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Sunday, September 30, 2012


It is officially fall. As sad as I am (and not ready) to see Summer go... I love Fall. I love everything about it. Actually, there is one thing I don't love about it... and that is that it doesn't last long enough. I love the weather, the fashion, the foods, the holidays.... everything.

One of the things I love the most is the scenery. I drove up Provo canyon last weekend to check it out and it was GORGEOUS! Can't get enough. One thing Cali doesn't have that I love. :)

*These pictures were just taken with my phone because that is all I had. I'm hoping I get to take some really awesome photo's with my legit camera though.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rockin Roommates

As many people know, one of the unpleasant parts of my job is quarter end. Things get stressful for me at work because the workload increases... a lot. Not only that but people become very demanding and everyone wants their work taken care of right now and there is only so much I can take before I start to get irritated. I shut myself in my office and my music gets louder. This is how I cope. Along with this, there are nights that we have to stay late. Only the last Friday is the one day we have to stay REALLY late. It is not fun. We usually take turns taking the late night. I did it last quarter end, so I didn't think that I would be doing it again this time, however my co-worker made me switch with her (not even asking if it was okay with me or if I had any plans) because she had tickets to the BYU football game that night. So I was stuck... late night quarter end... again.

I obviously wasn't excited for this. Sure you get lots of free food, but you sit in your office for 8 hours with a lot of work to do, and then you sit in your office for an extra 6 or 7 hours with NOTHING to do. That is right... they have you there whether there is work to do or not... just in case something comes in.  It is torture for me to just sit there not knowing when I will be able to go home.

I was venting about this too my roommates, mostly because I wasn't aware until the week before that I was going to be staying late again. Usually I just need to vent and then I'm good, I will get over it. My roommates were nice and let me vent and agreed that it wasn't fair and that was all I needed. Megan was going to be coming back from a business trip that night and told me that she would visit me and bring me ice cream if I wanted. I told her she didn't have to, but of course I would love visitors.... I'm always SO bored.

That night around dinner time, I got a text message from my roommate Sarah (who had a date that night) asked me if I wanted her to drop off some dinner for me. So sweet of her to think of me! I told her thanks but they feed us. We got Goodwood (which I love) and it was so good. I didn't hear back from her. Megan got back from her trip, asked me if I was still at work and asked me what kind of ice cream I wanted. By the time Megan was almost there, I got another text from Sarah asking me if I wanted a visitor (she didn't know Megan was coming). I told her sure if she wanted to come by.

Megan, Sarah & Rich (Rich was a surprise) all got to Novell at the same time. I went out to greet them and let them into the building and gave them each a big hug. I had to call security so they could all sign in and get badges and then we all went up to my floor and Megan and I ate ice cream and we chatted and I showed them around the building and my office and it was fun.

I am writing about this because it totally made my night. It meant a lot to me that they would all do this for me. Here I was, stuck at work on a Friday night... not excited about it and I have had to do that so many times in my 3 years working at Novell and most people just say, that sucks and do their own thing. Here Megan was coming back from a business trip... where if it were me, I would want nothing more than to go home and take a shower and go to bed, but instead she thought of me, she picked up ice cream and went to my work instead of home. Sarah had a date that night. When it was over she was watching football with Rich and they thought of me... stuck at work and thought I could use some visitors at 10:30pm. So they came by and they all hung out with me and had fun until I was told I could go home at 11pm.

It was thoughtful and selfless and it meant the world to me. These are the type of people my roommates are (Rich is our adopted roommate) and I am so thankful that they are my roommates.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Flashback Friday 84

Today we go back to September 2004. I had just moved into the Riviera. I had a lot of friends that I grew up with in Santa Barbara, living in Provo. We tried to get together (I usually organized it) often. It was our little home away from home to be together. I loved it and tried to continue it for a few years. Now there just aren't many of us left here. Everyone has moved on in their lives. I miss seeing everyone though, so I thought I would flashback to that. Love my Santa Barbara crew. They are family.

The boys

The girls


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 137

This week is quarter end. It has been busy and stressful. I hate being stressed. I get to stay late this quarter end.... again. Not excited to sit in my office for 12 plus hours. Oh well. You know what makes me happy? Planning trips. So... I think I will be buying a ticket to Boston and planning my trip to the Cayman Islands and to Cali with friends. That will cheer me up. :) That and my awesome roommate/Bestie Megan said she is going to visit me at work and bring my ice cream. She is the best. Seriously. Friday night, I'm stuck at work and she is going to visit and bring me a treat. That is a good friend.

I got a new calling this week. I was kind of sad.... because I like my calling (Relief Society Activities). I feel like I have done a pretty good job with it and planned a lot of fun and different activities that everyone would like. However... I knew it had to come to an end soon. I have had the calling for over a year. It was only a matter of time. Anyway... I was expecting to get something challenging, but I am just a committee member on communications. So I doubt I will be doing much. However... I have some suggestions on things that need to change.... like not getting a million notifications for everything that goes on int he ward via facebook and emails. Hopefully I can still make a difference in this calling. We shall see.

I went for a drive up the canyon on Sunday. It was GORGEOUS! Fall is so beautiful. I just wish it lasted longer. I can't wait to take my sister's family pictures up there this Sunday. I love taking pictures!

I'm just about done redecorating my living room. I just need to fill some picture frames with some pictures of me and my roommates which we need to take AND I want to paint an accent wall. A light grey... possibly textured. Then it will be complete. I love it too. Fun to switch things up. I will of course post pictures when it is done.

I wish that I loved to go running. I wish I didn't love junk food. I wish that I was better at taking my own advice. Sometimes I have to look back on old confessions to give myself pep talks with my own words. I wish people were more mature. I wish people didn't end friendships over silly things and miscommunication. I will say this though. Although I would never end a friendship and people who have, if they would ever want to be friends again I would welcome them with open arms... I have never felt so much weight taken off of my shoulders and free from so much negativity. More relieved than sad that people are not in my life anymore. I have never felt that way before. It is sad... but at the same time I have reached a point in my life where I am not willing to put up with with unhealthy behavior anymore. I'm done feeling bad for things that are not my fault and am done surrounding myself with people who don't appreciate me. It seems silly that this is even a problem, but you would be surprised the amount of people that I had in my life that was creating an unhealthy and depressing environment for me... and that is all done and I couldn't feel better. I can see and appreciate the good in everyone, but when people start to treat me poorly... well, there is no reason anyone needs to put up with that even if you started out friends. There is just no reason for anyone to treat anyone that way. It is just sad that I am finally realizing that and not taking blame for other people's actions. Thank goodness I have a lot of other amazing family and friends. :)

Are there ever days where you look in the mirror before you leave and you think... dang, I look good. Then you think that all day until you go to a public bathroom and look in the mirror... and then you think, what was I thinking when I thought I looked good when I left this morning? And then you see pictures of yourself and you think.... is this what people see when they look at me? Yuck! I feel that way. I'm convinced that my bedroom mirror is a lie. Pretty sure it is because my room is so dark because it is in the basement. Maybe it is a good thing that my bedroom mirror tells me lies first thing in the morning, because I believe those lies until another mirror or pictures tells me different. Better to feel good about yourself than not right?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Photo of the Week 135

Fall = Apple Season. This is one of the pictures I took at the Farmers Market.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mr. Karaoke

I have come a long way since first going to karaoke at Applebees. I used to be so shy about singing that I wouldn't get up. Then I finally went up in a group for the first time. I then realized that I had nothing to be shy about because I am so comfortable singing on a stage (I mean, I sang solo in front of 2,000 people at my high school graduation. Why should I be afraid now) . I started getting up more and more the more we went. Especially when I started going with a group where other people would get up every time too... like Josh and James (who are SO funny). Now apparently I will get up and sing with complete strangers... along with by myself. We have started a great tradition. "The best day of every other week" as Dave puts it (because we go every other Tuesday... don't want too much of a good thing). Well tonight was "other Tuesday".

I needed karaoke tonight. Work was stressful and I wasn't in the best of moods. I hate it when I get that way. Karaoke night is the best solution, because it makes you forget about everything else going on and you just laugh and sing along to karaoke. It worked. As soon as Megan and I got up and sang "Heaven is a place on Earth" I instantly felt better. Tonight was the most people we have ever had at karaoke. The waiter almost couldn't handle it. Most of the people with our group... I had no idea who they were. Mostly guys too. I guess guys love karaoke. Or maybe they love the half off appetizers. Anywho, one of the guys there that I didn't know was being flirty with me across the table. People were asking him if he was going to sing. To make a long story short, I didn't know this guy at all and we ended up singing a duet together. Not just any duet. Endless Love. I don't want to be premature here and say it was love at first sight, but people did tell me after that they were convinced of our chemistry on stage. I'm sure that most people at Applebees had no idea that we had just met.

The performance was awful and magical at the same time. See for your self.

You think there is a future for me and Mr. Karaoke? He told me he would come back and we would try this song again, but maybe we should try another song.

Monday, September 24, 2012

So Long Sweet Summer

I'm sad that it is officially over. It makes me reflect back on what a few great months they have been. I made two more little video's of trip's that I went on. Here they are. Hopefully one day the Mario Kart video will be done.... maybe.... one day...

Channel Islands


Sunday, September 23, 2012

India Fest

Last night my new roommate, Sarah, asked me if I wanted to go with her to India Fest. I had actually heard about it from my friend Erin, but then had forgotten about it. I was all for it. I love India. So we went. Rich saw us leaving and we convinced him to come along with us. Especially when we found out that he had never been to the Hare Krishna Temple before.

I have to admit... that I had only been to the Hare Krishna Temple during the Festival of Colors, when it is SUPER crowded and color is everywhere. I keep meaning to go to Llama Fest, but still have never gone. I did drive by recently at night when I was coming back from fishing with my BFF Neighbor... but that is about it until now.

It wasn't super crowded. There was dancing as there usually is. We took off our shoes and went in the temple. I think most of the people were there for the food... I know that was a big reason why I went. I LOVE Indian food. I'm not even totally sure of what I ate... but it was dang good.

The whole experience brought back great memories of visiting India. Listening to the music, watching the dancing, seeing the women dressed in Indian attire and eating the food... made me think of my trip with Erin and Caroline and it made me miss it. I loved it there. One day.... I want to go back. I want to visit a different part of India, the south, but I want to go back. Until then, I will soak in the culture every chance I get... even if it is just eating the food. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Farmers Market

I had never been to the Farmers Market here in Provo... until today. My BFF Neighbor and I went this morning. I was mostly just going for the experience and check out the scene. Darrell actually buys stuff at the Farmers market... and he bought a lot of good stuff this time. I just wanted to take pictures.

However, I felt like I should at least buy one thing... I chose to get local raw honey. Good stuff. Support the locals AND supporting Darrell's beehive business! ;) ha ha

While walking around, there was a little blue grass group playing. Loved it.

Here are some of the pictures I got while walking around with Darrell.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Flashback Friday 83

So this isn't flashing back before my blog started like the rest of my flashbacks... this one is actually just from July of 2011... last year. However, I never blogged about it, so I'm going to now. My good friend Kirsten was in Utah. Harry Potter 7 part 2 (the LAST Harry Potter movie) had just come out. Who else would I love to see that with than Kirsten. We both have loved Harry Potter for forever, not only that though... but she was the one that I experienced Harry Potter World with! So many good memories. I could totally go for a Butter Beer right now. But seriously. Anyway... we loved the movie. So many good memories. I miss you Kirsten!

*Stole these pics off of Kirsten's blog

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 136

The Journal Jar blog is making a comeback! I started it months ago and was doing good answering the questions from the jar for a little while... and then I just stopped..... for a LONG time. I'm a slacker. Anyway, I have started back up again. So if you are looking for some questions for your journal or maybe just fun conversation when your friends or family, I have now answered #20 questions on the blog. Kind of fun.

This week we have been getting free fruit at work. They do this every year where they put out box of a different fruit everyday by the elevators for you to take for breakfast on your way to your office. First day was banana's. Second day was apples. Yesterday was peaches. Today we got craisons. So good. I'm wondering what fruit will be waiting for me tomorrow when I come in.

So being a massage therapist is awesome. It is great extra money. What is even more awesome though is trading. Not only trading with other massage therapists for massages.... but I have also traded a massage to get my hair done and more recently I am now going to be trading to get my eyelashes done. So great to not have to pay for that anymore. I love trading.

I am now on the 6th season of How I met your Mother. Oh and the newest season of Downton Abbey has started in Great Britain... they are not supposed to show for the US until January, however... nobody can wait so people have found sites where they can watch them, so I have already seen the first episode of the new season. So good. Back to How I met your Mother... I think one of the reasons why I am loving this show so much is not just because it is funny, but because I relate SO much. Ted wants to get married so bad and goes through girl after girl after girl while his best friends are married. There is more than that... a lot more reasons why I relate, but I won't get into it. All I can say is that I find myself saying "Amen" and "OMG I know" a lot while I am watching this show. That is totally going to be me one day... talking to my kids and telling them about all of my dating experiences before I met their father. I was even told the other day by a guy in my ward, that because of my dating experiences... I am going to be a good mother. ha ha.

I went to WalMart late on Tuesday night. Had to get some things real quick. Well... I was hoping it was going to be a quick trip, but it didn't turn out that way. I had just gotten out of the shower, my hair was went, I was in my PJ's (which is just leggings and my Dirty Dash T-Shirt and a zip up hoodie. By no means was I looking my best or even caring what I looked like. As I got out of my car, two latin guys were staring me down as they were packing up their car. I then go into the store and go to get a cart. Another latin guy that was on his way out the store as I was going in turned around and came back in and followed me. Stopped me to talk. Told me I looked familiar and asked me if I was in the Spanish Fork Ward. Nope I say. He then tells me he doesn't want to scare me off but wonders if we can be friends. What do you say to that? I guess? I wasn't about to give him my phone number though. I told him I don't give my number to strangers and he asks me if he can have my email address. I say sure and give him the one that I don't use very much. He shakes my hand after talking to me for a while and leaves. Then I finally start my shopping and one of the latin guys that works there is staring me down and smiles at me and gives me a very flirty hello. What the heck? Usually nobody talks to me when I shop. This was be great if I was interested in any of them or thought any of them were attractive. What attractive guy hangs out at WalMart late at night though. Seriously.

I have joined my first book club. Why did I join? Mostly because I was asked to join by some of my best friends. Brad, Nate and Steve wanted to do a book club. Nate's idea. We are going to read a book every couple of months and talk about it on a blog (that someone needs to create). We are starting off with a book Steve suggested. "The Big Thirst". I'm interested to see what it is all about. I will probably have to do audio books though... or else I may never get the books read. Still need to finish Juliet (almost done) and Megan is letting me borrow "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" which I have heard from guys and girls that it is really good.... and obviously I need to read it since I am still single and don't have it figured out yet. I better get going on all of these books!

Our nice neighbors invited us over for dinner because I had given them banana bread. We told them that we were having Brother Cope over for dinner, so we just invited them over instead. Our first dinner guests since my new roommates moved in. It was so fun, we will have to do a lot more of that. Sarah made a yummy salad and then Megan and I made homemade pizza. SO good. Jason next door had made bread which was also quite excellent and Geoff had bought an ice cream cake. We told brother Cope that he didn't need to bring anything. We were just excited to have him over because he is awesome. When he got to our house and we opened the door, he had a bouquet of flowers  behind his back and then gave them to us. Isn't he the sweetest? The men really need to takes notes from him. His wife didn't want to come, but she told him he should bring us flowers and he said he was going to do that anyway. We all felt really special.

We had a great time. Great conversation. I forget how much I miss cooking for people and just having people over in general because I feel like it has been so long since I have done that sort of thing. I made french toast for my roommates on Sunday too which was fun. I made them with cream cheese in the middle. Tara ended up stopping by so I invited her to eat too and then she invited Stuart over, so he came too, which was great. Then Chelsea Hall randomly stopped by and she got the last leftover piece that nobody wanted to eat. So perfect. Food really does bring people together. I need to do that more often. I love having people over. Anyway... Brother Cope is the coolest because he loves hanging out with us. He was there at almost every one of our softball games. He is a great person to talk to about anything AND not only did he come over for dinner, but he wore one of my aprons just for fun. Love my bishopric. Love my neighbors. Love my friends. Love my roommates.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pass of All Passes

So there is this thing in Utah called the Pass of All Passes. It is an ID card that you pay for that gets you into 7 Peaks, Trafalga (which has mini golf, go-carts, laser tag, etc... it also get's you into Owlz games and some Bees games and other random stuff. The card lasts for a year and it goes for $80 these days. I bought mine for $30 with an online deal. Some of my friends created a facebook group called The Group of All Groups for all of the people who had a Pass of All Passes to let each other know when we were going to go to stuff so we could all get the most use out of our Pass of All Passes.

It is a good thing I got a good deal on mine because I have not really used it. Every time my friends would go, I would be at work. I went to the batting cages once and then tonight I finally used it again. A few of us went to Trafalga in Lehi, which used to be "Liberty Land" until Trafalga bought it. My friend Dantzel and I had been talking about going for forever. We were finally doing it. We got there and signed up for laser tag right away. Let's be honest... that was the real reason why we were there. Everything else was just a bonus. We were going to ride the bumper boats... but decided we didn't really want to get that wet so we signed up for another game of laser tag before heading home.

The first time we played laser tag, there were 40 people. It was crowded and there were 4 teams. We were on the green team... oh and we dominated. Just sayin. I am not usually that great at laser tag, but I got 2nd best score on my team (I'm Dante) and then 5th best out of 40 total playing. Not bad huh? As a team... we beat everyone else. nbd (no big deal).

The second time we played it was a lot smaller and it was all adults. Adults that were WAY too into it. Like Barney on "How I met your Mother". We got second place that round, and I got second best again from my team... but Oliver left with contentious feelings. We all did. The other team took it way too seriously. Some people and their laser tag. Geez! ha ha. All and all we had  a great time. Hopefully I will get to use my pass a lot more before it expires. Make it worth the money.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bike Parade

On Thursday we had a ward activity. We had a bike parade! I was so excited for this activity. Obviously not everyone has bikes. Some jogged, one person went on roller blades and Oliver and Dantzel lead the group on their scooter. Our destination was a little snow cone place about 4 miles away. That means about 8 miles round trip for those (like me) that rode their bikes or ran. Everyone else just met us there. Either way.... we had a great turn out. After the bike ride... those snow cones tasted REAL good. Enjoy the last tastes of summer. It was so fun.

The people that rode bikes were encouraged to decorate their bikes and themselves with glow sticks since we would be partially riding in the dark. My new roommate Sarah and I did just that. As you can see from the first picture above, we put them on the wheels (which turned out awesome) and we put them on ourselves. We are so cool. Because we were dressing up with glow sticks and such... I thought it only appropriate that I wear my Captain EO shirt.

Liz and I stuck together on the bike ride because we had our beach cruisers that we bought together. Since beach cruisers don't have gears... we knew it might be a struggle. It actually didn't turn out that bad though. I think it was my tunes that kept me going. I brought speakers for my ipod and put it in my basket and jammed the whole bike ride there and back. Pretty much everyone was jealous. We rode by people as a big group and people would be watching with a look on their face like... "what the heck" and then I would ride by with all my glow stick glory and my tunes and people couldn't help but smile and say "That is awesome" or "what a great idea". I know.... I know.... not everyone can be as cool as me. (kidding). I might have even showed up to the activity riding in while blasting Queen's "I Want to Ride my Bicycle".  All the new people in the ward probably think I am super weird. Just sayin.

It was such a fun activity. SO glad I bought a bike this summer.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I always have thought my parents were great. Of course they are not perfect... but when it comes to how I was raised... I think my parents did a great job. No complaints. Especially when I hear of other's upbringing.... mine was golden and I feel lucky. I have always enjoyed spending time with my parents. I wasn't dying to move out of the house as soon as I graduated from high school because I liked living at home. In fact, I stayed living at home for my first two years of college. I never went through a phase in Jr High or High School where I thought my parents were un-cool. In fact... I felt pretty cool when I had my dad around me while I was in High School.

Although I have always thought my parents were awesome, I have really enjoyed watching them be Grandparents. I love and respect them even more seeing the kind of Grandparents they are. I love how they are with all of their grand kids and I love to see how much each of the 9 grand kids love their Grandma and Grandpa (and Grandma Great). I'm sure that love will grow when I have my own kids and get to see them as grandchildren to my parents. I can't wait for that day. I am truly blessed with an amazing family and I am SO thankful for that.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tea Time

I can't think of a better way to catch up with a friend than at a tea party. Just like old times. Lorelie and I LOVE tea parties. Not that we even like tea.... we just like to drink out of tea cups really.

Anywho, I made cucumber sandwiches, banana bread and bought some eclairs. Lorelie made scones which I thought were very good. She also brought chocolate covered strawberries and good conversation.

We just had this little tea party on my patio. The weather was perfect. I want to be outside as much as possible while I still can. It was funny when Megan came home and discovered our tea party. She commented on how great it was that we were having a tea party AND that we were both wearing skirts. We were both like... duh, you have to dress up for tea parties! We had a great time catching up. I need to do stuff like this more often. It was a great Saturday afternoon. Thanks Lorelie!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Flashback Friday 82

Remember back in the day when you and your friends made mix tapes? It was like one of my favorite things to do. We would even record ourselves in between songs saying stupid stuff.... thinking we were really funny. Then tapes went out of style and then came CD's. I then would make CD mixes. I loved making CD mixes for my friends... but I loved it even more when they would make mixes for me. This is because I LOVE music. When my friends made me a mix... it would introduce me to new music (my friend Logan has introduced me to so much great music because of our CD exchanges). When your friends make you mixes... it is also giving you a little piece of them. The type of music people listen to says a lot about a person I think. Mostly though... music brings back memories. There are so many songs that remind me of a person or a story. Listening to that song brings you back to that moment and you can relive it all over again.

I was taking Dave to the airport tonight and he started going through my CD's and deciding what we were going to listen to on the way there. "Dancing Queen" starts playing and I start laughing because I didn't think Dave would put in ABBA. I started telling him that I went through an ABBA phase in Jr. High. He told me he did too and pretty sure everyone went through that phase in Jr. High... he then went on to tell me about one of his best friends that loved music as much as he did and she had found a mix tape of this gay guy at their school... she took his tape and played it out of curiosity. She ran to get Dave to listen to what she discovered... she tells Dave to think of this guy putting on long white gloves and lipstick while getting ready and listening to this song... Back to me and Dave in the car... Dave then changes the song to "Take a Chance on Me". We both start laughing. The beauty of music... if keeps memories alive. :)

Having that just happen... I was going through some of my CD's tonight, trying to make sure I have all of my CD's in my itunes library. I came across a CD Mix that my friend Michelle Magnusson made for me before I moved to Utah. As I put the CD in to see what was on it... I had forgotten that she had not only included a list of the songs she put on the CD, but a reason why for each song. Michelle is awesome and funny and we had so many good memories. So because finding this CD and list totally made my night, I wanted to share it with you.

July 2003 - Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone - Mix for Tracy

1. Soul for Real - Ain't No Sunshine (This one is rather self explanatory)
2. U2 - In a Little While (This is a beautiful song about reuniting, as we will one day do)
3. Nine Inch Nails & David Bowie - I'm Afraid of Americans (I'm not exactly sure about this one, but you like David Bowie and NIN are taboo in Utah, so now you're a rebel) *I can't listen to this song without thinking of Michelle*
4. Rolling Stones - Miss You (Again, somewhat self-explanatory...)
5. Bruce Springsteen - Soul Driver (Can't get a CD from me without Brice. It's poetry)
6. Gin Blossoms - Pieces of the Night (Keep this song in mind while dating... My favorite line: What did you expect to find? Aphrodite on a barstool by your side?)
7. The Old 97s - Just Like California (California will still fondly be waiting for you)
8. Gary Allen - Man of Me (Hmm... Not that you made a man of me, but here's to the boy you'll made a man out of!) *Still waiting for this to happen*
9. Alison Krauss & Union Station - Any Old Time (You wanna come back home...)
10. Chris Isaak - Dancin' (Chris Isaak is my favorite! A good song for dancing around in your sure-to-be fishbowl apartment!)
11. Ashley MacIsaac - Lay Me Down (Gaelic fiddler goes a little crazy... I love this song because it is how I feel about love.)
12. Salma Hayek - La Bruja (You think you'd escape without a Spanish song? Ha ha. This is Salma Hayek as Frida drunkenly singing a folk song about a witch - aka la bruja)
13. Jimmie's Chicken Shack - Do Right (Ever have one of those days when you can't win? This song has gotten me through a few)
14. Kelly Osborne - Papa Don't Preach (Not so sure about this one either. An Osborne covering Madonna? Anyway, do what you believe in, not what others tell you to do)
15. Tonic - Wicked Soldier (I don't know, I just like the part about his girl waiting for him)
16. Brown Derbies - Carry on my Wayward Son (The a capella group from Brown University covering a Kansas song)
17. Michael Buble - Fever (I object to this song as a historian, and hate it as an aspiring musician, but some days it just gets in my head and I have to sing it!)
18. Bobby Darin - I'm beginning to See the Light (This has been one of my favorite songs since I was about ten. Don't tell anyone, but I used to have a dance to go with it... ) *Opps... Sorry Michelle, I just told EVERYONE*
19. Etta James - These Foolish Things (Reminds me of you - so many Musicfest Memories) *I miss Musicfest all of the time*
20. Harry Connick, Jr (who right now lives in Spanish Fork) - She Belongs to Me (Again, not so applicable to our relationship...)
21. Tommy Dorsey & Orchestra - Kiss the Boys Goodbye (This song has always been a little weird to me, but take any excuse you can get!!!)
22. Helen Forrest & Benny Goodman - Oh! Look at me Now! (This is the song that gives you an excuse to pick up a few crazy Utardisms... but not TOO many) :)

Michelle. Thanks for being awesome. This was a great rediscovery. Now I want everyone to make me mix CD's. :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 135

It has been a busy week at work... it is probably just going to get more and more busy as we approach the end of the month since it is quarter end. I just feel like I can't get caught up, and I hate that. On a brighter note, I am not sick anymore and have been going back to the gym and it feels good to exercise again.

Speaking of work... I have this weird thing. I'm pee shy, so I hate using public bathrooms. I also drink a lot of water while I am at work, so this could create a problem. We are now on the 4th floor and that is a crowded floor, so almost anytime you go to the bathroom on that floor there are people in there. Such a problem for me. So I continued to go up to the 5th floor to go to the bathroom because that floor is now pretty empty and almost every time I go there.... nobody is in the bathroom. Which also means it is cleaner. Totally worth walking up a flight of stairs every time I need to go to the bathroom. PLUS.... I don't know who, but someone has been bringing soap from Bath and Body Works to that bathroom. So... I use it. And my hands are really soft and smell super great because of it. So much better than the soap they have at work. Thank you to whoever buys that stuff.

I don't know if anyone else feels this way... but sometimes I feel so strong (emotionally) and I feel like I give pretty good advice. Then... there are other days where I feel so bad about myself and I need to call a family member or one of my best friends to get a pep talk... and I wonder why it is so easy for me to give others advice and make them feel better, but I can't take my own advice to make myself feel better.  Last night I was out with two friends... eating ice cream while wallowing in self pity... having a grand old time. (We were actually having a great time) and we got into a heart to heart. I think that I actually helped both of them, and in talking to them about their stuff... I totally gave myself a pep talk about my own stuff. I feel so much better. Taking control of my emotions is a constant effort. I think over the years I get better and better at it, but it still takes work for me. #bluepersonalityproblems. I do enjoy helping other people with their problems though and helping them feel better about themselves.

Still watching "How I met your Mother". I'm now half way through season 4. So funny. I catch myself laughing out loud in my office while I work and watch.

So when my old roommates moved out, and the cable was taken away... somehow my cable for the super Nintendo was taken as well. I ended up ordering the part... and while I was on the site ordering the part, I saw that I could buy games. I looked through the games and saw "Super Mario Brother All Stars" which is a game with all of the Mario Brothers games from the original Nintendo. I have wanted this for a long time because I hadn't played all of those games since I was a kid... so I ordered it. Well, it came on Monday and I was so excited, I have been playing almost everyday since. First I started playing Super Mario Brothers 2.... and then I remembered how hard that game was. We did beat it though when we were kids. I then moved on to Super Mario Brothers 3. Been playing it for days. My roommates think it is funny and they will watch me play. They come into the living room.... see me really into the game, talking to myself. Don't worry... just reliving my childhood. Some guy came to that goodbye party last week and saw my super Nintendo and offered to buy it from me. I didn't even listen to his offer... it was out of the question. Ha ha.

Tuesday was karaoke night. Last time we went, we were all kind of in a bad mood and still had fun, but it wasn't quite the same. This time was great. I think it was because the manager that we know and love was back. He is an older (late 40's to early 50's) black man that LOVES his job. He usually gets up for karaoke too and does slow love jams.... like "Let's get it on", "Sexual Healing" this time he did "Let's stay together". Love it. He told him we missed him while he was gone and we were so happy to see him. He gave me a big hug. That is when you know you were a regular. ha ha. Also... Green Suit was there again, which is ALWAYS a good time. You never know what you are going to get with that guy.... well, except you do know he is going to sing ET by Katy Perry and go around and kiss at least one girl on the cheek (which he did). Our group is where the party is really at though. They really should thank us for coming. We cheer and sing along and clap and make karaoke what it should be. Plus we gave some good performances. Josh sang "Ride with me" & "Low", Megan and I got up and sang our hearts out to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and James did "Copacabana" again because it was such a big hit last time... and let me tell you, it was just as funny the second time. Before the second verse started he said "This is when things get violent" and during the long instrumental break, he had people cheer if they were team Rico or team Tony. ha ha... Who does that? So funny. I ALMOST got Dave to go up... that would have been a miracle. Maybe next time... but it was a good night. I love our karaoke tradition.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Photo of the Week 133

I know I have posted many pictures of the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork because of the Festival of Colors. However all of those pictures have been during the day... because that had been the only time I had been there... until last Friday. After BFF Neighbor and I were done fishing, we past by the Hare Krishna Temple and it was just starting to get dark and the temple was all lit up. We had to stop and take pictures.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wrenn Kids

My sister Lori had a baby while I was in Maui in May. I normally get to see my newborn niece or nephew and I do a post about it... but I didn't really get to see Jameson as a newborn. Well... I did get to see him two weeks later on my way to the Channel Islands, but my flight was delayed and I got to my sisters house late because they lost my luggage (which had my nice camera in it) and by the time I got to my sisters house... Jameson was asleep on my sister and they were on their way to bed and I had to leave before they got up in the morning. It was a bummer.

However, my sister just came for a visit and stayed for 2 weeks. It was great. I went over to visit as much as I could and it was so fun to spend time with Lori and finally get to hold Jameson and spend some time getting to know my newest nephew... 3 months later. :) He is so much fun. Such a cutie too... but what else is new. Cuteness runs in the genes because all of my nieces and nephews are adorable (I'm not bias or anything).

Finally.... I can introduce you to Jameson, the newest Wrenn boy.

While Lori was here she wanted me to take some pictures of her cute boys. So I took some random ones here and there... but then we planned to take some of all of them matching. Lori even made them all matching ties (which are SO cute), she is so crafty. Here's how they turned out. Such cute kids. Wish I got to see them more often.

Oh... and I had the idea to take pictures of the boys with their shirts off wearing the ties. I think they turned out really cute.