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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tap Dancing

When I was in first grade, I watched Annie for the first time and really wanted to learn to tap dance. So after begging my parents, there happened to be an after school tap class that I joined and took a year of tap. That was about as far as it went until my sister Jamie started taking lessons from Sister Tate in our home ward. I became jealous and my sister offered to teach me and so I bought 10 dollar tap shoes online and started to learn from my sister. I loved it. When I moved to Utah there were a couple of girls in my ward that told me they were going to be taking beginning tap, so I decided to join them. I did that for a semester and then my teacher at the studio told me that I was good enough to go to the advance class! So I did... and I loved it. I did that for two years and then quite because I was not learning anything new... so anyway this is one of dances I learned while I was in tap to the swing song "Rip it UP" that we performed at the ward talent show. Watching this makes me miss my tapping days. Maybe one day I will get back into it. I still bring the shoes out every once in a while and perform, but I continue to get more and more rusty. Anyway... here you go.

These are the girls that were in my tap class after we performed in a dance recital in 2005.


Lynette Mills said...

That was fun to watch....

jamie hixon said...

That WAS fun to watch. I haven't been tapping myself much lately... but I would have been if I had decided to choreograph Annie at DP this year. So funny that you mentioned that show.
I'm jealous. I wish I had a class to take out here, because I don't think Janice would want to teach me again.

Living The Life..... said...

you are really good! and tap seems fun!

Shawntel said...

You guys are awesome! Is there such a thing as too many talents, ha ha! You are amazing!