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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Doing my part

Show Spelled Pronunciation [mar-ij] Show IPA Pronunciation
the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc.
the state, condition, or relationship of being married; wedlock: a happy marriage.
the legal or religious ceremony that formalizes the decision of a man and woman to live as husband and wife, including the accompanying social festivities: to officiate at a marriage.
a relationship in which two people have pledged themselves to each other in the manner of a husband and wife, without legal sanction: trial marriage; homosexual marriage.

It took me a while to get on board, but I finally decided I needed to do my part. I had my dad help me register to vote in California since I am living in Utah, so when I was home this last weekend I was excited to vote for the president (although I am not too excited for either party with this election) and I voted for my dad (for Goleta Water Board) and there was many more things I voted for, but the main purpose that I wanted to vote in California instead of Utah was so I could vote YES on Prop 8! I know that my vote doesn't count for much, but I wanted my voice to be heard. I made a donation, although small, I care enough to do so and I don't normally get involved in differences in opinion, but this is something I truly care about. This is important!

I first posted the definition. THAT is the definition of marriage. If we change the definition of marriage, what next? Why are we catering to the tiny percentage of this country that are gay, and on top of that, the even smaller percentage that actually care to get married. By voting yes on Prop 8 changes NOTHING for the gay rights, they still get to live the way that they want to live, and I am fine with that although I don't agree with that way of living, I would never tell them what to do, they have their freedom to live that way. But why are we tolerant of them, but they can not be tolerant of us? They can have their right to be gay, but we can't have our right to have our religious belief's? Why can't we have peace and understanding both ways? Why is it that when asking someone to photograph their gay wedding and the photographer declines because of religious belief's (because we have the right to freedom of religion) that instead of just finding someone else to do it, they have to sue them. It is just not right. I personally would not want to give up a child and put the child in a gay home, but that is my right, it doesn't mean that I hate gays, I just don't want a child to be raised that way. I don't want my children to be taught about gays in school... I don't feel like that is necessary, but I don't think I should be sued for that either.

These are all just my opinions. But really even though marriage between a man and woman is very important to me, I would still normally not speak up. What is comes down to for me is that I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and I have a testimony of modern day prophets, and that we have a living prophet today, President Thomas Monson and our church never gets involved in politics, but they have asked us to take a stand with this issue. I believe that our prophet receives revelation, and because they have asked us to take a stand, there are not questions asked from me. If that is what the church wants us to do, that is what I will do. I believe that Satan's number one target is to destroy the family. If he can succeed at that, then I don't see a bright future for our country. The family is the core of humanity... everyone comes from a family that they should love and cherish and hold high above everything else in this world. I love my family and am so thankful for how I was raised and I hope that I will have my own family one day and I would like to raise my children in a similar way. Sorry... I am rambling and I am not sure if it is all making sense, so I will end by saying, Family is important, VOTE YES ON PROP 8!

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Chuck & Desiree said...

I love it. Very well put Tracy. I agree with 100%. I only wish I could try to make more of a difference by voting yes on prop 8 as well. If I could I would.