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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Movie Awards

Every year our ward's FHE groups each make a short video to show to the ward... they are usually about making fun of LDS single life because that is where we are all at right now. They are always clever and funny and I enjoy being in them and watching the other video's every year. After all the video's are done, the whole ward gathers to watch them and they have the bishopric judge to see who's is the best and so on. This ward's video's have been great, but the awards ceremony has really not been that exciting. This year I thought was going to be different because they said they were going to have a red carpet and encouraging everyone to dress up. I was excited and Brent and I came dressed as movie stars. When we got there, only a small portion of people were dressed up and there were no awards and there was no red carpet. I was so disappointed. The ward I was in before this one also had the same tradition... when I was in that ward I was the Activities Chair (It is my eternal calling because I have had it for the past 4 or 5 years). When I put on the award show, I went all out, I had a red carpet, everyone dressed up, it was a pot luck dinner we had trophies and I had movie scores playing in the background when the video's were not playing. We decorated and everything. It was awesome. So this year there was nothing to take pictures of except for us dressed up. Those will be at the bottom.... but first, I will show you pictures from when I put it on.
And hopefully, I will be able to post our video that we made..... soon.

The trophy's and decor

On the red carpet
This year...


Lynette Mills said...

Well, you look like a movie star!

THE LIZARD'S said...

LOVE IT! The glasses are very movie-star. You two clean up nice...ha..ha.

Desiree said...

I took a peek at the first pic that you posted about your old ward before reading the description and thought "WOAH. They went ALL out this year." Sorry you were disappointed. The one you threw looked AWESOME. But I love that you dressed up and looked amazing! :)I'd love to see the video.

Miss-tearious said...

Those "trophies" are so cute! I never would think to do something so creative! :)