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Saturday, June 27, 2009

KACIA is Back!

Last summer I was asked to be in a band. We mostly practiced and not so much performed.... well... we performed a couple of times. Anyway, the band totally died during the year and I wondered if KACIA's days were over (by the way our name came from Kalli, Tracy & Julia... I know, how clever are we?)... But then we got an e-mail from Kalli saying that we were wanted to perform at a stake function. It was a dinner party for the stake presidency, bishoprics and wives and any other people that had stake callings. So we got dinner AND we got to perform. It was a great crowd! They loved us! But I am sure they are also biased since the majority of our band is made up of members from the stake. Oh well... we will take what we can get. KACIA lives on!

P.S. I have tried to put a video of us performing... but for some reason blogspot is not letting me. Sorry.

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Desiree said...

Yeah! That must be so fun to be in a band. I don't know anyone but Julia, but she's so great. Love her. It must be a blast. Let me know next time you perform so we can come see it!