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Saturday, August 30, 2008

2008 Summer Olympics

I have to say that I just love the Olympics and I am very sad that they are over. I wish they lasted longer, and wish they came more often than ever four years. But then again... maybe it would not be as exciting if it were not so rare. I watched the Beijing Olympics every chance I got and loved every minute of it. Sadly, I had to work through a lot of events so I only got to see the main ones. But I wanted to share some of the highlights for me during those two weeks. :o) 1- The opening ceremonies. I watched them later online because I was busy the night they showed, but wow... it was quite a show. It is amazing how many people were involved and how much preparation they put into the ceremonies! I heard that they were practicing and getting ready for that night 9 months before hand! Just shows how important appearance is to them. Also heard that some of the fireworks were added by the computer for all the viewers watching at home. I thought this was not necessary. I also heard that the little girl that sang was lip sinking because the real singer had a snagle tooth and they didn't want her to be seen to the world. Sad!

2- Michael Phelps! Yes... he got a lot of hype, but I felt it was well deserved. He made history! Plus that he got our country half of our medals! ha ha.. ok, that is an exaggeration, but still, he got a lot of golds for us and he was always so fun to watch. I loved cheering him on, especially the race that he won by like a tenth of a second or something like that. That was ridiculously awesome. Basically, he rocks my world.

3- Next to one of my favorite events to watch, Gymnastics. Our girls rocked! I was so proud of Nastia and Shawn! They were amazing to watch, I would get so nervous for them to mess up and then they never would. They showed that 13 year old Chinese girl what was up, in a graceful way. The one thing that got me a little worked up was when Nastia and Chinese girl were tied on the uneven bars (even though Nastia had the more flawless ruteen) and Chinese girl won anyway. ewww! Nastia was a champ though and handled herself well even though it was TOTALLY unfair.

4- Next we have boys gymnastics. They were also very fun to watch. My favorite was Jonathan Horton. Not only did he rock and get us a medal for the guys... but he helped his whole team I think. I mean, they were not even expected to medal and they walked away with bronze. That was awesome to watch. Another reason I loved Horton is because he was always so excited and happy to be competing. Very fun to watch. And I think he is kind of cute. That is just a side note.

- Next event I really enjoyed watching was volleyball, both men and women beach and court. We did pretty darn well all around. I mean both men and women won gold for beach volleyball and then men took it for indoor. The women's beach volleyball were unbeatable though. It is so amazing. I believe they won over one hundred matches in a row! I can see why they are so excited in this picture. So awesome!

6- Besides Diving, Track and Field was the other event that I mainly watched. It is amazing how many world records were broken and how fast people can actually go. Both men and women for USA did awesome, but one of my favorite moments was the men's 400 meter hurdles when USA took top three! Domination! I guess that had not happened in many years. So that was pretty sweet. There were also some sad moments to watch, but I just try to remember the great moments such as this one. We had so many amazing athletes!

7- Last but not least another one of my favorite parts of the Olympics was our final medal count. 110 medals! All I care is that we beat China. ha ha. They may have received more gold, but we had more medals over all, and that makes me happy. The whole Olympic experience (from the little I get on tv) is so awesome. I have pride for my country, I love to cheer on our athletes, I experience a little bit of the joy and sorrow with the rest of the world watching. It is quite an amazing thing that it can bring the world together, even just for two weeks. I love it. :o)


jamiehixon said...

Remember Peter Vandenhoogenband? Those are my favorite Olympic cheering memories with you.

T-Ray said...

You know... I was telling the people at work about him and they had no idea who he was! Sad... he even competed in this year's olympics... but not such a hot shot anymore next to Phelps. Those were good times though, I'm glad you remembered that. :o)