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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Did You Think To Pray

My singing BFF moved to Salt Lake a couple of years ago. We used to sing together all of the time. We even made a CD together. Well, since he moved we no longer sing together. We rarely even see each other in fact. That is what happens when you move to a different city.

Well, Wes decided that he wanted to sing in his ward and that he missed singing with me, so he asked me if I would sing with him in his ward. I of course said yes.

We were supposed to sing the Sunday after I got back from my trip... but I ended up losing my voice and had to cancel. We rescheduled for today! His ward starts at 9 so I had to get up pretty early to get ready and drive up to Salt Lake before his church started so that we could practice.

We decided to sing a song that we had sung together before when we were in the same ward. "Did you Think to Pray".

It went great. Except for the fact that Wes had his phone in his pocket and even though it was on silent... when he got a Facebook notification while we were singing, it had major feedback in the microphone. I recorded it on my phone... you will know exactly what I am talking about when you listen to it. He quickly took the phone out of his pocket and threw it on the floor while we were singing. I'm glad it didn't through me off. ha ha. He apologized to me for it happening, but I didn't care... it was his ward that he had to explain it to over and over again. ha ha.

Anyway, Love Wes. He is a great friend and I am glad we had the chance to sing together again like old times. It's a pretty arrangement.


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Road Trip to Wyoming

Picked up this guy Andy I didn't know and went with a few of my friends on a road trip to Wyoming. I wanted to take a break from the car and get a quick pictures in front of the Wyoming sign. Not sure it was worth it....

Fun Fact/ Not so Fun Fact. I guess I should have known by the looks of my car, but when we got out to take this picture, we were viciously attacked by mosquito . In less 3 minutes that we hopped out of the car and took this picture and got back in the car, I have close to 100 mosquito bites, most of which are on my legs. I was not the only one. It was gross. I am still feeling that decision to stop and take that picture.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 277

I'm so thankful that it is summer. I just love the long warm and beautiful days and being outside and getting to play after work and the weekends. I love it.

I already blogged about my eventful weekend of going paddle boarding up the mountain and going to the rodeo.

My sister Jamie and her family have been in town so I have been going over to my parents house a little more. Jamie said she would be my exercise buddy, we have went running and have done some video's together. It's nice. I love having family in town and family close by. It's been fun just hanging out. Tonight we went to the food truck round up! I hadn't been since the fall. So many new trucks! It was fun. I always enjoy it.

Speaking of the food truck round up. I ate SUPER low calories today so I wouldn't feel guilty about whatever I ate there. It worked. I still didn't go over my calories for the day. I have been really good with My Fitness Pal. Keeping to my calories almost everyday. I think there was only one day I went over. Mostly because I didn't exercise that day. I am feeling good. I can tell my body is more happy with me. Now... I just need to wait for the pounds to start coming off and for me to start feeling it in my clothes.

Over the weekend I also saw the new Pixar movie "Inside Out". I hadn't seen a lot of previews for it and it was opening weekend so I hadn't heard many reviews on it either. However... it's Pixar. They rarely let me down. Except for "Brave" that one was a bit of a let down. Anyway... I LOVED it! So cute and clever and relatable too. I really liked the message at the end too. Not something I think about all the time, but very true. I totally recommend it.

My costume came for the next music video I am going to be in. It's a pretty cool costume I think. I am going to be the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Huntsman in RJ's next music video. A parody of Taylor Swifts Bad Blood. Should be cool... there will be a lot more props and different scene locations and it seems like we are going to have less characters (I could be wrong) and so maybe I will get a little more screen time, especially since I have a real character this time. And a lot of this video is about the villains. Guess we shall see. I'm excited either way.

I also got to hang out with my friend Liz this week. Always love my Liz time. It had been a while. Funny we planned to lay out by the pool. We were supposed to lay out on Wednesday but last minute she changed to Tuesday. Wednesday was a very sunny day. Tuesday the sun was hiding behind the clouds the entire time.. so we ended up just sitting in the shade next to the pool since the sun wasn't out anyway and just chatted. It was nice regardless. Hopefully it will not be so long before we get together next time.

I need to start bringing stuff home from my work office. I saw the size of my new cube. It's very small. They are being nice to us and sitting us in a cube next to the window... but it's still all pretty depressing. I hate it. I really really hate it. The move is getting closer and closer and I am not ready and I don't want it. I really need to get more serious about looking for a new job. Tyler and I were both talking about that. I'm so sad I won't be sitting close to Tyler anymore since he is my closest friend at work. Ugh.

I started watching Heroes on Netflix. Nice change from my last show. The more shoes I watch the more I recognize actors from other shows. I am recognizing A LOT from Heroes. I am in season 3... only one more season after this one and I only started this week. I like it but I can already tell you that the first season is the best one. I already feel like it isn't as good anymore. I am still enjoying it though.

I found a new roommate to move in. Allison is moving out today. I still need to find one more roommate. I hate trying to find new roommates. It's always awkward when you don't know people and trying to figure out if they will be a good fit for the house. Another girl came to look tonight. I liked her. She seems cool. I hope she takes the contract, but who knows. I have had plenty of girls come look and not end up taking it.

We FINALLY got Google Fiber. It only took a little over a year from when we signed up for them to come and set us up. Talk about patience! Now we need to switch the box because Allison is the one that signed us up and she is moving, so we need to switch it to my name. What a pain. I hope it is worth all the hype. At least it's free internet.

Well. I think that is all for me. This month has flown by. I know all of summer will be like that. It has been action packed so far and I hope to keep it that way. :) I'm excited for all of my upcoming adventures. Utah really is a fun place to live when it comes to the outdoors and being surrounded by lots of people who love the outdoors. Thankful for that!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Paddle Boarding Silver Lake

My goal is to do something fun outdoors every weekend while the weather is nice. So far... I have been pretty successful at that this month. It helps that my friend Becca has the same goal as I do.

Last year when Allison and I hiked up to upper silver lake, I saw lower silver lake that we parked at and thought... it's so beautiful. I would love to just hang out at that lake. So when Becca mentioned she had a paddle board and wanted to go, I suggested Silver Lake, which she had never gone paddle boarding before. So we went and it was so peaceful and beautiful and we both LOVED it and it is now her favorite spot.

There was only one paddle board (for now) so we just took turns and I enjoyed laying out in the sun just as much as paddle boarding around the lake.

It was a perfect Saturday afternoon and I hope it is not the last like that.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Matchy Matchy

Sometimes I show up to church and I match with my friends. When this happens, you take pictures.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Strawberry Day's Rodeo - Take 2

I really think this is like take 4 or 5... but we will just say take 2 and go off of the great time I had at the Strawberry Day's Rodeo last year.

This evening didn't really go as planned. My family was supposed to come and so were a group of friends from my ward... but nobody bought their tickets ahead of time and the rodeo sold out, so none of them got in. I went early to save seats for everyone. I would have ended up a lone had Allison not bought her ticket a couple of hours before the show. So did Becca who decided to come last minute because we had been hanging out earlier that day... which I will blog about. So, thank goodness for that. We had a good time and kept the tradition of looking for cute cowboys. We could see them better last year I feel like. Oh well. Also had to have some strawberries and cream. One of the best things about going to strawberry days. I also love going on Saturday because they have the fireworks after the rodeo. My second firework show of the summer.

It was a typical rodeo. My favorite events are the bull riding, the wild cow milking and I was SO happy they brought back the dirt bike stunt men! I love them. Rodeo's are a fun summer activity. Glad I went even if the night didn't turn out as planned.