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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tagged again

I was tagged by Desiree, so here we go with the questions

8 Favorite TV shows: (this is hard because I hardly watch tv)
1: Alias
2: American Idol
3: So you think you can dance
4: America's Next Top Model
5: America's next dance crew
6: Anything on the food network
7: What not to wear
8: Split Ends (this is a new kick with my roommate and I)

8 Favorite Restaurant's
1: Bombay House (Indian Food)
2: Goodwood BBQ
3: Olive Garden (Italian)
4: Tuccano's (Brazilian)
5: Tepanyaki (Japanese)
6: Cafe Rio (Mexican) -not really fancy, but I think best Mexican they have around here
7: PF Changs (Chinese)
8: Brick Oven

8 things that happened yesterday
1: Woke up in Vegas 7:30am at Brian Christensen's house
2: Drove in the car back to Provo with Brent Christensen
3: Went to work at 3pm
4: Got a raise
5: Came home/showered
6: Went to Corn Maze for ward FHE
7: Brent FINALLY kissed me
8: unpacked/got ready for bed/ put pictures on my computer from my trip/got caught up online

8 things to look forward to
1: Halloween
2: Spending time with Brent
3: My parents coming to Utah next month/Thanksgiving
4: More traveling to new places
5: Singing at Disneyland the first weekend in December
6: My birthday/Christmas
7: Someday getting married/having kids
8: Trying new things and going on more adventures

8 things I love about fall
1: The changing colors of nature
2: Perfect temperature
3: Halloween/Thanksgiving
4: Not busy at work
5: Corn Mazes
6: Carving Pumpkins
7: New clothes for the season
8: The start of hot chocolate season. :o)

8 things on my wish list:
1: To get married
2: To be a mom
3: To travel to every major continent
4: To visit all 50 states
5: To go on a church history tour
6: To learn guitar
7: To learn Spanish (so I'm fluent)
8: To be happy forever!!


Lynette Mills said...

Well, you know what I'm going to say to this post! Hooray! and congratulations on the kiss! Was it in the corn maze?

T-Ray said...

It was actually when I dropped him off at his house when we got back to Provo, he wouldn't let me go until it happened. ha ha... There were too many people in the corn maze anyway.

Cheryl said...

hehe! I really like this post. Informational and fun! ;) I'll call you next week kay?

Jennifer said...

Tracy! I miss you too. Isn't Geedge getting married in Utah? Is she having a reception or anything? That would be fun if we could all see each other there. But I haven't heard anything about it, so maybe not. Have you heard anything?

Lynette Mills said...

Jennifer, if you come back to this post, Geedge and Brians reception is Nov. 21st in Bountiful at the Harvest Buffet. 564 West 400 North
It is at 6 pm. No California reception. I'm sure she would love it if you guys came.