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Monday, November 10, 2008

This is Halloween!

I just love Halloween. I love the candy and all of the fun parties going on, but most of all, I love to dress up. I don't know what it is about it that I love so much, maybe it is because I have the Peter Pan syndrome and I don't want to grow up and I still like to act like a kid and play and pretend and all of that. Anyway... normally I go all out on my costume, but this year I was really not too inspired with a costume idea, and then I had a cute idea for my ladybug costume when that is what I decided to be, but then I did not have the time to put it together, so this was the very simplified version of my costume. Even still... I had a blast and I still got to dress up and have fun at our stake Halloween party. Kids are the best to see all dressed up though. My nieces and nephews are all so adorable and I love them so much that I included them in this blog as well. Kristy was excited because her girls, Reanne and Sierra finally wanted to be princesses for Halloween. Last year they were pirates and the year before that Reanne was a witch and Sierra was a bug, so Kristy was happy they wanted to be girly. Grant was a ladybug... like me. William was a little monster and Asher didn't really dress up, but I didn't want to leave him out, so I included a picture that Jamie and Dan took of him at the pumpkin patch which is super cute.

Then we got to dress up and have some fun at work. My costume was even MORE simplified for work. Why? Because I didn't want to get up any earlier to put that much effort into it. With that said... I didn't win the costume contest. ha ha. We did get some Halloween donutes for a little treat for our department and had fun seeing everyone dressed up for work. Apx is pretty fun.

One day when I went over to my sister Kristy's house, My nieces Reanne and Sierra were showing me that they got some Halloween Hand puppets. They decided that they would put on a puppet show for me and I thought it was just really cute. They were not even hiding behind the blanket, I love them.

All of these pictures at the bottom were taken at the Halloween party at this big barn out in Payson. They had a DJ and dancing, they had a little projector playing scenes from scary movies playing in the corner, some good food, hay rides and lots of friends dressed up. It was great. Since I am on the activities commitee I had to help set up the night before and the night of. Brent was nice enough so help me. This first picture is of the activities commitee and Brent that all bonded over setting up for this major event. We are standing in front of a big Halloween backdrop that we all set up and it was more complicated than it looks.
Brent and I found a guy dressed up as Hot Rod, from our favorite movie. I think Hot Rod is what bonded Brent and I together. We didn't know this guy, but we thought he was so awesome we had to get our picture with him.

Of course there had to be another ladybug there. I didn't know this girl, but she wanted her picture with me since we had the same outfit and same wings and everything. She was nice. This is the second year that I had the same costume as someone else.
KAICIA!! Our band is all in the same stake (Besides Nat the dummer). We all saw each other at the party and had to get a picture together.
Just wanted a picture with my good friends that I love so much. Nicole and Emily will be my cruise girls for life! Speaking of... I would really like to go on another one.


Lynette Mills said...

I feel like I got to be with you on Halloween...thanks.

jamie hixon said...

1)What the heck was Brent supposed to be?

2)Thanks for including Asher, next year I will actually make him a costume.

3)If you go on a cruise I want to come!

Cheryl said...

I love all the niece and nephew costumes!! Definitely cute! Good job all you mills!
Kind of funny, I think I really hated that Hot Rod movie when I saw it. Oh well, I guess that is one thing we don't have to do together! hehe
PS I was almost a ladybug this year too!

T-Ray said...

Cheryl! I can't believe that you don't like "Hot Rod"... that kind of breaks my heart a little because I think that movie is so funny and I quote it a lot. But we can still be friends.

Jamie, I am sure you will make Asher an amazing costume next year, and Brent was an 80's rocker and I will for sure let you know when I go on another cruise and you should come.

Tina said...

Trae!! I love the pictures, really!! It's taken forever for me to get on here and look, I KNOW!! :) I especailly loved the pictures of your nieces and nephews' costumes!! SOOoo cute!! Haha, the Hot Rod costume Rocks too!!
So glad we're roommates!!

Shawntel said...

Love the pictures! You make a very cute lady bug! I love it! All the costumes are great especially the kids! Super cute!