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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jimmy Fallon Video's

Lately I have decided that Jimmy Fallon is my favorite when it comes to late night talk shows. He is funny... and does the most random stuff on his show that I love. Also... whenever Justin Timberlake goes on his show, it makes me like him more and more as well. He is quite funny. Here are some of my favorite video's

Black Simon and Garfunkle singing Thrift Shop (best of both of my music worlds)

History of Rap

Sexy Back Barbershop Quartet

If you haven't seen any of these.... watch them now. So funny.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another Fort Week

Well, as is tradition for June, I held my 4th annual Fort Week. People just love fort week. It makes me lots more popular. No joke. I get way more people visiting when I have the fort up than any other time. Who knew that having a fort in your living room would be the key to making you popular? Even when I wasn't holding events, people would still come over or ask to come over to hang in the fort. Good times.

Some of the fort events included:
Bachelorette viewing
Super Nintendo
Movie Nights
Heart to Hearts
Sleep overs
Ninja Warrior viewing

AND a new event that was introduced this time... was Saturday morning cereal and cartoons. That's right! People came over and brought cereal and we watched people's favorite cartoons from when we were kids... like Heman, Bobby's World, Recess, Jem, David the Gnome and Eureeka's Castle. So many more I would have loved to watch... but we just couldn't find them.

Another successful fort week. The tradition lives on!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Flashback Friday 123

Theresa and I grew up together since we were 4 or 5. We went to Pre-school together, grade school together, Jr High and High School together. We grew up in the same neighborhood. We are even somewhat in touch now. Life long friends! That is rare. I look at my nieces and nephews and how young they are. That is when Theresa and I became friends. Well, this flashback takes us back to when we were in the 6th grade... so I believe 1995? We did a class project together, where we made a robot together and wrote a story about Robert the Robot. I still remember putting this guy together. Lights for the eyes, made on a remote control car so that he could move. Good times.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 176

We had a stake FHE Carnival activity. It was alright... I mean, I knew I wasn't going to meet my soulmate there or anything... In fact, the highlight of the carnival for me, was seeing Josh with this on his arm. Watch out or he will summon the Dark Lord. *pretend that weed is a wand*

This week has been getting busier at work. Tuesday we went out to lunch at this Italian restaurant because person over the Legal group was visiting from Seattle. That was kind of fun. Tomorrow is my turn to stay late for quarter end. Not thrilled about it.

I am almost done with the show "Fringe". I love it. JJ Abrams usually doesn't let me down though. I'm getting all kinds of confused with all the different worlds. Soon I will be on to the next show.

Tuesday I drove up to SLC to have a little dinner party at my good friend Katie's place. Katie and I grew up together, but I had not seen her in over a year we figured out... so it was nice to catch up with her and meet some new people.

My weight loss is still going well. My weigh in this week, I was at 27 pounds and 6 inches! I'm feeling good... and ALMOST to my half way mark. Can't wait until everything is too big on me and I have to buy new clothes.

Dating this week is just as frustrating as last. I think I'm going to give up... accept that I am going to be the favorite aunt and a world traveler. I'm starting to get depressed about it though. Why am I in the reject pile? I feel like I'm a great catch!

I'm looking forward to getting out of town next week. It will be a great time for me to get away from life and clear my head out in nature. Can't wait.

Not too much else has gone on this week... I mean, the fort is still up, but I haven't had any big events... because I got a little burnt out of people in my fort last week. This week I have had a lot more sleep over in the fort. I enjoy sleeping in the fort.

Tonight I went to Meg's last softball game with Tara and Geoff. They are called the Idahomers and this was the 4th or 5th game I have been to. It was her last game. I went to her first and last games and a couple in between. They are a great team and it is fun to cheer Meg on. She is super good. It is also fun to sit in the cheer section because I get to sit and chat with her cousin (Kate) and her aunt Carrie (who we stayed with in Idaho last summer) and today even her mom (Tammy) was there. It was a blast. They are the champs and now there are no more games. It makes me miss summer softball and playing with the ward. Softball is the ultimate summer sport. :) Well... guess I will just have to watch the Sandlot instead.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Patriotic Shirts

A while back, I saw this professional picture on Pinterest of a girl wearing a shirt with an American flag on it. I loved the design. When I clicked on the picture to find out more... it didn't have instructions, it just said that it was spray painted. After I saw that, I thought of Meg since her birthday is on the 4th of July and she is always getting new patriotic outfits to wear on her birthday. I asked her if she wanted to attempt the craft. I was super happy that she did. So we planned a craft night.

We didn't really know what we were doing. We were hoping it was going to be a Pinterest success and not a Pinterest fail. We bought white T-Shirts and spray paint and came home and got to work. First we drew and cut out stars on paper and taped them to the shirt.

Then we went outside and spray painted over the stars and then the stripes. We didn't want it to look perfect... we were loving the way they were turning out so far.

That was the easy/fun part. We wanted to model exactly after the picture we saw... which was a tank top. I have plans for wearing it over my swim suit on 4th of July. So it was time to cut. This part made me nervous. I have never been great at cutting straight, but we both just had to go for it. For the back, you take some of the scraps that you cut and tie it in the back. I love the back.

This is how both of our shirts turned out. We both did them slightly different, but I think they both turned out super cute. I love the look of them. Cute, original and homemade shirts. Can't beat that. I love having original clothing. And I have never thought to spray paint shirts! I may have to try that again in the future.

I love crafting and I love my Meg time. #pinterestsuccess

Monday, June 24, 2013

Work Activity Video

Remember when we went to Cascade Springs for work like a month ago? It was awesome. Finally got people's pictures and video's and put together a little video of the day. I had to finish it today because Jenny (The head over Legal's Boss) is in town this week and we are having lunch with her tomorrow.

I tried to get everyone in the video... but it is hard when I document the most... so mostly the people I was with are in it. Oh well. Other than that, I think it turned out pretty well.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Rodeo

Last night, my roommates and I and a few friends went to the Strawberry Days Rodeo in Pleasant Grove. I went last year. It's a good time, so I was excited to go again. One of my friends that went had never been before, so that was exciting! I dressed up like a cowgirl and decided I would going to check out cute cowboys while I was there. It was SUPER crowded.... but we found seats.

Rodeo's are fun. What a dangerous sport though! Sometimes I hurt just watching those cowboys on the bucking horses or bucking bulls. They took away the event where the kids ride the sheep. They replaced it with cowboys milking wild cows. Groups of 3 had to catch a cow, get it to hold still long enough to get some milk out of it. It was so intense. There many injuries, two of which were taken to the hospital... so we had to take some time to wait for the paramedics to show up. Makes me so sad when people get hurt.

I still love the dirt bikes. And of course the Bull Riding is very exciting. You know what I hate about the Rodeo though? The Rodeo clown! Clowns are so annoying. During the bull riding, the clown comes out and sits on a barrel. Sometimes he stands in the barrel. I happened to say out loud that I wished the the bull would run into the barrel and knock the clown over and that would be pretty awesome. Well... guess what happened with the next bull rider!? It was awesome. I didn't think it would actually happen because I had never seen that happen before. The guy that was in front of me that agreed with me when I said what I wanted to happen... after it DID happen he turned around and gave me a big high five as we both cheered. ha ha. Apparently he didn't like the clown either. Ha! Good times.

After the rodeo was over, it was time for the fireworks. Gotta love the fireworks, and we had great seats for them. Man I love Summer!

My roommates and I (minus Jessica, we missed her)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lava Lamp

I got my Lava Lamp for Christmas when I was in Jr High. This means I have had it for 17 years! There were a few years that it sat in my parents garage, and there were many years that it wasn't used regularly... but I have definitely used it a lot over the years.

These last couple of years I have used it even more. It became "The Weekend" lamp. I don't know why I started it, but I started turning on the lava lamp on Friday when I got home from work and kept it on until Sunday when I went to bed. The Lava Lamp literally represents the weekend in my house. Holiday weekend... it stays on longer.

In 2006 is when I took it from my parents garage and decided to put it in my apartment and start using it again. It worked great for a while... and then one day I turned it on and it turned to mush. NOT what it is supposed to do. How do you fix a lava lamp? I didn't know. I figured it was old and just wasn't going to work anymore. I had a bunch of people over at that time. Since it was now broken, we wanted to throw it off a cliff or something and watch it shatter. However, it was still hot from trying to make it work again... so I don't remember if it was me or someone else, stuck it in the refrigerator to cool it down before we destroyed it. Everyone forgot about it and eventually left. I opened up the refrigerator and saw the lava lamp was still there. I took it out and put it back. Decided to try it one more time to make sure it was really broken before I threw it away. Lo and behold... it worked just fine again!

It has worked just fine ever since... until today. When I turned it on yesterday it worked just fine, and I left it on over night (it is the weekend after all) so I noticed this morning that it was just staying in a blob at the bottom. So I turned it off. Let it sit for a few hours. When I turned it back on... it did the same thing it did in 2006. Turned to mush. Why? I don't know. I turned it back off and let it sit for a while and then I decided to do what I did 7 years ago. I stuck it in the refrigerator. My roommates were a little weirded out when they opened the fridge and saw my lava lamp there... but after a few hours I took it out and let it sit for a while and then tried again. Guess what? It works again!

So what is a Lava Lamp made of?

A classic lamp contains a standard incandescent bulb or halogen lamp which heats a tall (often tapered) glass bottle. A formula from 1968 US patent consisted of water and a transparent,translucent or opaque mix of mineral oil, paraffin wax and carbon tetrachloride.[1] The clear water and/or mineral oil can optionally be coloured with transparent dyes.

Why does the refrigerator fix it? I'm not sure.... but it does. I'm glad I figured it out... because I love my lava lamp. :) So if anyone has a Lava Lamp and it turns to mush like mine did.... now you know what to do to fix it.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Flashback Friday 122

Flashing back to April 2004 when our dear from Tami aka Tammers was getting married. Us Santa Barbara girl got together for her bridal shower.

I miss the days where we could all get together. Not so easy anymore. Miss them. They were all great childhood friends.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 175

It has been a really frustrating week for me. There are a few different reasons for this. Where to start...

I haven't been going to the gym. After my half marathon was over, my health coach told me not to do anymore cardio and I would lose more weight. So I did what she said. I just went to Pilates class and then nothing else except walks and such. I still only lost almost 2 pounds last week. It is frustrating because I feel like I should have lost more by this point. Not that I don't appreciate where I am at... I am starting to look and feel good. However, when my friend that started a month after me is only 5 pounds behind me... it is frustrating that I am not losing it faster. People tell me I look good... which feels great, but I tell people... you will know when I am making progress and feeling good when you see me in my red skinnies. I say this because about a year ago I started buying colored skinny jeans. They are super cute. So I bought a couple pairs at Urban Outfiters and I LOVED the way they fit. So I ordered a couple more online... one of them being red. They didn't have anymore in my size so I got one down thinking I would still be able to fit in them. Even when I have lost weight... it was never enough to fit into those jeans. Of course instead of sending them back, I kept them and took it as a challenge. So... when I fit into the red skinnies... I will be happy that I am making major progress.

The other frustrating thing is my dating life. It is seriously a mess. A guy I used to date came back in the picture (even though I don't want to date him again) and then all of the guys I was going out with and it was going so well all faded at the same time and I felt like stopped making an effort. Why all at the same time? That is so how it works. When it rains it pours and then it just stops all at the same time. I hate it. One of them was supposed to pursue me... that is the point of dating more than one. On top of that, a guy that I used to date a couple of years ago recently chatted with me and told me that right after he dated me he started dating dudes. How is that supposed to make me feel? Especially when this is not the first time it has happened? I can't make this stuff up. This is my life. It's hard for me not to take it all personally. Can someone just find me a good guy to marry? Seriously.

In less frustrating news.... it is fort week. That can always cheer me up. I created a facebook event page for it and everyone got all kinds of excited. People love Fort Week. Even when I didn't have events posted for certain nights this week, I still had people texting me asking me if they could come over and hang out in the fort. Fort Week makes me more popular. ha ha. So far we have had a movie night, watched the Bachelorette (as is tradition) played Super Nintendo, had a heart to heart...  tomorrow we are having another movie night... and a sleep over. Saturday morning will be a new event for Fort Week.... we will having Saturday morning cereal and cartoons in the fort. It will be BYOC (Bring your own cereal) and we will watch all of our favorite classic cartoons that we grew up on. Everyone (including myself) is very excited. I am going to make everyone come in their PJ's too. Gotta love fort week.

I wish there were more guys to date in the ward... however, my ward is filled with awesome girls. I have made some really great new friends that I am really excited about. Like these two girls. Kara and Lindsey. They are both so great. We totally bonded over the Summerfest fireworks. I didn't even know Kara and she just text me and said lets meet up with Lindsey for fireworks... and I was like, yep, I love that idea. And we went and on the way there became new BFF's. Already made lots of summer plans. These girls rock.

Today my neighbors had me and my old roommates (Sarah and Meg) over for dinner... because we talked about it for forever before they moved out and it never happened. Nate is a good man though and organized it and made it happen. He also BBQed the most amazing shish kabobs I have ever had. It was a good good dinner... that I could eat even on my diet. I love those dinners. #bestneighborsever

I have been bored at work this week. I mean, I'm still watching Fringe (on the 3rd season) but I still am watching the clock everyday. This is probably partially due to the fact that I haven't been going to the gym so I don't have that to split up my day. You know what happens when I'm bored at work? I buy plane tickets. True story. I bought two this week.

So I was introduced to the show "Ninja Warrior" by Dave and James... when they used to live together and we would all watch it together sometimes. I loved it. I thought it was awesome. When I first met one of the guys in my ward, we bonded over Ninja Warrior because he loved that show too and he downloaded a season and we watching it in the fort that year during fort week. I planned a trip and he was supposed to go and everyone bailed including him... so I was kind of upset. Long story short.. to make it up to me because he felt bad... he bought for me on ebay 25 seasons of Ninja Warrior... which I now have and have gotten out several times to watch. It is now Fort tradition to watch that in the fort during fort week. People know I like Ninja Warrior. Tonight I got a text from a number I didn't know that they had a friend in CO that got 4 extra tickets to the living taping of American Ninja Warrior in Las Vegas and gave me first dibs on the tickets. I thought it was very funny... and nice. Too bad I already had plans for the weekend... that would have been fun to see. I get offered the most random stuff sometimes.

We had this Relief Society activity last week on style and how the way we dress tell people who we are and what we want to tell people by what we wear. Oddly enough, my roommates and I all came wearing stripes. Not sure what that means... but I sure do love my roommates. They are super great.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Photo of the Week 173

Fireworks at Summerfest in Orem. I love that about Utah... every city has their own festival of sorts and has their own fireworks on different weekends in the summer.

I love fireworks and I LOVE summer.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Today I attended my first T-Ball game. It was my nephew's (Grant) game. When I heard that Grant was on the Mapleton Braves T-Ball team, I just had to see him play. After all softball has always held a special place in my heart. It was the first sport I played. He told me about it and was so excited about it... so after work I drove to my parents house and my mom and I drove to the park to watch the game.

I have to say that it was cutest/ funniest game to watch. The coaches have to have a lot of patience with these kids. Considering the attention span of a 4 year old... I was impressed that they could get them all to stand (in position) where they were supposed to be. Grant was great. He hit the ball and ran the bases (his run cracks me up) and stood out in the field really for the ball like a champ.

They played for about an hour. In T-Ball nobody ever gets out, everyone get's to run bases and everyone is a winner. It's cute to see the kids get excited over the game.... when they are not distracted by the other players, or something else. Obviously... this game is to teach kids how to follow rules, how to be part of a team and teach them how the game works. I think it is so great. I'm so glad that I got to go and cheer Grant on.

My cute nephew Grant. Isn't he a stud? I love their little uniforms.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Glam Shots by Tracy

Since I am on the communications committee in my ward, it is my job to take pictures of all the new people in the ward. Then I give those pictures to Melodie and she uploads them on the lds.org and everyone has a nice picture next to their name. The pictures are VERY nice (compared to most) because I take them outside with my nice camera. Anyway... after a while, Melodie started referring to my pictures as "Glam Shots by Tracy" so that everyone knew they would be looking good in their pictures... which is totally true. I like it. Sometimes when I'm waiting for people to come out and get their picture taken, I take some more pictures of Melodie just for fun... so she can get a new facebook profile picture.

So... this then turned into me doing little photoshoots of people. Well... people started seeing the pictures I was taking of my roommates, and I asked a couple of people if they wanted me to take their picture as well. Why? Because it is good practice for me AND I like to make people feel beautiful... because a good picture can make you feel beautiful (at least I feel that way). Sunday I took some photo's of some people in my ward.

Glam Shots by Tracy - Take 1





And a few Allison took of me and I photoshopped.