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Monday, December 31, 2012


Today I worked.... but not really, because there was nothing to do. So I talked with my co-workers while eating apple pie, then checked my email and went on Pintrest for a while and then my co-workers went out to lunch (on Novell).  Then we came back to work like 2 hours later and then shortly after that they let me go home early... which was great because I then got stuff done that I needed to... like buy food. I didn't have any food because I was going to my parents house everyday.

I then got home and got ready... tried to dress up a little more since it was New Years Eve and all. What if I got a kiss at midnight? I need to look good in case such things occur. (Spoiler alert... that didn't happen). I hung Sarah and I went with Megan to her cousin's house and hung out. We were all going to go to our stake party together. It was going to be a dance. We were all in the mood for dancing. I told them all what I predicted would be played... which I was correct on all of them by the way. I knew that Gangnam Style would be played... so we all learned the dance from YouTube and practiced in the living room to prepare. When it came on at the dance we were prepared and danced our little hearts out.

The dance was a typical stake dance. There is a reason why I had not been to one in years. I'm too old for them. They never change. They had a terrible DJ, it was a young crowd (because most of the older folks know better) and it was never a big crowd. However, a party is what you make of it. My friends and I are awesome. We love to dance. We wanted to get our groove on, and so we did... and gosh darn it we had fun doing it. So.... that is how I spent my New Year's Eve. Mostly with these lovely people.
*picture taken with Sarah's phone.... so not the best quality, but I'm glad it was documented.

Not the most exciting NYE in the world.... but not the worst either. No matter what I do, I'm happy as long as I am in good company. I was for sure tonight. Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sky Lanterns

Have you seen Tangled? If so, and you are like me... you have wanted to see floating sky lanterns ever since. For some reason, I thought I would have to go to Asia to some festival in order to see them. I mean... I would still love to do that too, but until then... turns out you can buy them online. So I bought them. I bought 40 of them this summer. It seemed like a summer thing to do, probably because summer nights are so perfect. I didn't end up doing it this summer because there were so many fires and I heard they were illegal. So they sat in a box.

As my 30th birthday approached, I wondered what I wanted to do. I wanted to make it special and do something different. Then it hit me. I wanted to float 30 sky lanterns for my 30th birthday. How magical would that be? Now that it is freezing and snowy outside, there were no worries of starting any fires. When my roommates asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, I told them this was the only thing I cared about doing. I didn't want a party, I just wanted to float lanterns. Since my roommates are amazing, I ended up getting both.

In the beginning of December, I was hoping for snow... so I didn't have to worry about anything catching on fire. Then right before my birthday and on my birthday... it wouldn't stop snowing. even though I knew I could still float the lanterns in the snow (because I looked it up) I still wanted it to stop for a better sky lantern experience. I also wanted people to come. It snowed all day and night, but right before we went out to the park to float the lanterns, it stopped snowing. The sky was clear and everything was beautiful and bright all covered with fresh snow. It was a birthday miracle.

I didn't get as many as I would have liked to float the lanterns, but there were enough people to let off a handful at a time, which made the fun last longer for us instead of getting a bunch of people to just let one off all at the same time (which also would have looked cool). Some of my closest friends were there, and that is all that matters. The lanterns also attracted some strangers.... like Gill, who was already at the park when we got there, smoking. We ran out of matches pretty quick and Gill heard us say we needed a lighter, so he came over and helped us light all of the lanterns and I let him float some off too. There were also people in the ward who saw the lanterns and came over to check them out. My roommate Sarah, who was meeting us there said she could see them from the road and they looked amazing. Everyone said it was the coolest thing. Thank you to those who came. It meant a lot to me since it was the one thing I wanted to do. Also a big thanks to my BFF Neighbor Darrell for taking all of these awesome pictures. Everything was perfect.

It was so magical and awesome that I decided a video needed to be made. And it should be made with the song from Tangled playing in the background. So... I put together this video. I kind of love it.

It all couldn't have turned out better. Turns out Winter is the time to do this activity. I would love to do it again sometime. It was that epic. It was seriously so beautiful and magical... it was exactly what I wanted. Perfect for my 30th birthday.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Canvas Craft

My sisters and I are all crafty. We love to be creative and make stuff. While we were all together over Christmas break, we decided we wanted to have a craft night. I should have documented it... but because of children... we were not all together a lot of the time, nor did we all finish at the same time. Anyway, we all took a trip to Hobby Lobby together and we bought canvas and supplies. I already had canvas... but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it yet. Actually... none of us did. By night, when we were going to do our canvas art, we had each come up with an idea. I wish I had a picture of all my sisters canvas art... because everyone's was different, but cute. I do have a picture of mine though, so I will share that.

Remember when I made this quick craft to hang above my piano? Well, it was cute... and it has been hanging there ever since I made it, but I thought of something else I could hang there instead. I had 4 small canvases, and I wanted them to all go together to make a bigger piece of art. I still wanted it to involve sheet music... because it was still going to hang above my piano.

I painted each canvas a neutral color. I then found some old sheet music online that I printed out and cut. Then I used some mod podge to glue the paper to the canvas. After that dried, I printed out a picture of a tree that I liked and tried to copy it as best as I could as I painted it across the 4 canvases. I added a couple of birds... went over the whole thing with mod podge again and then glued on some flowers that my sister had bought.

I was unsure about it at first. I mean... I loved my idea, but I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. I really loved how it turned out though. I think it goes a little better than the last craft did. I love my little music area of the living room, and I love having art that goes with the area.

Close up... so you can see the flowers and details.

Finished project. It feels good to be crafty.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Flashback Friday 97

Bringing in the New Year in 2004 back home. Fancy party at a mansion. I remember feeling very under dressed at this party.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 150

This week has been pretty much the opposite of last week. Totally relaxing. I have gotten to sleep in, hang out with the family and get some things done. I haven't even had to worry about food because pretty much every meal has been at my parents house. It has been so nice. I have loved spending time with my family and I have loved having a break from work.

It has been so fun to watch all of my nieces and nephews. It is so cute to see how they act and the things that they say. Reanne and Asher were on a kick for like two days with the game 'What if Tracy married …" they came up with all kinds of interesting answers and were getting a big kick out of it. I guess that is what happens to the only single one in the family. Although I don't love that I am the only single one… I love being an Aunt to all my cute nieces and nephews. They are seriously the best. I am already missing everyone and not everyone has even left yet.

My sisters and I got to have a craft night while they were all here. We talked about doing many things… not all of them happened, but craft night did, which I am happy about. My sisters and so talented and crafty and I am always inspired by them. We decided to do canvas art. We all went a totally different direction with what we did with our canvas, but they were all super cute. I will be blogging about what I did with mine soon.

I had a thought today. I want to write a book for my future children to read when they get older. I think I will call it "Finding THE Jacket - A search for Love" or something like that… and it will be all about my dating experiences and funny guy stories and my heartbreak of thinking I found the one and then not working out and continue up until I get married and finally find love. I'm thinking it should be a pretty entertaining read for my kids when they get to dating age.

Since the year is coming to a close, I am starting to get strong desires to do things… like diet and exercise (big time) and clean and organize. I also have desires to make changes with myself… and my blog, decorating, etc… I just want to change things up. Why do these desires come at the start of a new year? Maybe it is all in hope of a new better year. Which… I am hoping for.

On Sunday, Reanne was bored and so Lori suggested to her that she throw me a surprise birthday party. That was all that she needed and then Reanne went to work. Reanne asked Lori what I liked and Lori told her I liked karaoke. After dinner, Reanne was ready. First she gave me a cute card that she had made. Second she started the surprise party which started off with jokes, which were really just compliments to me. The jokes were: Q: How do elephants fly? A: Because super Tracy the Fashion esta throws them in the air! Q: How do Ladies look? A: Well, they should look like Tracy… Q: Why did the Rooster cross the road? A: Because Tracy was on the other side and she is so attractive. Ha ha. How great is that? Then she had a microphone ready and she had me come up and sing a solo. When I was done singing, she gave a thumbs up as a que to everyone else in the room to clap and ask for my autograph. She had given everyone in the room a little piece of paper that said "Tracy's Autograph" on it for them to give me to sign my name on. It was so cute. You want to feel like a million bucks? Have Reanne plan a surprise party for you. ha ha. I felt pretty awesome. 

It is pretty awesome... my friend Theresa gave me this Santa Mickey for my birthday when we were in 1st or 2nd grade. I'm not sure how it stuck around for so long.... but it is still around. It stays in my parents Christmas play basket for the kids... and now I have nieces that are the same age I was when I first got it. I need to tell Theresa that her present is still around and is still being enjoyed. Can't say that about many things you have received throughout your life. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Photo of the Week 148

We had a white Christmas. Dan and the kids made the cutest snow bear you will ever see. :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Christmas

Christmas... when did that happen? It came so quickly. I have been having a blast with my family in town. So fun to hang with my sisters and play with all of the kids. I even spent the night at my parents house last night so I could be there when the kids woke up to open presents. I also made breakfast for everyone. My yummy breakfast casseroles. One savory and one sweet.

We let all the kids open their presents and then the adults opened their presents after. Sierra made me this cute wreath at school. I thought it was so sweet that she thought of me while she was at school and made me something. Love her.

We drew names again this year. This year I had the Hixon family. Our theme last year was emergency preparedness. That was easy. This year it was a gift that started with their initials. It took me a while to think of something for Jamie & Dan Hixon.... but I finally came up with (with a little help from my mom) a Jammie Date at Home. I bought them jammie's and a movie (The Dark Knight Rises) and some snacks for their movie. Lori had me. She went for my full name, Tracy Jean Mills. She said it was easy!  What did she give me? A Travel Jean Messenger Bag! Cute right? She even sewed the bag herself. I have the most talented crafty sisters. Seriously. Inside the bag she had a Trendy Jamberry Manicure set cause she knows I love to do my nails.... AND she had a bunch of food that started with M from Trader Joes! Such as Trader Joes Mangos! She went to town. What a cute and cleaver gift. Thanks Lori!

We kept the Mills Family tradition and we went Christmas Caroling to neighbors. It was freezing and very slippery with the ice but everyone had a good time overall. We then came home and did a little family time with telling stories of the true meaning of Christmas. Then I had a made hot chocolate again and brought over my left overs from the hot chocolate bar at my house. Nice warm up after being in the freezing cold.

We definitely had a white Christmas this year. Some kids wanted to play in it.... others did not. I have not played in it as much as I would like to. I can't believe I only have a few more days with my family in town and a few more days of no work. It goes by so quick! Never get to do everything you want to do or plan on doing.

Lori and I made cute Christmas treats for Christmas evening. We made Santa Hats (brownies, cream cheese frosting and raspberries), snow men (donuts with candy corns) and ornaments (Oreo truffles with Reese's cups on top). With so many people in the house... the treats go fast, which is a good thing.

Besides that... we have shopped and watched movies... and cook for all the people in the house! Just hanging out at my parents house having a grand time with my family. Thank goodness my parents moved into a house where there is room for everyone!

Merry Christmas. Hope you are spending time with people you love.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Cruise

I had heard of the Provo River Christmas Cruise a couple of years ago and had been wanting to try it. When I found out that all of my family was coming to Utah for Christmas this year... My mom and I were brain storming ideas for different activities we could while we everyone was here and that would be fun for the kids. I brought up the Christmas Cruise . First day everyone was here (Friday), we went.

It is amazing to me how many things there are to do in Utah if you really look into it. I mean, I have lived here for almost 10 years and am constantly still finding new fun things to do. Including this. I don't think I would make a yearly tradition out of it, but it was fun to try once and despite the fact that it was freezing, I think that everyone, including the kids enjoyed it.

It was just a small boat ride that went up and down a section of the river. There were Christmas lights everywhere strung across the river and in the trees and it was beautiful because the lights reflected off of the water. They also had Christmas music playing while the boat was going. In the middle of the ride, Santa comes in a canoe! Santa gives out candy to everyone on the boat and tells a story. The kids were all excited to get a high five from him.

It was a fun little outing with the family. The beginning of a fun week ahead. So happy they are all here!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Roommate Christmas Dinner

My roommates and I like each other so much that we wanted to do something special together for Christmas. After watching one of Megan's favorite Christmas movies (The Family Stone) we commented how we loved that they dressed up for Christmas Eve Dinner. This was our inspiration. So we planned a Christmas dinner.

We moved the table into the living room so that we could have all the classy Christmas decorations... including the Christmas tree and all the nice lights. I also had Christmas music playing in the background and a candle on the table.

For dinner I made Chicken Cordon Bleu (one of my favorite dishes), Megan made a bruschetta type dish and Sarah made her salad that we love so much (we always put Sarah in charge of the salad).

I also pulled out some fancy glasses and we had blueberry grade cider. The whole meal was delicious and classy. Just the way I like it. Did I mention we all dressed up too? Well we did.

Towards the end of our meal we decided to have a toast for being blessed with great roommates and friends and we each talked about our hopes and dreams for 2013. It is always nice to reflect on the past year and think about what you want for the next year.

When we finished talking about our hopes and dreams for 2013, Josh randomly came over. I fully support this. I love Josh. It was funny because he had no idea what we were doing, but we had left over food for him and he just happened to be all dressed up! So he joined in and told us his hopes and dreams for 2013 as well.

It was a great intimate and classy setting to share some more great bonding time with my roommates. We all had a great time. So glad my roommates are up for this type of stuff. It's been a good year, but here's to hoping that 2013 is better!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Birthday Celebration

As I talked about on my birthday, I was not excited to turn 30. I wear my heart on my sleeves, everyone knew I was not excited for this birthday. It was a scary birthday for me. In birthday's past I have been excited to have parties. I have had glam birthday parties, small cute birthday parties and sometimes it has just been dinner with close friends.  This year, my roommates asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. They asked me if I wanted a party. I said no. I didn't want to make a big deal out of my birthday. My birthday is so close to Christmas that usually there are not a lot of people around on my birthday and I just didn't want to deal with it. I told my roommates that only thing I wanted to do for my birthday was float 30 lanterns in the sky for my 30th birthday. Rain, snow or clear sky...  I was going to float those lanterns. So they said okay.

I was gone for the 5 days right before my birthday. I went to California to sing at Disneyland. On my way back to Utah my roommates asked me when I was going to be home. This is normal. They are caring roommates that want to know when to expect me. My friend Liz also had text me asking me when I was going to get back because she had a Christmas present to give me and asked me if I would come over at 9:30 with my roommates. I got home at 9 and all I wanted to do was shower because I had been in the car all day. I felt and looked gross. I thought... well, I will just go over and grab the gift real quick and then go home and take a shower. My roommates and I went over to Liz's house. My neighbors Nate and Jason were outside the house shoveling the sidewalks. I thought... that's nice. There is a fresh snow and they are on top of their service. I figured maybe they home taught Liz and Steph. We walked in the house and there was a big SURPRISE!!!! Megan had walked in first so at first I was confused and was like.... who is the surprise for. I think I had a blank stare on my face as I tried to register what was going on. People could tell and then came up to me and said happy Birthday. THEN it registered.... oh my goodness, this is a surprise birthday party for me. I was shocked and a little overwhelmed. I was tired and felt gross... that was the first thought that ran through my head when I realized what was going on. I quickly got over that though and was so happy that my roommates and Liz had been so thoughtful. I had NEVER in my life had anyone throw me a surprise birthday party before. I had been to so many and always wished someone would care so much about me and been so thoughtful to throw me one. I think part of that is my own fault... I'm such a planner... I know if I want something to happen, I have to plan it to be the way I want.... so it probably makes it hard for people to plan over my plans. Ha ha. Anyway, my roommates and Liz were totally successful. I had NO idea. Surprise party NEVER crossed my mind. They had Nate and Jason shoveling the walkways because they thought I would notice a ton of footprints going to the door and wonder why. Now that I think of it, if Liz was going to give us gifts, she would have just come by the house and dropped them off. She really did have a gift for me and my roommates. I was just so surprised. I'm still so happy and thankful that they did that for me even though I said I didn't want a party. It was really sweet. I have the best roommates in the world. So my birthday began the night before. Thank you to Liz for hosting the party!

Thank you to Sarah for getting balloons for the party even though there is a helium shortage right now and they were hard to find.

Thank you to Megan for inviting everyone and making me a cake. It was SO GOOD. It was chocolate peppermint.

My roommates are seriously the best. Love them!

That night, I opened my birthday gift from Lolly. She is always so sweet and send me a birthday and Christmas gift. She made it clear that she wanted me to open it before my birthday because she wanted me to wear it on my birthday. It was a beautiful necklace. I made sure I dressed up and looked cute on my birthday so I could wear the necklace and look awesome on my birthday. :) Thanks Lolly. I took this picture and sent it to her.

The next morning, my actual birthday, I got ready for work and then came upstairs and I found a candy poster and a sweet card from my roommates. As if the surprise birthday party wasn't enough! They are seriously the best. I have also never had a candy poster made for me before. So cute. Loved it.

At work we went out to breakfast and for my birthday treat, we had cheesecake bites. I LOVE cheesecake. My co-workers are great.

After we were all done with work, my roommates continued to do sweet things for me and took me to dinner. We got Indian food. One of my favorites. Seriously could eat it all the time and be happy. I love spending time with my roommates.

I also had Sarah BTW come over and bring me a cupcake and a card. Love her, she is sweet. Lorelie got me a food tray and some chocolate.... for our next tea party of course. Love her. We always have a great time together. THEN... we did what I really wanted to do for my birthday. We floated the paper lanterns... like in tangled. I'm going to do a whole different post for this event, because it was that epic. However, I will leave you with one pictures that Megan took to get you excited for that post. It was truly magical. It was exactly what I wanted.  I guess I shouldn't forget all the people that wished me a happy birthday. I got one phone call, some messages on spokt, a few text messages and over 100 facebook messages from people saying happy birthday. It was nice.

It was a good birthday. A really good birthday. Who knew 30 was going to be such a great birthday. I'm glad it was. Thanks to all that played a part in that. I love you.