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Friday, February 5, 2016

Provo City Center Temple

On Wednesday I finally got the opportunity to walk through this unique and gorgeous temple.

I was really excited for this temple. Not only is it going to be my new temple (the one I attend because it is in my district) but it also has a lot of meaning for me. The Provo Tabernacle, before it became the temple is where I graduated from Tech school. I went to many stake conferences there and even some concerts. Crazy to think that years later it would have been accidentally burned down and then turned into a temple.

The tabernacle was really pretty, so I was really happy to see that they kept the model and feel of the tabernacle when designing this temple. Everything was so unique and beautiful and vintage looking... even then exit signs! We walked through just as the sun was setting so you could see the sun shine through all of the stained glass and it was stunning. The temple is quite small even though they added a basement to it... but it is very beautiful and unique to any other temple.

What a great experience to walk through with my roommates. So thankful that it is SO close to me.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 309

Another week of Winter gone and we are now into February! Woot woot. I am dreaming of Summer. Until then, I am trying to plan lots of little trips out of the cold to help me survive. Right now I am in California, so I am on the right track... but we will get to that.

After the fun yurt trip I went straight back to work.. well, I showered first, and then worked late into the night for quarter end.

Saturday, instead of going on an outdoor adventure as I usually do, since I just went on with the yurt, I helped my parents and sister clean out and sort through (at least got a start) on my Grandma's house.  It is kind of weird and sad to go through someone's else's stuff once they are gone. I have done it once before with my mom after her mom passed away. I only helped one day, but it's kind of a weird thing. At the same time, pretty neat to find some stuff or run into other things that you have memories of. It was nice that we all got to do it together.

My cousin just had her 9th baby a week or so ago. So crazy, but she is the coolest and I love her family. They live in Southern California and the OC Family magazine interviewed them for their magazine. Her family even made the front cover!! How awesome it that? They are the coolest.

Monday I finally sold my chaise lounge. One step closer to being able to buy something new and redecorate my living room. I don't think it will be hard to sell my other one.

Still watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Funny show. My roommates and I finished watching Bachelor Australia. I loved it. I want to watch another season.

Dance Fitness class aka U-Jam is back and I couldn't be more thrilled. I missed dancing every week. So fun. Now if only I could get more people to come to the class.

My new tires are AMAZING. There was a big snow storm over the weekend and they didn't plow the roads all day and I drove around in it and it wasn't even a big deal! My car handled it like a champ! Happy about that. I just hate how expensive tires are.

Had a hot chocolate "date" with a guy I met on Tinder that is new in town. We had a nice chat and decided we would be good friends and will probably hang out again. Cool guy. Definitely nothing ever more than a friend though.

I was supposed to go with my boss and her family to the Provo City Temple Open house yesterday during my lunch break because she had an extra ticket. I didn't dress up though because I didn't know if I was still going or not and I wanted to go to the gym.... but I REALLY wanted to go to the open house. So I went online to check to see if I could get tickets at some point so I wouldn't feel bad about not going with my boss. Turns out I could get some for right after work. So I got 4 tickets in case my roommates wanted to come as well. MacKenzie and Leslie both wanted to go so we went right after work and I didn't have to be an odd one out hanging out with my bosses family (not that I wasn't welcome) Gorgeous temple... but I will blog about that later.

Today I flew to Oakland to meet up with my friend Allesandra from Switzerland. She and her friend Debbie couch surfed at my house back in the Spring and Allesandra was already back for a visit and asked me if I wanted to so some exploring with her in Cali. Of course I said yes. I have never seen anything north of San Fran, so Iam excited to explore some new scenery. She is a cool girl so I'm sure we will have an awesome trip.

It was Groundhogs day the other day. I never believe in that stuff, but every year someone hosts a party to watch the movie which I get a little bit sick of. This year.... lucky me, my roommate hosted one. So there were a bunch of people over watching the movie. There was a perk to this even though.... it wasn't having Groundhogs Day the movie being played at and everyone quoting it. It wasn't having a bunch of loud people at my house. It wasn't the mess of having a party.... it was the fact that my roommate made pancakes in the shape of Groundhogs and I ate one with her homemade syrup and it was very tasty.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Photo of the Week 307

The sunset we got at the end of the hike to the yurt. SO pretty. What a beautiful end to the hike.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The TUNA Yurt

It's that time of year again, time for the 3rd annual yurt trip. Every year I try to pick a different Yurt. First Year was Lily Lake Yurt by Evingston Wyoming. Last year was The Green Canyon Yurt up Logan Canyon... THIS year I reserved The TUNA yurt up in the Uinta's. Didn't have to drive quite as far this time, but almost just as much. 

The hike was a little bit harder for me this year. I know I am out of shape, but it was also more uphill than I was expecting. I knew we would be going uphill, but I didn't think it would be for the entire 3 miles. 3 miles becomes slightly more difficult when it is all uphill and with snowshoes and a big backpack. For Ian... it was no big deal... obviously, look at him... (it was warmer than we all expected and all shed a few layers)

Because it was uphill... it gave us a pretty awesome view. 

The yurt was cozy. The smallest yurt I have stayed in so far. Someone left a mini disco ball in there, so naturally there was a mini dance party that night. We had a hard time getting the fire under control so we smoked ourselves out of the yurt a couple of times... other than that, it was a great trip. We all had a great time. It really is such a neat experience to hike out into the middle of the wilderness without another person in site for miles and have a little warm and cozy place to sleep and hang out away from technology and normal life and just bond as friends. 

I'm thankful to have cool friends that will come on cool outings with me and enjoy the great outdoors.  This has become one of the highlights of Winter for me, so I will keep reserving yurts and putting these trips together. 

Daniel, Allison and I have been on all 3 yurt trips together. We also had 2 that came last year and 2 new timers. Great group!

LOVE my Yurt Trips!!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hammcoking in the Uinta's

Since I got my hammock this summer, I have been in love with hammocking and try and get everyone to join the club.

While on our snowshoe trip to the yurt, I brought 2 of my hammocks... yep, packed 2, they are that light and small. Since I am now a photographer for Nod Hammocks, I pretty much bring them everywhere and try and get pictures. Anyway... I showed Daniel and Allison how awesome they are and how fast it is to put them up and take them down. I'm pretty sure I sold both of them on them. :) I should be getting paid to sell outdoor stuff. Just saying.

Here are the pictures Daniel took of Allison and I in the hammocks on our snowshoe trip in the Uintas.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Utah Dining - Take 5

It has been a while since I have done a Utah Dining post where I post reviews on new places that I have eaten at around town. In fact... I think it has been over a year. Yikes. Not sure what happened. Over that time I did however try some new places and whenever I do, I try to remember to take a picture of a future Utah Dining post which I am NOW doing. :)

Where to start.... let's start with;

Penny Anne's Cafe - Draper

Known for the best Hot Cakes. I had them and they were amazing and HUGE. If you are looking for a delicious BIG breakfast and are in the Draper area or don't mind a drive there, I recommend it. Saturday mornings are packed and you will have to wait in line... but that is how you KNOW it's good!

CupBop - Provo (store & Food Truck)

The first time I tried CupBop was from the food truck round up, but I have also gone to their little stand by BYU. First time I tried it I fell in love. It is the most delicious Korean BBQ.  SO good! I have eaten there several times and plan on eating there many more times.

Sushi Burrito - Provo (this might be a chain in Utah, but I'm not positive, if so I don't know where else it is)

This place is actually super close to my house. I don't know why I didn't notice it for so long, but when I finally did I thought, hey... I LOVE sushi, what the heck is a Sushi burrito? Only one way to find out. I went to try it and I'm not going to lie... it was pretty great. It's just like eating sushi except without chopsticks and you can hold it without it coming apart. Talking about this makes me want to go get another one.

Art City Donuts - Food Truck

I have yet to try donuts that are better than these. These are so amazing! I am so glad they are a food truck and not an actual store so I can't just go get them whenever I want. They are a bunch of soft, warm, delicious donut holes and then they put toppings on them. First time I tried them, I had their seasonal pumpkin donuts with cream cheese frosting on them. YUM!!! This last time I went I got Muddy Buddy which was plain donut holes but then was topped with peanut putter and chocolate. SO GOOD. I have to stop writing about them because it is just making me want them.

Stocks BBQ - Food Truck

While we are talking about Food Trucks... I have only tried this one once, got some BBQ Nachos...w which I love BBQ and I love Nachos, so I'm not too hard to please. I thought they were good. Am I craving just to go back and get more? Not really. It was good, not amazing. That being said, I haven't tried anything else there. Maybe this summer when the Food Truck Roundup is back in full force.

Bam Bams BBQ - Orem

Speaking of my love for BBQ and Nachos... I had some here and they were awesome. The brisket is pretty darn tastey. They people that work there are pretty awesome too, so my experience here was a good one and I would go back.

Porcupine Pub & Grille - Salt Lake City

So now that I am writing this post and posting all of my reviews, I realized that I love Nachos more than I thought I did. Ha! However... The Porcupine is KNOWN for their nachos and theirs are the best hands down. They do them right! I occasionally crave their nachos. I have been there twice now and I got them both times and they don't disappoint. One of the many things I love about their nachos is that they layer all the good stuff between the nachos instead of just on top, so every bite you are getting everything. SO GOOD! If you are ever near Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon, head to the Porcupine Pub & Grille.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 308

This week has kind of been a blur. I'm trying to remember everything that even happened....

Well... I watch Netflix all day while I work, so lets start there. I got all caught up on The Mindy Project, so I started Brooklyn Nine Nine. It's another comedy show that is 20 minutes an episode so I'm sure it won't take me long to get through it.

I have continued to be consistent with the gym. Well... this week won't be the best because I got to work late on Monday so I had to work through my lunch and I couldn't go today or tomorrow because of the yurt trip (will blog about later) so I only went Tuesday and Wednesday. The yurt trip requires snow shoeing so I will still be getting exercise those days. Wednesday my gym BFF Jeannie came back to sub for sports conditioning, so I went to that and it kicked my butt. Kristi, the girl that runs the gym at work told me she would challenge me to 10,000 steps a day starting Monday so that I am getting more walking in everyday. It works for me to be accountable to someone everyday... so this will be good. She is so great to do whatever I need to keep me motivated!

I felt like I was starting to get sick over the weekend, so I slept a lot. Which was good, but because I stopped myself from getting sick. Thankful for that!

My roommates and I are not only watching The Bachelor... but we decided to find The Bachelor Australia online to watch! It's the best! They still have the drama, but they are so proper about it. It's hilarious. The Bachelor is the definition of Tall Dark and Handsome so he is nice to watch. Plus, he has the accent. I LOVE the Aussie accent. I even changed my Siri to an Australian man... so there you go.

Met a guy off of Tinder that was visiting from Germany. We had a great time. He was super laid back and loves to travel, so we had lots to talk about.

Since being back from my trip to Brazil with Stacey, I have learned that people have stalked me! People seeing that Stacey was with a girl on his trip from social media and then trying to find out if we are dating. I have to say that it is a little bit weird to know that people have been stalking you that you don't know. I mean... I have a public blog that I know strangers read and for some reason that doesn't bother me, or else I would make my blog private. So I'm not that bothered by the stalking. I am an open book and have nothing to hide. Just made me laugh when I heard that from my cousins wife who had someone else tell her not knowing that she knew who I was. Anyway...

The company that I bought my hammock from follows me on Instagram and they love my photo's so much that they asked me to be a photographer for their Instagram page. It's not a paid gig... but they sent me 3 more hammocks so I could have each color and trade off which one I take out and take pictures of. So now I have free hammocks and I take pictures (which I was doing anyway) but before I can post them myself, I have to send it to them and I can't post them until they do. Which is fine. I hope with my growing of followers on Instagram, that maybe I will get some other free stuff out of it. We shall see. This is a fun start though because I love my hammock.

I'm still thinking about my sweet Grandma today. I'm still sad. There were a lot of tears yesterday at work. My co-workers were really sweet when they found out. Everyone was so nice and supportive and they even bought chocolate cake and bought me beautiful flowers (that the guys picked out). How sweet is that. I was not expecting anything and didn't even say anything to anyone about it half the day... but I think after so much crying, people get curious. I was happy they were there for me and so caring.
As I already blogged about, I hung out with my cousins Dave & Trav on Friday and Monday since Trav was in town. Always a blast hanging out with them. Yesterday after I found out about my Grandma I text both of them and told me them how glad I was that we went to see her Friday and Monday. We all agreed that it was such an honor being one of the last people to see Grandma before she left this earth. That we were there to put a smile on her face and make her smile. I will cherish that memory forever. What a bitter sweet week.