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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 313

Warm weather continues... YEA!! Another week of Winter gone. It already feels like Spring (although I am just waiting for another snow storm to come) but everything is dead and ugly and they still have a lot of roads closed down in the mountains which just makes me sad. So I will be excited for official spring at the end of this month.

First week on the Fast Metabolism diet was hard. I was starving all of the time and I had headaches and my body was detoxing from being addicted to sugar. I wasn't as strict as I should have been, I have a couple of cheating moments... but I weighed in on Monday and I COULD NOT believe it. I lost 7 pounds my first week!! What?! I have a long way to go, but it was a great start. Super motivating. I am in this. I can't wait until I lose enough weight that I can tell... and can start fitting back into my clothes. THAT will be a good day. I'm proud of my first week. This week has been a lot easier. My body has switched into weight loss mode, so now I'm not hungry all of the time and I am not craving sugar all of the time which is great. I have found food that I love to eat on the diet, so that is  good... because that means I can survive doing it long term. I will keep posted on my progress.

I started watching Jane the Virgin. I LOVE it. I think it is hilarious. It is pretty much a telenovela making fun of telenovela's. It's about Jane, who is a Virgin and made a promise that she would be until marriage. She accidentally get's artificially inseminated by a doctor who mixes up her patients charts. So it's the drama of a virgin pregnant girl and a love triangle so on and so forth. It's an easy light hearted show to watch, so it has been fun for now.

Let's see... I blogged all about last weekend's adventures to the Mystic Hot Springs. And FINALLY taking Reanne out for her birthday. She is cute and brought the family iPad to take pictures because my sister let her get an Instagram after a lot of begging on Reanne's part.

Monday I went to the dentist. It was a lot more pleasant than last time I went 6 months ago because I had a different girl cleaning my teeth and a different dentist. It was all going super well, my teeth looked great, my gums weren't bleeding because she wasn't flossing them with a hook, not because I am doing anything different. Then the dentist looked at my X-Rays. I had to explain for the millionth time that I am very aware that I have a molar that never came up and I don't care to do anything about it. He also told me that my fillings were starting to wear out and he thinks that a few of my teeth are dying, so he had me do a test where they shock my teeth to see if I feel anything. I would like to report that I felt something in each one of my teeth and I gave me an ear ache and tooth aches for the rest of the day... so thanks for that. He also told me that I had a tooth that was discolored probably from when I had braces. I never noticed until he pointed it out to me and now I'm hyper aware of it and it bugs me... so thanks for that too. My teeth are fine, I never have any pain in my teeth, so just leave me a lone. Do do anything that doesn't need to be done. Ok? Thanks.

I'm in a poke war with my friend Mike in my ward. I'm not sure why there is even a poke feature on Facebook, but there is and Mike thought he would be funny and bring it back. When strangers poke me, I ignore it. However, when friends poke me, I poke them back... and so it began with Mike. It has only been a couple of weeks so far, but who knows how long this could go on for. I'm too stubborn to be the one to give up. I wrote on his wall that starting a poke ware with me was a mistake because I was in a poke war with Steve, one of my best friends for 8 years until he finally gave up... but I won. It took 8 YEARS but I won. You want to know what he wrote back? He said... "This poke war will continue forever. Years from now, when civilization has collapsed and nearly everyone has perished, I'll keep the internet running on a broken down eMac by running irradiated rats on powered wheels just so this poke war continues. On that day, when you can no longer take it, you'll look up and shout "SPARE ME!" ..... and i'll look down and whisper "No"  *poke*" Yes, Mike is hilarious and the poke war continues.

I went to my first Paint Nite tonight. I had been dying to go ever since I head about them. I of course will blog about it... so stay tuned for that post. All I can say it was a blast and I most definitely want to go again.

I guess that is all for this week. Wish me luck for another good number gone on the scale on Monday and for another successful week on my diet and successful week at the gym. :) I'm feeling good.