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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Did this date ACTUALLY happen? The answer is yes!

First of all, he was an hour late. He claimed that he got lost but shouldn't have because he manages a bunch of town houses in my area. Then he proceeded to tell me that he was also late because he was really busy at work, told me that he works at "The Edge" radio station and has a really important position at work that requires a lot of time. Last but not least, he told me he was so nervous for our date that he changed his outfit three times! I knew then... this was going to be a LONG date.
Second of all, he took me out to dinner at a fast food place called "Lon's BBQ Shack". The only benefit to that was knowing I wouldn't run into anyone that I knew there. Over dinner he talked himself up, trying to look impressive and happened to bring up his ex wife and that he was married for seven years (he is 28) and his wife just "decided she didn't want to be married anymore" while pregnant with their third child. Great dinner conversation.
After dinner I was hoping he was just going to take me home, but he turned to me and said "Are you ready for the surprise portion of our date?". It was then that I got a terrified look on my face, and he noticed. He tried to calm me by telling me that he had looked the date idea up on the Internet, so it was a great activity... but somehow that did not take away the fear. He then drove me to Macey's grocery store. As we walked in he turns to me with lots of excitement and says, "Ok, you have five dollars to spend on supplies to build a boat". I really didn't know what to say. So I didn't say anything, I just forced a half smile on my face and started my search through the store. As we shopped together for different items to build our boats, he was saying hi to almost everyone that worked there. He is either really friendly or...
He says hi to a lady who was standing with her husband and kids, told her he recognized her because he sees her in the store all the time. "Ya, don't you work here?" She says to him. Yep, or HE WORKS THERE!!! Wow, he had lied to me about his job. I try to decide if I am going to call him on it or not. I decide the less talk the better on this date. We finally leave to build our boats outside in the middle of winter. I was freezing. He interestingly enough asked me about awkward dates that I had been on and I somehow got through that conversation without yelling at him for being awkward and gave as many hints as I could possibly come up with that he had no chance with me whatsoever.
So we finally had our boats built, his out of frozen french bread, mine out of an over sized mushroom, his float the longest, so he won. Once again, I was hoping he was going to take me home but he asks me if I am ready for the next part of the date. I had to say something at this point, I couldn't take it much longer. I told him I couldn't be out all night and that I was getting over a cold and needed to go to bed early and he assured me that he was have me home at a decent hour "before I turned into a pumpkin" ya... interesting.
He then takes me to the Nickel Cade, which can be a lot of fun with a group of people, but not on an awkward blind date. So we spent forty five minutes picking and playing different video games such as DDR, and car racing games, most of them I beat him at which I thought would hurt his pride. Oh how wrong I was. Turns out it turned him on even more.
He FINALLY was going to take me home. I was excited. It was only going to take maybe ten minutes to take me home, but he insisted that he HAD to make a phone call, and who do you think he called? He called his ex wife! You are probably asking yourself why, I was too... trust me. So he asks her when he needs to pick up the kids the next day and while he was on the phone with her, he made it known to her that he was on a date because he looked at me said hold on to his ex wife and asked me what I said when I didn't say anything and then there was a pause and he told his ex "I'll tell you later" like I don't know what he is talking about. After he got off the phone he apologized to me for HAVING to make that phone call and went off about how awkward it was for him being married with three kids and me never being married before and went on and on making it even more awkward, if that is possible. I finally told him to shut up and moved on to the next topic and I started talking about a friend. Oddly enough he knew her and pulled out his phone and showed me all these pictures of her. I asked him why he had all these pictures of her and he said it was because she was his FHE mom. Which was not a good enough explanation for me because I knew they were not friends. What a creeper! I am freaking out, but I'm finally home. I call my friend to see what is up with this guy, she didn't answer but called back five minutes later telling me she knew why I had called. Right after he had dropped me off, he went over to her house to get the scoop on me to see if he had a chance with me. Thankfully she is a good friend that has my back and I never heard from him again. :o)
-The End

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Jessica said...

Oh, Tracy. These are the best (or worst)! Yikes!