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Sunday, May 25, 2008

I heart David Archuleta!

I wanted to do a tribute to David Archuleta on my blog, because I think he is amazing and I pretty much devoted my life to watching this season of American Idol because of him. And maybe I wanted to skip work so that I could go see him perform at his high school when he came home. And when things get stressful at work I yell "I need Archie! Give me Archie! He sooths me soul". It's true... ask anyone I work with. Really though, he is a good looking, humble, amazingly talented (and now one of the most popular kids in America) singers. So what if I have a little crush on a 17 year old. Is that so bad? Joke... I just admire him, I don't want to marry him, I promise. If you have not heard this guy sing... I have provided a little video clip from American Idol. Even though he didn't win (he came so close, lost by 6%) I know he has a very promising career ahead of him and I am very excited to see the music that he will come out with. Watch out for this rising star! David Archuleta Rocks my socks!


Cheryl said...

I think he is awesome too! I think it is soo cute how they always called him "Archie" hehe. I also am very excited to see what kind of music he puts out! He is so talented!

Tara said...

"You should date him" LOL love it!