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Monday, May 4, 2015

Payson Temple

On Thursday I was able to go with some people in my ward to the new Payson Temple open house. I love going to Temple Open houses. I love exploring the beautiful temples and marveling in their beauty and trying to figure out the theme in each temple and what makes them unique.

The theme in the Payson temple is the Apple Blossoms. Cool fact, on the bottom floors of the temple you there are just the flower buds... as you go up the floor and make your way up the temple, they Apple Blossoms open more and more until the very top floor where they are in full bloom. It is really beautiful.

I always love to go to the temple, especially seeing new temples. I am thankful I got to go with my ward and I'm thankful I was able to go at all. I didn't think I would have time before my trip and by the time I get back there will only be a few days left of the open house.

Such a beautiful temple!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Country

On Tuesday I went on a long overdue outing with my BFF Neighbor Darrell. We both love taking pictures, so sometimes, we just go explore and take pictures. This time we went out to Spanish Fork / Payson and took pictures out in the country. Places I had never been to before actually. I drove ... so mostly I was just enjoying being out and about and wasn't really taking that many pictures. Darrell took most of the pictures. I didn't mind though. I was just enjoying the beautiful weather with a good friend in the beautiful country. I love this time of year. It's perfect.

Saturday, May 2, 2015


The first quilt that I ever made was a jean quilt out of my old jeans and corduroy pants.

Then at the end of high school, I made a T-Shirt quilt with the help of a lady in my home ward. It was from all of my shirts that meant something to me from grade school to high school. It has class shirts, choir shirts, sports shirts, youth conference and girls camp shirts etc...

I love T-Shirt quilts because I get so many shirts that mean something to me and I wear the shirts for a little while but then I stop but then I don't want to get rid of them because they have meaning. Making a blanket out of them is the perfect solution to still get use out of them and keep them forever. So... I decided I wanted to make another from my college years. It has shirts from a lot of places I have worked and races I have run in, church shirts and so on and so forth. I wanted it to be a project that my mom and I did together... but I was having a hard time finding the time to go and do it. We worked on it together in the beginning but then my mom surprised my for Christmas and finished it for me. Well... the front. Then she took it in to have it quilted by a machine and then she finished it and just brought it over to me the other day. Turned out SO great.

I'm pretty sure I only want to do one more T-Shirt quilt sometime in the future. It will be a blanket of all the T-Shirts I have bought on my travels around the world.... and I want to get some sort of map material for the back. It will be legit... but that will probably not be for a while. In the meantime.... Thank you mom!!! I love my new T-Shirt quilt. It will get lots of use.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Ali My Eyelash Girl

I found Ali thought my old roommate. She is sister's with her good friend. I started getting my eyelash extensions from another friend, but she quite doing it and then I found out when I started going to Ali that she wasn't doing a great job... so Ali fixed me up and I have been going to her ever since. Well... when she first moved to Salt Lake, I went to the friend she trades with (Natalie) but then Natalie quite taking people because she started teaching but then Ali started doing my lashes again once we decided to trade a massage for eyelash extensions and then we take turns every other month driving to each other. So there you have it.

Ali does an amazing job with my lashes. Not only that though... but she has become a very good friend and I look forward to seeing her and chatting with her every month. She is not only adorable but probably the nicest/ sweetest girl you ever met.

So glad we trade. So glad we are friends.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 269

I leave tomorrow and I am not ready! I guess I never am.... I always wish that I could take a day off of work to get ready for my trip, but why would I do that when I would much rather use that day on actual vacation. I also get a little bit of anxiety with my long flights. You think I would have done it enough by now that I wouldn't care. I care a lot less... but I really try to sleep most of the flight and not think about it. I have a few flights, the longest one is about 12 hours I think. My longest flight so far has been 16 hours. That is a doozy. I have also done a 15 hour flight. So 12 shouldn't be that bad huh? I just hate getting off of one flight just to get back on another long one. I'm sure we will be fine... as long as we are not flying Malaysia Air.... which we are not.

Last weekend was busy. I wrote about the music video. That was an all day thing, and it was fun. Can't wait to see how the video turns out. I'm sure it will be great since all of his video's are.

After the music video I went on a date. We first started talking in January, but then he backpacked Southeast Asia for 3 months and he said we would go out when he got back, but I figured he would forget about me. Turns out he didn't and as soon as he got back, we went out to dinner. Super nice guy. He is a traveler so we had a lot to talk about. We ended up talking for 3 hours... the time just slipped away. We had a great time. However, now I'm leaving and by the time I get back he will be gone for the summer. So... who knows if we will ever see or speak to each other again. It is always nice to have a good date though where you feel like you connect with someone.

Besides that, I have just been trying to prep to go. Get everything at work squared away for when I leave. Get things at home clean and get the fish tank ready to hand off to my roommate and make sure the plants don't die while I'm gone. Have to think about the little things when you are going to be gone for a while. It's exciting though. Let's not talk about packing. It's going to be super hot and humid, so I'm sure I will be packing super light, but still... packing up a backpack for a long trip... you always second guess what you are bringing or not bringing.

I also got a lot of primping this week. Hair touched up. Pedicure, manicure. eyelashes filled. Even though I am backpacking... I still like to feel girly I guess.

I watched a new show. Star Crossed on Netflix. It was pretty cute. Aliens vs humans... but the aliens are very much human like... so it doesn't seem so weird. I have also been watching random movies.

Making lots of trips to Sodalicious. Addiction? Maybe.

I went on a little photo shoot outing with my BFF neighbor Darrell. We don't see each other much anymore now that we are in different wards, so it was nice to go out and bond like old times.

Newest roommate moved out and back home to Washington. In search of a new roommate.

That's all I got. Peace out!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Photo of the Week 267

The rose garden at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens when I went to the tulip festival.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tulip Festival - Take 2

Last time I went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point was 5 years ago! It's kind of expensive, so I didn't really make is a yearly tradition even though it is really beautiful.

This year, I was ready to give it another go. Especially because Spring bloomed early this year. Last time I went... everything was still pretty dead except for the Tulips. This year.... I knew EVERYTHING would be in bloom. I was right.

I was trying to find someone to go with me to the festival. Not an easy task. A lot of people didn't want to or couldn't. So I asked my new friend Kenzie. She and I sat next to each other at the Berry Tea Party and found out we were pretty much kindred spirits and exchanged numbers and decided we were going to be adventure buddies this summer. I'm thrilled about it. She is so much fun. We just walked around getting to know each other and frolicking in the tulips and having a great time.

The gardens at Thanksgiving point are so picturesque! It's hard to stop taking pictures, and it's hard to choose my favorites. We went on the perfect day. The weather was beautiful. So glad that I chose this year to go again and so glad that Kenzie wanted to go with me. Hopefully lots more adventures to come with this girl. :)