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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Apx Alarm

I have been working at Apx Alarm for a year now. Sure it seems like a lame job, but I actually love it. I started working in Data Entry and I hated it, but I made it through the summer because I happened to have some friends that worked there with me and kept me entertained. Then I moved to Contract Admin / Record Management and I LOVE it! My boss is awesome and we get a long great. I am like her assistant. Anything she needs done she comes to me. I worked hard for her long enough that I proved myself and she made me a supervisor over the filers (10 people) and so I have had a lot of fun doing interviews, hiring, putting together a training power point, and getting all of the responsibilities of being a supervisor. This next week I will train all of the my team for the busy summer to come.

Something I really love about Apx is the people I work with. Not only have I had some good friends that happened to work there, but I have made a lot of good friends there too. We even spend time together outside of work. But they are the ones that make me excited to go to work. I love these people! :o)

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