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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Geedge's Wedding

My good friend from back home got married this last weekend. She looked absolutely STUNNING! She was just glowing and you could tell she is so happy and it was great to go and spend some time with some old friends from back home out in here in Utah. Brent came with me and Veda and got to meet some of my closest friends. He is just great and I love having him in my life. Funny story... my mom and Geedge's mom, Bobbi teach seminary together... so they tell each other everything. Before I could even introduce him to Bobbi she said "Hi, you must be Brent" he just laughed because he was not expecting that. Ha ha... Anyway, I am so happy for Geedge!


Cheryl said...

What! Geedge got married! Wow, awesome! I'm glad you got to go. Where was the reception? And again, cute picutes!

Shawntel said...

Cute pictures! I especially love the one with you and Brent, So cute!