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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Recipe Book Project

I wish that I could say that I thought of this idea... or even made this, but I didn't. However... I do think it is a fantastic idea. My sister Lori made gifts for all the girls this Christmas. She made us all our own personalized cookbook. They all had our first initial on it and then decoupaged cute colors and patterns for each person. Mine is of Costa Rica.... because Lori and I went there together for two months. It will be something we get to share together that is really special that I don't feel like a lot of sisters get to do together. So it was very special to me. And it looked so cool. She used this poster that she bought while we were there. And then she added some of their currency for more design. I thought it was very cute and clever.
Anyway, I decided that I love this for a few different reasons. 1) I don't like my writing, so I don't like looking at recipes on the cards 2) I don't feel like cards are as organized 3) these have sheet protectors... so your favorite recipes will not get ruined 4) Typed up and in a book, the recipes are easier to read 5) When you get a new recipe... it is so much easier to type and print it out rather than writing it. Better yet, I just print recipes off the food network website anyway. And finally 6) you can always add to it. Or take something out, so it is not as permanent.
Bottom line, awesome Christmas present idea. Thank you Lori! I am now in the middle of transferring all of my cards to the book. I am about half way done. I love the feeling of being productive and finishing projects.


Trevor and Colette Riley said...

Good Idea! Way cute

William said...

I'm glad you like and use your recipe book Tracy! I'm glad that we got to share a once in a life time traveling experience too.
I love you!

Des said...

I have been making a recipe book over the years. I just print out the recipe and slip it in the clear cover.
Not nearly as nice as yours lol