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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Camping and Fishing with Brent

As you can see, I have been spending all my weekends with Brent. We have so much fun together and always seem to be on the same page and think the same things... so it looks like we will be hanging out for a while. Which I am OK with. :o) Brent and I both like to camp and we wanted to camp one more time before it got too cold. We made all the plans and invited a bunch of people and come Friday we were packed and ready to go and nobody else showed up. We wondered if we should still go having it just be the two of us... but we went (don't judge us, nothing happened... we did not even touch each other the whole night). We had a lot of fun still even though it was just the two of us. He brought his dutch oven and cooked for me. For dinner we had shrimp and for breakfast we had rocky mountain eggs with potato which didn't really turn out the way they were supposed to, but we ate it anyway. Brent is a good cook. He even widdled a spoon out of a stick. I was impressed. It rained... which was kind of fun. So we just had fun talking. The next day we went fishing at Deer Creek. Brent LOVES to fish. I think it is pretty fun too, but every time we have been, I have never caught anything. This trip he caught the fish again, but to make me feel better, he let me reel it in. ha ha... so we could say we caught the fish together. I told him I wanted to keep it and eat it. So we did keep the rainbow trout that we caught. We had a lot of fun, AND we got to use club 400 again to fish out on the lake. It was a blast. We ended up spending an entire 24 hours together and we were not even sick of each other at the end. That has to say something right? Anyway... we came home and Brent taught me how to gut a fish, and I thought I would share with you... because I think dissecting things is fun. I don't know why. I just think it is interesting. So here are step by step pictures of how to gut a fish! Enjoy.


Lynette Mills said...

oh Tracy...you are too funny. Step by step instructions on gutting a fish. I can't wait to meet Brent!

Andrea said...

i heart brent! i heart you!