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Saturday, March 31, 2012

BYU Men's Volleyball

Turns out... the BYU Men's Volleyball team is super good, so for our ward activity we planned to go to the game together. I like volleyball. It is one of the few sports that I am somewhat good at, so I like watching it... especially men's because they are really good. Our High School Men's Volleyball team was kind of a big deal. Maybe it's a California thing. So yeah, I decided it would be fun to go to the game.

We had an okay turn out, but those who came had a blast. BYU kicked butt and won each match. They played a team in Cali. Good times. 

"O Rise and Shout, the Cougars are out along the trail to fame and glory. Rise and shout, our cheers will ring out, as you unfold your vict'ry story..." Yeah, I know the BYU fight song even though I never went to BYU. That is what happens when you live in cougar territory for a long time. ha ha.

Even got a picture with Cosmo the mascot. I always wanted my picture with him.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Flashback Friday 58

Today I thought I would continue with my Festival of Colors theme and flashback to the first year I went. March 2007. I went with my good friend and roommate at the time, Monica and a couple of her Minnesota friends (Sarah, who was in town and Katie).

We had a lot of fun... obviously since I continued going back, but I remember we didn't get there in time to buy color. Back then... they actually ran out. It is amazing too because I look at these pictures and it almost makes me laugh because it was not crowded at all compared to what it is now. Back then.... a lot of people still had never heard about it and so what you see in these pictures is all there was there... pretty amazing how fast the word spread. It is now the largest Holi Festival in the Western Hemisphere! It is also amazing to see how I look at the Festival then and now. I get more and more color coated on me every year. Makes for harder clean up, but makes for better pictures.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 111

Today Zumba kicked my butt... which I needed. It was a fun energy today though because we had not 1 but 3 instructors there. They all switched off teaching. It was high energy the whole time and I thought I was going to pass out at the end. One of the instructors there was actually my Pilates instructors. She is so great.... just love her. She is so fun. She did some disco songs which was fun. At the end of class she was pushing me really hard (which is good, I need that) but I just didn't have it in me. I think she could tell and she went and got me a bandanna soaked in cold water to help cool my down in the end. She is so thoughtful. It was a good and fun class... but at the end I was so tired and SO starving. Zumba is just such a fun workout. I look forward to it every week and the instructors and the music they play make ALL the difference. It is amazing how red my face gets after I do Zumba... in fact people usually know when I went to Zumba just by looking at my face. I know my co-workers know what workout I did that day depending on red my face is. Even when I went to the cafe today the lady making my salad asked me if I went to Zumba! What the...

It is quarter end this week. I have been SOOOO swamped with work. Especially yesterday. I am supposed to do my own scanning and filing now (which I never had to before) and it is hard for me to find the time to do it because my area is so busy. Busy is good.... I just have a hard time on the days that are overwhelming.

I know I shouldn't get so annoyed... but I have a REALLY hard time when people use fast and testimony meeting as story time.... especially when the story is like 15 minutes. I feel like we all know better and know what the meeting is really about and people still do it anyway. Makes me want to pull my hair out.

It is the season for getting engaged... I have a lot of friends getting engaged these days. I actually know several people having babies too... including my brother and sister in law who just had their baby girl today. I sometimes wonder when it is going to be my season.

 Just Bieber finally hit puberty. He has a new song out and he sounds like Justin Timberlake. I'm not going to lie... I kind of like it.

My week has not been all that super exciting, well there have been a couple of things but I am going to blog about them later. I will end on this note though. From Oct-Dec... I gained a lot of weight. As you know January I made some changes and I reported at the end of that month that I had lost 8 pounds. Not a lot but progress. I am going to be honest and tell you that I have not weighed myself since then, so I have no idea how much progress I have made since then. However, I can tell you this... in September my jeans were really tight and I don't think that I fit into all of my jeans. Well... it only got worse from then on. By the end of October, I was pretty much living in jeggings because they were the only thing I fit into and I really didn't want to break down and buy bigger pants. SAD!! I know!! Even after I lost the 8 pounds... it wasn't a lot. I still didn't fit back into most of my clothes. Well, this last weekend I was starting to actually feel thinner... so I decided to try on some of my jeans that have been collecting dust in my closet. Well guess what? They ALL fit me! Even my smallest pair. And none of them are uncomfortably tight either. GOOD NEWS!!!! I can't tell you how happy this made me. Don't get me wrong, I still have a ways to go before I hit my goal, but I AM making progress which was nice to see. I should weigh myself and see the progress I have actually made since January. I will do that this next week and let you know. Until then, I'm happy about my jeans. :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photo of the Week 109

I have shared this picture before... but not as a photo of the week, so I am using it again. Plus... I put it on Pintrest and it gets new pins almost everyday. So I figure that means it is an awesome picture. I like it anyway. Nice little action shot from the Festival of Colors a couple of years ago. Thought it would be fun to do a Holi Festival picture since I just went this last weekend.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Holi Festival

*This is the only pic on here that I didn't take. I LOVE it though, so I had to post it on my blog picture taken by Erin Pritchett @ EKPritchett Photography*

It is that time of year again... Spring! And what is my favorite way to welcome spring? By going to the Holi Festival aka The Festival of Colors at the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork.

This was my 6th year going. Every year it gets more and more crowded. The traffic is insane. This year was the first year they charged admission... so you paid to get in and then paid for the bags of color. Regardless, I only put $10 which is well worth this good time to be had. This year was especially fun because I went with a group of people that had all never been before. It is fun to experience it with people for their first time. They now through the colors every 2 hours all day long. We were going to try and make it to the 3pm throwing, but we didn't end up leaving until 2 (which people didn't believe me that we would have to leave by 1:30 at the latest to make it by 3 because of traffic) so we missed the 3pm throwing and stuck around for the 5pm throwing. It was a blast.... as always. To make things even better, we had awesome weather that day.

Here is our before picture. We didn't start out completely clean because on your way in people throw color on you... so you have plenty of color on you long before you reach the temple.

And then they count down and the colors are thrown.

And then after we looked like this.

Every year it is fun to go because just just never know what you are going to get. The festival brings such a fun crowd. When I first showed up, this guy came up to me and said WAIT and it looked like he was going to grab my face... but instead he had some color on his thumb and he ran his thumb across my forehead with the color while he slowly said "Simba" like it is said by the monkey in the Lion King. It made me laugh so hard. I also love not knowing what I am going to look like in the end. I feel as though I show up as an empty canvas in the beginning and then leave has a different piece of artwork every year.

                                                             *My singing BFF Wes*

A lot of people just like going once and then never going again. Obviously not me... I never get sick of it. So.... I guess that means I will be seeing you next year Holi Festival. Thanks for a good time. It was real. Until next year. Peace out.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Turns out Novell has a playground. What's up. I had no idea... but it is in Pleasant Grove and turns out it is pretty legit. Tara describes it has the wooden playground aka the best playground ever.

We were all sitting around Saturday night and were just chatting trying to figure out what we should do. Around 10:30- 11pm we all decide to drive to Pleasant Grove to go to this playground. I had never been before, so it was fun to play around on it for a while. We are so goofy. It was fun though... better than sitting around and doing nothing.  This coming from a girl with the Peter Pan Syndrome. I thought it was important that we get a picture with the sign at part of the playground we were playing at that said it was for ages 2-5.

A bunch of pictures of us playing around...

Tara and I got a picture with the Beehive for my BFF neighbor, Darrell... for his beehive money making idea that turned into a nightmare. Here's to you Dar #beehiveproblems #worstinvestmentideaever

The rest of the pictures are taken in this little room with seats that we found. It was dark.. we had a fun little photoshoot in there.

Just a bunch of girls in the older 20's having fun playing on the playground on a Saturday night. No big deal.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie

Ever since I finished reading the books, I have been SO excited for the first movie to come out. I feel like I have been waiting and talking about this movie for... forever. 10 months can seem like forever when you are excited about something.

Rachel, Vicki, Tara and I decided that we wanted to go to the midnight showing and bought our ticket's a month before hand. It was selling out fast. We purchased our tickets for the 12:05 showing since 12 was already sold out. Every theater has the movie playing, they just start 5 minutes after each other.

The night finally came. We were so excited. We thought we would be fine showing up at the theater at 10:30, but then we had heard that people started lining up at 7, so we got there at 9:30 instead and the amount of people there waiting was pretty amazing. People were packed waiting in the entry way, out the door... all the way out to the food court in the mall along with lines in every hall way next to every theater. It was crazy. We were toward the back of our theater's line, but we still ended up getting pretty good seats... so we were okay.

 I was counting on games on my phone to keep me entertained while we waited in line, but the Internet connection in the theater was not very good. Lucky the young girls behind us invited us to play Uno with them. We were also entertained by watching everyone else... especially the people who came dressed up. My favorites were the people who dressed up like people from the Capital. Here Vicki is with people who dressed up like Katniss, Peeta and Gale. They happened to be in our theater and the guy dressed as Peeta went to the front of the theater and started doing Hunger Games Trivia. It was fun to watch the whole theater get quiet and listen to his questions and have lots of people throughout the theater shouting out the answers... only at premiers do you see this stuff. ha ha. Tara got a little bit of it on video. A little later the commercials before the previews started and we here the same guy say "Well, I guess this means I can't give my speech". ha ha. This guy had a whole agenda ready for when he got in the theater. Too funny. I love it.

Part of the fun of going to premiers of movies for me is the crowd. The energy is so fun. You are surrounded by people who are just as excited for the movie as you are because they read and loved the books just like you. It is a fun group of people that are all super excited and pumped to be there even though it is super late and everyone has to go to school or work then next day. The previews started. They showed previews for "The Host" which I am actually interested to see because I liked that book. They showed previews for Part 2 of the last Twilight movie... which everyone in the theater booed. I laughed. Except when "Jacob" came on the screen all the girls cheered. They showed a preview for a new Tim Burton film where Johnny Depp is a Vampire. I will see it because I love Tim Burton films.  I forget what the other previews were... I feel like there was one more I was excited about... but anyway, the movie started and everyone cheered. The was a part in the movie where I cried and I could hear other people around me crying. The movie did not disappoint anyone. I felt like it followed the book really well. It was well filmed, it was well casted, it was well acted and I can't think of anything bad to say about it. I loved it and I will own it when it comes out. Such a good movie. Obviously they had to leave things out of the movie because they don't have enough time... therefore it all seemed to go by really fast. But I love it. I was so into the movie I forgot what time it was and I wasn't tired at all.

We were all so glad that we went to the midnight showing. So fun. I don't usually go see movies again in the theater, but I think I might go see this one again. So good. If you have not seen it yet.... you should.... soon.

Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mr. Clueless

I wish more than anything that these stories would stop. Have you noticed how long the guy story list is getting? SO SAD!!I just wish I could find the right guy for me and make it all stop... but no. They keep coming. Once again... I attract awkward/weird/bad situations. I still don't understand why. I went to vent to my BFF neighbors about this and I left their house saying I needed to blog about it so that I don't cry. ha ha. That was mostly a joke. What else can I do besides laugh about it and then blog about it for entertainment for you and for me? So here we go...

So there is this guy in my ward (Mr. Clueless). I just barely started to get to know him a few weeks ago. I think he is cute and made an effort to get to know him. At first I was always getting mixed signals whether or not he was interested back. He then started to show more interest. We started texting pretty much everyday. We had hung out one on one a couple times watching movies and talking. I wasn't sure what my interest level was yet, but I knew I thought he was funny and we had a lot of similar interests. He was a bit younger than me... but I am caring less and less about that these days. One night we are playing nintendo together.... the old school super nintendo, just for kicks and giggles. We got tired of playing and he stayed, so we started watching tv. He sat very close to me and started to snuggle up, so I went with it. It got later and snuggling turned into kissing and that was that. I actually was not expecting that to happen because he never seemed that forward to me. He always seemed on the quite and shy side. Anyway... he left the next day and was gone for a week. He text me everyday that he was gone... so I figured there was interest on both sides to see where this could maybe go.

My week had been totally crappy. In Mr. Clueless's time away we had talked about when he was coming back in our daily text conversations. In our late night before he left we had talked about homemade pizza and so I mentioned that we could make the pizza and watch a movie. He was down for the plan. Because of my crappy week... I was REALLY looking forward to some one on one time with Mr. Clueless. We had not seen each other in a week and I was interested in spending more time with him to see if this could actually go somewhere. All my roommates are gone and it is just me and Mr. Clueless. He came over around 7 and we made the pizza together. So far so good. We are having a good time. Toward the end of our pizza making Mr. Clueless gets a phone call from his cousin. Apparently his cousin is coming to town for the weekend. I know this because I overhear the conversation, not because Mr. Clueless actually told me. Next thing I know Mr. Clueless is giving him directions to his house. He get's off the phone again and I ask him if his cousin is staying with him. He tells me he assumes that he is because he normally does... but he wasn't sure. At this point I am waiting for Mr. Clueless to tell me of plans that he and his cousin had talked about for tonight so that I knew what to expect. Of course that didn't happen....

Next thing I know Mr. Clueless's cousin (we will call him Mr. Clueless 2) was at my house. I am polite and offer him some pizza we just made. He takes it. In my head I am giving them both the benefit of the doubt... that Mr. Clueless 2 is just stopping in to check in and drop off his stuff and then he is going to hang out with some of his many other friends that he was talking about. I tried to make conversation with Mr. Clueless 2, but he wasn't really interested. His attitude and body language was telling me that he didn't want to be there. Although he was kind of rude, I was feeling the same way. I just kept waiting for him to leave. He then called a friend of his who invited him to a bonfire up the canyon which he sounded like he wanted to go. I was hopeful. Then he gives the phone to Mr. Clueless to get directions because apparently he thinks he is going with him. At this point being completely left out of what was going on that night... I wondered if he was going to go too, so I asked. He said no and told Mr. Clueless 2 that he could go... but that he was just going to chill and watch a movie (with me because that was our plan). Mr. Clueless 2 then says he doesn't feel like going and doesn't know what he wants to do so he just sits on the couch.

For the next HOUR the 3 of us sit on the couch in the living room. It is SUPER awkward. Mr. Clueless would talk to Mr. Clueless 2 and I would be quite or he would talk to me and Mr. Clueless 2 would be quite. Mr. Clueless 2 wasn't going anywhere and things were getting more awkward and I was getting more irritated. SERIOUSLY. THEN I am told by Mr. Clueless that he got a text inviting him to a birthday party for a girl in the ward. When he told me who the girls were... I thought to myself, weird... I am good friends with them (I thought) and I didn't get invited. He suggested going but I didn't want to show up to a party that I wasn't invited to... but it just got too awkward for me and I had to find a way out of the situation. They wanted to start a movie and I said I was going to the girls house (even though I wasn't invited). We stayed over there for a little while, I talked to the girls. Mr. Clueless 2 was acting the same way over at their house as he was at mine. Like he didn't care to talk to or get to know anyone there and acted like he didn't want to be there and wasn't that nice. Classy. So they get up to leave. I can tell that Mr. Clueless is trying to make eye contact with me.

Mr. Clueless: "We are going to go get slurpee's. Anyone want to come?"

Girls: "No, that's okay"

Friend of Girls: *sensing that there was something up probably by the look on my face* "Tracy, are you going to go with them or stay with us?"

*Me looking at Mr. Clueless... I could tell that he wanted me to come*

Me: "I'm going to stay."

Girls: "Yea!" *Even though I wasn't even invited to the party to begin with*.

I ended up not staying there very much longer after Mr. Clueless 1 & 2 left because they put on Princess Diaries and I don't like that movie and I HATE Anne Hathaway. So I said I was going to go get my phone and then I just didn't go back because now I can't really tell if those girls really like me or not or if they are just being fake to me. I thought I had left long enough after Mr. Clueless 1 & 2 left... but apparently not. I saw them on their way out in the car. They slowed down to see if I was going to go with them and I just waved at them.

Later Mr. Clueless text me and tried to make small talk like nothing had happened and I flat out told him that I couldn't handle the awkward night and he said... oh, sorry about that, which I replied... Are you? Cause in my head I am thinking he didn't really do much about the situation.  He text back saying yes, he really was. I didn't text back after that.

After everything was said and done, I ran through the night again in my head. How did this happen? Why does this stuff happen to me? I am sure I could have acted better in the situation. I felt like in the beginning I really tried. I tried to be polite and talk to the cousin. No go. I then tried to leave a few times so that they could see that I was starting to get irritated and give them time to figure out how to solve this situation. No go. Putting the fact aside that I had been really looking forward to spending some one on one time with Mr. Clueless and turned out being REALLY disappointed... this is why I was irritated....

I was irritated at Mr. Clueless because he KNEW we had plans. I do believe that his cousin told him last minute that he was coming and he didn't know what his cousin's plan was, so I think he was put in an awkward position, however, he could have told me he was coming before he showed up and once he was there and came to the realization that he was not going to leave, Mr. Clueless could have pulled me aside in a different room explaining what happened and that he didn't know what to do at this point and ask what I wanted to do about it. I know that he wanted to be with me because when I told him that if he wanted to hang out with his cousin they could leave and it was fine (even though it really wasn't fine I just didn't want to be around his cousin anymore). He should have told his cousin... hey, I made plans with this girl and so it is cool if you stay at my house, but you can either hang out with other friends or go put on a movie... but these are my plans. Instead he gave up snuggling up with a girl to go hang out with his dude cousin. Who does that? Especially after not seeing each other for a week and you were just in Idaho with your cousin and you are going right back to Idaho after the weekend and so is your cousin.

Although Mr. Clueless didn't handle the situation in the best way, I put most of the blame and frustration on his cousin, Mr. Clueless 2. First of all, stop being a jerk... especially after I fed you pizza. Second of all, are you really that clueless or are you just that big of a jerk and don't care? You dropped in on your cousin and he was with a girl.... just the two of them. OBVIOUSLY you are intruding. I doubt if you would want some dude doing that to you with a girl you are potentially interested in. When you realized how awkward you were making the situation and that your cousin wanted to stay with the girl and not go with you... that should have been your big fat hint to leave and find something else to do. Instead you hijack the date and steal your dude cousin so that what.... you could go get slurpees and watch a movie together? I thought you said you had a bunch of friends that are girls in Provo. Wouldn't you rather hang out with one of them? Seriously... how did this happen?

Can you tell I am irritated? Yes... just a little. I went and vented to my BFF neighbors about it and they just couldn't believe any dude would do that.... in either Mr. Clueless 1 & 2's situation. The validation was nice to hear. Not sure what to do at this point. I feel like he is really going to have to make it up to me at this point.  Not cool guys... not cool. Seriously, is this situation ridiculous to anyone else? Or is it just me?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Flashback Friday 57

Today we are flashing back to July 2004. I was home in Santa Barbara for the summer. I believe my sister Lori was the Enrichment leader in the singles ward and we had lots of fun Relief Society activities that summer. One of the activities we did was had a camp out at the Emory's Ranch. Not sure why I don't have any pictures with Lori.... but I had a fun time with Katie and Holly on that camp out. We shared a tent, had tin foil dinners, chatted and sang along with the guitar. Now I am the Enrichment leader.... maybe I should try to put together an activity like this? Maybe just a sleepover at someone's cabin.... I'm not sure, I will have to think about that.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 110

The weather has been great. Spring is here. Hooray! Things are even starting to turn green. Maybe that means I will have a decent garden this year.

I don't have a twitter account. I told myself I never would get one because I didn't see the point. However.... ever since I have become friends with Tara, she makes me want to get a Twitter account just so I can follow her. ha ha. She is so funny and tweets about everything. Everything we do now on facebook and text back and forth to each other is in twitter form. Example: #personalityredvsblueequalsdrama  #girlproblems . ha ha. I don't know why I think it is so funny... but I am not sure if it is going to get me to sign up for twitter. Anyone out there that has twitter that loves it and wants to tell me why?

Have you ever though about if you life was a movie what category it would be under? I have been thinking about that this week because I feel like all week and last weekend was DRAMA!! I hate it. When it rains it pours and it was pouring at me from every direction it felt like. So I had this thought. I couldn't decide if my life would be categorized as a drama or a comedy. Maybe a little bit of both? I think it would mostly be a comedy though.... because most of the stuff that happens I feel like I can laugh at and in fact I share it so that others can laugh at it with me. If I can't laugh at all the awkward/bad things that happen in life... I think I would be super depressed all the time. ha ha. Seriously though, I think it is so hard to avoid. People have such different personalities and handle things and react to things so differently.... it is hard for people not to get offended and to not assume and not to judge. It is in our nature. When it happens to me (even when I am not aware that it is happening) it is a good reminder to me that I need to not do these things. I just need to go on being happy, positive, not judge, not assume, and just give people the benefit of the doubt. Just as much as needing to act this way to other people, it doesn't mean people are going to act this way toward you. This means I have to constantly tell myself to not be so sensitive and not to get offended and to be forgiving and just forget and put it behind me. I think I am good at the forgiving part and putting it behind me... but I need to work on the not being sensitive and get offended part. I guess self improvement is always work in progress.

So I have talked about the game Draw Something a few times... I knew that I would have fun playing with my family especially because I know they all have artistic skills. Seriously. I feel like I have only done a few drawings that I thought were really good that I was actually proud of them and would have wanted a picture. Too bad I can't.... well, I guess I could take a picture with my camera, just never thought of that until now. Anyway.... as I said, my family have art skills. I mean... look at this picture my sister Jamie drew for me. I'm glad she got a picture of it. What makes it extra impressive is that it is so hard to draw with the pad of your finger on a little phone. Impressive indeed.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Four Years

Today is my blogaversary!! Can you believe I have been blogging for 4 years? It is hard for me to believe there the time has gone. To think there was a time when I thought blogs were only for married people with kids until Lolly and Cheryl convinced me to start one and I had the thought... yeah, I would have things to blog about. I might even be kind of funny. ha ha. Here I am 4 years later.

To continue the tradition I read my last years Blogaversary post.  I was so excited to post about everything that I had done in that last year. Will this last year be just as awesome and exciting as the one before that? Well.... let's recap on the year and find out!

Here's what has happened in my crazy life in the past blog year...

1- Went to the Festival of Colors for the 5th year in a row. 2nd time with my Apx friends.
2- Completed more craft projects
3- Saw some more plays
4- Threw and helped throw many cute themed parties (mostly with Rachel but a couple on my own)
5- Fun themed roommate dinners
6- Sang in the talent show and firesides and church
7- Went to Florida for the first time with my good friend Kirsten
8- Finally got to go to Harry Potter World
9- Saw Riverdance for the first time with my mom and sister Kristy
10-  My Grandpa Mills passed away, which was sad, but a blessing too because he had been suffering with Alzheimer's disease for a long time.
11- Went to a U2 Concert
12- Marked 10 years since I graduated from High School!
13- Read all of the Hunger Games books
14- Went to visit my sister Jamie and family in Arizona
15- Ran in the Dirty Dash race
16- Got my last two wisdom teeth pulled
17- Long time family friend Larry Adams came to Utah to go through the temple for the first time and I got to be there.
18- Spent the weekend in St. George with the "old roommates" and saw The Little Mermaid at Tuacahn
19- Held the 2nd annual Fort Week
20- I went to visit my sister Lori in Santa Barbara
21- I got to have BBQ Family dinners EVERY sunday (I'm so lucky)
22- Did some photoshoots
23- Went to a Josh Groban Concert (LOVE him!)
24- Went Berry Picking for the first time
25- Went to a Tea Party
26- Got Scuba Certified (totally got to check that off my bucket list)
27- Went to Lake Powell for the first time and made some new BFF's
28- Went to South Africa
29- Did the Shark cage dive with Great White Sharks
30- Went on an African Safari (totally got to cross that off my bucket list)
31- I finally learned how to drive a stick shift
32- Went Four Wheeling
33- Went to the Corn Maze again
34- Went shooting
35- First time doing a couple costume (even though I wasn't dating anyone lol)
36- Started to learn how to play the guitar
37- Visited Joseph City Arizona
38- I was in a small production to Hairspray (and made some good friends from it)
39- Had a Poker Night
40- Sang in Candlelight at Disneyland for the 14th year
41- Rachel put on another awesome birthday party for me.
42- Did a lot of awesome Christmas activities
43- Went to Boondocks
44- My dad built me an awesome storage bench
45- Watched all of LOST
46- Went to my first Jazz game with Tara (they won, it was so fun)
47- Redecorated the bathroom
48- Redecorated my room
49- Went to the Lady Antebellum concert
50- Had a girls weekend in Vegas
51- Went to a Masquerade
52-  Started the Journal Jar Blog
53-  Celebrated 3 years at Novell
54- I grew out my bangs and then cut them again recently
55- My Grandma Mills moved to Utah and now I get to see her every week
56-  Started Pinning on Pintrest
57- Started going to the gym at work and getting my butt in shape (been attending Pilates and Zumba every week since June)
58- I have blogged everyday
59 - My blog has been featured on other blogs a couple more times
60- My blog has been viewed 100,532 times

Happy Birthday blog! Thanks for always being there for me to talk and get out my thoughts and feelings. :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

In My Room (Redo)

I have loved my room and how it was decorated. Red, cream and black. It was classy. However, although I had made changes here are there over time, I had the same room for like 5 years. I was ready for a change. Last year I worked on the India Inspired Living Room... this year it was my bedroom's turn to get a make over.... and I knew just what I wanted to do.

Here is a before picture.

My room make over involved painting a wall, buying a new bed (and bedding), new curtains, taking off the closet doors, moving some things out of the room and moving furniture in different places and a craft project (which I already blogged about here).  After taking trips to a furniture store for my bed, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ikea, TJ Max Home and Z Gallorie... the room is finished.

Here is the finished room. (the lighting is not the best in these pictures)

I think my favorite part is the mood lighting (white lights behind the white curtain). It is so relaxing. I absolutely adore my new room.