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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 59

Today was such a beautiful day... I was so wishing that I could work outside. If only that were a possibility....

On Tuesday I got a massage from my good friend Cheryl. We had not traded since November. Can I tell you how great it was to get a massage again. I can totally tell a difference with my body. It was so so so great. It was great to see Cheryl again too and see her cute pregnant belly.

So... I guess I should probably report on my date with Dance Crush. On Monday night he took me to get Sushi. It was awesome. I decided that I don't eat enough sushi. We got all you can eat Sushi so he asked me if I was willing to try new things and I told him I would try anything... so he surprised me with what he would order. We would both try something at the same time and then he would tell me what it was. I tried eel and thought it was pretty good and I tried fish eggs.... not that great, but it didn't make me throw up. Anyway... the food was great. Dance crush was a perfect gentleman and we had great conversation and he is a great guy. Pretty funny too. Would I like to go out again? I would. Has he asked me yet? No. Is Mountain Man out of the picture? No. I didn't go country dancing this Wednesday and I got a text from Dance Crush saying he missed me and looked for me and hoped I would be there. I'm thinking we will go out again sometime.

So I am starting to love FHE again. Maybe its because I am not in charge anymore so its not as much pressure, maybe its because I just love hanging out with the guys in my FHE group... which my group is mostly guys because not a lot of people come. Those people don't know what they are missing out on though. The guys in my FHE group are SO funny. Right now we don't have a female leader, just James (pops) so... the activities are not great, but they are still entertaining. For example... this last week, we each drew a picture of a dream we have had... and then instead of us explaining our own dream we each put our drawings in the middle and then everyone picked a drawing and told a story as they interpreted the drawing. It was funny and ridiculous. That is what happens when guys run FHE. Its either that or we just eat food for the activity.

After the activity was over everyone went home and since I came late (because of my date) they were explaining to me what is going down next week for ward FHE and I ended up hanging out with these boys for like 2 hours. I was just sitting there chatting (my hair in long soft curls) and all of the sudden one of the guys says to me... "Your hair is like a flowing sea of seduction" and then they all started feeling my hair. I'm not going to lie... that is one of the coolest compliments I have received. Right up there with the guy that told me I sang like Karen Carpenter.

Back when I used to be the FHE mom in the summer we played this game called "Things". I was introduced to this game by my friend B-Rad and his wife Lauren. I thought it was a pretty awesome game. You get a question like "Things you wouldn't want said after a first date" and then everyone writes something down and you have to guess who said what and if someone guesses yours your out and they get a point. So we played this game and the question was... "Things you wouldn't want to find in your sandwich" and people wrote things like bugs, a finger... gross stuff, but then my BFF neighbor wrote a picture of Hitler. His roommate at the time thought it was so funny... they were laughing about it for days. He moved to Boston at the end of the Summer.... I thought it would be funny for him to randomly get a package of a sandwich with a picture of Hitler in it. He got that package on Tuesday and he thought it was pretty much the greatest thing ever. That is what I am here for... bring a little joy into people's lives by sending them a Hitler Sandwich. :o)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Almost Forgot...

These pictures don't even come close to doing it justice (you need to just come experience it for yourself), but... this is what the room looks like at night. I love mood lighting. Its relaxing to me. I love candles and that whole romantic feel. This room has a lot of that. Its awesome lighting for watching movies. Now I just need a cute boy to watch them with me....

Monday, March 28, 2011

India Inspired Living Room

I know... I have been talking about it for months. Well, the wait is over. I am showing you my finished Basement living room. I didn't think that it would ever get done. I have to say though... it turned out even better than I imagined. I love it.

Remember when I first moved into my place? I gave you a tour of my house as I decorated each room. First I finished my bedroom. Then I finished my bathroom... which I love mostly because of my shower curtain. For over a year... that is where it stopped as far as decorating went in the basement. Its not that I didn't want to fix up the other room... I just didn't have any furniture or inspiration of what I wanted that room to be like. I knew I wanted it to be a craft space... but I wanted it to be more than that... so for the past year or so it has been collecting junk that I didn't know what to do with and it looked like this...

Then I went to India and I decided that I wanted the room to incorporate my travels as well. So my friend Rachel threw out the idea of using India as my inspiration with decorating. That was all it took. My mind started going and I came up with a ruff idea of what I wanted the room to be like.  So after buying some furniture at Ikea, and having a pain in the butt time getting a couch from RC Willey and MANY trips to Ross and TJ Max... the room now looks like this.

I LOVE it! Here are some details that I love.

Here are some things in the room that you may recognize if you have been following my blog.

#1- The pictures that are blown up and framed on the wall are from two different photo of the weeks. This one and this one
#2- The Broken Mirror Art that I made on the back wall. Find that here.
#3- You may recognize the Ivory Suitcases that I used in this photoshoot. And the Shabby Suite Case I made here.
#4- My Travelers Map that I made here.
#5-  Hopefully you noticed my beautiful Tea Set on the corner table that I used at this Tea Party and this Tea Party.

All in all I love the room. I was happy that I could incorporate a craft/ study space like I originally wanted AND also have it be a living room where I can watch TV (while I craft even) or invite people over to watch a movie. I am also happy that I got to incorporate something that I love, traveling. The design may be India inspired, but there are pictures and memorabilia displayed from different trips and I will continue to add that. I love that the suite cases & Map add to the traveling theme. I am proud to say that I picked out all of the furniture (except the love seat which my mom and sister Kristy found at TJ Max) and I designed and decorated the whole room. I'm pleased with it. Its very different than anything I have seen and I think that makes me like it more.
Special thanks to Rachel for some staging help, picking out the wall decals and room advice. Special thanks to my parents... especially my mom for helping with some details and last finishing touches. I appreciate the help.

I'm really proud of the room, so if you want to drop by and see it in person, I would love to show it to you. :o)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hare Krishna

It's my 5th year going to the Festival of Colors. I have gone with a different group every year up until this year. Well... some of the people I had not gone with before. The second year I went, I went with Trev & Jordy and I went with them again this year along with Nick and some of their other friends that I didn't know. We had such a blast. It gets more and more crowded every year. This year they were gong to have so many people that they threw the colors every 2 hours. It was pretty intense. We decided to go in the afternoon.

On our walk there, people walking out had a little bit of left over color and would throw it at us because we were clean. So I didn't get a good before picture. But here we are before.

Me Before:

Me After:

Close up of all of our faces:

In the car to and from the Hare Krishna Temple we were stuck in traffic from the crazy popular and crowded festival. So what did we do? We made it humorous. I love hanging out with these guys because they are so funny and doing anything with them is entertaining. We blasted "Just the Way you are" from the car and were singing the song to everyone we saw walking to and from the festival. It made a lot of people smile and sing along. I think we did a great service. On the way back we were doing the same thing and these two guys asked if they could ride on the back of the car so they didn't have to walk... so we let them and they were bouncing to the beat on the bumper. It was pretty funny. Then we had the two lovely ladies singing out the sun roof and then the rest of us singing out the windows to people. It sure was a lot of fun.

If you are not sure of what the Festival of Colors (or Festival of Craziness as I like to call it) is, then I have blogged about it for the past 3 years. You can either click on the "Festival of Colors" tag at the bottom of the post to read my other posts about it or you can read about last years here. Where I also posted a video.

I love Welcoming the Spring!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Silly String

Last night I planned to go dancing with my friend and old co-worker Kayleigh. I was just about to get on the freeway when my friend Allyson text asking me what I was doing that night. Right then I called her, turned around and got her and then we drove to Salt Lake together to meet up with Kayleigh. I got to see Kayleigh's cute new place and then we headed to the dance club. There were hundreds of people there.

The point of this dance was not just to have a fun dance party... but they were trying to break the Guinness Book of World Record for the most Silly String being sprayed at the same time. I'm not sure they broke the record... but it was kind of fun to be in a room with a lot of Silly String going all over the place. Although the fumes in the room because of that were pretty bad. And people were chucking the cans when they were done and one landed on my foot... and that hurt pretty bad. And the silly string made the floor really slippery after and it made dancing pretty interesting after that.

The dance was overpriced and the DJ wasn't very good and the club was full of young skanky girls... however, we still had fun... because we love to dance. Also, I have to admit that my favorite part of the night was when we discovered these 3 black guys dancing. They were just by themselves at the end of the room... away from everyone else. For the most part, black guys are very good dancers. Just comes natural to them I think. Just like I think they are naturally funnier than other people. The reason we had fun watching them is because not only were they good, and not being dirty... but they were also dancing in the form of different sports. Every change of song, they would change the sport that they would dance / act out. First it was basketball, then baseball. My favorite is when they started dancing while jump roping. They were so perfectly in sync that you would have thought there was really a rope there! I'm telling you, they were good! And to put dance creatively into that. I have to say it was quite entertaining and I loved how much fun they were having off by themselves. They didn't feel like they needed to get down a dirty with the skanky girls. They didn't know I was watching... but it was fun for me to guess the next thing they were dancing out. :o) Good times.

Here we are dancing and sporting our wrist bands. P.S. Isn't Allyson looking so hot with her new hair cut?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Flashback Friday 5

This weeks Flashback takes us back to January of 2008. Shortly before I started my blog. I was working at Apx at the time and me and my co-workers were best buds. We liked being with each other so much at work that we hung out all the time after work as well.

 *Here we are with our wrist bands to get into Jump On It.

One night after work we decided that we wanted to go to "Jump on It" in Pleasant Grove. *Everytime I hear Jump on it I think of that song* Basically what Jump on It is... is a room full of trampolines. You can jump across the room and the sides of the wall. It was pretty cool to do once. I am not sure I would go back again. We all had a good time though. The boys loved doing all kinds of tricks. There are all sorts of interesting things to do in Provo.

Here is the group that went.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 58

After this past weekend of getting hardly any sleep with going to Vegas and staying up all night and traveling and getting up early. PLUS going on a date with Mountain Man and getting into long talks into the late night.... I have not had very much sleep and I have not been able to catch up. I honestly don't know how I get up for work in the morning. I'm too old for this. I'm working on the whole bedtime thing.

I think because of the lack of sleep issue.... I am sick again. The runny nose stuff this time. I don't think I have EVER gotten sick again this fast. I mean... I got over my two week cough what? 2 weeks ago? I hope this one doesn't last as long. I plan on getting a lot of sleep this weekend.

Last night I colored my roommate Tina's hair. I have done this for a quite a few times since we have lived together. I never went to hair school. She did. However... it makes me feel like I am a hair stylist when I color her hair. I mean, she mixes up the color. All I do it put it in. For some reason though it makes me feel cool and makes me feel like I have more talent then I really do. I like to help other people out and its a fun time for us to chat. I don't mind doing it at all.

Remember when I blogged about the company I work for getting bought by another company? It was announced in November, but they told us it would be business as usual until their fiscal end year which is March 31st. I haven't really thought too much about it since then. I knew things would go on as normal until then. Well... its getting pretty close to March 31st now and we have started to have meetings with people from the new company. I'm was just trying to stay awake and not get too fidgety on our video conference meeting. While I was thinking about that... I guess the rest of my department started to get real stressed about their job and who is going to stay and who is going to go. Its still very up in the air. Tuesday in our Department meeting everyone was feeling pretty good. Wednesday in our video conference meeting everyone started to stress out hard core. Today the people from the new company met with the managers of our department and I guess people are starting to feel a little better again. Honestly... I am not really sure what to think. I just know I can't really stress over things I have no control over. So I just keep going to work and stay on top of things and try not to think about it too much. Who knows how long this will go on for. Its hard to say. I told my boss that because of all that is going on that it was important that we had another team activity. He agreed and we are setting something up in the next couple of weeks. Isn't it so nice that I can go to my boss and tell him that we need to go to lunch or see a movie or plan a team activity and EVERY TIME I do he goes for the idea.

Speaking of work. My boss and the managers over our department came to me the other day and asked me if I would be the Web Administrator for the Department.  Out of everyone in our department... all the older very smart guys that have been dealing with computer stuff way longer than I have.... they want me to do it. For some reason when it comes to managing websites, they think of me and that I would do the best job at it and it would come most easily to me. Maybe its because I have caught on to the new programs like "Vibe" and "Teaming" so quickly. I'm not sure but I think its a great compliment. I hope that I don't disappoint. Sometimes it is a little intimidating being the youngest and one of the only girls in the department.

Lately I have noticed that I am a total sucker for guys being sweet to me. Not that no guy has ever been sweet to me before, but maybe its been a long time since guys have been sweet to me, so I am just really noticing it more? I don't know. A few examples. #1-Dance crush and I have talked a lot online and talked about going to dinner and getting sushi, but he didn't want to ask me out over an online conversation, so last night he called me and said he would really love it if I would go to dinner with him and we scheduled a time and he said thank you for accepting. Asking in such a way was not only gentlemanly, but made me feel really special. #2- The first time Mountain Man and I talked on the phone after we met up in the mountains at the end of the call he told me how nice it was to hear my voice again.  On our date he told me the whole story of how he recovered my note from his car in the terrible weather and at the end of the story he showed me the note. I couldn't believe he kept the little sticky note that I left on his car. I asked him why he kept it and he said because it had sentimental value. It made him really happy that I left that note for him, so he wanted to keep it. Cute right?  #3- When my Vegas boyfriend told me that he loved my green eyes and cute smile. #4- A boy in my FHE this last Monday was talking to me and said something that made me laugh. He was just looking at me and then told me to wait and smile again. I did and then he smirked and and asked if I had dimples and I became self conscious and answered yes and he said "That's funny". I asked what was so funny and he said " I have been searching for a girl with dimples. Girls want a guy that is tall dark and handsome, I want a girl with dimples. I love them. I could never stay mad at a girl with dimples, all she would have to do it smile and I would forget what I was mad at". All I could do was blush I'm sure. I don't know this guy very well... but it honestly made my week. I thought it was the cutest thing to say to me. Now I'm wanting him to ask me out. ha ha. Guys... if you want to win me over, being really sweet to me is going to take you there.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mr. Dance Crush

In January I decided that I needed to branch out and meet more people outside of my ward. I committed to my friend Stan in the ward that I would go country dancing with him. It had been two years since I had been dancing. I was a little intimidated. I have gone in the past and a lot of times just stand on the side waiting to be asked to dance and would hardly get asked. Even if I did get asked... I was afraid of not knowing what I was doing and feeling stupid. However, I am a woman of my word. I told Stan I would go, therefore I would go even it was a terrible experience. I guess you don't know unless you give it a try at least once right?

I decided to go into it with a positive attitude. I don't even like country music, however, I do like to dance. That night I put on some cowboy boots and a plaid shirt and jeans and I was ready to get my country on! The guys that went with us took turns dancing with all the girls that went. When they were not dancing with me I got asked to dance quite a bit by a lot of different guys. Most of them were pretty weird, but they knew how to dance, so I was still having fun. As for meeting new guys that I would want to go out with... wasn't sure if that was going to happen. Then I was asked to dance by this one guy. He was pretty cute and when he started dancing with me... well... he was so good that he really swept me off my feet. He made me look like a good dancer. He was better then any guy I probably have ever danced with. This made him more attractive.  He would spin me so fast that I really had no control. He ended with a big dip that lifted me up and put me in the air. I'm telling you.. this guy was good! He also made me feel great and told me that even though it had been two years since I had been dancing that I was a total natural at it and it seemed like I had been dancing for years. After one dance I had the biggest smile on his face. I thanked him for the dance and told him how much fun I had dancing with him. He probably thought I was a total weirdo. Most girls say thank you and go on their way. After the dance with him I left to the other side of the room to get a drink. He came and found me and asked me if he could steel me and be his partner while he tried to teach his friend some moves. Of course I said yes. That had us dancing together for another two dances. Then a slow song came and he asked me to dance again and so we got to talking and kept dancing into the next slow song. So.. that had us dancing together for 5 songs in a row. I totally was developing a dance crush on him. I seriously could have danced with him all night long. He was nice, there was flirting going on from both of us. At the end of the Slow dance.... he DID NOT ask for my number. There was lingering from both of us... but I waited and he didn't ask. I was maybe a little disappointed, maybe a little irritated. He just went on to dance with other girls and that was that. My friends had even noticed how much we were together and hitting it off and were shocked when they found out he didn't get my number. I left that night having had a lot of fun, a little disappointed and having a major dance crush... which made me want to go back for more.

A week and a half later my group of friends decide to go back. This time on a Saturday night instead of Wednesday night. We got there and it was crowded. I was hopeful that my dance crush would come and that I would maybe even meet some more guys. I quickly figured out that there were a lot of couples there for date night. I was getting asked to dance, but not as much as I was last time. I kept waiting for dance crush to show up... I had hyped up the situation so much that all my friends were waiting too and kept making comments to me. Then, I saw him come in! I got a big smile on my face. Now... I just had to wait for him to notice me there and we would dance the night away again. I mean... we had a magical 5 dances together last time. At first he really didn't see me there... so I saw him walking around the room and asking other girls to dance. I would try and put myself out on the dance floor in site for him to find me. A long time was going by and he would just walk past me and never ask me to dance. I was getting more and more disappointed as the night went on. There was one point where I was just standing there with my friend and he even made eye contact with me and smiled as he walked right by me and asked another girl to dance. At that point... my dance crush had CRUSHED me! It was then that I decided... forget it. All my friends couldn't believe it. How sad. By the end of the night I was totally disappointed and no longer wanted to be there, to dance. I was ready to go home so I was leaning against the wall surrounded by my friends just chatting. THIS is when he decides to come and ask me to dance. It was hard for me not to smile... but I was still crushed. He had kind of forgotten about me. He had forgotten my name and I told him not only that I remembered his name, but that I developed a dance crush on him last time I came and he was a big reason why I wanted to come back. (I am trying a new approach with guys to be more flirty and forward) he was very flattered and felt bad that he hadn't danced with me all night. So... he danced with me the next few songs. I had fun. However, he still didn't ask for my number. I came to conclusion that he was not interested. I must have read into our first encounter WAY too much. I left that night with very mixed emotions. Why didn't I have as much fun as the first time? I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back after that.

*This is when I was going to originally write this post and it was going to be added to the rest of my guy stories that have an unhappy ending, however this story goes on*

A week ago it was a friend in the ward's birthday. What did she want to do for her birthday? She wanted to go Country dancing and she wanted me to go with her. How could I say no? Its her birthday for crying out loud. So... I told her I would go country dancing with her on Wednesday night after Institute. Our little group went. I wasn't expecting anything like I was the second time I went. I was already crushed by my dance crush. I had decided I wasn't even going to care if he asked me to dance or not. We went and turns out that he was there. I was having fun dancing with my friends and then towards the very beginning, dance crush came and asked me to dance. He came up to me and said "Tracy, will you dance with me?" What? He remembered my name? That is a good sign. We ended up dancing like 8 songs. If I was not dancing with my friends I came with, I was dancing with him. He just kept coming and asking me to dance. I was happy with this of course. We had a lot of fun together, talking and laughing. My friends saw what was going on and were happy. He taught me some new dance moves. It was great. My friend wanted to leave at 11 and I wanted to dance my last fast dance with dance crush. So I asked him if he would be my last dance before I left. It was amazing. He knew I was leaving... so as I was walking toward the door he came up to me and asked me if he could steal me for for another second. I said sure. I thought he wanted to dance one more song. But then...... he pulled out his phone... and asked for my number!!! I was happy. Dance Crush redeemed himself that night. He wanted to go out that Saturday... but he had forgotten that I had told him I was going to be in Vegas. We have not gone out yet, but he added me on facebook and we have talked on there and text. He called me and told me he would love to take me to dinner on Monday. We are going to get sushi. :o)

I guess I needed to be bold AND patient. You guys... its my first guy story with a happy ending. I hope it was still interesting to read even though it wasn't terrible or extremely awkward. ha ha

Monday, March 21, 2011

What happens in Vegas...

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.... sometimes.

On Friday night my old roommate and good friend Allyson text me and asked if I wanted to go dancing with her. I told her I would love to if I were not in Vegas. She text back and told me she was thinking of coming down to Vegas herself. Next day I got another text from her saying that she was in Vegas and she wanted to hang out with me after I was done seeing my show with Lolly if I was up for it. Lolly and I got home at midnight and I changed and Allyson came and picked me up and we went to go find a place to go dancing. Everywhere we went to go dancing was $10 to get in. We didn't have cash on us and didn't want to pay that much to dance anyway... so after driving around until 2am, we decided to just park by the strip and walk around and talk. So we did just that. We would dance to the music we heard outside of clubs. We did a lot of people watching.

 While we were walking and talking... Allyson noticed a guy wearing a BYU jersey. She yelled "Go BYU" to him and he got all excited and stopped us to talk to them. There were 3 guys there. They had all been drinking, but didn't seem completely drunk like most of the people we saw on the strip. So we stopped to talk to them. They asked us where we were from and we discovered that we all lived in Utah. This 45 single man became very attached to Allyson. Always had his arm around her and occasionally they would break out into dance. While they were talking another one of the guys started talking to me. He was tall, cute and 28. We start shooting the breeze and he was asking me my opinion about certain things and I would tell him what I thought and all the sudden he hugs me and announces to everyone that I am is future wife. Everything I had said was exactly what he wanted to hear. I wasn't even trying to impress him. ha ha. He got so excited that he picks me up and starts walking away saying we were going to find a chapel to get married. Thankfully nobody knew where one was. He kept inviting me to go in the hotel with him. I told him I needed to stick with Allyson. They didn't want us to go away from them so they invited us to go to McDonald's with them and they would pay for our food. A date to McDonald's with guys from Utah that had been drinking. How sweet. ha ha. Allyson wanted to go so I went along with it. All the sudden 28 year old is telling everyone that we are married. Then he was telling people that we were on our honeymoon and then he was telling people that I was pregnant. Wasn't sure where it could go after that point. Since everyone is drunk on the strip anyway... I didn't really care. I just played along. After I watched everyone else eat and we had some interesting conversation, I was pretty tired since it was 4am. They wanted us to watch the sunrise with them, but I had to draw the line. I needed to go home and sleep. We spent a couple of hours with these guys... that was good enough. The guy got my number and said he wanted to go out with me sometime... maybe go shooting. I thought that could be fun, so I gave it to him. He kept talking to me like "if we end up together..." I'm like... boy, we met on the strip in Vegas. Come on. Anyway... they were gentlemen and walked us to our car.

I asked them to get a picture of Allyson and I and we ended up taking pictures with them too. So here is Allyson with her Vegas boyfriend.

Here I am with my Vegas boyfriend.

They were actually really fun to hang out with. Funny and interesting to talk to. It was a blast to randomly hang out with Allyson in Vegas. That night was kind of crazy, but it was a lot of fun too. That's Vegas for you...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Three Years

Today is my Blogaversary! To celebrate I went to Vegas! ha ha. Kidding. But really. I just re-read my Blogaversary post from last year and how not excited I was to post about it because it was such a hard year for me. However, this year I have been looking forward to continuing my tradition because I had an awesome year and I can't wait to re-cap on it!

I honestly had no idea that this last year would be so awesome, but it really was. I am hoping this next year will be just as awesome. :o)

By the way... thanks to all my family and friends and even strangers that read my blog and give me love and support. You have no idea how much I love to read all the comments and make new blog friends and I can't tell you how loved it makes me feel to know that so many people care about what is going on in my life. So thank you!

So here is what I did in the last blog year....

1-  Went to the Festival of Colors for the 4th year in a row
2- Completed many more craft projects
3- Started my food storage & 72 hour kit
4- I started serving once a week by tutoring kids in a low income community
5- Was part of the creation of the best FHE video that knocked everyone's socks off (and our Single Ladies video)
6- Went on many awesome lunch dates with many awesome friends
7- Went to see several local plays with friends
8- Went to the Tulip Festival
9- Threw a few Tea Parties
10- Went through the Temple for the first time and had a lot of my family there for it.
11- Spent Memorial Day weekend with family and friends in Santa Barbara
12- Started my photography crew and blog and started doing several photoshoots to improve our skills
13- I put on a girls movie night in a fort
14- Attended my good friend from Santa B's (James) wedding
15- Did an awesome flashlight talent in the talent show
16- Went to the Backstreet Boys concert
17- Spent a weekend in Arizona with my sister Jamie
18- Spent 4th of July with my BFF's Nate, Steve, Brad & Lauren in New Port Beach
19- Spent the weekend down in St. George to see Tarzan at Tuacahn
20- Spent time in the beautiful mountains hiking, taking pictures and catching salamanders
21- Went to Denver for the weekend
22-  Family came to town and I got to spend a lot of time with them.
23-  One of my BFF's Nate got married and I got to go to the reception
24- Planted a beautiful garden on my back patio
25- Lost more weight
26- Experienced the Bottomless Pit (blowing up stuff)
27- Went on the full moon ski lift ride at Sundance
28- Hiked Stewart Falls for work
29- Went to Vegas for the weekend to hang out and shop with Lolly
30- Went classic skating
31- Spent a weekend in Seattle and British Columbia (my first time to Canada)
32- Had an Italian dinner night with some friends by candlelight out on my back patio
33- Threw a few birthday parties for friends
34- Went boating and Kayaking for work
35- Spent 24 hours in NYC and spent time with good friend Patty and saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway for the 2nd time
36- Spent a week in India
37- Good friend Kirsten came to visit and we went to dinner and had a sleepover at my place
38- Celebrated Halloween for 13 days! Doing all sorts of fun Halloween things
39- Threw an awesome Pirate party with friend Rachel
40-  Got to dress up a lot. I love that
41- Went to Chicago for a weekend with my friend Kelli that I had not seen in years (both of our first time there)
42-  Celebrated 2 Years at Novell
43- Participated in my first Sprint Triathlon
44- Threw an awesome Harry Potter Party with Rachel in prep for the new movie
45- Took Rachel home with me to Santa Barbara for the weekend
46- Went to Disneyland and California Adventure Park
47- Spent Thanksgiving with some of my family and the Bourgeous Family (My brother in law's fam)
48- Gave and got a massage almost every month this year from Cheryl
49- Rachel threw me the most glam birthday party I have ever had
50- Went to see the lights at Temple Square
51- Matt took me on a birthday date to the MoTab Christmas concert with David Archuleta
52-  I got bangs
53- My Parents moved to Mapleton, Utah
54- My family got to all be together for Christmas and I loved every minute of it
55- I got released from being FHE leader
56- Had a big Watson Gathering at my parents house (got to see family that I had not seen in a long time)
57- I got eyelash extensions (and am still loving that decision)
58- Had a fun ward reunion (old 233rd ward) at the Banks
59-  My oldest Niece got baptized and I got to be there
60- Celebrated Chinese New Year
61- Started going dancing a lot. Loving it
62- Attended an amazing Valentines party put on by Rachel
63- Went to a Joshua Radin Concert
64- I finished my India inspired living room that I furnished and designed
65- Spent another weekend in Vegas
66- Attended an awesome photography workshop
67- Saw "the Beatles LOVE" with Lolly
68- I have posted something on my blog EVERYDAY
69- I have had 62,758 views on my blog
70- My blog has been featured on 2 blogs

I love blogging. Can you tell? Ha ha ha.. Happy Birthday Blog! Here's to another great blogging year to come!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beatles LOVE

This weekend I went to Las Vegas with a couple of friends in my ward. We went to attend a photography workshop on lighting. The workshop was all day today. It was really great... but I felt kind of lost. I need to buy some lighting equipment and I need to start practicing... a lot. The workshop was awesome though and I was blown away by these photographers. Their photos are incredible.

We are staying with my BFF Lolly. We came in late Friday night and were gone all day today.. I wanted to spend some quality time with my BFF. So we had a girls night on the town and went to see "Beatles LOVE". We both had never seen this show and had been wanting to. I have been talking about wanting to see it for the past year because I had heard it was so awesome. So... we got ready (I got Lollified) and took some pictures before we left. I love our girls night outings. I miss them.

We drove down to the strip to the Mirage Hotel & Casino and when I started to see the signs... I started to get more and more excited for the show. I have always wanted to see Cirque De Soleil. When we got to the theater, we got our tickets and I started to check out the theater. Kind of trippy in an awesome way. Kind of like what a lot of the Beatles music is. :o)

Then we sat down for our show. It was about an  hour and a half with no breaks. The whole show I sat in amazement watching them dance and do these amazing tricks that they make look so easy. It was always so visually pleasing too. Always doing something different. I think some of my favorite numbers was "Help" they did these cool roller skating tricks, I loved "Lucy in the sky with Diamonds" cause they made us look like we were in space. Also "Octopus's Garden" they had some amazing jelly fish costumes and did a good job of making it look like they were in the sea. They did a lot of really awesome things. I loved it. We both did. Makes me want to go back and see other Cirque De Soleil shows.

After the show we took a few pictures and headed back home. So glad that I got to see Lolly and that we could have a fun night out seeing an awesome show. It was great to get away for the weekend. Thanks Lolly!