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Friday, July 3, 2009

Flower Pens

Last night Brent was too busy to come over.... so I had to find something to do with myself. I should probably make more friends but I decided to do another craft project. This is not an original idea by any means... I have received this as a gift before and seen many other people have them. In fact we had some in our kitchen... but I thought they were ugly and it is so obvious that they are flower pens. So I decided I was going to make new ones, that looked nicer and matched my kitchen. I thought they turned out great... and at first glance, you would not know they were pens.




Lynette Mills said...

Another nice project Tracy...you and Kristy now have a really nice pen arrangment.

jamie hixon said...

Those are great. My flower pens are currently looking pretty sad.

T-Ray said...

You should make new ones! Like I did. They really don't take that long at all.