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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

I really love to get into the Holiday's... so I like to do festive activities.... so I planned this date which turned out being super fun. I set up Jared with Emily, Invited Desiree and Chuck (Chuck and Jared grew up together) and then there was Brent and I. So it was a fun group where everyone knew each other and we had a chance to talk and be creative while each couple built their house out of yummy candy and graham crackers. Brent happens to be super creative and good with his hands, he is going into Construction Management... so you can imagine that our house was the bomb dot com. Anyway, after listening to Christmas music while building our houses, we had some yummy cookies and hot chocolate that Desiree and Chuck brought and then we watch Elf... which has become a Christmas Classic that you just HAVE to watch every year. It was a blast and I love group dates!!! I have such fun friends... and an awesome boyfriend too.


Lynette Mills said...

Oh so fun! And your house is the bomb!

jamie hixon said...

That looks fun, and you look beautiful.
PS I love your kung fu panda quote.

Katie H. said...


Cheryl said...

Hey looks like fun! We havn't done ours yet. Jordan gets here tonight so I think we will maybe do them Monday or Tuesday next week.
I love your Castle, it makes me think of you at Disneyland!

Desiree said...

Yeah! What a fun night that turned out to be. We're totally going to have to do something again soon. Love ya!

Living The Life..... said...

SUPER CUTE GINGER BREAD MANSION! HA...HA..HA I like how every pic you and Brent take looks like an lovey dovey engagement pic. LOL!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I saw someone else wrote that so I wanted to too...).