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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Medallion Manor

Today we had a ward activity at Medallion Manor. It is a home for adults with mental and physical handicaps. I have been once before when we passed out cards to them. So I was excited to go back today. They just LOVE visitors. They get so excited to talk to you and shake your hand and hug you. They are just so loving and crave that love in return. I should go more often to visit them. My friends Rob and Chris (brothers) go just about every Sunday.

We spent two hours with them today. We first had a pizza party with them. Who doesn't love pizza right? So everyone from our ward that came to help out went around and served pizza and drinks to everyone. They asked me to take pictures, so I was doing a lot of that, but Bradley (the flirty resident that I had mentioned from the last time we went there) wanted me to sit by him and put his arm around me, winked at me, touched my leg, etc.. it cracks me up how smooth he thinks he is.

After the pizza party we went out side to play games. We had a water balloon toss, donut eating game, there was a pinata, bubbles........ and I was in charge of.......

FACE PAINTING!!! (The pictures below are just a few that I did)
*Disclaimer- This was my first time face painting, and it didn't spend a lot of time on each one because there was a long line of impatient residents that had a hard time sitting still for me*
That being said, I had fun doing it, they loved it and it was pretty fun.

I am sad that we didn't have a better turn out from our ward. I feel like it is so fun and rewarding to do service.... which is why I also go tutor every week.  I had a great time at Medallion Manor and hope to be back soon!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mr. Awkward Break Up

It's time. It has been a while since I have told one of my "Guy Stories", I have not had any recent stories, but there are always some classic oldies to share. :o)

This is from a guy that I dated about 6 years ago. We only dated for a few months. Really sweet guy, but when I look back on the experience, I wonder how the heck we ended up dating because we were SO different. We remained friends after the break up and sometimes I see him or his wife around and say hi and catch up. Both real nice people. The break up was still.... awkward.

Mr. Awkward Break up calls me over to "talk".... which he never did, so I already knew what was coming. I came over, took a seat on the couch (all the roommates were gone) and braced myself for what was coming. I mean.... I knew our relationship wasn't going towards marriage, but I liked him and was sad it was coming to an end already. Although, after the breakup, I am surprised that I didn't do it first. ha ha.

The "talk" went a little like this...

"Well... the thing is, its been a fun few months and I think your a great girl and everything, but I just don't see us going anywhere. You see, first of all, I know that my mom has never met you before, but uh, she doesn't like you, and I do whatever she says. Also, I think the language you use such as "sucks" is a sign of immaturity and I don't like it. You also kiss me too passionately *Side Note- He actually had a roommate meeting about how I kissed him too passionately and didn't know what to do. The roommates of course thought this was so funny and not a problem and told me about it the next day*, and I just can't date a girl that kisses me more than a peck on the lips. Another thing that concerns me is your testimony. I question this because of your immodesty. If you want to know what I am talking about... I think you can figure it out on your own. You also want me to not part my hair! I find this worldly, church authorities part their hair, so must I. I also don't like the fact that my roommates like you more than me.... so you see, its just not going to work out....."

                                      AWKWARD SILENCE

"So, What did you have for dinner?"

Me: "Um, seriously? You didn't just ask me that. I'm going to leave now"
Mr. Awkward Breakup: "No really, what did you have for dinner? Was it good?
Me: "Um, ya... it was great. See ya"

He gave me a kiss on the cheek and I left. I was sad, but when I would tell people how it went down later, it just became more and more funny actually. After that, every time there was an awkward silence in any situation I would say "So, what did you guys have for dinner?" I even made that joke in front of him once and everyone laughed, and he didn't get it.
I think his roommates were sad when we broke up because they didn't think I would come hang out with them anymore... but I still did all the time. They actually ditched the guy I dated and took me with them to move into our next ward together (different apartments of course) and we are all still BFF to this day. Sometimes I wonder if that was the main purpose of us dating... so I could become good friends with his roommates. Either way, we all laugh about it now.At least he broke up in person rather than over an email (which happened to me with person I was engaged to)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 24

Sometimes I wish...

Life were fair
Money DID grow on trees
The grass was not always greener on the other side
Some of my friends were better at keeping in touch
I was not so sensitive
I could go back to being a kid
I had more excuses to dress up in costumes
Plane tickets were not so expensive
Cars were not so high maintenance
More people would go to counseling
That a broken heart didn't hurt so bad
That love wasn't so hard to find
Relationships (family, friendships, spouses, etc..) were not so complicated
That families were not torn apart
That winter didn't last so long
I was a morning person
I liked roller coasters
I liked running (then maybe I would enjoy it more when I went)
That people that needed help would let you help them
I was married
I had kids
Chocolate made you thinner
That I would be happy with my body and didn't have to worry about my weight
That I liked veggies more
 Fruit didn't go bad so fast
That the weekends were longer than the weekdays
There were more hours in a day
I could split myself and be in more than one place at a time
I had an unlimited gift card to itunes and get all the music I want
I had a stylist that would help me get ready every morning (pick out my outfit, do my hair & make up)
I was a better site (music) reader
Life were musical (I would love to sing and dance out my joys and sorrows)
I lived closer to my family
I understood people more
I could always turn lemons into lemonade
I was a better person
I understood the male brain
I could see into the future
People would stop telling me to go on a mission or asking me why I didn't go
People would stop judging me on the amount of education that I decided to get
Photography wasn't such an expensive hobby (I still love it)
People couldn't get away with bad things
I didn't crave sweets
I would run into the "Take Home Chef" at the grocery store and he would come home with me and cook for me and my friends.
Life and love really happened like it does in the movies
I had money to go shopping every weekend (and a huge walk in closet to put everything in)
I wasn't so hard on myself
I enjoyed reading more than I do (so that I would do it a lot more than choose other things over it)
I could be a model
I could be a recording artist
I could have my way
I was good at sewing
I could be on "What Not To Wear" and get a $5000 shopping spree in NYC
I had an easier time making decisions
Bad experiences didn't take so long to heal from
I was a better flirt
I could tan instead of burn and peel
I had longer eyelashes
I could speak another language fluently
I could play more instruments
There were more guys in my ward
I wish that I didn't wish things and that I was totally and completely happy with the way things are, but that's life right? I'm not unhappy, just wish things were different sometimes.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cream Cheese Filled Cupcakes

Saw this recipe on a blog today. Looked so good that I wanted to try it TONIGHT! So I had Jeanna come over and we made them. Oh my goodness! SO delicious! Easy too!

First preheat the oven to 325 degrees.

Next make cake mix according to box directions.
In a separate bowl, mix block of cream cheese (softened), 1/4 cup sugar, 1 egg & half a bag of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Pour cake batter in muffin tins

Then add a little scoop of cream cheese mixture to the middle of each

Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes.

Let the cupcakes cool, then frost the top. I chose strawberry frosting for the top of mine. I also used my cake decorating kit and made different designs on the tops. It was SO good! So good in fact I felt like we needed to share some. So we went over to our neighbors house (Shark *who was sick*, Darrell, Dave & Stan). They appreciated the cupcakes, and in return we got a song on the guitar played/sung for us. It was awesome. That and it was awesome to just hang out with them and laugh for an hour.
Yummy treats bring people together. :o)

Monday, July 26, 2010

FHE Block

You have heard of writers block. Well, I have had FHE block. Usually I am full of good ideas for FHE, but lately... nothing. It probably has to do with the fact that I am gone pretty much every weekend. It would probably help a little more if my FHE partner was also not gone every weekend. But alas, we are travelers. So Sunday night comes and I say to myself... "Dang, Monday again already? What should I plan for FHE?" Thankfully, we already have a sheet of people signed up to give the lesson, but I still need to think of fun activities if I want people to show up every week.

Today, I text my partner and asked him what we should do. He said he wasn't going to be there. This made me even less motivated to plan something. Work was busy, so my creative thinking was not there. I got home, went on a run hoping to be inspired. Nothing. So I looked up ideas online. The ideas online were amusing, but not helpful. Can I just share with you some of the ideas they suggested online for family home evening activities?
Okay, here are some of my favorites from mormonshare.com top 100 FHE ideas:

#1- Collect rain in containers and use it to wash your hair, put in mom’s iron, water the houseplants, or put in your car battery
#2- Do a rain dance
#3- Dress up and act out a story from the Bible or Book of Mormon
#4- Have a family slumber party (that would be a great one for a singles ward ha!)
#5- Climb a tree
#6- Start a family collection
#7- Build a fort

Number 1 & 2 were my personal favorites.

So... after the lesson I gave the group 3 options of what we could do for our activity.

#1 - We could read all the ideas online that I found and laugh at them
#2- We could catch bugs to feed to my salamanders
#3- We could play "Things" which is my new favorite game that Brad & Lauren introduced me to. I don't actually have the game, but you can still play.

So most everyone picked #3 and we actually had a lot of fun playing it. I think that is why I love that game so much. It can get pretty funny. So even with no plan, we still had fun together. That is a good sign, but I am still looking for creative and fun things to do for FHE (especially since my partner is leaving soon and I don't know when I will get a new one.

So any fun/ creative ideas are welcome!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Going the Extra Mile

I really have awesome friends. Some just go the extra mile, and it makes me happy.  For example...

This last Friday, I was going to be "sick" so I could go on a trip. I usually don't need to call in sick to take a weekend trip, but my boss said I couldn't go, cause it was too close to quarter end. The couple days leading up to my "sick" day were slow. THEN I found out quarter end was not even going to officially start until Wednesday. I no longer felt bad for my "sick" day. Except for the lie part. Anyway, my friends were so sweet to think of me on Friday and write me on facebook to tell me they are sorry that I was sick and to get better. Isn't that sweet? Oh Thursday, before I was even "sick" my good friend Jeanne brought over a home made card. A get well soon card. I'm going to bring it to work tomorrow to put on display in my office. Seriously... my friends are awesome.

So, since my boss said no to the trip and being "sick" on Monday also would be too obvious that I went on the trip anyway. I bought a one way flight home from this trip (that I will blog about as soon as I get the pics from everyone) for Sunday night so I could be back to work Monday morning. I asked my friend good friend Jeanna if she would be so kind to pick me up from the airport so late at night. She gladly accepted. As if I hadn't asked her for enough already, I called her on Friday also asking her if she would water my flowers while I was gone since Tina was out of town too. She not only said she would, but she also said she was going to ask me if I had anyone doing that for me.
Jokingly, I also asked her to take care of my salamanders and catch some bugs to feed them while I was gone. I really was joking when I asked her to do this. While I was gone Jeanna & Mieka caught spiders and grasshoppers to feed to the Salamanders. She also figured out that the two big salamanders ate the little salamander. RIP little guy.  (is she awesome or what?)

So tonight I fly home from my trip. Jeanna and Mieka were right on time. I see something on the hood of Jeanna's car, but I couldn't see it that well as she drove by. Then Jeanna pops out of the car and holds up a sign that says "Welcome back T-Ray" and shows me the hood of her car

I told her that totally made my day. Nobody had ever done something like that for me before. But it wasn't over yet. I got in the car and they put down my arm rest that had a cup holder. Jeanna then read off the time and temperature (like they do on a flight) Then Mieka turns around and offers me a choice of two different beverages and ice. She hands me the napkin, cup, ice and drink of choice, JUST like on a flight.

I thought that was awesome, but it still wasn't done. The joy and amusement continued. She then offers me my choice of snack. They somehow even had delta peanuts as a choice. We then chatted the rest of the way home, I still didn't expect anything else to come, but right before we drove into our neighborhood, Jeanna read off the time and temperature again and then Mieka pulled out a piece of paper and started reading. What was she reading? What they say to you at the end of a flight. You know... thanks for flying, please keep your seat belts fastened until we come to a full and complete stop and hope that you will fly with them again soon. I was laughing. It was the greatest thing ever. Never in my life has someone been so creative with my ride home from the airport. Thanks Jeanna and Mieka! You are the best! Not only for doing me a favor while I was gone, but for the best ride home from the airport I have EVER had!

I have AWESOME friends!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lunch Dates, Take 2

A few months ago, I blogged about some lunch dates I had been on with some of my friends.  In the last couple of months, I have been on a few more, so I thought I would do a "part 2". Like I explained in my last lunch date post... I love getting together with my friends for lunch, so I don't suppose it will end at part 2. Especially after yesterday's lunch. We talking about doing it monthly. Anyway, here is my most recent lunch outings...

First we have Maegan. Since our lunch last month, she got engaged!!! Congrats to Maegan. She is adorable and I love her to pieces. So fun to have lunch with her and catch up and hear about her recent marathon that she ran. I know her from my current ward, but she moved out almost a year ago. We became good friends when she was my FHE Mom!

Next we have Liisa. This is our second lunch. She was dating the brother of the guy I dated last. So we went on some fun double dates together and became good friends. She is so fun and so caring. We talked a lot about our fun summer plans when we got together.

Then we have Todd! He now works at Novell for an internship. I wrote him a letter of recommendation. I would like to think that is what got him the job, but I am sure he got it because he is awesome. It is so fun to instant message each other at work when we get bored. Todd is from my home ward. He is really good friends with my little brother and I am really good friends with his older brother. We grew up together and actually worked together at another job back home. So, we have a lot of fun memories together. I actually also worked with Todd's wife, before they got married. They recently became parents to the cutest little boy.

This next picture is actually incomplete. Holly & Aileen had to leave before we got the picture. I have had a few lunches with Nicole (2 of them just being me and her) and then one other besides this one as a group. I believe this was my first lunch with Michele. She is awesome though, so I am not sure why we had not done it before. Aileen and Holly were in our last group lunch that I have in my last lunch post. I love hanging out with these girls. They are all so funny. I get to spend an hour (or so...) just listening to gossip and laughing. I love it. We have so much fun together. We also love to attend plays together.

Last we have the Novell crew. This lunch took place yesterday! I knew that Nate and Isaac worked on the Novell campus for different companies. I sometimes see Isaac, I have never seen Nate there. Last week at Institute I was talking to Darrell (my new FHE & Blogging & Neighbor BFF) and we were talking about work and I told him I worked for Novell. He told me he also worked at the Novell campus.  We talked about how we are not morning people and that we get out of bed 10 after 8 to get to work by 8:30-8:45 and the next day, I saw him drive by because we got to work at the same time. HA! It made me laugh. Anywho... THEN that night I also found out Jason also worked on Novell campus! So 5 people all in the same ward that work on the same campus. How could we not get together for lunch? I suggested we go on Thursday since that is the day they BBQ outside. So we did just that. We had a blast. It is pretty funny that out of the 5 of us that work on Novell campus, I am the only one that actually works for Novell. Jessica found out about the lunch and wanted to join, so she drove and met us there and we had a great lunch. I think we are going to try and do this monthly. It's a fun group and nice break from work, so I'm down.

So you feel left out? Well... then maybe we should plan lunch?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 23

Lately I have been thinking a lot of about relationships. This is any type of relationship (spouse, significant other, friend, acquaintance, etc..). They are so complicated. But I feel like they don't have to be. The main thing that I think of is forgiveness. Why is it SO hard for people to forgive? Is it their selfishness and pride? Lack of communication and willingness to understand?

I seriously dislike having bad feelings towards people. Even if I don't necessarily get along with someone and don't want to be their BFF, I would like like to be pleasant with people and have good feelings towards them. In return, I don't like it when people have bad feelings towards me, especially when I can't find a reason for it... like if I knew what I did I would apologize and fix it. Sadly this happens ALL the time. I am no where close to perfect, but I try REALLY hard to be a forgiving person. It doesn't matter what happened and with who. I may need a little bit of time, but in the end I want to forgive and have good feelings towards that person. I have been hurt many times by many different friends and roommates and boyfriends and even when I felt like they were the ones that were in the wrong and that needed to apologize to me and that I would have good reason to never talk to them again... I end up not wanting to hate them. So I try to see things from their side... and know that I was not perfect on my end either, I try to eat a piece of humble pie and I write them a letter of apology and tell them how I feel, but then I let then know that I understand where they are coming from too. Can I just tell you? I am so glad that I have done this... because I have saved some great friendships this way. Even old boyfriends, I am friends with them and their wives. ha ha. I'm not saying you need to stay best friends for life with everyone, some friendships are just meant for a short period of time. What I am saying is that I think it is great to not have bad feelings towards ANYONE. This way, when you run into them around town you don't have to pretend like you didn't see each other and ignore them and create an awkward situation. Okay, so that is not the only reason. It also is nice to not have that weight on your shoulders. I just feel better when I don't hate anyone and people are not hating on me.

I think this could save a lot of marriages. Communication and forgiveness. They are SO important. Someone gets upset, then they don't talk about it or work it out. Then it stirs up inside of them so that everything about the other person starts to bug them. They start to assume what the other person is thinking (when most of the time you ask, and its not the case... people think so differently, you can never assume) and then the longer it goes on, the harder and harder it becomes to forgive and move on. This can go for any relationship. If I marry someone that has those two qualities (forgiving and good communicator), I will count myself very lucky. I know that we would be able to work through anything. I work on this all the time with my roommates. We don't understand each other all the time, but we have always been able to communicate and see the other persons side and forgive each other and we never stay upset at each other for long. We have been happy roommates for 2 years.

I know that it is not always this simple, but I feel like it is something that everyone can improve on. If people put this into action on a daily basis, there would be a lot more love towards other people, a lot more love in relationships, and maybe some marriages wouldn't end.Sometimes I think the reason why it hurts so much is because you love and care about them. Look outside of yourself. Be the bigger person and apologize, even when you don't think it is your fault. If nothing else, it will start communication to understanding each other better. I know there are always exceptions. And sometimes we try and the other person doesn't care enough to put the effort back, but at least you know that you did the right thing. You tried and you can feel better knowing you did everything you could. It is never too late to improve on relationships. And while we are talking about love. I love you all! Thanks for loving and supporting me and caring what is going on in my life. It means a lot to me.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Catching Frogs

I have been seeing a lot of animals lately. First I caught salamanders. Then, on Monday after FHE, I decided to go on a later run. As I am approaching the home stretch of my run, I run past a pretty large deer that is dead on the side of the road. A few more steps and I see one of the deer's antlers. Then a little further up there was a dead pheasant with its pretty tail feathers scattered everywhere. Then I look up and I see Sara (the one I tutor with) and her roommate Erica chatting away by the blue roof chapel right there. That is A LOT more than I usually see in my regular run. Maybe I should go later at night more often! Come to find out they were standing there (a little far away from home for a night chat) because Sara had hit the deer. Didn't work out so much for her car, but at least she is okay. I told her that she should have a funeral for the deer.

Tonight when I got home, I saw two Matt's from the Matt apartment talking to my neighbor. Matt (that I spent Saturday with catching Salamanders) wanted to show our neighbor our salamanders. Anyway... one of them was looking pretty skinny, so we felt like we needed to catch them some food. I don't want to be the cause of their death! I want to see them change, they can't die yet. So Matt and I head to the park with a net  and go to try and catch bugs. Because it was dark, we didn't see any bugs. However, there were a lot of little small fish in the pond, so we caught some to feed to the salamanders.

While standing around the pond catching fish... we kept hearing this weird noise. I can't even say that the noise even sounded like an animal, but we were surrounded by bats and that was about it... so we couldn't figure out what was making that noise. Then we figured out it was frogs croaking! So then we wanted to catch frogs! They are so fun, why not? Plus, I was not really ready to leave the park yet... I mean it was a beautiful night. There was a breeze, the moon was reflecting off of the pond water.... it was just nice to be out and at the park. I love summer nights! First we caught a smaller frog and played with him for a while. He then escaped back to the pond. Then we realized there was a HUGE bull frog. We wanted to catch it, but he was too far out in the water. I had just taken a shower, so I was not about to set foot in that pond, especially after seeing the dead goldfish floating. Turns out Matt wanted to catch it pretty bad. He got in the pond (really quiet so not to scare the frog off) with his shoes and long pants and got in waste deep and caught the frog. It was awesome! He brought it out and then it started playing dead. It was pretty funny. We played with it for a while and showed it to a few people and then it went back to the pond. We decided though that we would like to go back and catch it again and see if there are anymore big ones in there. So funny that we go out there "real quick" to catch bugs and then ended up staying a long time frog catching. Here are some pictures I took.

Here is the baby frog we found.

Here is Matt getting into the nasty pond, sneaking up on the huge frog. Caught it first try!

Here is the frog playing dead, and Matt with his victory catch! I think he thought it was worth turning into the swamp thing to catch him.

It defiantly brought entertainment to me tonight! I have been living next to this park with this pond for YEARS and I had no idea we had awesome frogs so close by. I feel like I have been missing out. It's okay though, I think Matt and I will be back for more this summer.

photo of the week 21


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Make New Friends, but Keep the Old!

One is silver, the other is gold!

Tonight, after going to tutoring, I got together with Veda and Katie! In my opinion, I don't see these girls enough. We live so close, but then will go so long without seeing each other. I love them though. We all know each other so well, its so good to get together, catch up and pour out our souls to each other since we know each other so well and then be there for each other to support and uplift one another. We went to get ice cream (which is always good for the soul) and then we happened to run into Kendra, also a friend from back home. I love it! I love seeing all my friends from Santa Barbara because it makes it seem like I am not so far away from home. We had a great time. I hope this will be happening more often (hint hint).
Thanks girls for always being amazing friends for the past 15+ years! It is so nice to have that understanding, love and support. You mean a lot to me!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Secret Lake

Saturday, AFTER the tea party I went on an adventure with my friend Matt. Remember the apartment group date that I made the shrimp pot pies for? Matt was the guy I went on that date with. I didn't get any pictures then, but you can see one now.
Anywho, Matt and I both volunteer for the tutoring program. He usually goes on Thursdays and I usually go on Tuesday's, but from time to time we are there on the same night. A while back we were walking some of the kids home and one of the kids had a net. We asked if they had caught anything and they said no. It reminded me of when I was a kid. One of my FAVORITE summer activities was catching tadpoles at the creek in my neighborhood. I would do it for HOURS! I just couldn't get enough. I would bring a bucket to the creek and see how many tadpoles and frogs I could catch. I didn't use a net, just my hands. I would bring home the bucket and I had an aquarium that I would keep them in and watch them develop into cute little frogs. One time I found a turtle in the creek and brought it home. I wonder if my parents ever got tired of my obsession with animals and creatures. Anyway, just the thought of it brought back such great memories. I guess Matt was the same way. So we talked about doing it at some point this summer.
Well... Saturday was the day! He came and picked me up at 3pm and we set off for Salt Lake, then went up into the mountains to Alpine. Because we were so high up, it was a lot cooler (which was awesome because the days are getting VERY hot). It was SO beautiful up there. We brought a net and a bucket so we could catch tadpoles at the lake. I had never been there before (neither had he) so we both didn't know what to expect. It was a mile hike to the lake. A beautiful hike. Tons of streams and wildflowers. I loved it.
*We saw this little guy on our way up for the hike*

We got to the lake and we walked around looking for tadpoles. We didn't find any tadpoles... but what we did find were Salamanders! I had never seen one before! They are so cool. So we decided to catch Salamanders instead, which might be even cooler than catching tadpoles. They are fast little swimmers. We ended up catching 5. I caught two big ones, Matt caught two big ones and then Matt caught a little baby. I just couldn't stop staring at them. They look like little Dragon's. In fact.... they reminded me of the movie "How to train your Dragon". Awesome little creatures. We were a big hit with the kids once we started catching them. We stayed at the lake for a while, and when we were ready to go, we decided to let two of the big ones go and then take the rest home. Just like when I was a kid, I wanted to see them finish developing!

So we hiked a mile back with a bucket of Salamanders, had a great time chatting and then on the way home we stopped for dinner and then when he dropped me off at home at 11pm, we put the Salamanders in my water fountain in the back. More space to swim around than in the bucket. So now I get to watch them everyday in my backyard. Love it. Matt stayed for another couple of hours just chatting and then we both headed to bed. It was a long fun filled day. Matt and I ended up spending a solid 10 hours together! You know someone is awesome when you can go on a 10 hour date with them and not get tired or bored of them. :o)

If you have not been on the hike to Secret Lake, I totally recommend it! It is a pretty easy hike. I did it in flip flops and there were lots of kids doing the hike. This is a beautiful time of year to go up there and it is a nice way to get away from the heat!

P.S. What should I name my new pet Salamanders?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Tea Party

Remember when I had the Pride & Prejudice Tea Party? That was great and all, but what I really wanted to have was a summer tea party outside at the park... where everyone was dressed up with hats, like you see in the movies? I have seen so many cute pictures of other tea parties (mostly kids). I saw this one picture of a few little girls sitting around a table, all of the girls had flowers in their hair and they were sitting on suite cases and sipping from their tea cups. A-Dorable! Well, since I don't want to grow up.... I just decided I would throw a cute tea party. Why not? I have already discovered that my friends like to play as much as I do. So on Saturday morning (Brunch) we did just that. It was beautiful and it was fun. Everything that I wanted. Everyone had so much fun AND talked in British accents the whole time! Here are some of the pictures from the event.

Somehow we got one of the guys in our ward (Isaac) to be our waiter. He dressed up and everything. I think he was just as excited as we were for this party. :o)

We had an extra table set up for the food.

I made every girl a name tag for where they were going to sit.

And of course, everyone wore hats! Here is mine. It was just white, but then I added some ribbon and some flowers.

Here are all of the girls that came! From left to Right.
Jeanna, Mieka, Lorelie, Whitney, Karianne, me and Kailey. Sarah was also supposed to come but I guess she was injured.

Today at church... it was amazing how many people already knew about this event. Awesome things spread fast I guess. :o)
Thanks to all who helped make this happen. I seriously have the coolest friends... Seriously! We have so much fun and I am so thankful for them in my life.