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Monday, April 20, 2009

Women at the Well

My cute roommate Ashlee and friend Pam put on the Women at the Well fireside for our ward and whoever else wanted to come. They had whoever wanted to audition for solo's, so I did. I also was in the choir. After everyone auditioned they assigned songs to people that they thought their voice fit the song. I had never heard any of the songs before, but they assigned me "Day Of Tears" and I was so glad... I love that song. Everyone put in a lot of practice hours and figuring out costumes and decorations and refreshments, etc... and it all turned out so nice. It was a great turn out and everyone really loved the program.... all the girls did such a great job. I was so happy to be a part of this fireside, it really touched me. I always feel the spirit very strongly through music. Anyway... here are some pictures of the girls that participated and a video of my song (Brent taped it for me.... we can't figure out why it is blurry... but the sound is fine.... except you can hear Brent zooming in and out).


Lynette Mills said...

That was beautiful! I haven't heard it with the choir behind....that really added a nice touch. I guess there are different scripts to this production. I didn't even know there was a choir version.

T-Ray said...

Really? That is how it is on the CD and that was the music we had for it. We also had solo backup choir for the song Women at the Well and then the choir sang Foolish or Wise and Daughters Arise.... the reprise maybe?

Whitty said...

Huzzah for "Women at the Well"! I was so proud of our little cast. You were awesome! Your voice was absolutely perfect for that song...I am kind of sad that it's over :( On to new projects... We should sing more!