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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 330

Picking up where I left off last week.... Jamie was still in town, but was up at Aspen Grove with the Hixon clan. Before leaving they were back at my parents house one more night and were leaving Saturday morning, so Friday after work I went over to hang out for a bit before I went camping with Kyle and Whitney... which I already blogged about that mess, but we still had fun.

Saturday Kyle and I enjoyed the Uinta's and paddle boarded. SO pretty up there. I need to go again. Already blogged about that too... so yeah. It was beautiful and very relaxing.

When I got home from that and dropped off Kyle. I showered and then my friend Jared came over because he was in town for a wedding. I guess he lives in WI now and I didn't even know. Sad. Anyway... he got pictures and video from our Philippines trip finally. We had a good heart to heart about life and now I need to check back up on him weekly because he doesn't seem to be doing great. He is so fun though, I was glad he came over. We had a fun time chatting.

After Jared left, I drove to the University Mall movie theater to meet up with Amber and her BFF Kerr to see the movie "The Shallows". It's like a new generation Jaws. Kind of. It was entertaining, but I would have no desire to watch it again. It was a bit suspenseful, but in the end, pretty unrealistic. In a couple different ways... but I won't spoil the movie. A little bit of a Cast Away feel... just her the entire movie. Anyway... I always enjoy seeing movies.

Sunday, my friend Kyle asked me if I would be one of his model's in a photo shoot he was doing. I felt very out of place doing it. If you saw his other models... you would see why. I don't fit in. I don't have the body the others do. Maybe you will get to see if I ever get the see the pictures. Regardless it was fun and I made a couple new friends (which I always am doing when I am with Kyle). I'm honestly never too excited when I hang out with Kyle and I think it might just be the two of us and then he invites people I don't know... but they usually end up being cool, so I have learned to go with the flow a little bit more. Ha ha. So I had fun at the photo shoot... but I left early to go to family dinner... VERY late. Clara asked me to take some pregnancy photo's of her as well since she is about to have her baby and hasn't taken any pics of her pregnant. So  I did that for her. I will post those soon.

The rest of my week has been pretty boring actually. Monday - Wednesday I have gone to work, I work out on my lunch break and get in my cardio and then after work I work out with Josh, my personal trainer... then I got home and I'm tired and eat dinner and do nothing until I go to bed. Except Wednesday night I hung out with that guy Tyler again.

Tonight... I went to my trainer earlier so I could have the evening free. Why? My friend Kyle had his birthday dinner at Olive Garden. His birthday isn't until the 4th of July, but because it is on the 4th of July, he was celebrating early. Makes sense to me. I get that. I have a similar problem. Anyway. I told Kyle I would be there because he is my friend, but I knew I was going to feel out of place and a little intimidated. Why? Because Kyle is pretty much only friends with good looking people and with that usually comes attitude and an image complex. Don't get me wrong, individually everyone is really nice, but as a group... just is really shallow and not my favorite. So I wasn't really excited about the dinner, but if I say I'm going to do something, I do it. Kyle wanted me there, so I was there. I sat by two guys I didn't know at the end of the table. Being stuck at the end cuts you off from most of the socializing going on, bu thankfully... I can hold my own and the two guys that I sat next too were super cool and we had a great time talking and hey! I made two new friends. It's amazing that I can hang out with all these youngin's and they all think I'm cool and think I'm 26. I just go with it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Photo of the Week 328

The sunsets this week have been so great!! I pulled over in Springville at the duck pond to capture this one.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Paddle Boarding Lost Lake

After camping out in the car, Whitney took off back home and Kyle and I went paddle boarding at Lost Lake in the Uinta's. The water is way too cold that you don't really want to get in, however... it is pretty gorgeous there.

We spent all day there. Not mad about it. It was very relaxing. I love summer.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Provo River Falls Take 2

Whenever I go up in the Uinta's, I love stopping by Provo River Falls. It's such a beautiful waterfall that you can just park and walk down to. Sadly everyone else is doing the same thing. Would be nicer if you had it to yourself... but what can you do. We didn't stay very long, but it was nice to stop by. Kyle had never been before, so that was fun.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Deer Creek Sunset

It had been a while since I hung out with Amber... so Thursday we decided we would catch the sunset together. We got in her jeep (which I totally miss jeep rides) and we drove up Provo Canyon to Deer Creek and caught the very last of the awesome sunset. I just LOVE sunsets. I really do try and watch them every night. This was a good one. It was also nice to have some quality Amber time.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Car Camping

I was invited by Kyle to go camping in the Uinta's with his friends. The plan was, I was going to meet up with them later that night because I wanted to spend some time with my sister before she left the next morning. I know there is no service up there so Kyle arranged to meet in Kamas (the city right before you go up in the Uinta's) at 11.

As it turned out, Kyle drove up with his friends in one car to meet up with Whitney. He left all of his stuff in that car and got in the car with Whitney so she didn't have to drive a lone. The guy didn't make sure they were following him and drove like a crazy person and they lost him and ended up driving the wrong way. So by the time I got to Kamas, they were just getting to Kamas  too (which worked out great for me). So we would go find the group together. Problem was, we all didn't know where Cliff lake was (where the group was supposed to be). There is no cell service up there and it was dark, so if you don't know where you are going, it's hard to find people.

I asked some locals if there was a sign for Cliff Lake before heading up. They said yes. Well, if there was a sign, then I wasn't worried... except for hitting a deer because I know there are tons up there. Anyway, we followed each other up the mountain and I stopped and looked at every sign and never saw a sign for Cliff Lake. This is when we knew we were in trouble. Once we got to Mirror Lake, we knew we had to turn back because there isn't a lot further than that. We did get out and stare at the stars for a little while though because they are amazing up there. We could even see the milky way. So beautiful. That was a good break because it only got more frustrating from there. They thought their friends would be wondering where we were and would go back to where there was service to leave us a message of where they were thinking we would do the same. So we drove ALL the way back down until we got service. Nothing. No message from them. At this point we knew we weren't going to find them, but I looked up directions to Cliff lake anyway while I had service. Turns out Cliff Lake is a hike... not a camping spot. We did drive to the parking lot of where you would park to hike there. It was full and they didn't see their car. At this point it was 1:30 in the morning and we were tired and realized that the group wasn't looking for us... so we camped in the parking lot in our cars. Whitney was planning on sleeping in her car anyway... so she set it up to do so. I wasn't planning on camping in my car, so I didn't set mine up that way, but I just put down one of the back seats and set up my sleeping pad and sleeping bag and blanket and pillow and I was good to go. I wondered what it would be like to sleep in my car, now I know it actually isn't that bad. In fact, I would love to put the entire back seat down and set up the entire back like a bed and go drive somewhere pretty and sleep there in the car. I think I will add that to my summer bucket list. My car has so much room, I think I could do great things with it. Before going to bed, I hung out in Whitney's car though to hang out and talk with Whitney and Kyle. Her little car surprisingly had a lot of bed space. Even though Kyle's friends suck, we had a great time car camping in the Uinta's.

We found out the next day on the way home when we had service again that not only did they not look for us because they for some reason thought we were "a lost cause" but they even switched lakes of where they camped and didn't even think to tell us. SO inconsiderate. I would never do that if I put a group together to camp... but that is just me.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 329

Well, I already blogged about the weekend, so not much to say about that. Friday I finished paying for my paddle board and get to take it home! Woohoo! So excited to finally have a paddle board. It's a great one. I'm excited to use it a lot. Just wish I had somewhere to store it at my house. Looks like I will have to store it at my parents house... right by my Christmas tree. Ha ha. One day I will have a garage and room for all of my adult things that don't fit into a shared single living town house. One day...

Friday I hung out with  my family after picking up my paddle board. Lots of time with the family while Jamie is in town... well, as much time as I can with a full time job. It's nice to have family in town.

My place has been very empty. Mackenzie is gone, Alicia has been in and out and Leslie has been gone for like a month. It's been nice, almost like having my own place. It has stayed so clean which makes me so happy. I know it won't last, but I'm going to enjoy it while it does last.

I HATE listening to people slurp crunch and eat. I hear it ALL day at work from everyone around me. I swear a couple people around me eat ALL DAY! It makes me have bad feelings towards them. Hence why I have that disorder I posted about earlier. I even have headphones. I just have to blast them louder to block out all of the noise. Then people get bugged that they call my name and I can't hear them at all. I ran into my 2nd work bestie (Brock) and we were talking about this. He gets bugged too and says a lot of people around him eat a lot. Then get this story he told me... I still can't believe this. He went into the bathroom once and the guy in the stall next to him letting go a loud crap... he OPENS A BAG OF CHIPS and starts eating while he is taking a dump! What? You can't wait for 5 minutes when you are done going to the bathroom to eat? Is that the point where you realize you have an eating problem? That you can't even stop eating to go to the bathroom? I couldn't believe it when Brock told me. My goodness.

Saturday I went running before meeting up with Becca to go paddle boarding. I have been trying really hard to follow my trainers plan and get my cardio in on Saturday even though I never want to. I usually jog 3 miles when I wake up. It is starting to get too hot though... so I will probably have to start going to the work gym in the morning. I'm trying thought. Plus I did paddle boarding. So that was extra! The drive home I decided to drive through the canyon instead of going back to the freeway to get home. American Fork Canyon and Provo Canyon connect... so I thought... why not. It's a beautiful drive. So I did. It was great. Loved it. That night was the Strawberry Day's Rodeo, which I usually go to, but didn't have anyone to go with this year. Sad day. Oh well.

Sunday was Father's day. So I of course went to Sunday dinner and we had a great little celebration for my awesome dad. He is awesome. I sure love him a lot. I really enjoy my family day. I'm always bummed when I have to miss it. Not just because the food is awesome.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday I didn't do anything except for work and go to thy gym on my lunch break and then go work out with my personal trainer after work. For some reason, this week has been really hard. I have been really sore! Why would week 7 be so hard? I thought it was supposed to be getting easier. ha ha. I'm going to blame it on the heat. It has been REALLY hot!

Speaking of my trainer... I weighed and measured again. The stats are in. After 6 weeks with my trainer, I have lost 16 lbs, 3% body fat, down 4 inches around my belly, down 3 inches around my waist, Hips, legs & arms down an 1 1/2 inches in each. So I am happy with the progress I am making! I of course still have a long way to go, but it's nice to see progress. Not too many people have really noticed it on me yet.... maybe when I lose 20 lbs people will start noticing. Either way... I'm feeling good!

Tonight I went over to my friend Amber's house. It had been a while since we hung out, so we decided to go on a jeep ride and watch the sunset in the mountains. We got a little bit of a late start, so we just made it to Deer Creek up Provo Canyon, but it was beautiful and it was fun to catch up with her. After we went back to her house and just chatted and I finally met her best friend Kerr, so we all hung out. It was fun. 

My friend Kyle posted a picture of us on our hike at Buffalo Peak on Instagram and it got featured in the Daily Harold newspaper. Pretty cool huh?I guess that is all I got for this week!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Paddle Board Palz

A year ago, my friend Becca took me paddle boarding with her up American Fork Canyon at Silver Lake Flats. I had been paddle boarding once before, but this is when I decided I loved it and wanted a paddle board of my own. So a year later, I finally have my own paddle board and Becca and I went back to the same place the same weekend and paddle boarding together on both of our boards. So fun. The water is way too cold to want to get into, but it is so beautiful up there. It's so peaceful and relaxing. We had a great time paddle boarding together and we even went to the middle of the lake and laid down on our boards and just chatted while soaking in the sun. I loved it.

This is the main reason I got racks on my car. So I could get a paddle board! It makes me happy to see my little adventure car with a paddle board on top. Also... the drive up to the lake is breathtaking as well.

Becca is so fun and so is paddle boarding. We will for sure have to go again before the summer is up. So glad she took me a year ago and got me to fall in love with paddle boarding and SO glad I have one of my own now. I love it.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Sister Hike

When my sister, Jamie, got to town... she said she wanted to go on a hike with me. Music to my ears! Even though we did Stewart Falls last year, I decided to do it again. It's close, it's gorgeous this time of year, everything is SO green and it is a solid hike. About 4  miles round trip. I love that I live right next to this canyon. A drive up the mountains is only 10 - 15 minutes away.

Jamie and I had a great time talking about life while we went on this beautiful hike... and trying to do yoga... but ended up looking like idiots.  I was so happy we got to do this. It's nice to have so much daylight because I can still have fun after working all day... especially when family comes to visit, because I work all day I feel like I don't get as much time with them, so it was nice one on one time with my beautiful sis. Thanks for going with me Jamie. Love you. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 328

The weeks go by so quickly...

This last week, Friday I was supposed to go out with this guy. We talked the day before, he told me how excited he was to meet me. Friday afternoon I text him to see what time he was planning on for that night. Then..... nothing. I didn't hear from him. I tried texting one more time later on after work.... still nothing. So, there went having plans Friday night. Seriously.... so rude. If plans changed, just tell me, don't ignore me. Why didn't he say something Thursday night? It's all too weird to me. Such a cowardly way to handle the situation. So... I wanted around to here from him and when I heard nothing, I decided to go see a movie by myself. Which is fine. I have gone to the movies by myself. I went to see "Me Before You" which I knew was a chick flick. I was surrounded by couples on dates... but it's fine. I was just there by myself. You don't talk during movies anyway... or you shouldn't. So I really was fine with it. I really liked the movie and I got out of the house and did something, so the evening wasn't totally wasted.

Funny side note, later that night I ended up meeting another guy from online who was in my area because he was supposed to meet up with a girl that stood him up... we both got stood up so we met up and had a good time and had so much fun that he came to see me again 2 days later and we have been talking every day since. Don't get too excited.. as fun as he is, he is a work-a-holic that is just out having fun, just got out of a divorce and has no desire to get married again ever... so we won't be dating. He is fun to hang out with non the less.

My sister Jamie is in town, so Saturday I went to go hang out with her and the family on Saturday... after my run of course. If I don't run first thing after I wake up on Saturday... it doesn't happen, and I try really hard to make it happen and stick to the trainers plan. So I hung out there for the rest of the afternoon.

After that I got together with a bunch of friends to go out to dinner for my friend Becky's birthday. Dinner took way too long... waiting for our food. I was actually hungry... which I'm never hungry anymore. I had fun catching up with my friend Dallin and his new wife though. Funny... it was a year ago at Becky's birthday dinner that Stacey and I decided to go to Brazil together. Anyway... after dinner we went to Orem Summerfest to watch the fireworks... which they put on a pretty good show. I LOVE fireworks. I can't get enough of them.

Sunday I was released from my calling as Communications Co-Chair. Not sad. No more going to ward counsel. No more putting our Ward Newsletters every week and no more having to take new people's pictures and put them in LDS tools. They were going to give me a new calling... to be ward chorister, which I have actually never done before.... but they held off and didn't give me a calling. Why? Because I feel like it is actually time for me to transition to the family ward. As weird as that is for me to say. I still don't feel like I belong there, but I don't really feel like I belong in the singles ward either, even though those are the people that I hang out with and I don't feel too old for them. It's a weird position to be in that is hard to explain. I just don't really feel like I have a place. I know that isn't true and just the way I feel... but it is the way I feel. So as of right now, I am calling free (which feels great) and get a little break while I decide what to do with myself. I may ward hop... who knows. We will see.

The rest of Sunday was spent with the family. I stayed an extra long time since Jamie and her family are here. Always nice to have family in town. I wish that Jamie and Lori lived closer and would be at family dinner every Sunday. Since that is not the case, it is nice to spend extra time with family when they are in town.

Monday was National Running Day. Who knew? I only did because my work did something. The fitness center is always trying to do health challenges to encourage people to be healthier since we all have desk jobs and a fitness center that is way more empty than it should be considering it is free for all of us to use at any time. Anyway, so my work celebrated National Running day. There is a trail that goes all the way around our campus that is a mile and a half. So if you walked or ran around it once or twice... you got to enter in for a drawing for prizes and they had snacks and stuff like that. I wasn't planning on doing it, but I bring my gym bag everyday because I go on my lunch break. As soon as I got into work the guys asked me if I was going to run with them. My team NEVER participates in the health and fitness challenges. So I said absolutely I would run with them. So I ran with Joe, Aaron & Nick and then Allen, Cassie and Amie all walked one lap. Nick ran one lap. Aaron, Joe and I ran 2 laps... so a 5k. I'm not a fast runner, but I am happy to report that I ran (jogged) that 5k without stopping. Everyone else had to stop at some point during the 5k, but I never did. I was proud of myself because it has been a while since I have been able to do that. Plus... later that day (evening) I worked out with my personal trainer and Monday is leg day. So my legs were tired by the end of the night. But I rocked that Monday and I was proud.

Since MacKenzie has moved out, Leslie has been gone and Alicia has been gone a lot too, which leaves me with the house to myself. I don't hate it. The house has stayed clean and I can't tell you how happy that makes me! Clean and quite. I do miss having my tv buddy around, but now MacKenzie and I text each other about our shows instead of talking about it in person. More time to myself has forced me to get other projects done... like editing pictures and finishing my book of my trip from last year to the Philippines. You know... stuff that I need to get done.

Tuesday I went to traffic school. Sad I know. Going to traffic school I think it better than doing it online. #1 - it's cheaper (at least in Provo it is) #2 it's shorter... it's a little over an hour of your time instead of 4 hours #3 - it's more entertaining and I actually learned some new things from this cop than online traffic school I didn't learn anything. It was all stuff I already knew, but this retired cop that gave my traffic school said he would pay for our traffic school and ticket if we didn't learn anything... and he was right. I totally learned some things I didn't know. My favorite thing that I learned was about the fast lane. It's a passing lane... it doesn't matter how fast the person behind you is going, if they come within 2 seconds behind you, you HAVE to move over, if you don't... it's against the law. I can't tell you what a big pet peeve that is of mine when people won't move over in that lane or when big trucks or cars pulling trailers are in that lane. ALL illegal. The cop that did our class said if he wanted to be a jerk he would spend all day in that lane pulling people over. I wish he would. In fact, if this cop would have pulled me over, I wouldn't have gotten a ticket. The cop that pulled me over was kind of a jerk even though I was SO nice to him. Whatever... such is life.

The rest of the week I met with Josh (my personal trainer) earlier in the day so that I could have my evenings free to hang with my sister. So.... Wednesday, Jamie wanted to go on a hike, so I took her on a hike. We went to Stewart Falls (which I will blog more about) which is the same hike we did last year, but I LOVE that hike, especially this time of year. It is SO green and so beautiful. It's almost 4 miles round trip, but it seemed like a breeze. We both really enjoyed it. I love it when my family or friends come into town and they want to do things outdoors with me. It makes me happy. I also love summer because it is warm enough and light enough after work to go on a hike... I can feel like I did something else with my day besides work (sit at a computer all day). It's so nice.

Today I went and got a pedicure after work and then a movie night at my friend Mike's house. Not just any movie night though. We watching Twilight, but in a new way. We watched it with RiffTrax! RiffTrax, if you have never heard of it, is a comedy commentary that you play along with the movie. It basically is just people making fun of the movie while you watch it. It was pretty funny and entertaining.

Speaking of shows.... I am still watching the OC. I'm almost done though. I'm not loving the 4th (last season) so I'm ready for it to be over. I am still loving watching So You Think You Can Dance The Next Generation and America's Got Talent though. Those shows are what I look forward to watching the most... and Bachelorette, but that sadly wasn't on this week. Oh well. Love my work entertainment.

I guess that is all for me. I'm excited for the weekend. I'm ready for it. I always am.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Monday, June 13, 2016

Exploring Provo Canyon

I'm so glad that Kyle and I became friends, because he is always up for an adventure and I love it. I just have to text him and say Hey Kyle! Let's go explore or hike or take pictures.... and he is always game.

So we decided to go on a hike... but then both decided we were pooped and just wanted to drive and explore and enjoy nature.... and follow these deer around that we found.

And we both didn't hate it. It was a very enjoyable way to spend a Monday evening. Have I mentioned that I love summer? I love summer. :)

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer Poppies

I know I take pictures of them and blog about them every year... but I just love them. They don't last very long, but when they bloom I get so excited and always take pictures of them. They aren't even mine... they are in my parents front yard.

When I started taking pictures of them, Irelyn and Calvin came over to check them out as well, so I snapped a few pictures.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


One of my favorite things about Utah Summer's are the perfect summer nights and that you can watch Fireworks every weekend (if you wanted to) in a different city. Tonight I went to Orem Summerfest with some friends to watch the fireworks and they put on a good show. So I'll just leave this here for when you need some fireworks in your life.

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Patio

It took me a while to get it together this year since it was so rainy all of May... but I'm so happy the Patio is back! I love having the patio full of plants and decorated... it feels like another room extended from the house. It's nice to come home to and walk through everyday.