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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day Weekend

It was so nice to have a long weekend. I kind of wanted to get out of Provo since I have been here during the 4th of July for the past 5 years, but that didn't happen. I still had a really great weekend though. Friday it was just so nice to not have work and sleep in and go for a run in the morning instead of late at night (because it has gotten so hot here recently). Then Brent's brother Brian was in town so we went on a double. First a picnic in the park and then up to Payson lakes to use our club 400 again and paddle around the beautiful lake. It was so relaxing and fun. Then picked up dinner and went over to Brent's sister Diane's house and we all ate pizza together.

Saturday I woke up early and my sister Kristy and I drove over to BYU campus to get ready for the Freedom Run. Before the run started we watched all of the hot air balloons in the sky. Kristy and I ran the 5k together the whole way through. Because of my crazy diet I had just started running the week before and was not in the best of shape yet, but thanks to Kristy pushing me, I had a better time than last year when I ran it. We then met up with Jess and the kids to watch the parade. I'm not that into parades so I went home early to get clean and take a nap.

That evening... Brent came and picked me up and took me up American Fork Canyon to have a romantic picnic. July 4th is not just Independence Day, but it is also the day Brent and I went on our first date last year. So we decided to celebrate. Brent grilled delicious salmon and we also had salad and fruit. It was a perfect dinner by candlelight in a beautiful Forrest area next to a creek.

After our romantic picnic we went to Thanksgiving Point to watch the fireworks (which is where we went for our date last year). I got a text from Monica that she and her husband were there, so we met up with them and watched the awesome firework display while listening to patriotic music. After we chatted for a bit while eating my patriotic dessert that I had made earlier that day. Shortcake with whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries. We then head home. Sunday I made Brent dinner and made this patriotic Trifle for dessert. I guess I was in a cooking mood this weekend. Over all... great weekend. Hope everyone had a great holiday!


Lynette Mills said...

You two have the greatest smiles...looks like you had a wonderful one year anniverasry date!

Cheryl said...

SOunds like a fantastic fourth weekend and a great way to celebrate you two being you! I'm glad to see the smiles you two share. Sending my love

Desiree said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday weekend. Congrats on one year anniversary! That's awesome. I love that you had a romantic picnic to celebrate. Sweet. Love the cute festive desserts. You are SO creative!

jamie hixon said...

Holy Delicious Cow, Tracy. I want to eat the screen. Those desserts look yummy.
What a fun, packed weekend. You are making me feel lazy over here.

THE LIZARD'S said...

That is so neat that you did the 5k with running it straight through! Good for you! You look EVEN smaller too.

Jennifer said...

Too bad I didn't see you! We did the 10K that morning, and went to the parade also!