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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Travelers Map

I don't remember when I first wanted to do this.... but I am sure I had not been to many places (which I still have not compared to some.... like my roommate Ashlee for example), but I just kind of forgot about the idea. One of the times that I was on the plane traveling to I think Colorado I decided to flip through the Sky Mall magazine. They had a travelers map you could order in there.... except that it was like $150 or something outrageous like that. So I decided it would be one of my craft projects.
I told my roommates Ashlee about it and I guess it was something she always wanted to do also. So we got on Amazon and ordered this antique looking map (we happened to want the same map out of all the maps out there) and I ordered the map. They told me that it would be to my house by that next Tuesday. That day came and went and I still did not see the map. By Friday I decided to check on Amazon at the shipping status. To my surprise it said that it was delivered on Tuesday like they said.... and someone named B. Brown signed for it. I was so confused of where my map could be. I called FedEx a couple times to try and find out where they delivered my map. On the second call I found out that it was delivered to the address 355 S 600 W. Which they told me was "The Auto Zone". So... I had to go pick up my map at the Auto Zone... which was interesting. I am just glad they kept it. They could have thrown it away.
Once I finally had my map, Ashlee and I went to Roberts craft and found these nice frames that were the size we needed and even better, they were 35% off. Done and done! Then we bought some pins. We put our maps in the frames and took out the glass (which makes hanging so much easier because it becomes so much lighter. We then put pins in the map everywhere that we had been in the world. It took Ashlee a while to do this, me.... not so long. But even though I don't have that many pins in my map.... it makes me excited to travel every time I look at it.
I decided to have certain pin colors for my map. White = the different states I have visited. Black= the different countries that I have been to. Red = places I have lived. Green will = places that my future spouse and I have traveled together. So there you have it. Another fun project done, and I will be so excited every time I can add another pin to the map!


Erin Masi said...

I love it!! They turned out super cute!!

Desiree said...

So cool! That got me thinking of the places I've visited. Maybe I'll have to copy someday. :)

jamie hixon said...

That is awesome. I have always wanted to do this as well. I love functional decor.

I may even steal your idea once I GET INTO MY HOUSE.

Whitty said...

Tracy, I owe you for making my craft dreams a reality. Without you, it'd be all talk with me and nothing to show for it :) Love the pics!

Lynette Mills said...

another project done! Love it

Holly said...

I love this idea! I totally want to do one for my next apartment now. I love how it turned out.