this box I got a cute scarf, a coffee (or hot chocolate) cup, aging cream, a nude eyeshadow pallet (the last one I bought I use ALL the time and paid almost $50 for.  It also came with these cool toe socks that the bottom of them grab to the floor so you don't slip around while doing yoga or pilates... which I did all the time. Wish I would have had these when I was doing pilates regularly. I also love that this box came with coloring pencils and an adult coloring book. All I can say is... I'm excited to get my next box! What a cool idea. I also can't wait what camping and outdoor gear I get in my other box I subscribed to. It's like Christmas every month!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 343

Fall is in full swing and I love it. I always hate to see summer go because there are so many things I love about summer. I'm already missing the longer days, but I do love fall and that it cools down a little bit and I'm in LOVE with the colors. I always just dread Winter. Although I have already booked my yurt for this Winter. I've learned my lesson from last year to book early so I have a choice to go on a weekend instead of waiting too long and having to go on a week day.

Picking up where I left off... Friday night after my work out with Josh, I spent the evening hanging out with the family since Lori and her family were leaving the next morning. Just a chill evening at the parents house. It was nice. Love my family.

Saturday I didn't do much all day except for clean and do errands, I wasn't feeling great and we will just leave it at that. That night I hung out with my old roommies Allison and MacKenzie at MacKenzie's new place. Daniel joined as well. We did our traditional run to Brassas and Sodalicious and then watched Blacklist... which we all love. After the show was over, Daniel went home and the girls just sat around and chatted and caught up on life.

Sunday was a typical Sunday. Dinner with the family. Except for after... I met this guy I had been talking to online. He came over and we just chatted for a while before he went home and I went to bed... but he had an interesting story. I asked him where he was from, he told me he grew up in Jordan. I quickly perked up since my next trip I am planning is to that area. of the world. So I had lots of questions for him since everyone doesn't want me to go to the middle east because they think I am going to get kidnapped and or die. I feel even better about going after talking to him. Anyway... I really enjoy meeting new people from everywhere... learning their stories and what they are about. Everyone is so unique with different life stories, but we are all so similar in so many ways.

Monday after working all day and getting my butt kicked at the gym by Josh (leg day) I went straight to my parents house because I had bought a couple more crates from Home Depot so I needed to sand and stain them. I loved my first one so much that I decided I needed to buy a couple more before Home Depot ran out of them. Which they do. They don't always keep those crates in stock. I'm glad I did... there were not many left, and I feel like even if I don't know exactly what I am going to use them for now, they are so great to have because they can be used for so many different things. Just love the look of them. However, my plans for one of them is to come with my on road trips where I sleep in my car. I'm trying to perfect my SUV to Camper setup. I'm really excited about it actually. The crate will be my kitchen. It will keep hold my kitchen dishes I need and my Jetboil and any food or condiments that don't need to be kept in the cooler. Then it will also turn into my kitchen table from when we need to eat  in the car or need a surface to cook on. That was missing on the last trip. It will be perfect.

After working all day and then having a hard gym work out with a personal trainer, by the time I get home... there isn't a lot that I want to do... even though I have a pile of projects I want to get off my plate, plus cleaning. I need to finish my Puerto Rico video. I need to make a book of my Brazil trip last year. I should probably put a book together for my Puerto Rico trip as well. I also need to start my Havasupai video which my friends on that trip have been asking me about. They ask me how far along on the video I am.... ummm.... I haven't started. Sorry. At the same time, it is something I do for me therefore I can do it on my own time. Everyone else just happens to benefit from it. If they wanted to spend hours putting a video together, they could do it. ha ha. I will do it though. On top of those projects, I need to transfer my cassette tapes to digital and store them on my computer and I have the last of my VHS tapes that I need to transfer to DVD and my parents even let me borrow their converter which is sitting on my floor in my living room. I haven't even hooked it up to the tv yet. Go me! I would feel so much better having all these projects off my plate... but I just can't muster up the motivation to actually do them. I want to be outside or I just want to go to bed. I don't even want to make dinner when I get home. Sometimes I don't and I just have a yogurt (Don't tell my trainer). I'm never hungry anyway. So... is what it is. I will get there. Maybe when I'm done with my trainer I will feel differently.

Tuesday however... after the gym I did get the motivation to clean. So I cleaned the bathroom and did laundry and vacuumed... cleaning makes me feel good. And happy... when it's done. I don't love doing it, but I love when things are clean. Hence why it is such a struggle for me to have roommates. After my cleaning mode, I hung out with that guy Matt again that I met that is in the army. 3rd time hanging out. That has to be some sort of record for me for guys that I meet online. Ha! He is still too young and not for me. I'll take him as a friend though. He's pretty chill. He seems to kind of like me though.

Last night and tonight? Remember that whole speech I gave about not wanting to do anything when I get home after work and the gym? Yeah... that is how I have spent last night and tonight. What can I say... maybe I will be more motivated next week.