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Saturday, January 31, 2009

100 Truths

I was tagged again, this time by Jessica. Here we go...

100 Truths

1. Real name: Tracy Jean Mills
2. Nickname: Trace, T-Rac, T-Racy
3. Status: In a serious relationship
4. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

5. Male or female: Female
6. Elementary: Ellwood Elementary School
7. Middle School : Goleta Valley Jr. High School
8. High School: Dos Pueblos High School
9. College: Santa Barbara City College / The American Institute of Medical-Dental Technology.
10. Hair color: Brown
11. Long or short: Long
12. Loud or Quiet: I guess I can be loud.
13. Sweats or Jeans : If I am at home, sweats. Anywhere else... jeans.
14. Phone or Camera: Both
15. Health freak: I would not say Health freak, but I try to be pretty healthy
16. Drink or Smoke: No
17. Do you have a crush on someone: Yes, Brent (my boyfriend)
18. Eat or Drink: What a dumb question... I like to eat and drink, turns out it helps me stay alive
19. Piercings: Nope, not even my ears
20. Tattoos: Maybe one day. Kidding, gross, no
21. Music: I like about everything. I like to mix it up so I don't have a favorite
22. Comedies or Horror: Comedy

23. First piercing: Never
24. First best friend: Tami Graybill (We were in nursery together at church and grew up together)
25. First award: I don't know maybe Student of the Month or something in 2nd grade... I could have had something before that
26. First crush: Oh I had crushes all the time even in pre-school... one of their names might have been Jason? I don't remember
27. First Boyfriend/Girlfriend: If you want to count 6th grade, Kirk. But if you want to count for real boyfriend I would have to say Scott
28. First pet: Snapper the turtle that never came out of his shell
29. First big vacation: What do you consider big vacation? We went to Dinkey Creek every year up in the Sierra's but I guess we could say Hawaii in this case
30. First big birthday: I don't remember having any BIG ones. Probably in grade school or Jr. High
31. First Car: 96 Ford Aspire my little red apple as some called it
32. First Favorite Song: That is ruff because I have always loved music. Maybe a Mama's and the Papa's song? Or Beach Boys perhaps?
33. First phone: When I moved to Utah when I was 20
34. First Surgery: Wisdom Teeth when I was 13
35. First time on an Airplane: 9 months old when my parents took me to Japan with them

36. Phone Call: My sister Jamie
37. Instant Message: Adam Pennington at work
38. Text Message: Brent
39. Song you listened to: A Beautiful Mess - Jason Mraz
40. Time you cried: Yesterday, about all day because I was laid off at my job along with 200 other people. I hate looking for new jobs

41. Getting on your nerves: Apx
42. TV: Not watching tv
43. Drinking: Water
44. Hair: curly
45. Wearing: pajamas
46. Eating: I had a wheat muffin from the Bishop's wife and a fiber bar
47. With: myself and my computer in my room
48. I'm about to: start scrapbooking
49. Listening to: silence
50. Plans for today: scrapbook, hang out with Nate Dunford and Steve Pearson who is visiting, have dinner with my sister Jamie and Brother-in-law Dan and their son Asher and my brother and sister-in-law with Brent of course and then Brent and I are going to go Ballroom Dancing with some friends in the ward in Murry

51. Want kids: Yes
52. Want to get married: Yes, that will be happening this summer
53. Careers in mind: Stay at home Mom. I hear there is nothing better :o)
54. Place of Residency: Provo
55. Car or Truck: Car 03 Ford Focus

56. Shorter or taller: I like tall (Brent is taller than me, even if it is by a smidge)
57. Romantic or spontaneous: I like both
58. Sensitive or loud: a little of both?
59. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship
60. Trouble maker or hesitant: hesitant?
61. The boss in a relationship: We both don't know who is. I probably am at this point, but I don't try to be

62. Lost glasses/contacts: No because I don't have to wear either one
63. Ran away from home: No
64. Hold a gun/knife for self defense: No, but I have held a gun for target shooting
65. Killed somebody: What are with these questions? NO!
66. Broken someones heart: Yes
67. Been arrested: No, but i have spent the night in a prison cell before
68. Cried when someone died: Of course
69. Kissed a stranger: I guess I kinda have before
70. Had someone ask you out and you said no: I didn't say no directly, but in other ways... yes
71. Laughed until you cried: All the time
72. Met someone who changed your life: Those are the best people to meet, yes
73. Fallen in Love: I never thought I would say this, but YES
74. Found out someone was talking about you: Yes
75. Been Cheated on: Not that I know of
76. Cheated on anyone: No
77. Lost someone special: Yes
78. Broken a bone: Never have thankfully

79. Yourself: I try to, but sometimes I don't give myself enough credit
80. Miracles: Yes
81. Love at first sight: I guess, but I have never experienced it
82. Heaven: Yes
83. Santa Claus: No
84. Sex on the first date: I believe in waiting until marriage... so NO
85. Kiss on the first date: I have before, but I think it is better when you don't

86. Righty or Lefty: Righty
87. Last time you saw your Dad: When I went home for Christmas break
88. Do you like the snow: Only for a little bit... too bad it lasts for half of the year
89. Whats your favorite season: I have a hard time choosing between Fall and Spring
90. Can you swim: Yes
91. Ridden a horse: Yes
92. Ridden a bike: Yes
93. Photogenic: People tell me I am, but I don't think so all the time
94. Have siblings: 3 older sisters 1 younger brother
95. Beach or Mountains: I like both, but growing up next to the beach I am going with beach (I miss it very much)
96. Hot or Cold: Hot! I like it in between

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now: Yes, Brent
98. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life: Yes, but I will be even happier when I have a new job
99. Do you believe in God: Yes
100. Post as 100 truths and tag at least 5 people.

*Desiree, Abby, Katie, Holly, Andrea, Rachel, Tina*

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cake Decorating

Today I learned lots of interesting things. First, I spent almost all day over at the Apx Tech Warehouse where they train their techs for the summer. Why was I there? Well... my boss thought that I should go with her and another manager to learn how to install a security system. So I did. I installed a security system. I drilled holes in the wall, hooked up the wiring (I had a particularly hard time stripping the wires) and then after the system was installed in the wall and all put together I learned how to program it. It was interesting to learn and fun to know how it all works since I note equipment that comes in and I used to work in data entry where to techs would call in to us to make sure all of their signals were coming in. Anyway... now it is all connected in my brain how it all works and I find it cool. Even cooler, after training they took us out to lunch. It was awesome.

Second, my roommate Ashlee and I went over to our Bishop's house and his wife taught us how to decorate cakes. I think my birthday cake made by my sister Kristy inspired me to want to learn. I found out the Bishop's wife used to work as a cake decorator and makes wedding cakes from time to time so I asked her to teach me. It was great fun! I learned a lot just with my basic kit that I bought. Although I think I will still go buy a book of ideas and examples... but I feel like I learned a lot in one night. She had us practice on wax paper and then we did the real thing on cakes that we brought. The flowers we made on wax paper, put it in the freezer and then when we were ready to decorate the cake we took them off the wax paper and put it where we wanted on the cake and then added leaves. I thought it was a nice trick. Anyway... here are some pictures of how it turned out.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Song

I have not posted anything for a few days so I thought I would post something random. This is a lullaby that I wrote like 3 years ago or something like that. I have written a number of songs... but most of them I didn't like how they turned out. Though I wrote this 3 years ago, you would think that I would have a tune for it. I have idea's but nothing is set. Hopefully by the time I have kids I will have a tune for this so I can sing it to my kids. If anyone has idea's of a tune for this let me know.

Goodnight my angel, Goodnight my love
It's time to close your eyes and dream
The day is over, the night is come and things are not as bad as they seem
As I sing to you and snuggle you tight
Know in the morning when you awake, everything will be alright
You are special, you are loved
And as you dream of stars and the heavens you are sent blessings from above
So sleep well and through the night
Store all of your cares and worries out of sight
I'll keep you safe, I'll keep you warm
And I'll stay with you till the morn
I love you more than words can say
And it will always stay that way
So close your eyes and start to sleep
Goodnight my angel, Goodnight my love

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dinner with the Bishop's

Another double date. We love it. This time with my good friends from Santa Barbara, The Bishops. I am trying to not eat out so much, so instead of going out to dinner, we decided to make dinner and have it at my house. So Cheryl and Ryan made Lasagna, Brent got the drinks and I made the salad, home-made dressing and home-made bread sticks baked with butter, garlic and Parmesan cheese. I'm not going to lie... it was all very good. After we played a little rock band, because everyone loves that game. The best part was just getting together with old friends that you don't see very often. And of course I want to introduce everyone I know to Brent... so slowly I am doing it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bowling with the Fawcetts!

Brent and I have been having so much fun going on lots of double dates. I am just such a social butterfly, and even though Brent is quite shy... I think he has been enjoying all of this social interaction also. Nicole used to be in the ward before she got married, and of course is one of my cruise girls! Which means BFF. Ha ha... really though... they are so much fun and we had a great time bowling. Besides Nate (Nicole's husband) we all had not been in a long time. Brent and I had not been bowling in over a year. My goal was to get over 100 points (for some this is not hard, but lets be honest, I am not a very good bowler ok?) and I accomplished it the first game, I even got the one strike that I wanted on my last bowl of the game. Brent of course is much better than I am and we will not talk about our second game because it is embarrassing for me. After, we went and got FroYo ice cream and all in all had a great time. I wouldn't mind many more double dates with the Fawcetts.

P.S. Brent was looking mighty fine in his outfit that night. I mean... he always looks good, but he happened to be wearing the shirts I got him for Christmas which I was correct in thinking he would look really good in them when I bought them. He had even gone out and purchased new jeans to go along with his new shirts. What a handsome man I am dating!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Floral Design

I did my first Floral Design class from a girl in my ward who does it professionally and decided to teach it for enrichment once a month. I LOVED it. So fun. At first I didn't think I had the talent. Now I feel like it is something I can totally do now that I know the tricks. Anyway... I just had so much fun, I am totally going every month. And the awesome thing is... after the class is done, you have this beautiful bouquet that smells so great to sit in your house. Maybe this will be a new hobby for me. Who knows.
Another cool thing I learned in the class was wrapping the bottom with wrapping paper and floral wrap on both sides of the wrapping paper. Then it is a cute way to give to someone without having to buy a vase... just pour water on the bottom and it is good to go!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Strike a pose

While I was home for the Holiday's we had my wonderful brother in law Dan Hixon, who is an amazing photographer, take some grand kid pictures and sister pictures. I bought all the shirts and such for everyone as my Christmas present and I think it turned out pretty nice. I decided everyone looks good in brown and personally it is one of my favorite colors to wear. Anyway... I love the pictures and I love my family. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

There's no place like home for the holiday's

I was so happy that I was able to be home for two weeks during the Christmas break! Almost my whole family was going to be there, all my nieces and nephews were going to be together and we had lots of fun activities planned. It was a long time to be away from Brent, but not long enough to be away from the snow. I have really been having a hard time with them since I have been back. But I want to share with you the things I did while I was home in sunny Santa Barbara... which was a long drive with kids, but well worth it. First off... on our drive to California, there was SO much snow! We saw snow on the ground in the middle of the desert from Provo all the way to the 14 which is most of the drive. I had never seen it like that before. It was crazy. But as long as there was no snow in Santa Barbara... I was good to go.

The first week we were there the family had fun catching up with each other and watching the nieces and nephews play together and getting ready for Christmas. Helping the kids make cookies for Santa... and Reanne never forgets the carrot for the reindeer. Reanne and Sierra also made a gingerbread Christmas Tree which I had never seen before, but I thought that was very cute. And of course every year we have our family tradition of going Christmas Caroling on Christmas Eve to friends. This year we also went caroling at the rest home and handed out little wreaths and it was a neat service for the family to do together. I also went to see my sister Jamie perform in her singing group "The Nightingales" which is always fun to see her perform in anything. Besides that, we spent a lot of time together eating a lot of food and opening a few gifts... which some were home made which was really awesome.After Christmas was over, the activities began. The day after Christmas we took pictures at the Santa Barbara Mission (Those pictures will be in my next post, stay tuned for my brother in law, Dan's amazing photography) and then we went to dinner and headed downtown to take a trolley ride around town. Although it was kind of long, it was pretty enjoyable for me. Sierra fell asleep on me after it had just started so she missed the excitement, but they take you around town to see Christmas lights on different people's home while playing Christmas music and people wave to you and you can have cookies and cider.

After that, I went over to a friends house to visit with many friends that I grew up with in Santa Barbara. It is always nice to come home over the Holidays and see them and catch up on their lives.The next day was also a busy one. We all drove down to LA because Lori, Billy and baby William were all sealed together has an eternal family that day. Sadly, I am the only one in the family that is now endowed, so I didn't get to experience the joy with them... although I was very happy for them, I was going a little crazy watching Reanne- 5, Sierra- 3, Asher- 17 months and Grant- 4 moths. I was happy when they all came out of the temple. :o)After we left the temple and got a little to eat, we headed over to The Getty Museum. I have been before and enjoy it... but this particular day was very very crowded, and we decided as a family that they should take some tips from Disneyland on how to handle a crowd. But it was still nice to go. Some people in my family had never been before and it was a really beautiful day to be there. The view is amazing from the museum.

Next, I have another tradition, but this one is not with my family. It is with my friend Cherry who is in my home ward and back in the day was one of my Young Women Leaders. We have kept in touch and stayed good friends. Every time I come home for a visit we always see a movie together. It is normally a chick flick because her husband doesn't like to see those ones and I do, but this time she had already seen everything in the theater practically but this one, "Valkyrie" with Tom Cruise about trying to kill Hitler. It was not as great as the movies we usually see. It was entertaining, but I wouldn't care to ever see it again. But we still had to keep our tradition, so I will take what I can get with the movies.

Our next family activity was a fun one. We took the kids down to the Harbor/Wharf and took them to a Museum that has all the sea creatures that are in our ocean in Santa Barbara... so you can learn about them there and there is a touch tank where you can hold star fish and sea cucumbers and such. It is pretty cool. The kids and adults enjoyed it. After the museum we went on "Lil Toot" which is a little boat that just takes you to the Harbor and back from the Wharf. There were so many pelicans out that day. It was such a beautiful day to be out on the ocean and forgetting that it is winter. :o) I loved it.

Along with all of the activities... I also had a couple of projects to do while I was home and I am happy to say that I completed each one.
The first one... Brent kind of hinted when he found out that I knitted scarf's that he wanted one. So before I left for home I picked out what yarn I wanted and knitted it for him while I was home. I had not knitted in so long I almost forgot how to do it. But after many hours, I completed it and I think it turned out really nice. And most importantly, he loved it.

The other project I had was a present that I got for Christmas from my Mom. She got each one of her daughters wood cut outs of the word "NOEL" that on each letter was part of a nativity. My Mom loves nativities, so I thought it was a really nice gift. But it was supposed to be a mother daughter bonding project for us each to paint on our own how we wanted it. So since I don't have any paints in Utah... I knew I had to get it done while I was home. And I completed that. Kristy and I worked on ours at nights after the kids were in bed. It was fun. It was my first tole painting project and I thought it turned out nice. Of course it helped that my Mom put on some nice finishing touches... but I did the bulk of it.

Next came New Years Eve. This year I actually had a boyfriend which was exciting, but I still didn't have anyone to kiss at midnight because he ended up not coming out to Cali to see me. I was sad, but it was for the best because he had to move... which is a pain. I did however have good friends to spend it with. The last couple of years I have spent New Years Eve with Katie and Holly, two of my really good friends that I grew up with. We always happen to be home for New Year's and since we are like the only ones left not married, we spend it together. :o) Last year they both fell asleep and I was saying Happy New Year to myself at midnight... but this year they cooked a nice dinner and decorated the table all fancy and invited their parents and it was really nice. After we watched a movie and drank sparkling cider at midnight. It was nice and low key... which is how I like it these days as I am getting older.
My last days at home were kind of sad. I cooked dinner for the family, spent as much time with them as I could before I knew I had to leave and I don't know when we will all be together again... I guess for my wedding probably. I went shopping with my sisters and said goodbye to the beach because I knew I was going back to the bitter cold snow. But it was such a great couple of weeks with my family. I love my family so much and am so lucky to be a part of it. Sorry this was the longest entry ever. Happy New Year. This is going to be a great year!