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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year for the stake Halloween Party, I dressed as Cleopatra. I have always wanted to dress up as Cleopatra, so I was excited to finally be able to do it. Rachel and I got to the party VERY late because we had dinner at her families house and they had a Mad Hatter Tea Party that was SO awesome. All the kids that went trick or treating at their house got to experience it. With that and getting lost on the way to the dance party (its at a cabin out in the middle of nowhere) we got there with an hour left. Which was sad. I was excited to dance. Oh well. Still got to see some friends and show off my costume and dance it up to a few songs.

After the party a bunch of people went to IHOP to hang out some more. I didn't get anything... just wanted to hang out with everyone. We had a good time. I love seeing everyone's costumes.

Here is the couple the won best Costume at the party. Well deserved. I snuck a picture, wish I would have gotten a better one, but they did an amazing job on their Avatar costumes!

Here are what my friends dressed up as. My friend Jennica is AWESOME and had the best Edward Scissorhands costume! I love it when people go all out. My friend Wes was an amazing Joker too! Oh and my friend Ashlee was also Cleopatra... but a different look than what I went for. She looked adorable, as always. Also... my friend Matt (the one I got frogs and salamanders with) was Steve Irwin. He actually made a perfect Stevo and its a perfect costume for him because he loves animals.

I loved my costume. It was so glam and fun.

Good idea with my costume... the bling eyelashes. Wish I had more excuses to wear these babies.

Bad idea with my costume, fake nails. They made me feel handicap and I couldn't do anything without them falling off. They looked cool for the maybe hour that I wore them. ha ha

Matt let me borrow his snake from his costume to pose with. I thought the snake was a nice accessory to my costume. Don't you think?

Happy Halloween! I hope you had a fun day!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Monster Mash House Party

Last night, after working for 12 or so hours at work (non stop craziness all day) I got home around 9:30pm and still somehow had some motivation to not only go to a Halloween party, but to put some face make up on and dress up. I do love to dress up and Halloween only comes once a year, so I didn't care how tired I was. I was going to party which was the last event of the "13 Days of Halloween"! Thankfully I didn't have to put much effort into getting awesome costumes this year. My good friend Rachel, her parents live in Orem and they have a basement full of decor and costumes. This also helped out our Pirate party... a lot. So, from the basement, I got the pirate costume for the party we threw, I got the costume for last nights party and a costume for tonight's party. Whats up now? It rocked... and saved me money. Rachel and her family is awesome.

The House party was at my friends Aileen & Jayna's house. They are some of the funnest and funniest girls that I know. They did a great job decorating and prepping the house for the party. I thought the party was a blast.

The hostesses of the party! Don't you love their costumes? I do. So creative and pretty.

Last year I did a post about my Halloweens Past costumes. This year I did 3 different costumes than years past for 3 different events. Native American Indian for the Trunk of Treat. You will have to find out in my next post what I wore to tonight's party and for the Monster Mash House Party? Elphaba! Which looking back on my post from last year I see that my sister Jamie suggested I should be her for Halloween. Good thing this was an option in the basement of costumes. :o) It was fun. Weird to see myself as green though.

Of course, like most parties in Provo... there was Rock Band to play. I do love that game.  Jess and I play expert all the way!

My friends at the party. Good times!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Trunk or Treat

You know how on Tuesday nights I go tutor the young kids at the Boulders community center in Provo? Well, as part of our 13 Days of Halloween and a service activity, we put on a Trunk or Treat for them since its not the safest place for them to go door to door for candy. I was pleasantly surprised not only how many people from the ward came, but also how much people got into the activity by dressing up and decorating their trunks. It turned out really great and the kids really loved it. It was fun to see some of the kids that I tutor in a different setting.

Here are all the trunks that participated. Rob's trunk was the most popular. He came dressed at Captain Jack Sparrow and in his trunk he set up 3 empty root beer bottles. He would give the kid the ball and depending on how many bottles they knocked over would depend how much candy they received. The kids went nuts for it. There was a long line the rest of the night for Rob's trunk. He is great. And he plays a great Jack Sparrow. :o)

Here are some of the kids that I tutor. So when I talk about the funny stories that go on every week... you can picture these cute kids. :o)

All my friends that participated. I love that my friends are into dressing up as much as I am. Thank goodness I have a costume box so I can dress up as something different to each event. It was such a great night. I know it meant a lot to the kids too.

Today at work, we also had kids come and trick or treat to all the different offices at Novell. I was SUPER busy, so it didn't help with that... but it was fun to have all the kids dressed up at work and coming to my office for candy. We had to put a sign up in our office Window to let the kids know we had candy and to stop in. My favorite costume I saw today was the family dressed as a Wendy's meal. I didn't know them, but I had to take a picture. It was also fun to meet my co-workers families. I had met some of them before, but not a lot of them. They only had all the trick or treaters for an hour and a half, so after that I was out of Candy and then it was back to work for me. It was a nice break though since i ended up being at work until past 9pm.
The other great part about the trick or treaters is that I got the cutest trick or treater of them all that came to my office to visit me. It was Todd & Christianne's baby. He was the cutest and they were nice enough to let me hold him as I took a mental break from my work and chatted with them and held their adorable son. LOVED it. They are awesome.

That about sums it up. Busy, but good. I love Halloween.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 37

I meant to write this a lot earlier in the day... like I normally do, but lets be honest, it has been really busy. It's Quarter End at work right now, so I have not had a lot of time at work to write blog posts as I usually do... like confessions on Thursday's. Today I wanted to poke my eyes out. I just kept being handed more and more stuff and not being able to get things done fast enough. I hate feeling behind. Some of the stuff I was being handed was really confusing which also made it really annoying. Thank goodness I have my own office. This way I can listen to music and sing. This helps me not stress out. Its amazing how well it works. Music does wonders for me. On top of that, I have been going to bed at 2 am every night this week and it has really been catching up to me. I have been having a hard time staying awake at work. I have been really tempted to go use the nap room at work, but that room still creeps me out just a little. A dark room with a bed in it sounds so appealing though when you are falling asleep at work. One day.... maybe....

It already feels like Winter. It is SO depressing. It snowed on Monday night and Tuesday morning. I almost started to cry. I have been wearing my Ugg Boots almost every day this week. It's totally depressing. I mean... I love my Ugg's and all, I just feel like it is too early to be wearing them. You know? *sigh* I have a feeling I will be taking many weekend trips to warm places this Winter.

You know what gets me madder than a hornet? (that was for my friend Jessica O... who always says that, and I love it) Coming home to a messy house. Seriously. I don't care what your room looks like, but the common area's need to be clean. ESPECIALLY the kitchen. I feel like the house maid. I am the only one that dumps the trash. Usually the only one that gets the mail and empties the dishwasher. Only one that wipes the counter and mops the floor. It gets old... fast. Especially when your roommates  cook 24/7. The past couple of days I have not been cleaning it up. I keep thinking someone has got to break down and do it. Today I came home from my crazy, wanting to poke my eyes out day at work and the kitchen not only did not get better, it got worse! I would have cleaned it up if I had time.... but I don't. I was running from one thing to the next today. When I got home from activity #1, I walked into the kitchen... still messy. Not only are the dishes piling up in the sink, but a lot of them are not even washed! GROSS!!  I keep thinking, maybe they are just busy and they are going to clean up after themselves when they have time. Nope. I came home and one was on the computer and the other one was playing the Wii. I think I may even be busier than they are, yet I still have time to be the house maid and not get paid for it. So... I work full time, go running, my calling (FHE) meetings, visiting teaching, Tutoring, Institute and other social activities and all church activities (all that my roommates don't attend) and then on top of that, in order to use the kitchen, I have to clean up after everyone else so that I can eat. Awesome. Times like these that I wish I could live by myself. Or trade out my roommates. Is that really mean of me to say? Sorry. I'm worn out.

This month has been SO crazy go nuts! I didn't even go out of town any of the weekends. It just flew by. I would say that next month will be more relaxed, but that would be a lie. I don't know when it will slow down for me. I feel like I have been going this way for months! In a way I really love it. It brings a lot of excitement to my life. On the other hand, I used to be very good at leading a very balanced life (I felt like) and I feel it is becoming a little unbalanced. Weighing VERY heavy on the social side. Which is not bad... and I love it, which is why I do it, but I do think I need to put a little bit more time back in to other things.... sleep being one of them. ha ha. I will work on that. Add that to my list of goals.

I think I found my next trip I want to go on next year at some point. I would be happy to go on more than one, especially if one involves Europe. But I am thinking sometime next year going to Egypt! Wouldn't that be awesome. Anyone want to go? Gate 1 (the same people I did the India tour through) have some AMAZING deals for Egypt. I would love to ride a camel to the pyramids. Think about it and let me know... although.... most of my readers are married and have kids... I think most of my readers are anyway. This is just a thought. Traveling is always on my mind.

So I went to Tutoring by myself on Tuesday. I ended up sitting next to two other girls there to tutor. We had 3 little boys come over and we all read together. When it came time to play games... I don't know who picked out the game, but the boys came back with the game "Battle of the Sex's". These boys were probably a little too young for this game, they were not going to know any of the answers most likely, but I think the game appealed to them because we play boys against girls. We ended up not really playing the game, but just reading the questions to each other to see who could get them. It was my turn to read one of the questions off of the card to the boys. The question was something like... What do you call putting semi-permanent color in your eyelashes , or something like that. I think the boys thought that I said or meant what do you use to do this. Real Answer? Tinting. Their answer? A Sharpie! We just busted up laughing for a few minutes. Just get a mental picture in your head of getting up in the morning and using a sharpie to color your eyelashes. It is a funny picture in my head, not sure about you. I love the kids at tutoring. Half the fun of going is just listening to them. All kinds of funny things come out of their mouths.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

So.... I know I just carved a pumpkin the other night, but.... that was just a little pumpkin and an after thought after dinner. I actually bought a big pumpkin just to carve as ANOTHER activity for the "13 Days of Halloween". I was going to use one of the patterns that came with my kit (which is where I got the owl one from the other night) but Jessica and I were looking online... and we saw something better that I really wanted to do.

We had a good group of people excited to carve pumpkins. Thankfully Marcus loves to cut lids and scrape out pumpkins, so I didn't have to do that part. He says it is getting him ready for surgery's one day when he becomes a doctor? Or something like that. (He is preparing for med school right now) I don't care. I didn't have to do it. I just got to carve and create the piece of art.

Jess and I both carved people into our pumpkins.

Here is how all the pumpkin carvings turned out. I thought everyone did a really good job! So fun to see what everyone comes up with.

This is Jay. We first met and became friends. Then we became facebook friends. Through facebook we discovered that we are 3rd Cousin's, or maybe Cousin's in law? I don't know what term it would be, but my Cousin, Brandon married his cousin, Rachel. I thought it was pretty awesome, so every time we see each other now, we call each other cuz. ha ha

The group.

Oh, wondering what awesome design I put in my pumpkin this time around?  Michael Jackson in Thriller!!! Woohoo! Can you tell that's what it is?

Photo of the Week 35

Amber Fort in Jaipur India. (this is where we rode the elephant to)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Dinner

Tonight I had a break from putting on FHE, so I thought it would be fun to have a little pumpkin dinner like I did last year. In fact... I think I want it to be one of my new traditions that I do every year. I of course made one of my favorite soups "Sassy Salsa Pumpkin Soup". Also made corn bread and then Jeanna & Mieka brought a salad.  It was a simple, delicious and fun meal. Soup and Corn bread are perfect for this rainy weather we have been having too.

It was nice to have a small dinner and catch up with friends. We then got a little goofy.

Cheers to the pumpkins! And being Festive!

After we were done eating and sitting around chatting, I thought... well, why not carve the pumpkins? I mean, they are already scooped out. The hardest part was over. Sure they are small, but you can still carve something in it. So we did... well, except for Tina. She is not festive.

P.S. I carved an owl in my pumpkin, not a cat.

All in all a fun night with some fun girls. After they left, I watched "Monster House" with another friend. Cute Halloween movie for anyone who has not seen it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mr. Matrimonals

If you read my post about my India tour group, you will remember #10 which was the lady that handed me the Matrimonials from the Indian paper because she knew I was single. In that post I also mentioned that Caroline picked out guys for Erin and I from that paper. Two for Erin that are located in NYC and one for me that is located in San Jose, California.

A little over a week ago, Caroline emailed Erin and I with the contact info for these guys so that we could write them and hopefully get a date with them... I mean, maybe it could be love right? Mostly it would just be a funny story. "Bye roommates! I am going out with a guy that my friend picked out for me from the Matrimonials while I was on my tour in India. I will let you know how the date goes." ha ha. I wasn't going to write this guy because I had no intention of going out with him, especially since he is in California and I am in Utah and we believe in two totally different religion's. However, Erin said she was going to write her two guys.... so..... why not write to mine right? What is the worst that could happen, he doesn't write back? So... I go for it.

I wasn't sure what to write. How do you respond to an add in the paper that their parents put in? I didn't know if he would get it or if it would go to his parents. So I went with....

Hi, my name is Tracy. I recently visited India. What a beautiful country. I love it there. While on our tour someone handed my friends and I the Matrimonials out of the paper that day. I'm from California, so my friend pointed this add out, so I thought I would drop an email. Where in California are you living? Hope you are well.


That same day I got a reply back! The email came from a different email address then the one I sent mine to from the name "Friend". His reply was short, just telling me where he lived and asked me where I lived. I then started to ask A LOT of questions. To my surprise he would always reply and give me an answer. Here are some of our emails back and forth to each other. (I know you are dying to know what we talk about)

Me- I live in Utah, but I go home to California a lot. I'm from Santa Barbara California. What part of India are you from? Do you get a lot of reply's to the add? What do you like to do for fun?

Mr. Matrimonials-  I am from New Delhi. yes,got like 120 replies in 3 weeks. This was kind of weird, putting an ad in newspaper..but this didn't seem to work out! Mine would probably be the last generation going through this route of an 'arranged marriage'. 
I like playing sports, astronomy, long drives, movies etc...
what do you do in Utah?

Me- WOW! 120 replies in 3 weeks? That is amazing. Maybe I should have my mom put an add in the paper for me.
What was the weirdest response you have gotten so far? Me? I bet you were not expecting an american girl to respond to an add in the Indian paper.

Mr. Matrimonials-  India has a huge population, this year, 1.1 million students appeared for engineering entrance examination. So, a lot of young people waiting to get married. So, 120 is not a big number, more so because the ad gives very little information.

I haven't gone out with any of those because it was there parents who replied. Yours is definitely the most interesting response. did you reply to any other guys as well? Any reponses other than from me?
I came to US for MBA, I went to Irvine. Now I am working for a company in Silicon valley. I like California, peaceful and comfortable, but I would eventually move back to India. I have no family or relatives here, only some acquaintences and a couple of friends.
I am not a very social person, I am mostly an introverted guy, but I can open up easily. i like artists and art. so, great to know that you sing and play piano. You should put an ad into Indian newspapers (if you like indian guys), you'd definitely get some good responses.

Me- Wow, that is a big population. So the adds are mostly parents corresponding to set their children up together? I wondered if my email would go to you or to your parents. Do parents prefer to arrange their children's marriages or is it pretty common for people to find love on their own?

Mr. Matrimonials- In India, marriage is not just about two individuals, but its about two families. Everyone seems to take interest in the profile of the girl, their parents and background. Then there is this horroscope matching, caste and all the other things. So, parents want to get involved. However, in big cities, it is also common that folks find love on their own. However, it is very easy to see that arranged marriages end up being the more successful ones, probably because of lower expectations. We just started the process, so we are very serious about the different criteria, like horroscope, family, education, diet etc. I am a vegetarian and a religious guy. So, we haven't really been able to find a perfect match, but as we go forward, we'll start relaxing our criteria. I had a couple of GFs before, but it didnt work out. I don't want to go through that whole process again, and I am confident that I can fall in love with my wife, whoever she is. In any case, even love marriages are arranged in the sense that you have to choose someone to whom you an access to, maybe in your neighborhood, in your school, online or something. Trying to find that perfect soulmate is just fooling oneself.
 So, with this process, at least I reduce some chances of facing some unexpected complications.
Horrscope matching is a complicated subject, there are 8-9 parameters that need to be matched, with a maximum score of 36. Then there is something called "manglik", if your horroscope has that condition, you should marry only a "manglik" etc...try matching your horroscope with someone herehttp://www.astrosage.com/freechart/matchmaking.asp . This will give you a very good idea.
I have learned quite a bit about US because anything that happens in US is a world phenomenon. US is really popular in India.
I am a friend to my father, so we are kind of working on this marriage project together ;).
If I move back to India permanently, it would have to be within next 2 years...but I have these dreams of starting my own company in silicon valley or working for a company that requires me to visit Delhi frequently. 
India guys do like American girls, but when it comes to marriage or long term relationships, they are not very comfortable about it.This is because of cultural diffrences and societal pressure. But there would be many who fantacise being with a hot American blonde, its a part of the whole American dream. Britishers during their 200 year rule on India kind of manipulated our mindsets to consider light skinned women as more beautiful, and this is a reason we really admire white women.
I have noticed that most American women dont like Indian guys here because of many reasons like, there are too many of us here, we generally arent that tall, and then our accents...
Do you like Indian guys?

 Our emails went back and forth several times for the first few days. We even did a picture exchange. Towards the end of the week, it was once a day. Now I have not heard from him in a couple of days. Not sure if our pen pal relationship is over yet or not. I call him my Indian boyfriend. If he doesn't write me back in a week or so, I will consider us "broken up". I'm crossing my fingers its not over.  ;o) If it is, it was fun while it lasted and I actually learned a lot about Indian culture from him. I am just glad that he played along and wrote me back even though my response to his add was not serious. He seems like a pretty cool guy. 

Here is the match maker

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Haiku

Today my Stake put on an all day & night activity at Aspen Grove. This included meals, activities, classes, speaker, karaoke (don't worry, I was one of the first to participate), a comedy act AND a dance! As we first drove up there, it had just stopped raining and the scenery was absolutely beautiful. I took some pictures and decided I want to write a Haiku about it. Here it goes.

Why do I love Fall?
Too many things I could share
But lets list a few

Beautiful Colors
Leaves of Green, Yellow and Red
Falling to the Ground

Fashion at its Best!
Not Too Hot and Not Too Cold
Coats, Boots, Scarves and Hats

I love Halloween
Different Costume Every Year
Dressing up is Fun!

What About the Food?
Pumpkin. Cider. Soups. Candy.
Taste buds are Happy

That's Why I love Fall
The Only Thing I Don't Like
It's Not Long Enough!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pirate Party

As another part of the "13 Days of Halloween" my friends Rachel, Maria and I were in charge of throwing the party of the season. We chose a theme and went to town. The theme? Pirate Party. We wanted to have people enter my house and feel like they entered Tortuga. In order to accomplish this it took a lot of planning. Rachel and I took trips to many stores, cut out a lot of paper, a trip up the canyon to find a piece of wood for the "Tortuga" sign, a few trips to Rachel's parents basement to get costumes and decor and Maria, Rachel & I making lots of food.

Rachel and I knew the transformation of my house was going to take a lot of time. We both took off Friday and spent the entire day gathering everything we needed and setting up and staging my house. We finished right as the party started. I barely had enough time to dress up.

The party was a success! We had probably around 40 people throughout the night. We started out with karaoke revolution and then the rest of the night Rock Band was played. Everyone had a blast and many said it was the best party they had been to this year.

The food was so good that there was not much left of anything by the end of the night.

Since cupcakes is what everyone wants these days.... so we had cupcakes. Not only did they look amazing, they tasted amazing too!

Here is how the decorations turned out. The living room was like a cave with a waterfall  and a treasure chest. It was awesome. The kitchen was like a dinning room you would see on a pirate ship. It all turned out amazing.

Not everyone, but a good number of people that came dressed up as Pirates. I love my friends! It was such a fun party!! I love Halloween!

*One of the Highlights of the Party is when this guy comes walking in the door with a big cooler of ice over his shoulder. As he came in the kitchen and set it down, I was talking to one of my friends. We both looked at each other and realized we both didn't know him. She then goes over and starts making friendly conversation with him and asks him his name introduced herself to him and then asked who he knew at the party. Turns out he didn't know anyone there. He somehow saw the invite on facebook and decided it looked like a cool party and showed up.... with a big cooler of ice. To be nice. He stayed the rest of the party. I thought it was brave and kind of awesome that someone would show up at a party where they didn't know anyone. SO random though, we just laughed about it.*

The girls who put on the party! Love these girls! Thanks girls for all you did for the party and for loving putting on amazing parties as much as I do. You girls rock! :o)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 36

 Today is like Friday, because tomorrow I am not coming to work. I also didn't come to work on Monday. Two long weekends in a row. Pretty nice. Only having to work 3 days in a week is pretty awesome. It ends this week though, because my paid time off will be used. Then starts quarter end next week, and who knows what hours that will bring me. One thing I do know that quarter end will bring me though, is lots of free food and a free movie the week after that.

I finally decided to get a gmail account. Why? I gave into peer pressure. I already have two email accounts, so I didn't see why I needed another one. I totally see the perks to gmail though. One of the reasons I was convinced to join is that gmail would transfer all of my contacts and emails from both of my other accounts and I don't have to go through the hassle of telling everyone I changed my email address. They can still write me there. Need to get a hold of me via email? Not hard. ha ha, you can write me at 4 different email address now. At work (@novell.com) or you can write me @yahoo (that's my funny name  email because I set it up in high school) @cox.net (this is the one my dad set up for me... which I wonder if this is going to end now they are going to be moving to Utah since I don't think cox goes to Utah) AND now @gmail.com. Kind of funny and unnecessary all at the same time. Other perks to gmail... you can chat with your other friends that have gmail. It also gives you a google account (which you don't need a gmail account to have a google account). Nice things about having a google account.... you could comment on my blog #1. Also... you can have a google Calendar where you can organize your time (I need that) and Google Reader is pretty awesome too... keep up to date on all the websites you read without necessarily having to go to the site. Tells you when they update. You can also send out google doc's. I have found this most helpful when planning events or trips with friends. You can all communicate on the doc while you are all at work! Its pretty sweet if you have not tried it yet. Hi Gmail & Google! Thanks for being my friend.
"Yes, I love technology, but not as much as you you see.... but I still love technology. Always and Forever"

Last night I attended Institute as I normally do.  I told you last week that there are a ton of people that go now. Well, I guess that is not enough because last night they gave us pass along cards. Not the pass along cards that we have to give out to tell people about our church. These are Institute pass along cards that we are supposed to put our name and info on so they can call us if they need a ride. It is like we are trying to take over or something. "Here is a card to come to my Institute! I know you probably have your own Institute that you attend, but.... you should probably come to ours instead because we have better and more attractive teachers, and better food and tons of people.... so yeah, its the cool place to attend Institute". Which I am not totally mocking our Institute, it is awesome.... which is why I go most weeks. I just thought the whole pass along cards was funny.

Last Friday I went to see "The Social Network" with my friend Rachel. Such an interesting movie about how facebook was created. The guy who created it was kind of a jerk.... but it makes me look at facebook a little differently now. It is super amazing how one person can create something that has become this huge this fast! The power of technology. I also had no idea that the guy that created Napster was kind of involved either. Such an interesting movie. I think he rocks though, cause I love facebook. I have loved it since I joined in 2005.... back when it was just for college students which was what it was created for. I am glad it is for everyone now though.... lets be honest, I love that my parents and siblings and my entire home ward is all on there.

I watched Nightmare Before Christmas on Saturday. It is a must every year around this time.

My department at work has a cabinet that they keep stocked with candy and snacks.... for those long afternoons where you just need something to munch on. I don't know which one of my co-workers had the bright idea to buy a box of 100 Slim Jim's.... but I think maybe 5 have been eaten and its been in the cabinet for about a month or so. Yesterday we were having treats for another one of my co-workers birthday and they read to me what is in a Slim Jim (because I think they are gross, and apparently so does everyone else because nobody is eating them). So the first ingredient is Beef. That is not bad, if it were anything like Beef Jerky, I would actually like them. Second ingredient is Mechanically Separated Chicken! What is it?
Poultry scraps are pressed mechanically through a sieve that extrudes the meat as a bright pink paste and leaves the bones behind (most of the time). I don't think I need to go any further on this. Gross.

This week we have had a couple of meetings. We had a law meeting this morning. I always look forward to these the least because they are early in the morning and I feel like they are SUPER pointless. People just rambling on. This morning was pretty ruff trying to understand the European guy on the phone. I don't mind talking to my co-workers in Ireland though. They are a funny bunch. Our other meeting we had this week was with just our department. These meetings I enjoy more. I feel like everyone in my department is comfortable with each other and has a good sense of humor.... so we have a good time. We usually have these meetings in the morning, but we changed the time to the afternoon, everyone was extra giggly. We were talking about something when all of the sudden my bosses boss gets up with his paper with the agenda on it and has it rolled up and kneels down by the window and just starts swatting at the bottom of the window over and over again! ha ha. I guess he was trying to kill a fly, but it was so random and overboard that it was very funny to me. I could not stop laughing. There were a lot of things in that meeting that got me laughing. My co-workers are pretty funny.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kittens Inspired By Kittens

The other day, my friend Aileen posted this video on my facebook wall. It is totally random and silly. This is probably why I love it so much. It made me laugh out loud. Maybe I am easily entertained, I don't know.
I guess you can decide.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Playing, Playing With The Boys.

On Sunday night, I made dinner for these boys. Why? Because I miss hanging out with them. When I worked at Apx, I got to see these boys all the time. Not only did I work with a couple of them, but we enjoyed each others company so much that we would hang out after work and on the weekends too. (which is how I met the other boys) We had so much fun together. Then I got a boyfriend (that I dated for a year) and now I work for Novell. So we never see each other anymore. Two years later, some of the boys moved into my stake... so I started seeing them around. I get so excited every time I see them. So... hopefully this dinner is the start of us hanging out again.  Plus that, I could use breaks from hanging out with girls. Guys are so much more laid back, more funny.... I just love hanging out with guys.

There was supposed to be one more guy that came (Jordan) but he decided to take off to Vegas last minute. Whatever. So in this picture we have..... (from left to right)

Big Nate - I met him through Nick, Trev & Jordy. They all lived in the same complex, Carriage Cove. Nate also traveled with me and Jordy to Guatemala. So we have really bonded. Since I last ran into Nate (which was in Apple Bee's many months ago) he has now grown out his hair and beard and looks like a mountain man that is ready to go chop down a tree.

Nick- I met him at Apx when I moved over to Record Management. He was a scanner boy that drank an energy drink a day and flirted with all the ladies... including his boss. He is from Chicago and served his mission in Ventura, California (which is the mission that serves in my hometown of Santa B). Has a goofy / awesome laugh.

Trever- Also met him at Apx when I moved to RM. Also a scanner boy that drank an energy drink a day. He pretty much did whatever Nick did. Tev is from Wisconsin, but also served in the California Ventura mission, where he met Nick. Also lived at Carriage Cove.

Eric- Met him through Nick & Jordy. He was then and is now their roommate, so when we hung out after work, Eric usually came along. He didn't work at Apx when I worked there, but he does now. He is a summer sales guy. He is half French, treats you right away like you have been friends for a long time.  You could say that Eric and I have a ..... close relationship in a different way than I had with the guys that I worked with. ;o)  He even asks me to pop his zits for him.... and I actually do it. Gross.  (sorry TMI)

In conclusion, I love these boys. I have a lot of fun memories with them and they make me laugh. Now that they live up the street from me, I hope we hang out lots more in the future. Big Nate even mentioned trying to get Culture Night set up again. I loved Culture Night, so I would be pretty happy about that.

P.S. Before they left, they had me experience the "Hug Train". They all lined up to hug me, but they hugged me in creepy ways (not creepy bad, creepy funny... hard to explain). It was very funny. I guess they did this to a girl in their old ward and she told the Bishop and soon after that he got up in Sacrament meeting and told them they should no longer hug unless the girl initiates it. Ha ha ha. Obviously this girl didn't get that these guys were trying to be funny.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Falling Leaves Drift by My Window

I love the Fall. Especially on the East Coast or here in Utah. It is a BEAUTIFUL time of year. I love driving up the canyon and seeing all the trees with their different colors. Its a great time to take pictures, so I went twice this year. First time, the first weekend of this month with a few friends.

There was some pretty color, but it wasn't as beautiful as when I went this weekend with my roommate and another friend.  I loved it. Here are some of the pictures we got.