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Monday, October 20, 2008

Apx Softball

This summer, I was asked if I would play on the Apx softball team. We were in the Provo City Softball league and it was a blast. I forgot how fun it is so play and be part of a team. I used to play a lot when I was younger... like grade school to middle school, but the skills just came right back like riding a bike. We started playing games at the end of July and after losing only two games during the season, we went to the play offs and after losing two more games, we were out of the play offs the 2nd week of October (which was the last week of games anyway). So all in all our team was not too shabby, infact we rocked. I think many of the other teams were a little afraid of us. I mean, just look at our uniforms, we just look official. Ha, anyway, I hit every ball that was pitched to me, so I was pretty proud of that. Other than that I switched off on what position I played. Sometimes I was 2nd base, I played short stop a couple times, right field and catcher. So it was fun to switch it up and get to know more people at Apx and become even better friends with the people that I already knew. Even though it seemed like we played for a long time (oh wait, cause we did) it was really fun and a great experience. I should get involved with more team sports I decided. Yea for doing other things besides watching tv!! ha ha

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Jamie said...

Good for you! I'm not doing anything but jogging for 10 minutes twice a week and some occational tae bo! Your uniforms look fierce, by the way.
Your company does a lot of neat stuff.