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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lake Las Vegas Photo Shoot

While I was in Vegas, I was able to see my long lost friend Erin! I knew Erin when she lived in Carpenteria while I was in High School. She writes beautiful music and we would get together and practice and sing her music and perform in different wards, firesides and missionary farewells. I loved it. I miss singing in groups like that. (I did make a goal this year to make a CD, so I should probably get going on that).
While I was still in High School, Erin left to go to college and I pretty much lost track of her after that. Somehow we reconnected on facebook in this last year (one of the many reasons I love facebook) and I found out that she is now married with two kids, lives in Las Vegas and is now into photography! She saw some of my pictures from past little photo shoots with my friends and asked me if I would model for her next time I was in the Las Vegas Area.
So I did, and I brought Lolly. It was SO fun to see Erin again. She also brought two other photographer friends. Lake Las Vegas was such a great place to shoot. So pretty there. 

We had so much fun, and I had an excuse to shop for a new outfit and wear it. Seriously, everything I was wearing is new. New hair, new tan, new clothes, new shoes, new necklace. I know... I went a little overboard. I wanted to look good. 

We had a blast with our photo shoot. I only have a few of the pictures that Erin took. Hopefully one day I will get to see the pictures that the other girls took as well. First we have the Hottie Miss Lolly!

We have our BFF photo's, The heels & purse idea was mine and I LOVE how it turned out.

And then some of yours truly. :o) 

Thanks Erin for the photo shoot, and for getting together with me while I was in town. So fun. If you want to see more of Erin's photography, go here.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Classic Skating

Tonight for FHE we joined with two other wards in our stake and went Classic Skating! I can't even tell you how long it has been since I have been roller skating. However, I do own my own pair of roller blades, so I brought them. It took a few rounds around the rink to not feel retarded and feel like I was going to run into someone or fall over. After that, I really got into it, dancing and skating to the music. Roller dancing if you will. I ended up having a blast and was reminded how fun roller blading is. Since I own a pair, I should probably use them more often huh? There is something about having the music playing while you skate though. Anyway... it was a blast.

It was super hot in there... so sorry for my face being REALLY red in all of these pictures. Here are some pictures I took with my friends that were there.

First we have my boys from Apx! We used to hang out ALL the time together at work and outside of work. Jordy also happens to be one of the guys that I went to Guatemala with! I miss them a lot. They are so fun. So every time I see them (which is a lot more often now that they moved into my stake) I get SO excited to see them. :o) Did I tell you that I also ran into them when I went to the Bottomless Pitt? Anyway, Nick & Jordy (Jordan) rock my socks off!

Then of course we have my long time BFF of the ward, Rob.

We have my new friend I made that night because he asked me to skate with him for the "SnowBall" skate. (aka skate together holding hands while slow song plays). His name is Brad.

Then we have my lovely roommate Tina, new ward buddy Ashley, My photography BFF.. Jamen and one of our lovely Institute teachers / another new ward friend, Ali. :o) I love my friends. (pictures in reverse order)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend with Lolly

This weekend I decided to visit one of my best friends, Lolly. Since she only lives in Henderson, I try to go visit her a couple of times a year. I guess it was a good weekend to go because it ended up raining in Provo. So I got there Friday night and we just chatted until late... catching up. Saturday we got up had breakfast and then went shopping. While at Sephora they gave me a make over which was kind of fun. I have never had that done at a make up store before. Went shopping a few other places. Came home and had lunch and then foot baths. Then we got ready (dolled up) and went to Lake Las Vegas. Never been. It was really nice there. In fact there was a wedding going on. I took some family photo's for Lolly's family. Then her husband and kids went home and we stayed and met up with an old friend of mine, Erin. I actually had not seen her since I was in High School! So fun to see her! She and two other of her photographer friends had Lolly and I model for them and we did a fun photo shoot. When I get all the pictures, I will do a post about it. It was tons of fun. Then we grabbed a bite to eat and a red box movie. Something with the name Greta in the title that has Hilary Duff. It was WAY retarded. We were just laughing at it the whole time. The only good part about the whole movie was the line "That was the stupidest thing I have heard all day, and today's been down right retarded!". Ha ha. That line still makes me laugh. Then today we just went to church and I even checked out their singles ward. Then drove home. It was a really quick trip. So worth it though. Really fun to see Lolly. I wish I could hang out with her more, but we have not done too bad over the past 10 years.
Thank you Lolly for having me at your house and spending the weekend with me shopping and taking pictures. :o)
Thank you Ava (Lolly's 4 year old daughter) for setting up the princess tents in the room I was staying in so that we could play "emergency"and for being REALLY excited for me to get married someday. ha ha.

Here is one of the pictures I took of their cute family.

Here is Lolly & I and Ava & I AND Braxton eating his lunch right before I left.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Photo Fun!

I just discovered this website today. I can't believe I had never heard about it before. It is called PhotoFunia! I have already had so much entertainment from it, and lets be honest with ourselves.... we could all use some of that on a Friday. Here are just some of the many photo creations I made today!

Remember when I said I wished I could be a model? Now I can pretend that I am! ha ha

Who doesn't want to be admired?

A gallery of Tracy. How awesome.

I have always wanted to be a Wizard... well... since I read Harry Potter.

Look at the fun you could be having with your photos! This is just the beginning!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 28

So, I'm a little sad. At night, when I am watering my flowers and in the morning when I am leaving for work... it is starting to get cold! NO!!!! I'm not ready yet. I'm just not. I mean... it didn't even finally get hot until July. On the bright side... I do love fall fashion. It also means I am just going to start traveling to warmer states like California & Arizona. Maybe even Florida (for Winter) if I can find a friend to come with me?

There is a benefit to moving, even though it is a pain... you go through all of your stuff and get rid of a bunch of stuff. Since I don't move once a year anymore, I still need to go through all my stuff once a year and get rid of stuff. I first started with my closet and shoes. I filled up a big trash bag full for DI. This felt great! Then I have that other room down in the basement that I have left a lone since we moved in back in November. Yep... my stuff has been sitting in lots of piles ALL over that room. It's embarrassing. That is so not like me. I keep telling myself I am going to tackle that project, but that project keeps getting bigger and more overwhelming. Well, since this month has slowed down for me with traveling and crazy fun... I decided to start. I like to stay productive. So... I have started on it. It's not done by any means... but it looks a lot better. I have been going through everything and have a big trash pile and filled another DI bag. Going through my CD's has been interesting. Trying to get rid of all the old burned CD's that skip. I mean... we have ipod's now. Why keep the CD's. Anyway... its getting there. I will post a before and after picture when it is all done. But I am already feeling a lot better about it. :o)

Our ward is starting to make a change for the better. MORE GUYS ARE MOVING IN!!! Hallelujah!! Seriously... some of them are even cute AND normal! This is going to be a great year! Not that we didn't have great guys in the ward before, they were just VERY few in number. Lets keep our fingers crossed for me. ha ha.

You remember on Tuesday, I talked about how my car wouldn't start that morning and I was an hour late to work and missed my meeting I was supposed to go to? It is times like those where my dad would usually be the one to fix it, but he is too far away and I don't know what to do. So thankful that my co-workers are so understanding. Also thankful that one of my co-workers, Paul, knows lots about cars. I just had to describe how my car was acting and he knew what was wrong and then drove with me to my car on my lunch break and fixed it. Turns out the corrosion was preventing the battery from working and it just needed to be cleaned. I learned something new that day. I was SO happy nothing was wrong and I didn't have to spend money and take it into a shop!

The next day, I woke up at 6am to my new roommates knocking on my bedroom door. They came in calling my name telling me the power was out and they wanted to make sure that I was up in time to get ready for work. As nice as this thought was... I was pretty annoyed since #1- I didn't have to wake up for another two hours and #2- I use the alarm on my phone and was going to be just fine regardless if the power was or was not working by then. The power being out doesn't really concern me. So I had to get ready that morning with a flashlight. No big deal. It hardly ever happens and usually they fix it pretty quick, so I am never that concerned. My roommates on the other hand wanted to know where the circuit breaker was so they could try and fix it. I tried telling them that wasn't going to do anything, but they insisted. So I had to get out of bed to show them where it was so that it could do nothing but make me lose even more sleep. It turns out that the power was out for about 5 hours. I guess a semi ran into one of the power poles down the street from us and it knocked over 7 poles total and over 4,000 people were without power. Pretty much all of South Provo. I wanted to tell my new roommates "Girls, you can flip those switches all you want, its not going to help us or the rest of south Provo to get our power back". I am surprised nobody was hurt with this accident though. Seriously. It was major! I can only imagine how heavy those poles are... and 7 of them crashing down? I am close enough to where it happened that I am surprised that the crashing didn't wake me up. What a week! I drove by it today, they are still working on fixing it, but for the most part... they cleaned it up and fixed it all really fast! Here are some pictures of the scene!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Full Moon Lift Ride

Last night and tonight was a full moon. So happy to say that I have been outside enjoying it both nights. Last night, the Bottomless Pitt and tonight... Sundance!

This morning started out kind of crappy. I went out to my car to rush to work for a meeting and of course my car decided not start. Took my a half hour to find a friend to come help me and another half hour to try and jump it or figure out what was wrong. An hour later and totally unsuccessful, my friend finally just took me to work. Thankfully I work with an awesome guy that not only gives me motorcycle rides, but also comes to my rescue, leaves work with me to come help me with me car and he fixed it. Bless him.

The day ended really awesome. After tutoring, Jeanna, Mieka and I drove up to Sundance. You are probably wondering what there is to do at Sundance so late at night. I would have thought that a week ago. A few days ago I found out that they run the ski lifts from 9-11pm, but only on a full moon. Thank goodness I found this out in time because tonight was the last night. Well... until next month, but I am going to be gone for next month's ride. So we went for it. Remember the ski lifts that I took when my work went on the Stewart Falls hike a month ago? Well, we went on the same lift, except we went further and then just didn't get off and took it back.

Even though I didn't know about it until a few days ago, a lot of other people did, because it was a long line. It was worth it though. Having so many people on the lifts made for an interesting ride. You pass a new group of people every few seconds. There are loud annoying people, there are the couples that are all over each other (which I now sing the BSB PDA song), there are quiet people and then the funny ones. We had one guy ask us which was better Jello or Pudding. I had one guy tell me that he loved me and asked me to wait for him after the ride. It was funny listening to everyone's conversations as you see them gliding through the air above the mountains and trees.
Really though, it was beautiful. The stars were bright and beautiful and the full moon lit up everything. I wish I could have gotten a picture that showed you what I saw, the beautiful view of the mountains and trees and fields all fully lit by the moonlight.  So relaxing. Loved every minute of it.
Anyway... I tried to get pictures.... but its just about impossible. Here are a few we took.

Another thing I can now cross off my new Utah Bucket List. ;o)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bottomless Pitt

About a month ago, my friend Moroni came to visit me. He was telling me about his summer fun adventures. One of the things that he told me about was The Bottomless Pitt. The more he told me about it, the more I wanted to go. I couldn't believe I have been in Provo all of these years and never knew about it. I mean, I am a pyro after all. :o)
*Side Note* my new friend Ashley C. and I went on a walk today and were talking about how there are all kinds of cool things to do in Utah that we have never heard of and have never done. We want to come up with a Provo/Utah bucket list while we are living here.
The Bottomless Pitt is one I can now cross off my list. It is out in the middle of nowhere in Sanaquin, Utah. There are some old mining Pitts out there. Seriously, you can't tell how deep it actually goes. There is a iron covering over it, so you can walk over this DEEP pit. Ever since Moroni told me about this, I have been saving up my empty milk jugs. You take the milk jugs and fill them with gasoline and then throw them into the Pitt for an awesome explosion!

We had a big crowd. Probably like 40 people came.

So we had a lot of milk jugs of gas. I believe they spent over a hundred bucks in gas. Don't worry, everyone pitched in 5 bucks. It was totally worth it. Sometimes they would lower the jugs down with a rope and put the rope on fire too. It was a cool to see a long line of fire going down into the Pitt. The only downfall to this event is that I now smell like gasoline. I actually like that smell... just not on me. ha ha. Anyway,,, I had a lot of fun.

Tina came with me. She really enjoyed it too. I think we both have a love for fire.

This is my friend Moroni that told me about the event. We actually met a couple of years ago on a camping trip and have been good friends since. I actually blogged about that camping trip here. Anyway... he is pretty much one of my favorite people.