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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 242

This week I am thankful for my smart phone. It makes life so convenient. Especially my new phone, everything works better and is faster and I just love that everything is just at the touch of a button.

This week flew by. The weather has surprisingly stayed warm and beautiful. I am loving it. I feel like I have been doing a lot of fun stuff and spending time outside, but I feel like I should be spending more time outside.

My roommate wanted me to watch Hemlock Grove on Netflix... so I have been. I started it this week and will finish it this week. I'm not sure why I am going to finish it... I hate it. Don't watch it.

Saturday was super productive for me. I was on a roll, I got a ton done. Maybe it is because I got 1--% on my sleep. That is right,  have been using my sleep cycle app again. I also went and test drove a car with my dad. I hate salesmen, but I loved that car. I still haven't decided yet though what car I want to get. Oh yeah... I'm wanting a new car if I haven't mentioned that already. I don't just want a new car. I need one. I hate the process of looking for one though. I kind of wish someone would just do that for me and then I will just buy it. I'm not looking forward to car payments and higher car insurance, but I do need a new car. So I need to be a big girl and do it.

I also went to the fish store and I got my regular stuff AND a new fish. He brings some spice to the tank. Allison thinks I should name him Jazzy because of it. I don't really have names for the rest of my fish, except for MJ... but I don't mind Jazzy. Maybe that will stick. I just haven't been inspired with fish names. I have 6 fish now though and most of them need names. My tank sure is fun. Next I think I will get more coral. Jazzy was fine when I first put him in, but just last night he started picking on all the other fish. He is the new guy and thinks he owns the tank. I hope that they are just figuring out pecking order and then they will stop. That is what my fish nerd cousin told me anyway. He is the expert, so I believe him.

The diet has been going well. I can't wait to feel skinny again though. Not quite feeling that yet.

Yesterday was a cheat day for me. I had my annual pumpkin dinner. I will blog about it more later and post recipes, but it was awesome. It turned out exactly how I pictured it, the food was really good and everyone loved it. It was picture perfect. In fact, I instagramed a picture of the dinner and it was the most "likes" AND comments that I have received on a picture in a while. I love throwing fancy dinner parties.

Did a hip hop work out today on my lunch break. It was fun. That is my favorite type of exercise right there... dancing. It's the best.

I bought a robe this last week. I have wanted one for a long time... I always just thought it sounded nice to lounge around in a robe after getting out of the shower. Well, I found a black one at walmart that is super soft and warm and it was under $20... so I got it. Oh man! I'm pretty sure that I am going to be living in this thing come Winter. I mean, not only is it great to get in after the shower, but I also like wearing it over my clothes, because it is like wearing a blanket... with sleeves. My roommates make fun of me, but I don't care. Now I know why my friend Daniel is always walking around wearing his robe everywhere. It is all starting to make sense.

Tuesday I had my massage. Can I just mention again how glad I am that I get one every month? Seriously, it makes all the difference to me. I am so tight every time, so I obviously need it. If I could get one every day I would. They are so heavenly.

Other than that, I went to the pumpkin patch with Allison. Jakers in Springville. I went there last year as well, but this year it was so much more crowded. Probably because it is free and because they added a bunch more activities there. You can even have birthday parties there. Allison and I had a fun time picking out pumpkins. I think I even know what I am going to carve in it this year. I always love doing all of this stuff. Still need to finish putting my costume together as well. The pumpkin patch is beautiful and there is something about a bunch of pumpkins being in a picture... it's pretty... or maybe it just makes me happy because it represents fall and I am in love with fall. Either way... I'm glad we crossed that off of our fall bucket list. Can you believe there is just one more week of October left? AH!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Photo of the Week 240

Another fall picture, because I can't get enough of it. I wish it could last forever.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Horse Riding

I really wanted to go horseback riding this summer and my co-worker, Tyler (well, his parents) have a ranch and lots of horses up Hobble Creek Canyon. Tyler promised me he would take me, but told me it was best to go in the fall. I didn't really see what difference it made, but I said ok.

This last Thursday, I took Allison with me and met up with Tyler and his wife (Shantelle, who is also my Health Coach) and we went horseback riding in Hobble Creek Canyon. We went up this path up the mountain a little way. The fall colors were stunning. I could see why Tyler wanted to wait until the fall to go.

At the end of the path, you are at the top of the hill and it has the most AMAZING view. The sun was set and the canyon was just filled with fall colored trees. I loved being up there and just taking it in.. and on these beautiful horses. It was just so perfect in every way. It is my new favorite way to enjoy fall. BIG thanks to Tyler and Shantelle for taking me AND letting me bring Allison.

Also, thanks Tyler for getting good pictures for me.

Allison and I both loved every minute of it.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Cornbelly's Cornmaze

I go every year. It's part of my fall festivities. I have gone to a few different corn mazes, but it is usually Cornbelly's. That is where the action is. It's always packed and there is a ton to do there.

This year it also happened to be my first ward activity as activities co-chair. I didn't really have to do much especially since we joined with FHE... but oh well. It was nice.

Cornbelly's does different theme's every year. They pattern their maze after that theme. This year was The Wizard of Oz. So the maze looked like this.

And there was other things around with the theme.

Here is a chunk of the ward that all finished the corn maze around the same time.

I mostly hung with with my friends RJ and Jeremy. We went through the corn maze together and walked around...  nothing too exciting, just another year hanging out at Cornbelly's. Good times.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Stroll

My mom walks every morning up the canyon in Mapleton by where she lives. She has been posting beautiful pictures from her morning walks on Facebook and Instagram. When the family all came over for dinner tonight, Chad and Clara wanted my mom to take them on the walk she goes on to see all of these beautiful fall trees. I decided to go along. Why not.

It was the perfect Sunday stroll after a delicious dinner my dad made. I just love fall and love any opportunity to enjoy it. Plus, we have been having AMAZING weather this entire month. I need to spend as much time outside as I can before it starts getting really cold.

Anyway... I of course took pictures. That's how I roll. So here are some pictures from our little Sunday stroll.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Camping

At the beginning of this year, I bought all new camping gear. I couldn't wait for summer to come to use it... and use it a lot. As it turns out, I only went camping once (not because I didn't want to) and it was just car camping so I didn't even get to use all my new cool gear. 

While John was gone, we would Skype. One of the last few times we skyped before he came home, we talked about going camping since he was gone all summer and missed the mountains and wanted to camp himself. Fortunately, the weather has stayed so great all month so far, so last weekend John and I set out on our little camping adventure that we had talked about.

We didn't go far. We just went up American Fork Canyon. It was gorgeous up in those mountains! We weren't sure where we were going to camp. We just drove to a hiking trail somewhere up there and then we had our backpacks with all of our gear and we started hiking. Thankfully John didn't want to go more than a mile up the mountain because I am back on my diet and didn't have enough calories in me and didn't realize we would be hiking straight uphill with all of our gear... and I barely made it up the mountain a mile. I felt so pathetic since it's not usually that hard for me. Calories make all the difference. Anyway... it was a beautiful hike with amazing views. We only saw one group on the trail and they were going down. Other than that... we were a lone on that mountain. 

We just went off the trail to what we thought was a good spot and set up camp. No camp site... just in the middle of the wilderness. I would have a hard time doing this if I were not with an experienced camper. John is a wilderness expert and he loves this stuff... so I wasn't worried. I also get camping lessons when I camp with John (this is our second time camping together in the past year that we have known each other). It's good info for me to learn. 

John used a mini axe to clear the brush so we could set up my new tent that I hadn't used yet. We set up our sleeping pads and sleeping bags and put our stuff down.

He collected rocks to make a fire pit and we collected sticks and wood for the fire. I even brought my mini chairs that are so great because they are so small you can pack them in your backpack. John attempted to start a fire without matches or lighter... but it didn't work, so I'm glad he brought the lighter for backup. 

John even made me a healthy tin foil dinner. It was pretty good. It would have been better with meat in it... but he isn't eating meat right now.

We sat around that fire for a few hours... enjoyed the amazing view. We chatted, it got dark. The stars were beautiful, but then they got covered up with clouds. It got cold... so we put the rest of the wood on the fire and waited until it was almost all burned and then it was into the tent by 9:30. Only when camping would I ever go to bed that early. ha ha.

We were on a slant.. going downhill, so it was hard to get super comfortable. I would fall in and out of sleep though. A couple hours after getting into the tent, the wind started. The wind was strung enough that I wondered how durable my little tent was. There were a couple of times that I thought it would collapse. Then it started to rain. We didn't have the top cover on the tent, so I was concerned about getting wet pretty quickly. 

Me - "John, is that rain?"
John - "No, that's just stuff from the trees"
Me - "Mmmm... I think that's rain"

John gets up and puts his hand to feel the top of the tent. He feels rain drops, so he gets the top cover and opens the tent and puts it on the top of the tent. Soon after the rain comes down harder and there is lightening and a little bit of thunder. We realize this is probably going to get worse before it gets better. John and I both just try to sleep, but it is pretty hard for me not to worry being the not so experienced camper in a very small $25 tent that I have never used before and not sure what weather conditions it is capable of handling. John is calm, so I stay calm and try not to think about it and just go back to sleep. This goes on all night. Occasionally I get my phone out and check the time. When I see that it is past 6am and it is still dark and the weather hasn't cleared up... I start to worry about how we are going to pack up and hike back down. I tried not to worry about it and went back to sleep. When I woke up again and checked the time, it was now 8:30. At this point we had to get up and pack up no matter what the weather was. I was so warm in my sleeping bag... I didn't want to get out. I felt the side of the tent to see how wet it was and I felt stuff against the tent...

Me - "John, is that snow?"
John - "No, that's probably just stuff from the trees"
Me - "Mmmm.... I think that's snow"

We open the tent and see this.

John laughs and I just gasp. This was not what I wanted when I went camping. I wasn't prepared for snow. I'm not sure what "stuff from the trees" John was expecting, but we got  snow. We packed up everything we could while inside the tent. This is when I discovered a big stick poking through my new tent. Then while John took down the tent, I gathered my chairs and found John's axe in the snow and took down our food hanging from the tree. We actually packed up camp quickly. Just about as quickly as we put it up... which is the really nice thing about having a super small tent which I now knew was very durable! Thank goodness John and I waterproofed the seems when I first got it. Then it was time to hike down the mountain a mile straight downhill. This would have been awesome if the path wasn't covered with snow. I had hiked up in running shoes. I knew that I was going to be slipping the entire way down. I fell several times with my backpack. It wasn't fun... the entire time I wished I had my snow boots... but I made it. How was I supposed to know we were going to wake up to snow? John was patient with me. I complained kind of a lot. Mostly because I don't enjoy slipping and not feeling stable while walking. Otherwise the snow wouldn't have bothered me. It was really beautiful. We even saw some deer on our way down.

Overall, John had a blast, and I mostly had fun. I was just bummed about the hole in my new tent. I of course didn't sleep super well and I didn't love hiking down in the snow... but other than that, I had fun. I always have fun with John. I'm glad we went. I love camping. I love getting away from everything and being out in the wilderness. The scenery was incredible and the view was breathtaking. So the positive outweighed the negative by a lot. All in the adventure. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Flashback Friday 188

My BFF Lolly's birthday was this week... and her anniversary was right before that. Which made me want to flash back to her wedding. It was a beautiful fall wedding. Going to her wedding was my first time to Washington. I loved it. I also love being a Bridesmaid even though I was one of 6. I felt honored that I am one of her closest friends that I got to be a part of her wedding. Sometimes when girls have all of their closest friends at the time in their wedding party... years down the road... they don't even really keep good friends with them. Not Lolly... everyone in her wedding party she is still close friends with. Some of those girls are her sisters, but there are 4 friends. Anyway... Lolly is good like that and I admire that about her. So here are a few pictures from the wedding. October 2004.