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Friday, July 29, 2016

The Math Van

I mentioned before that we took Daniel's dad's van, which has his business advertised on it. I guess he does Math tutoring for kids? The van say's on it "Follow me to better grades" and it has a couple of happy kids on both sides of the van, one of them is dressed like Einstein. It's an awesome van and we made jokes about the Math Van along the way to Havasupai.

When we got to the parking lot of Havasupai and we parked to try and get some sleep before making the hike... I couldn't sleep. It was hot in that van. It was much cooler outside. After trying to get some sleep and failing, I finally just got out of the van and sat outside to get some cooler air. It is almost 2am and I am waiting for Daniel to wake up so that we can get going and start our hike. In fact, I am waiting for everyone to wake up. All of the sudden a group of wild horses trots by and I hear Spencer on the other side of the Van. I guess he had been laying down over there. He gets up and starts talking with me.

It's dark and I am tired... but I start staring at the Math Van. I'm thinking... this kid doesn't look right. Why is this kid so creepy? Is my mind playing tricks on me because it's dark and I'm tired or does this kid not have eyes all of the sudden? I couldn't figure it out. I point it out to Spencer. He agrees that the child looks like a creepy demon. The more I stare at it, the more I'm freaking out. Why is he so creepy? Why doesn't he look like he has eyes anymore? Then Spencer notices and points out to me that the Window is rolled down... therefore making his eyes disappear. I guess I was too tired to notice that on my own.... but then we just started laughing so hard at it. Mind you... lots of other people are trying to sleep in the parking lot before they start their hike down. Everyone now hates us.... Daniel is now finally awake so that we can get our stuff together to start our hike which I am very anxious to start.... but how funny is this? We joked about it for the rest of our trip and after we were all home from the trip, Daniel sent these pictures. Which of course me laugh so hard and I had to share.

Good times in the Math Van!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 334

There isn't too much to write about since I blogged about the entire Havasupai experience which took up much of the week. It was a really great trip. The group worked well together (besides Becky and Matt who did their own thing) and everyone had a great time. The end with the helicopter drama made for a little bit of a rough ending for some, and of course we were all pretty tired on the long drive home, but we got home safe and sound and had a great trip and that's what it important. I'm really glad that I was able to put it together and everyone came. Great trip.

Although I didn't get home and showered and ready for bed until 3am (which happens to be when we woke up to hike to the village to get in line for the helicopter the day before) ... I still had to get up early for work on Tuesday. It was hard, but that is how I typically handle coming back from my trips because I don't want to take extra days off to recover from my trips. As nice as that would be... my days off are precious and I would rather use them on travel than recovering from travel. So I just deal with being tired. Plus... it is quarter end and I don't think they would have been thrilled about me taking any more time off than I already did. So into work I went and then after work it was back to working out with Josh. My feet are still recovering and my leg is a little sore. I think a strained something in my leg... I was limping on it towards the end of the trip. So I'm glad I missed leg day. I was able to get right back into working out without too much trouble. When I reported to Josh how easy that 10 mile hike with my backpack was, he was proud of me. The personal training is paying off!

Turns out my 12 weeks with Josh are up. Sad. What I thought was going to be the longest 3 months of my life actually passed by quite quickly. I'm obviously not where I wanted to be. Stopped making progress (losing weight) because I got comfortable eating sweets when I was making such great progress in the beginning. SOOOOO.... I am signing up for another 12 weeks. I need to take the next 12 weeks more seriously with my diet. Not that I wasn't before, but more strict than last time. I think I can do it. Since my time is up, I am going to take the rest of this week off. With quarter end there is no point in trying this week. Sad to say that, but it's true. I would start up next week, but Josh is going to be out of town... so looks like I will start back up on the 8th. Hopefully I don't lose too much progress in almost 2 weeks off! I'm excited for another round.

Other than that... I already blogged about my patio dinner with my friends... which was great, as usual... and I have just been at work doing quarter end and recovering from my trip.. unpacking, doing laundry, going through pictures. I need to work on putting the video together now. So much work I don't want to do. ha ha. But I will eventually because I like having it. Anyway, that is all for me this week.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Photo of the Week 332

I know that I already posted this picture in my post about Havasupai, but I love it so much that I have to post it again as my picture for the week. #SorryNotSorry

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Havasupai - Take 2

When I went to Havasupai in October 2013, I honestly didn't know if I would go again. Not because I didn't think it was great, it's just hard to get permits and it's kind of a big ordeal to get it together and go. However, over the last couple of years... as I have become more outdoorsy and adventures and bought better outdoor/camping gear (which I started because of my last trip to Havasu) I started to get the itch to go again. Last time I went, the trip was SO short, I just got a teaser of it really. I wanted to go again and spend quality time there and experience it the way I wasn't able to the first time. Plus I had better gear this time around for it to be more comfortable and enjoyable.

Luckily I was invited to an event (Tigabo) at Havasupai this summer by one of my Instagram followers... since I wasn't able to reserve permits myself because I couldn't ever get through the lines. Also lucky that I had a group of friends that had never been and really wanted to go. So I put it together. Since I had been before, I knew the drill.

Well, the adventure happened this last weekend. It was great! Where do I begin? Although I had been before, this time was going to be a little different. I was going to be there longer and it was going to be HOT. Last time I went it was the fall. We left Thursday morning to drive to the Grand Canyon and get there that night. To beat the heat, we wanted to hike at night. At least I did. I was actually really nervous about hiking in the heat because I do NOT do well int he heat. I just don't. I know this, so I prepared for it the best I could. We got to the parking lot to where you start hiking a little after 10:30pm. We got there just in time to pick up our Tigabo Swag bags. A few started hiking right away after that, but the rest of us decided to take a nap for a few hours before hiking the 10 miles. I may have dozed off a couple of times, but I couldn't sleep. I was anxious to get the hike over with. A little before 3am we started our 10 mile hike with our packs. I remembered last time that I got bad blisters and my heel was bleeding and I lost a toenail from that hike. So I brought blister tape to prepare. However, my new hiking shoes are amazing. My feet were tired (to be expected) but they didn't hurt nor did I have any blisters. So that part was great. I also am in great shape from my personal trainer (Thanks Josh) so the hike with my pack was not bad at all! Not hiking in the heat helped a ton. I also have gotten pretty good at packing light from all of my backpacking trips... so I probably had the lightest pack out of the group. I didn't weigh it before my trip, I weighed it after my trip... so adding food and water to that weight, I'm guessing my pack was 35 lbs or so. That is really good for a 3 day 3 night backpacking trip! So far so good! We hiked 8 miles to the village in about 3 hours. Not bad. Once we got to the village, we rested for about an hour before hiking the last 2 miles to the campsite. We rested longer than I wanted to. I just wanted to get there and set up camp because it got to be 100 degrees outside. Once the sun came up, it got hot fast! I think by 9am it was already over 90 degrees. Don't want to be hiking in that with a pack on.

We made it to camp before 9am. It was already so hot. We luckily found a pretty decent campsite that we could all hang our hammocks (since that is how we were all going to be sleeping) AND we were by the river. big win! We were right by the path that goes through camp, but most of the spots are, so we were ok with it. So the rest of that day we set up our camp (so glad I brought my tarp for shade) and played in the river by our campsite and took naps to recover from our hike in. I have to say, I LOVED hammock camping. Sleeping in a hammock is SO much more comfortable than on a sleeping pad on the ground. Plus, it was so hot, I don't know how anyone slept in a tent. I even brought my twinkle lights. So great.

The next day we decided to make the trek to Beaver Falls. That is another 8 miles round trip from the campsite. Not a flat 8 miles, that is 8 miles trekking in and out of water and climbing and in chacos that were tearing up my feet. Of course we had some swimming in there to beat the heat and the scenery from the hike is all worth it. In that 8 mile hike you first pass Moony Falls. The way down to Moony Falls is a climb. I actually remembered it being a lot scarier than it was for me this time. I don't know if that is because this time I was wearing more secure shoes than flip flops or if it's because I'm also stronger and in better shape and had an easier time climbing up and down. I don't know, but this time, it didn't scare me at all. Moony Falls is powerful and gorgeous.

Then it was on to the rest of the trek to Beaver Falls. Beautiful green plants, red rock and turquoise water.

Then we enjoyed the falls before hiking back to camp.

Day 3 we decided to spend at Little Navajo Falls and 50 ft Falls which is right next to it. I was pretty excited to go, because last time I saw it from the hike to and from the village, but didn't get to spend any time there or see it up close. It was cool enough that we ended up spending the entire afternoon there. We swam, some did some cliff diving, and I even made friends with a lady who told us about a secret cave behind the waterfall where you have to swim under the wall to get behind the waterfall. That was the scariest part for me, because I don't open my eyes under water, so I couldn't see where to go. However one by one everyone was going and not coming back, so they were either dead or made it to the secret cave (which they call the green room). One of the guys swam under the wall and was on the other side and stuck out his hand for me to hold and he pulled me under and in the cave. I was happy about that. If I had goggles, I would have had no problem... to me it was not being able to see where I was going or how far that made me nervous... but eventually we all made it in the room behind the waterfall. We swam there all day and had no idea that it was there until someone told us about it. How cool is that? To leave the cave, there is a little opening where the waterfall is shooting down. you exit that way. It was a fun little adventure. Navajo Falls is beautiful and I was really glad that I was able to spend time there this go around. I loved it.

The most photographed waterfall there is Havasu Falls. That is right next to camp, so we went there a few times. While we were there at Havasupai, there was a group of divers. Now, typically if you dive off of the waterfall, you would get fined because it is dangerous and people have died in the current of the waterfall before, but because this was a group of professional divers, I am pretty sure they got special permission to dive there. So we found out when they were diving and we went to watch.
I also did Glowga there one night (Yoga with glow sticks) with the Tigabo group we were there with which was pretty cool. Plus we just would hang out there because it is beautiful. I even caught a great sunset there which ended up being the best picture I took on that entire trip (in my opinion)
*Side note. Allison, Becky and I had to get this picture together. Back in January we got a picture together on the yurt trip. We said our next picture together was going to hopefully be at Havasupai if we could get permits. We weren't sure if it would happen or not, but here we are. Some wishes do come true.

Last day we hiked to the village, and went through a mini war over the helicopter out. That is kind of a long story, so I don't really want to write it all out, but there were over 100 people wanting to helicopter out and some people spent the night at the village to be in the front of the line, we got up at 3am and got there by 4am... but in the end, it didn't matter because the Natives don't care who is there first, they put down the clip board of the list and whoever gets their first to put their name gets to go first. I ended up having fun waiting around with a bunch of strangers and even made some new friends. The helicopter ride out was awesome and I was SO excited because I got to sit up front next to the pilot which IS the best view.

After we all got to the car, we said goodbye to Allison and Kassie and we had our 9 or 10 hour drive home. Everyone was tired and ready to be home by that point, but overall, we had a great trip with a group group of people. I'm glad I put it together and I am glad it all worked out. I'm also glad that I have Instagram followers that let me know about it because otherwise we might not have been able to go. So glad I was able to do round 2 of Havasupai. It was a different trip than the first time and I will even go as far to say that it was even a better trip than the first time. I am thankful for friends that adventure with me!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Patio Dinner Party - Take 5

I can't believe this is my 5th summer patio dinner party. Obviously I love doing it. I love an excuse to make a fancy dinner and have my friends over. Also love taking advantage of perfect summer evenings.

My friends are great too. This group doesn't get together enough. I'm glad I could bring us together though. Everyone enjoyed the food and had a great time together... which is why I do it.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Lincoln's Newborn Photo Shoot

Chad and Clara asked me to take pictures of Lincoln. I'm not quite done editing yet, but here are some that I thought turned out pretty well. He's a cute baby. Love this little guy already.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 333

I'm on my way to Havasupai!!! I'm excited, but nervous. Nervous about hiking in the heat all weekend. But we shall see how it goes. First lets recap the week.

I guess I already blogged about some of it, like going to Cecret Lake again and making a new great friend. Seriously... I love when that happens, when you just connect with people and become instant friends. It doesn't happen often. I just wish it would happen with my roommates. Ugh!

I also had two Tinder dates... well, more like hang outs over the weekend. Both not great. One guy was super nice but there was just no connection. I could tell he was into it and I just wasn't and I wish that he could tell so that I didn't have to tell him, but when he contacted me the next day... I had to tell him. I hate doing it, but I also believe in being honest and not playing games. I think it is better to hear from the person in a nice way that they are not feeling it instead of just all of the sudden ignoring the person, which is what most people do. I don't like it when guys do that to me, so I try not to do that to them. Anyway. The other one... it seemed to start out ok conversation wise, but he was a know it all and very full of himself and kind of a Delta Bravo (as my cousin Trav would put it) so there went that as well. I think by the end we both knew it wasn't great and we haven't talked since. ha ha. I'm ok with that. Maybe one day I will find a guy that it just clicks with. All these years.... has to happen sometime right?

Sunday was the usual. Church, family dinner. Sunday is always a nice day. I also took pictures of baby Lincoln after dinner. So I will edit those when I get back from Havasupai and you will be seeing some of those pictures. I think they turned out well. Lincoln was the most sleepy baby I have taken pictures of so far... which is nice. Makes it easier to get pictures.

After I got back from family dinner, my friend Becky and I headed to the park to go test out some camping equipment. I'm never worried about this stuff, but Becky worries about everything. So she let me know how important it was for us to try out some of our new equipment that we hadn't used yet.... to make sure it worked and we knew how to set it up and all of that. I really wasn't worried about the Jetboil. Seemed pretty easier to use (and it is) and I didn't think there would be anything wrong, which there wasn't. We also went to the park so we could do a test run with the tarp that I had bought to bring on the trip in case it rains, which I don't think it is going to. It was actually harder to put up than I thought it was going to be, but by the time we were doing it, it was also dark outside. Don't think that helped. We got it up and were the only ones in the back of the park... sitting there talking. All of the sudden I see 5 bucks with big racks run by and they come and stand right next to us. They chilled there for a while.... just eating grass, looking at us looking at them. We were talking at a normal volume, but they were not concerned by us obviously. It was pretty cool. having 5 big bucks 5 feet away from us. Such majestic animals. I tried to get a picture, but it was really too dark. It was one of the highlights of my night though. After 5 or so minutes hanging out with us... some other people came along and scared them away. Shame.

The rest of my week honestly hasn't been very exciting. Just been going to work and then working out with Josh... which I am just about done with my 12 weeks. Can you believe it? In the beginning I thought 12 weeks was going to take forever... and it ended up flying by. I'm going to sign up for another 12 weeks when I get back from my trip.

Other than working and working out... I have just been getting ready for my trip. Trying to plan out food I can pack in my backpack that won't go bad. Trying to figure out last minute items that I should bring that would make my camping/backpacking experience better or more comfortable. I got some tape for when I get blisters. I didn't have that last time. It's not a matter of if, it's when. With that amount of hiking in just a few days.... it IS going to happen. Let's be honest. I am on my way though and I think I am set. I feel good about the way I packed and I think that I have the lightest pack out of our entire group. Which means it will be a slightly easier 10 mile hike for me than everyone else. I'm excited.

It has been nice because Daniel borrowed his dad's business van. So that we could all go together. Well, except for Allison and her friend Kassie. They met up with us in Las Vegas. It's a math Van... which is hilarious. I will have to show pictures later. Anyway, it has been fun riding all together. Except the friend Becky brought, Matt, nobody likes him, including me. Hopefully it gets better on the trip, but I'm not counting on it. I think we are going to try and get some sleep before we start hiking at 2 in the morning. Should be interesting. This is definitely going to be a different experience from the last time I went to Havasupai. That is good though, that is why I wanted to go again.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Photo of the Week 331

Love when the wildflowers are in bloom in the mountains. Another shot from Cecret Lake Trail.