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Monday, August 31, 2009

Ward Camp Out

This last Friday, our ward went camping up Hobble Creek Canyon, which for those of you who don't know where that is... it is up the canyon from Springville (so not too far from us). It is really pretty there and close enough that it is not a pain for everyone to get there. Being on the activities committee, I worried about the attendance of the activity not knowing how many people would actually want to camp, but we actually had like 50 people there and probably 30 or so stayed the night. It was fun to chat with everyone around the camp fire, everyone eating tin foil dinners that they brought and S'more's provided by the ward. Brent of course brought the dutch oven and made chicken soaked in buttermilk and cooked in flour for the two of us.

It was pretty yummy. I was excited to share a tent with my roommates, never can get enough bonding time with my roommates... and then Brent pitched his tent right beside ours. We felt safer knowing he was right beside us. :o) I wish I could say I slept really well.... not because I was cold this time... I actually was pretty warm, but I was trying to sleep on rocks. It didn't go over well, so I felt pretty wasted the next day... we all did. But overall, it was still fun. Got to enjoy the camping while the summer lasts. The next morning a couple members of the bishopric cooked breakfast for everyone in the dutch oven. I don't remember what it was called, but it was a mixture or eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes and other good stuff that we topped with salsa and cheese in a tortilla. Yum! Then we all packed up and went home.... and took a nap. ha ha

My friend Whitney Allen that I used to work with at Apx last summer, moved into my ward recently and it has been so fun seeing her all the time at ward functions!

The Roommates!

This is what Brent and I look like first thing in the morning after not getting any sleep and all dirty and gross from camping. He still thinks I'm beautful! Now that is love. :o)


Jon and Rachel Van Wickle said...

looks like fun! Anything, even sleeping on rocks, is made better when it is with people you love! :)

Desiree said...

Looks like the ward campout was a blast. And if that's what you look like dirty, tired, and gross I want to be you! :) You DO look beautiful!

Lynette Mills said...

hope you caught up on your sleep

Whitty said...

Another successful camping experience... :)

Cheryl said...

Yes, you are beautiful. Hope he's not too stinky (j/k). And I love ward campouts! Ours is this weekend and I Hope to not be going!