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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Miss Independent

I was not quite sure where I wanted to start my blog. So I thought that I would start with my trip to New York this past October. I had worked at a Physical Therapy office with this girl. The little time that we worked together she always talked of how she always wanted to go to New York. I told her that I had been before and it was so much fun I would love to go again. So a few months later we get together and buy our round trip tickets to New York for October. Since we were no longer working together we didn't see each other much, but we got together a couple times to plan the trip and finally the time had come to go. We both were super excited to go. The first day of our trip was all travel. We spent the whole day in airports and on the plane. We got to NY late and just stayed in a hotel to rest up for the rest of our week in NY. The next day we slept in and went into a few shops and then went to find my friend's house that we were going to be staying with the first night. Once we got there we just hung out with my friends and had dinner.
Right after dinner my friend received a phone call from her boyfriend that she had been dating for the last couple months. She left the room and came back 5 minutes later crying. She told me that her boyfriend was having "internal pain" and was not sure what it was. Maybe kidney stones, she was not sure. I tried to calm her down and tell her there was not a lot she could do and to just try and have fun while she was on vacation. She told me she couldn't have fun while her boyfriend was in pain and should go home to be with him. I tried really hard to talk some sense into her, that she wouldn't be able to do anything for him, to have her mom check on him, see how serious it was before she went home. She got on the phone. I thought she was going to call her mom. She called the airline and changed her plane ticket to leave the next morning. I was in shock that she would actually do it, spend so much money to come out to a place that she had always wanted to go just to turn around and go back home for something that was probably not that serious. After she got off the phone she looked at me and said "I feel bad, what are you going to do?" Oh how nice of her to ask! I told her it would be fine, but I was a little nervous. It had been years since I was in NY and I have never been there by myself and I didn't know my way around by any means.
I fell asleep that night and when I woke up she was gone. My friends were shocked, she had never seen anyone leave NY the day after they got there. They were super great and let me stay with them the rest of the trip since I didn't know what I was going to do. They also gave me suggestions of where to go and what to do and would always tell me how to get there. So everyday for the week I would set out i
nto the city by myself and pretend that I knew what I was doing and where I was going and tried not to look like a tourist. I still had a great trip. I went to the World Trade Center Memorial, I shopped, I walked around Central Park, went to the Met, walked Time Square, visited my good friend Brad in Connecticut, saw a movie being filmed with Tea' Leoni, and best of all I saw three Broadway musicals that I had been wanting to see. So in the end, I stepped out of my comfort zone, met some new people, saw some good friends, and had a great time. Just different then what I expected.


Lynette Mills said...

Hi Tracy,

Even though I knew most of this, it was fun to read again....especially with pictures.
Good job, keep it up!


T-Ray said...

awwww thanks mom.

Living The Life..... said...

cool.. now I can found out all the stories just in case I miss one..