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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Provo River Adventure

My ward (BYU 233rd) had an activity tubing down Provo River, which I have done a few times before in my years of living in Provo. I had never done it as a ward activity though, and never through this rafting company (which we had to because we were a ward group). I was expecting the same experience, which is fun, but nothing new... just floating down in the tubes. Because I had been camping the night before with the group that I just blogged about (Mirror Lake) we had to pack up camp, hike back out and drive back to Provo. This made us a little late, we had just barely missed the bus to go with our group. Probably 15 minutes later we got a ride up and all that was left were a couple of tubes and a couple of kayaks. I went straight for the kayak and Brent decided he wanted to join me. I was so glad he did because we had a BLAST. In the beginning, we made some goals. One of them was to hit every rapid that we saw no matter how small (for the most part they are small, and sometimes we barely made it to that side of the river in time). Our next goal, was to splash everyone that we knew... at first these were just the late comers that were with us, we didn't find anyone else we knew for quite a while because our ward was very ahead of us. Which brings me to our last goal... to catch up with the ward, so we paddled our little hearts out. We did accomplish all of our goals (the last goal is how we got these pictures taken, a girl in my ward had a water proof camera). Another little adventure that happened on this trip was on the drive up, the guy from the company was explaining all the rules and trying to be funny and the most part we kind of just tuned him out because I had done this before, one of the things he told us was when we hit the second bridge, to get out of the water and walk around. Once Brent and I got to that bridge, we thought about what he said, and told ourselves it must just be if you are in a raft, cause it didn't look like a big deal to us... so we went through. What do you think happened? Ya, we happened to get tipped over by the current and we lost each other in the water. 
Luckily we both had a good grip on our oars, and Brent took hold of the kayak, and it for sure took me a while before I got in again, I was swept away with the current and got pretty scraped up and bruised. First thing I thought of though were my flip flops... they floated away and I tried to get them. Thankfully there were enough people on the river that they caught them for me. So once Brent and I were back together and safely in our kayak with everything that we started with, we were laughing about it. Of course Brent felt bad and said he was sorry to me over and over for having gone through the bridge... but looking back on it, we both don't regret it, it just made the trip that much more adventurous. And even with that set back, we still managed to catch up with the ward. So fun! We still laugh about it. :o)


jamiehixon said...

That sounds really fun. I've only been tubing once, and it was a lot more delightful than I thought it would be.
Loved your goals.

Kristy said...

Sounds like a fun trip. Glad you got to go.