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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Favorite Pet

You wouldn't think so now, because I can't even take care of a tank of fish... but back when I was a youngster, I LOVED animals. I would always beg my parents to buy me a new pet for my birthday or any excuse that I could get. My first pet was when I was in grade school. I begged and begged for a pet but my parents wanted to make sure that I could really take care of one. So one year for my birthday,( it might have been when I was 8) my parents got me a box turtle as my first very own pet that I could take care of. They figured if I did well with a turtle than maybe we could move on to other pets. Although Snapper the turtle hardly came out of his shell while others were around, I loved and took care of that turtle. So I was allowed other pets. I had along with other family pets, rats, rabbits, lizards, guinea pigs, ducks, a dog, a snake, birds, etc... but I think one of my all time favorite pets was my iguana. People think that I am weird because I had reptiles as pets, but I loved them, they are just cool. My first iguana, Spike was the best. I raised him as a baby and he was so great with people, but he ran away (long story, but my dad came and got me from school to help look for him) but I loved having an iguana so much that I got another one, Brak. Brak was not as nice as Spike, but he was pretty good with me since I am the one that took care of him and raised him as a baby. He had such pretty colors too. Here are some pictures of my beloved pet Brak that I had for years and ended up selling when I moved out to Utah, knowing that I would not be able to have an iguana in my apartment out here.


jamie hixon said...

Spike was the best.
I was kinda scared of Brak.

Cheryl said...

Iguanas were so cool. I had one, his name was Grinch. Maybe one day you'll have another pet as long as Brak but as nice as Spike