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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Photo of the Week 229

This is a sunset from last week. Fires from other states made our skies smokey... which makes for ver beautiful sunsets.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Amos Lee Concert

I am a music lover. I love going to concerts of my favorite artists. Amos Lee has been on my list of concerts I want to go to for a while... so when he came out with a new CD this summer and I saw he was going on tour and to Salt Lake, I knew I had to go.

Problem with a lot of concerts I want to go to, I have hard time finding people that know the artist or have a desire to go to the concert. I knew that my BFF neighbor also loves Amos Lee, so I convinced him that he had to go with me. Which he agreed.

The concert was at the Red Butte Garden. It's an outdoor venue. I was excited about this. I love being outside in the summer... especially summer nights. Summer nights in Utah are the best. Rain didn't even cross my mind when I bought the tickets seeing it was the end of July... but rain is what we got.

We have been having some summer showers lately... but usually they don't last long, so when I left work today and saw that it was raining... Darrell and I both figured it would blow over by the time we drove up to Salt Lake. We didn't change into warmer clothes, we didn't even bring an umbrella. We are really smart like that. I think we assume the best of summer. When we got there, the rain continued. We were probably the only ones there that didn't have umbrellas and we were getting quite wet. We felt so stupid. We were cold and wet and just waiting for the rain to go away. Everyone else came prepared for the rain. Why did we do this to ourselves? We tried to laugh it off... but we were getting pretty wet and wondered how much we would be able to enjoy a concert in the rain. This was a first for me... an outdoor concert in the rain. First for both of us really. Darrell was a great person to go with cause we both tried to look at the positive and we could both laugh at the situation.

We brought a couple of chairs and a blanket that was plastic on one side. However we had nothing over our heads and we were just tired of getting wet, so Darrell set off to see if they were selling umbrella's or pancho's... which oddly they were not. They were however selling blankets.. like the one Darrell had. So he bought another one of those and we had one over our bodies and one over our heads. It was comical really... but it kept us warm while we listened to the first band. I really tried to enjoy the venue. It is ideal for summer concerts. It has beautiful gardens, it's right next to the mountains and on the other side you can see a view of salt lake city below. Really beautiful. It would be been so perfect if it weren't raining. We were still excited to see Amos Lee though, so we kept our smiles and laughter through the rain.

While we waiting, Darrell and I listed all of the songs we hoped Amos would sing. And then the rain stopped. And Amos came on stage... and he sang all the songs we wanted except for one (which is amazing) and it was an awesome show. Amos Lee has an incredible voice and is pretty funny as well. I would have liked more stories to go along with his songs... but he talked a little. He has such great music! If you are not familiar with his music, I have attached a youtube video of one of my favorites.

It was an amazing concert and I'm glad that I was able to go and so glad my BFF neighbor came with me. We always have a good time together. Well done Amos Lee. Good show.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


There are many times that I show up at my parents house for Sunday dinner and I am matching with one of my cute nieces or nephews. Mostly just with the color top I'm wearing. Usually my Grandma is the one to point it out (she is so observant and is the best at noticing what you wear and giving you compliments).

Today we had a double match. Chad and Calvin were matching green...

And Irelyn and I were matching black and white stripes with pink. I look like a fat giant standing next to Irelyn... but I still think it's a cute picture anyway.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Painting - Take 2

It's kind of sad that it took me 5 years to paint again... but so it is. My first painting was a silhouette of a couple... and it seemed pretty doable for a beginner like myself, so I decided since it has been 5 years, I would do another one of those. Obviously my first one was better, but I was also going for a different look this time.

I would also like to note that one of the reasons I haven't painted in so long is because I felt like I had to paint on canvas (which it would look better on canvas, which means I would need to find someone to give it to or somewhere to hang it after... which I have no place to hang my amateur paintings. My last one went to Brent and I never saw it again (good thing I took a picture). So I came up with the idea to paint in a sketch book. It won't be as smooth and pretty as canvas, but at least I can paint to my hearts content and just keep it all in a book. Hopefully this will get me painting more often and then my painting skills can improve and I will paint more complicated stuff. I don't want to get ahead of myself here though....  anyway, just remember I'm starting out simple.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Flashback Friday 177

I believe this is when I was in 3rd grade. I'm not positive... but I think whoever was taking student of the month pictures just took a few pictures of me because I was there (I must have known them) it wasn't my month for student of the month.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 230

Happy Pioneer Day! Wish I had the day off like so many of my friends, but alas... I had to go to work. They did however provide pie and root beer (pie and beer day) yeah... I had never heard of it, but I will take free yummy pie. My boss also let me go home an hour early, so that was nice.

I also had a much needed massage today. You wouldn't think having a desk job would mess up your body so much... especially when you spend many of your lunch breaks working out. It really does though. I went to a new massage therapist this time and she was great and really worked out a lot of spots in my back that are messed up because of my crappy chair at work and the way I sit. She told me I need to get a new chair. Once she mentioned that I was like... yeah... I DO have a really crappy chair at work that I have been sitting in for years. I need a new one! So I think tomorrow I will try and find an empty office with a nicer chair with better support to exchange my crappy one for. I also need to stretch more. I'm so glad I decided to get a massage every month. My body really needs it.

Yesterday was my sister's birthday! Happy Birthday Jamie! Miss you already! I forgot to post this picture of us while she was in town. Love my family.

On Monday I hung out with my BFF Neighbor. We used to see a lot more of each other. I don't know why we don't hang out as much anymore... but he invited me over for dinner at his house on Monday because he was cooking for dinner group. So I went. We had a nice chat while I helped him clean up. We also watched the most beautiful sunset. I was going to post it for my photo of the week! Dang... next week. The sky was smokey from fires from other states and when that happens, it makes the sun the most beautiful colors. I took pictures with my nice camera because the camera on your phone can not capture color in the same way.

I am trying to hang out with more people lately because I am tired of being by myself all the time. I try to invite someone to do something with me... or I invite myself along with other people. Is that pathetic? I hope not. I guess I am just trying to be proactive instead of just sitting around wishing I had more friends. So that is why I asked Anthon to take me fishing... and why I invited myself along with Becca and her friends to the lake last weekend. I enjoy being in the company of others... but sometimes I wish I loved a lone time... I mean a lot of alone time, but I don't. It just makes me depressed and feel REALLY lonely.

I am working on my Peru digital book. I know I probably should have done the Southeast Asia one first, but this one is more fresh. I am about half way done with it and then I will go back and make the Southeast Asia one. Hopefully I will have them both done by the time I go on my next  trip so that I'm not behind. I think I can do it. If I work on it a little bit everyday... totally doable.

Speaking of Peru, I wore my shirt that I bought in Peru for the first time on Friday.. I think it is awesome. I saw a guy at the food truck roundup last week that was wearing the same one in White and it had something else instead of a llama. I got the llama one on purpose. Anyway.. kind of love it.

I have had several people tell me that I need to watch Dexter. So... I started watching it. I finished the first season and I'm still not really sure what I think about it.

I had my interview with the LDS Matchmaker team... to see if I will be chosen as one of the two based on the interview and not based on the Facebook popularity contest... because I already know I lost that. Big time. Kind of makes me feel not very cool... but oh well.

We were supposed to get google fiber last weekend. We never got an email... so I called them. They are like... oh we are not going to give it to you until November... for no reason. SORRY!!! Ugh. I see them set up around the neighborhood all the time. Just come set us up!

There is a new guy in my ward. Kind of cute... super nice, but I think he is kind of socially awkward? Or maybe he is just super shy. I can't figure him out. He finds me at church and we end up sitting together. He will text me during the week, but then when I text him he doesn't text back... or he texts but never invites me to hang out or do anything. I don't get it. I'm wondering if I should just forget it or if I just need to initiate... which goes against "The Rules" and what I normally do.

My tomato plants are starting to get some tomatoes. Almost ready to pick... some of them anyway. Woohoo!

I guess that is all for me this week. I can't believe that July is pretty much over. Oh... except to finish my Pioneer day. I went  over to my parents house for a little BBQ before I went to my massage. Then I went back to meet up with them and watch the Pioneer Fireworks at a park in Mapleton. Best firework show in Utah if you ask me. We sat right under where they shoot them off. It was pretty cool actually. Best part.... right when you thought you saw the grand finale... a minute goes by and there was another finale. Everyone cheered so loud. It was awesome. I wish pictures of fireworks were as awesome as they are in person.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Photo of the Week 228

Another picture from Tibble Fork yesterday. That place sure is pretty!