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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Birthday Sushi with Kyle

As I have gotten older, I have less friends that I hang out with on the regular and I have given up trying to make fun things happen for my birthday... even though that is still what I really want to do. Last year it was nice because I was in Brazil with Stacey, so I didn't really worry about my birthday, but Stacey made it really awesome for me. This year... I didn't tell anyone and I didn't plan anything and this way when people didn't remember and nobody planned anything... I wouldn't be disappointed. Plus... I don't really want to get older at this point anyway. Ha ha.

Usually I hate when my birthday falls on a Sunday because I don't really get to celebrate in a fun way with my friends. Since I wasn't celebrating with my friends, I was actually thankful my birthday fell on a Sunday because I would be hanging out with my family anyway and I knew they would do something for my birthday.

Anyway... back in June, I was out exploring the mountains with my friend Kyle. He was talking about wanting to plan something to celebrate his birthday. He talked about it being hard to plan stuff because his birthday is on the 4th of July. I told him I felt his pain... because mine is a week before Christmas so nobody is ever around for my birthday either. Apparently after that conversation, he went home and put my birthday on his calendar. How sweet is that. He made it a point to remember. So tonight, he asked me how we were going to celebrate. I told him I didn't have any plans... so he told me he was taking me to get Sushi. After I went with him to help babysit his friends baby.

It was pretty low key, but it was so nice and thoughtful for him to make the effort to put my birthday in his calendar and make sure that we celebrated. It was nice to have someone not only remember, but go out of their way to make time for me and do something nice for me too. Makes you feel special... especially when you made the decision not to tell anyone it was your birthday and not to make any plans. Thanks Kyle for being so thoughtful and spending part of my birthday with me. You are such a great friend. I had no idea I would be gaining such a good friend when we met being stuck together as Lost Boys in the Peter Pan scene of the Shake it off Disney Style music video a year and a half ago. It pays to put yourself out there and do new things even when you don't know anyone. You never know when you will make great new friends... like Kyle.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Work Christmas Party

We had our work Christmas party during lunch at Brick Oven. We are all a little bit crazy when we are all together... especially because we had our white elephant gift exchange as well... so we were pretty loud. We apologized to the tables around us. Ha! We had fun though.

We ate way too much and then they brought out a slice of cake for the December birthday's (which all 3 of us are a day after the other - Sarah then Me then Cassie) and then Katy also made the most delicious ice cream cake for our birthday's as well. Sooooo... it was pretty hard to go back to work after because we all had major food coma.

It was nice that we all got to go out and celebrate though and enjoy each other's company. They are very different from my old team, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I have really come to enjoy my new team. I miss my old team, but this team wasn't a bad replacement.

The lighting in Brick Over when terrible, so none of the pictures are very good... but here are a few pictures from our party. I suggested everyone wear ugly sweaters... only a few of us did (Jason's was just his normal sweater but he told him he could join anyway) but who cares. I was very excited for our sweaters.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 354

I feel like I haven't done that much this week, but it has been a busy week. Just work and the gym really.. as always.

I made Christmas treats to give out to my co-workers with Desiree, but I already wrote about that. Always fun to hang out with Desiree. Last year I didn't give out anything to my co-workers, nobody really did, but I felt like giving a treat this year. Probably because I am so much happier there now than I was a year ago. Plus last year I was gone in Brazil for half of the month anyway. I pretty much skipped Christmas last year. Or at least that is what it felt like. Anyway... it made for a late night. That is ok though because I don't see Desiree super often.

Oh! Over the weekend I was on a roll with my movie watching. Friday night I went with my neighbor Josh to the movies. He was sweet and saw that I was home so he just came over and asked what I was doing and when I of course said nothing... he told me he had free tickets to the movies and he was going to take me. I never say no to free movies. We went to see Arrival, which I am going to be honest and say it wasn't one that I was rushing out to go see for a couple of reasons. #1 - I am not the biggest fan of Amy Adams. I don't know why... she just isn't really my favorite. #2 - because it is an alien movie and in my mind all alien movies are kind of the same. Like I said... I don't turn down free movies and I had nothing else to do anyway and I like hanging out with Josh. So we went. I LOVED that movie! It was so good! Not your typical alien movie. It was one of those movies that had a big twist at the end where after the movie is done and over with you are still sitting there thinking about it... like... what?!! I need to see that again. ha ha. So good. I definitely want to see it again.

Saturday I went to hang out with Heather. Sadly my cousin Dave wasn't there... but I had dinner with Heather and then we went to the movies also. We went to go see Dr. Strange. I had mixed emotions with going to see this one. I'm not HUGE into Marvel and DC movies. I'm just getting tired of all the super hero movies. I do however really enjoy Benedict Cumberbatch. I heard it was good though, so we went and saw it. It was VERY different from your normal superhero movie... which I really appreciated. It was however a visually stimulating overload. It was entertaining and I enjoyed it. Probably don't feel the need to see it again.

Funny, Lolly and I were talking about how we were sick of all the people putting us in Facebook groups so they can try and sell us stuff... like Jamberry Nails and Essential oils and LulaRoe and the one that has been bugging me the most lately... Lip Sense. I don't want anything to do with anyone and people that just put me in groups without me having any say in it makes me angry because then I start getting all of these dumb notifications on my phone for a group I don't want to be a part of. I leave every group that I am put into, but it irritates me that I have to do that. I have one friend that put me in her Lip Sense group... no joke... 5 times. I would leave and she would put me back in and then I would leave again and she would add me back in and then I would leave again. Seriously, did you not notice that you have added me 5 times? I obviously don't want to be in there. I don't want to pay a crap load of money for a lip stain that doesn't come off except with a remover that makes your lips burn. My MAC lipstick works fine, thank you. Anyway... it was funny because Lolly and I were just venting to each other about all of that stuff... and then I come home and walk into clothes ALL over the house. My roommate was having a LuLaRoe Party at my house. Eww. I just looked at all of the clothes in my kitchen while I made dinner. Nothing that I saw there was even cute. But I sent Lolly this picture and we both had a good laugh over it.

Only other thing I did this week was go to Target so that I could get a White Elephant gift for our work party that we had today... I will blog about that later. I was also looking for some Christmas onsie pjs. Ha ha... I decided I should have a pair, but I haven't found any that I like yet.

We also had our work party today. We made an appearance there before we went to our own department lunch.

Pretty much went into a food coma today... so after work I just came home and collapsed on my couch and have been here ever since. Daniel and I hadn't talked or hung out in a long time, so he came over for a couple hours and we chatted and caught up on life, which is nice. Daniel and I have been friends for a while now. Always nice to catch up with him. We have good heart to hearts.

And that is where we are with the week. Getting closer to the end of 2016. Pretty crazy.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Photo of the Week 352

The sunset was on point, so I told Josh (my personal trainer) that I had to pause the work out to watch the sunset outside and take a pic... cause that's how I roll. I just can't miss a good sunset.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Making Christmas Goodies

Over the years, Desiree and I have been pretty good about getting together to catch up every few months or so. Sometimes we go to dinner, other times we go to the movies, we have done crafts... this time, since it was approaching Christmas... she first took me out to dinner for my birthday (which was so sweet of her) and then we got stuff to make Christmas treats. Peppermint Oero Truffles. For me it was to give to my co-workers. For her it was to give out to visiting teachee's and neighbors. 

It was so nice to make them together because it was more fun and it was WAY faster to make with two people helping. We doubled the recipes and whipped those babies out in no time. I mean... it still took some time, but not nearly as the amount of time it would have taken me to do it by myself. 

Always so fun to hang out with Desiree. So thankful to have her as my friend all of these years. So funny... when I first knew who she was in my ward (when I first moved in) I didn't think I would like her. Ha ha... I don't know why I thought that. I guess you just never know, that is why it is good to always give people a chance. I never would have thought that we would become such good friends and keep in touch all of this time. She is the best. Love her.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

MoTab Christmas Concert

My friend Desiree is the sweetest. We have been friends for a while now. I think it has been been at least 8 or 9 years now. Crazy. I'm so glad we have kept in touch all of these years because she truly has been such a great friend. So supportive. I can talk to her about anything. Cares about keeping in touch. Cares about everything that is going on with me. Easy going and fun to hang out with. She is awesome.

Ever since she has been in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, I always look out for her on tv during General Conference and I am so thrilled for her because I know how long it took for her to get in and how hard she worked and how much she loves it. I have never once asked her for tickets. I'm just not like that. This year, she reached out to me and asked me if I wanted some tickets to the Thursday night show. For anyone who doesn't know how tickets work for MoTab Christmas Concerts... you don't buy them, but you do have to reserve them as soon as they go online. I heard this year they were all reserved within hours. Therefore... I never go. Ha ha. It used to be a lottery drawing of who would go. I have only been 3 times now (including this one). All 3 times, the tickets were given to me. First in 2008 by my mom from someone in the Santa Barbara Stake who could no longer go. The second time (the last time I went) in 2010 when David Archuleta was the featured singer. I went with this guy Matt who had extra tickets because his mom was in the choir at the time. And then this year... because Desiree was kind enough to give me tickets. She asked me how many I wanted and I said 3. One for me and my mom (because I knew she would want to go) and I was going to take my sister, Kristy, but she couldn't go, so my Aunt Joanne came instead... which was also fun.

The drive there was a nightmare because people were also going to see the lights at Temple Square AND there was also a Jazz game that night. So we left at 5:30 thinking we would get there early so we could have dinner before the concert... but ended up getting there and sitting down RIGHT before the concert started. Needless to say, I had a little bit of road rage. However, Desiree putting our tickets in Stand by.... actually is what got us in faster and made it so we didn't miss any of the show because the stand by ticket line was very short and then they let us in from there instead of having to wait in the LONG lines outside. So thank goodness for that.

The show was great. I wasn't very familiar with the soloist. He was entertaining, but not my favorite singer. One of the songs in particular sounded so off. But I loved listing to the choir and the organ trio was amazing.

Oh.. and they had camels. Like... Lion King style costume Camels that walked up to the stage. I LOVED it... especially just coming back from the Middle East on my camel trek. It's like they did it just for me!

It was a beautiful concert. I loved it. MoTab never goes wrong. Always put on a great show. So thankful to Desiree for thinking of me and wanting to give me tickets. This is the second year she has offered them to me... the first year I couldn't go because I was singing at Disneyland that weekend. She could give those tickets to anyone, but I feel special that she thinks of me. Also so great to go with my mom and aunt. Also... funny out of all the thousands of people in the stands, my friend Becky and her boyfriend sat in the row right in front of me. Ha ha... so naturally we said hi and got a picture together as well. Such a great concert. Thank you MoTab! Thanks Desiree!

Friday, December 9, 2016

FabFitFun 2

My FabFitFun Winter box came! I get pretty excited for these boxes to come... they only come every 3 months with the change of season, so it really feels like Christmas every time they come. There is also SO much stuff inside. I think my first box (Fall Box) is my favorite box out of the 2... but this one still had some good stuff inside that I am already using.

It has some really cute Thank You cards, a planner for 2017... which typically I do all online now, but since I have it, I will totally use it. A yummy lotion and a yummy candle and a necklace. Of course there were some beauty products in there.

I can't wait to see what is inside the Spring box!!