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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 250 - Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me! Even Google knew it was my birthday today. It weirded me out for a second when I saw it, but then I thought it was pretty rad. Birthday's are weird as you get older. At least I think so. I mean.... it is just another day, but for some reason, you feel like that day should be extra special because it's the day you were born. I don't know if that is because culturally that is what we do so that is what we expect? Or if it is just a part of us that wants the day to be more special than any other day. I don't know... but as you get older, it becomes less special and I try not to care... because I shouldn't, but I still do. Anyway... we will come back to how I celebrated my birthday today.

Work has been super slow. I have basically been watching Christmas movies and eating all the treats for Christmas and people's birthday's (we have a lot of December birthday's around here). I made my Christmas treats for my co-workers. I will blog the recipe, but basically I did another cupcake in a jar (so you don't feel like you have to eat it right away or all at once) and this time is was Red Velvet with Nutella. It was YUMMY!! Everyone loved it.

This happened this last week.

Saturday after my roommates and I went to the Dicken's Christmas Festival and before we went to the Tree of Life, I had us all eat at "The Habit" in Sandy.... since we were in the area. It felt like I was home. I great up on the Habit and now it's in Utah and was rated the best burger in Utah in 2014 and it was packed and my roommates loved it too. It made me so happy that I was there and to see it packed and everyone loving it. It made me proud to be a Santa Barbarian. Seeing the sign up saying it started in SB. Is that weird? To have such pride from where you are from even if it is just sitting in a burger place that started in your home town? ha ha. When I was ordering my food, I told them I was from Santa Barbara and they didn't seem to care. ha ha. Oh well.

Sunday my co-chair came to hang out. The more I get to know him, the more I like hanging out with him. I'm so glad I found another adventure buddy. He is going to come on the yurt trip and if the Asia trip. So excited. Met another new guy in the ward on Monday at FHE at Salem Pond as well that hardly knows us and wants to come too. Those are my kind of people. :) I'm glad that it is becoming easier to find people that want to adventure with me.

Tuesday my birthday celebrations began by my sweet visiting teacher (Stacey) taking me out to dinner at Olive Garden (which I love). We had a great time chatting and eating lots of yummy food. We even got free appetizers because they made us switch tables after we had already been seated. No big deal and I will take free food anytime. Stacey has become an instant friend... that is one of the reasons I like visiting teaching. It forces people in your path that maybe you wouldn't have gotten to know other wise and can make life long friends.

Wednesday birthday celebrations continued. My roommates and I celebrated together. We went to Sodalicious to get drinks and Sodalicious gave us coupon's for $2 pizza at $5 Pizza which is now called something else. So we went and got pizza. Then went home and ate and then my roommates treated me to the movies! We went to see the last Hobbit movie. I loved it... but I have loved all of them because I loved the books. I guess I'm not that picky either. Anyway... it was fun and I love bonding with my roommates. They are super great.

Then another nice this this week, I sold my car. I put it on KSL on Monday. Someone tried scamming me the first day trying to pay for the car through Paypal and wanting me to transfer a shipping fee of $900 to a credit union.... yeah... I don't think so. A few other people contacted me. Tuesday a lady in Mapleton contacted me about the car. Wednesday she went to see it and test drive it with her daughter who was going to be buying it. Today they bought it. I'm so glad that it sold so quickly and I don't have to worry about it anymore. I no longer have any car things to worry about except for paying for my new car... which the money from selling my old car will help. Hooray!

So I guess that brings me to today. It was just another day at work. Of course they let me choose my birthday treat like they do every year. This year I chose Kolaches. It also happened to be the free company lunch... so we got salmon and rice and veggies with chocolate cheese cake. So good. My birthday texts started the day before... with Ellis. He sent me an early birthday text and told me I was awesome. Then the texts started up again early this morning and continued throughout the day. I got 16 texts, 3 personal facebook messages, 134 people wish my a happy birthday on my facebook wall (and I even got a couple of video's), one phone call from my BFF Lolly and we chatted for an hour, she also sent me a cute shirt in the mail that I opened this morning. A birthday celebration at work with a few happy birthday  work emails and IM chat from the tech guy at work I have become friends with. I also got some Instagram birthday love. Lets not forget about my friends I chatted with on my birthday on gchat and wished me a happy birthday... that would be 5, my family that wished me a happy birthday on our family website... but most of them did it personally before that. My mom was super sweet and dropped off a gift at work with balloons. That was very sweet and thoughtful. It's always fun to get a phone call in the office saying I have a package at the front desk.

THEN not only did my roommates treat me to the movies last night, but when I woke up this morning there was a little happy birthday note with goodies from the Sweet Tooth Fairy from MacKenzie and if that wasn't enough, when I got home from work there was flowers and another treat and sweet card from my roommate Penny. They are the sweetest. My visiting teaching companion also dropped off a plate of goodies with a sweet note. It was all very very sweet and made me feel super special. I didn't have actual plans on my birthday though.... when my good friends Liz and Ben found that out, they offered to take me out to dinner and said they felt honored that I accepted and that they got to spend time with me on my actual birthday. They are the sweetest.

John was also very sweet. He also offered to take me to dinner and offered to take me to a movie or whatever I wanted to do on my birthday. We ended up going to get dessert at Waffle Love and hanging out after. He also got me a little gift. Although John and I are not in a relationship anymore... I'm thankful that he is still in my life and cares about me so much to really be there for me when I need someone. So although no big parties were had... a lot of people went out of their way to make me feel special... and for that I am truly thankful. All of their kindness and thoughtfulness meant so much to me and the reason why the day was special. So thank you thank you to everyone. I'm lucky to call you my family and friends.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Salem Pond Christmas Lights

For FHE yesterday, we were supposed to take the Front Runner up to SLC to see the lights at Temple Square, However... last minute they decided against it. I was sad about that, but I guess I will find a different time to go on my own. Instead, we went to see the lights at Salem Pond. I love those lights too. It's beautiful on a smaller scale.  So I was happy to go there as well.

I drove with my roommates. Once we got there we met as a ward and had hot chocolate and cookies. We walked around a bit and drove around the pond a couple of times (because it's beautiful and warmer from the car, plus we get to listen to Christmas music that way) and then we went home. It was quick, but fun to see and glad I went with my roommates.

This picture I found online it the most beautiful picture I have seen of the pond. Obviously photoshop was used in this picture... I think they mixed a couple different pictures in one picture.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Compliments - Day 3

It's been a while, but the compliments are back. I'm SO excited!!

My 3rd compliment from Geoff said

You do not give council to your fears. You are alert and aware, but do not let concerns or worry get in the way of moving forward.

with this link

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Oh Holy Night

We had our Christmas program on Sunday. Last I volunteered to be in a small group to sing in the program. There were no real plans when I showed up, but they mentioned they wanted to sing "Oh Holy Night". They wanted to just make it up, but I suggested using music that I already had. It's a beautiful arrangement that I love that I sang with my mom and sister. I figured we could make the men work into the music even though it was written for women's 3 part harmony. Also, last minute... Jasmine in my ward made up a violin part to go with the music which I thought sounded awesome. So even though I have sung this before, it was like a new arrangement. I thought it went well.

I had it recorded. The recording doesn't sound as great as it did in person... but it is what it is. At least you can hear the violin part. So here's our little group.

For some reason the coding isn't working to play the clip straight on my blog, so you can listen to it here.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tree of Life

So the big thing to see this Christmas is "The Tree of Life" (They are calling it) in Draper. We stopped to see it on our way home from the Dickens' Christmas Festival.

It's just a tree with lights... but it's pretty impressive. There are over 1,000 strings of lights in that one tree. When we went there was a chunk of lights that were out... which was kind of a bummer, but it was still very bright! I love Christmas and I love all of the lights!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Dickens' Christmas Festival

Allison got ticket's from a Groupon to go to the Dickens' Christmas Festival. I had never heard of it, but was excited to go check it out. It is just an expo to go buy a bunch of stuff, but the set up is very cute.

When you first enter, you get a newspaper of the event.

There is entertainment... singers and dancers. Performing different Christmas numbers.

Other than that, we just walked around and looked at all of the vendors and tasted all of the food that we were able to get samples of. Allison and I even found some gelato and had to get some to see if it compared to all the amazing gelato we had in Italy. It came pretty close. We took a gelato selfie, just like old times.

What made this entire set up so cute, is that they set up the vendors like old time London and everyone that worked the festival was dressed up in character. It was all very cute.

It was great roommate bonding. We all had a good time. Thanks Allison for getting us tickets to go!