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Monday, December 15, 2008

MoTab Christmas Concert

I am so lucky that people think of me when it comes to inviting me to events. My mom called me one night saying there was a lady in my stake that had 4 tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert at the Conference Center and she was not going to be able to use them and wondered if Brent and I would want to go. I said of course. I guess Brent had looked into getting tickets but they were sold out along time ago. I guess it is a hard concert to get tickets to. So we were there. And since Desiree and Chuck had hooked us up with a free private Jason Maraz concert... well... I thought how nice it would be to return the favor. And turns out... without them, we would not have been able to see the concert at all. First of all... we are both in Provo and could not get the tickets... so Chuck picked them up for us since he works in Salt Lake. Second... because of the really bad traffic in Salt Lake and trying to find parking... we were late to the concert (grrr... I hate being late... Brent was very sweet and patient with me while I was getting very upset about spending a long time around temple square getting nowhere) so had it not been for Chuck waiting for us to give us our tickets and Desiree going in and saving our seats... they would not have let us in... even with tickets. Someone had to be saving your seat. So thanks guys! But it was an amazing concert. The MoTab is just super great in person.... espcially in the Conference Center. Not that I had not heard them before at like General Conference and such... but it was fun to hear them do Christmas Songs live... and I love good Christmas Concerts to get me in the Christmas Spirit. I am lucky that Brent loves it as much as I do. And it was nice to get dressed up and go on a double date with our good friends. :o) The guest singer was Brian Stokes Mitchell. Which I didn't know who he was... but I knew he had a great voice with a very wide range. But his voice did sound familiar. Then he said he sang a song in the movie "Prince of Egypt". As soon as he said that I said to Brent "Ah, of course. He sings Look at your Life Through Heavens Eyes" and sure enough... that was the next song he sang. It was great. Anyway... after the stress of getting there and being late and missing the first couple songs... we really had a great time and it really was an awesome concert and we were blessed to be able to go. Thank you Mom for calling me and setting it all up for me to be able to go. I wish you could have gone also because I know you would have loved it. P.S. You might notice that Brent and I are matching again. Yes... he did it on purpose again. I told him what I was going to wear. I should know now that if I happen to tell him that information, that he is going to match me.


Lynette Mills said...

Thanks Tracy for the post! You guys are just to cute for words. I would have loved to be there just to watch you and Brent....and also for the wonderful music! I'm so happy it all worked out!

jamie hixon said...

That is so fun! I have listened to Brian Stokes Mitchel sing a lot... he was the lead on my Kiss Me Kate soundtrack when I was directing that show. He has a great voice! PS... how do I not have The Prince of Egypt yet? I need to get it.

Holly said...

Your pictures are seriously so cute! We definitely have to hang out when you are home, I clearly need to be updated on your life!