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Monday, November 3, 2008

No Place Like Home

Two weekends ago, I was so excited because I was able to go home. What was the occasion? Well... I had two free tickets to Disneyland that were park hoppers that needed to be used before November 15th. When we got to Disneyland, I found out each park hopper ticket is like 100 bucks for the day! So naturally we would not want to let those gems go to waste. It just so happened that my mom had not used her free tickets either and neither had my sister Jamie. This made for a very fun trip. My mom gave her free ticket to Brian, I gave my extra to Brent and Jamie gave hers to Dan and Asher got in for free because he is under three. We ALL got in for free, which was amazing because otherwise we would have forked over like 600 bucks. Since we did not spend any money to get into the park, we decided to spend the extra money on food and ate at the Blue Bayou, which I LOVE. But besides me it was everyone's first time eating there. In fact, not only was it Asher's first time to Disneyland, but it was Brent and Brian's first time as well. I myself have been to Disneyland every time of year... except for the fall. Turns out they deck out the whole park in pumpkins. I loved it. We went on all the major rides and watched the fire work show, went over to California Adventure and went on a couple rides, one of which was Tower of Terror, which I had never been on before... because I hate the feeling of falling, and what do you know, that is what you do on this ride. But somehow they all convinced me to go. I may have left bruises on Brent and Brian, I'm not sure, but I was grabbing pretty tight. I think I would be ok if I never went on that ride again. But at least I had someone to hold on to. Oh ya, Disneyland is where Brent finally decided to hold my hand. I guess it really is a magical place after all. ;o) I could go on and on about how much I love Disneyland and how happy it makes me to be there.. but I will stop and just post pictures instead. Conclusion, it was an awesome trip.

After getting soaked on Splash Mountain. The whole right side of me was wet, that was it. Took a while to dry, but well worth it.

Another thing I love about going home (besides being with my family) is going to the beach and watching the sunset. There is just nothing else quite like it. It is just so relaxing, watching all the colors in the sky change, feeling the breeze in your face, listening to the waves crash and smelling the salt from the ocean. It really just calms me and I can really relax and think. Brent really enjoyed it as well, he had not been to the beach since he was a kid. So over all, it was a short, but awesome trip. Being home just makes me happy, and I love sharing that with others.


Lynette Mills said...

Yea...Disneyland pictures! I still think about that day. Please thank Brent and Brian again for being so fun to hang with. It's not often that an old mom feels so welcome with her daughters friends.

Chuck & Desiree said...

Yeah for your trip to California!!! For more reasons than one. The pictures are SO cute of you guys. I love the last two. Love it! You look so happy!

A Cheatham said...

uhh..that close up of you an BRET...should be in a modeling book! You guys are HOT!!!

Living The Life..... said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Shawntel said...

Oh Disneyland! The memories! Go Blue Bayou! YUMM! It looks like you had a lot of fun! I wish I could have come! :)