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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Basel, Switzerland

My LAST day in Switzerland. Not even a full day... more of a half day. Sad day. I was sad to leave Switzerland. I spent my last day in Basel because I was flying from Basel to Morocco. Since Alessandra and Deb both don't live near Basel, I thought I would be there a lone. The night that Roman dropped me off at the hostel I booked, I was a lone. It just so happens that Alessandra went to art school in Basel and was having a graduation party the night that Roman dropped me off. He invited me to go to her party with him, but I didn't want to impose on family time. It was sweet of him to offer though and I know Alessandra wouldn't have mind. Anyway... since she had her party that night... she partied late enough that she spent the night at a friends house in Basel. What did that mean? That I got to spend my last hours in Switzerland with Alessandra. I was thrilled. These girls were there for me even when they were busy with their life. They went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of and saw the most I could in my time there and had the best time while I was there. I am forever grateful to them for that. All I did was let them sleep at my house one night and I could even hang out with them the next day. I so wish they would come back to Utah so I could give them the same treatment that they gave me. Maybe one day... but I am really thankful that I decided to host them while they were here last minute. Best couch surfing decision I ever made. I made life long friends because of it.

Back to my last day in Switzerland. Alessandra met up with me at the bus station to show me around Basel after I checked out of my hostel and before getting on a bus to the airport. She took me to this beautiful church, Basel Minster. This is one of the main landmarks and tourist attractions in the city.

After that we just explored and walked around the city and talked and laughed until I had to leave. What an AMAZING trip to Switzerland. I just have to go back. I just have to. I need to see more of it. I didn't have enough time there. So... until we meet again Switzerland...

Monday, September 18, 2017

Road trip around Switzerland in a Classic American Car

One of the days that I was in Switzerland, both Deb and Alessandra were busy and couldn't spend time with me or take me anywhere. I wasn't sure what I was going to do... but when I was spending time with Alessandra at her house in Thun before we went out to explore, her brother, Roman, was home. Since he is currently unemployed he had lots of time on his hands. Alessandra asked him if he would show me around the day they couldn't. Since I was sitting right there when she asked, how could he say no? Ha ha... really, he is a super nice guy and it was a nice chance for him to get out and practice his English. His English is not as great as Alessandra and Deb (I honestly forget that English is their 3rd or 4th language because they are so good) but he still did great even though he didn't think he was speaking that well.

The day that I met up with him, I took the train from Bern to Thun and Roman was there waiting for me at the train station. Roman is a car guy. So he actually has 2 cars. One he let Alessandra and I borrow the other day when we explored. Today... he picked me up in an old classic American car. No joke. It was kind of awesome. He also had some classic American tunes going in the car as well. I made a comment about that while we were driving and he laughed and said it was only appropriate since he was driving around an American girl.

We drove around all day together. We went to a lot of places... so I am not even going to pretend to remember all of the names of where we were. It was a road trip seeing a lot of the country towards the boarder of France. That is all I know. So I am just going to post a bunch of pretty pictures that I took on this road tip.

We did stop to go to this castle/ old village up on a  hill. That was pretty cool. These are the pictures I took from that stop.

We also stopped for lunch. Roman was a gentleman and paid for my lunch even though he was already being so nice and driving me all around Switzerland. We ate outside and enjoyed the view.

I'm so thankful that Roman was able to show me around that day. I am not sure I would have been able to see as much on my own that day nor would I have had any company! I was so lucky to be so taken care of while I was in Switzerland. What great friends!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Thun, Switzerland

I got to see a lot of Berm because I was staying with Deb at her place in Bern. Now it was time to see Thun, where Alessandra lives. It is only a half hour train ride from Bern. No wonder they are able to hang out so much.

Sadly I didn't get to tour Thun as much as I wanted to because it was raining so much that morning and early afternoon. From what I did see though... it is a beautiful city. Not surprised. Every city in Switzerland seems to be gorgeous. We didn't let the rain bring us down. We ended up doing a little bit of shopping. I bought some jeans because I didn't bring many because I didn't think I would need them. ha ha. Then we danced in the rain.

After getting soaked in the rain, we went into a CUTE little coffee shop to get some hot chocolate. European hot chocolate is SO good. So rich and creamy. We all LOVED it. Plus, you can't beat watching and listening to the rain while sipping gourmet hot chocolate from an adorable cafe.

After getting hot chocolate, the rain was still pouring down... so they took me to a popular instagram spot at Thun Lake.

 Then we went to a fancy hotel to sit in the hot tub outside in the rain. It was so pretty. Also unique. Something I know we wouldn't have done had it not been raining. So sometimes the rain is a good thing. It can also make for some pretty pictures.