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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter

If my friend Shawntel reads this post... she will love it because she is the one that got me to read Harry Potter. I was pretty against Harry Potter when it first came out. Why? Because everyone was reading them and I didn't want to be trendy and read them because everyone else was. Silly, I know. What I should have realized was that everyone was reading them because they are a good read. The story is so clever and the way J. K. Rowling writes sucks you into book prison.

I didn't start reading the books until the 4th one was out. Shawntel was listening to them on tape at work (Back when we worked at Far West) and I couldn't stand listening to the guy that reads them.... I don't care if he got awards for being one of the best audio book readers... I found him annoying. Shawntel told me that if I would read the first Harry Potter book, then she would stop listening to the tapes out loud. I agreed and then was hooked. After I finished all of the books that were out, they then started to make them into movies. I feel like they have done a really good job with the movies. And just like the books, each movie just gets better. The newest movie, #6 - The Half Blood Prince was no exception. I loved it and it made me that more excited for the 7th movie to come out in a year or so. But I think I will read the book again before watching the movie.

Brent like me was not wanting to read the Harry Potter books or watch the movies. He simply had no interest in them. When he found out how excited I was for this movie to come out, he told me that he would watch all the Harry Potter movies with me and then go see the new one in the theater with me. So we did just that... and what do you know? By the time we were done watching all the movies at home.... he was pretty pumped to go see the new one with me tonight. And he told me he even wants to read them now. I think he is already dying to see how it ends. It made me happy that he liked it so much. It is such a fun story.

This is the first Harry Potter movie that I have not gone to the midnight showing of. So I went the next night, no big deal. Maybe I am getting too old for that now? I don't know. But not only did I go to the midnight showings before.... but Shawntel and I liked Harry Potter so much that we showed our HP pride by dressing up for one of the midnight showings. Yes... we were one of THOSE people. I admit that I like to dress up... in general. I think I have the Peter Pan Syndrome.... but is that so bad? Anyway... I thought I would post some old pictures from when Shawntel and I dresses up years ago. We sewed our own cloaks. And I even learned how to knit so I could knit a house scarf. I decided on Ravenclaw since Shawntel was going with Griffindor.


jamie hixon said...

That movie was AWESOME. I love every Harry Potter movie. And I'm picky.

That guy was the most annoying narrator of all time. I can't believe he won an award. I didn't know that they gave awards out for that sort of thing.

Desiree said...

How funny that the 1st Harry Potter I went to the midnight showing of is the 1st Harry Potter you didn't. We didn't dress up, but I thoroughly enjoyed the costumes we saw and figuring out who everyone was. I've just now started reading the books myself. I was on my mission when the whole craze started, and I just missed it. It's my goal to have them all read by the time #7 comes out. :)

Shawntel said...

Oh good times! This post brings back so many memories! I wish I could have gone to the midnight showing, I know since I have had kids, I feel like I am too old to go to them. I still have this secret desire to dress up and go to the first showing, mostly because it brings back the great memories of when we could hang out every day. (Sigh)