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Monday, March 23, 2009

Veda & Jen

This last Sunday Brent and drove up to Salt Lake with Veda to visit Jen and her cute family. It was so fun to see them both! It makes me feel more at home when I have people around me that I grew up with. Jen, Veda and I became good friends when we were Freshman in High School and have stayed in touch ever since. They are both beautiful and wonderful girls that really enjoy being around and really enjoy their friendship. Hopefully we will continue to see each other more often. The Black and White picture is from this last visit (I made it B&W because the lighting was weird) and the top one is another time Veda and I came to visit a couple of years ago. Crazy how the time goes. I posted them both because I saw that we were in the exact same spot two years later. I thought it was funny.


Jennifer said...

Ha! That is so funny! It is totally in the same spot! That was so fun to see you guys. Thanks for driving all the way up to see me. It makes me so happy. We really had a great time. Dominic said he really liked Brent. :-) I will send you the pictures from my camera. The lighting looks normal I think. Thanks for the nice post Tracy! You are the best! I am so glad we are all still such good friends!

jamie hixon said...

That IS funny!