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Friday, September 20, 2019

Grape Juice

I love having an amazing garden in my backyard. Who knew I would love the country life so much?! But I do. One of my favorite things about the garden is the gazebo entrance that is covered in grape vines. Once they are ripe, you can smell the grapes. It is devine.

Now first I would like to say that I hate grape juice... store bought grape juice that is... but once I tried the juice from these grapes, it was a game changer. So much better than store bought grape juice and you don't even need to add sugar!

You just need the right tool to make the grape juice. Thankfully my sister, Kristy, does. So she let me borrow it and I gathered a ton of grapes and juiced a good amount to stalk up until next summer. My mom did the same and there are still SOOOOO many grapes on the vines. So our lucky chickens get a handful of grapes everyday.

Normally the juice is just white, but I added some of the purple eating grapes & some currants to give it some color. Turned out perfect!

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