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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ashlee's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my wonderful roommate Ashlee. Her birthday was yesterday, but since she has to work late on Wednesday's I decided to throw her a party on Thursday. Once I start planning.... it is hard to control myself and I just go all out. Ash deserves it though... that is for sure. I guess this is also good practice for when I have kids of my own and I have to start doing birthday parties. First I made her birthday sign. I printed out pictures that I have taken of her (minus one) and put all the letters to her name on each one. I thought it turned out cute. I chose the theme of pink and black. I also put up some streamers and I bought her some flowers and Tina bought some balloons. Then I baked her a cake. Funfetti... which she loves. I decided to stick with the color theme and decorate with pink and black. Kind of made up the design as I went... I thought it turned out pretty cute.

Then we set up the party food goods... you know, can't have a party without the yummy treats

Happy Birthday Ash! Glad it was a good day. Thanks for being such an amazing roommate! I love you!


whitty said...

Ahhhh! You are the BEST. The flowers, the cute pictures, and the party - I totally didn't expect all that! Thanks for being so very, very thoughtful. You are wonderful. I just want everyone to know that all the food rocked!! :) Love you, Trace!

Tessa and Adam said...

Love it! Where did you find those tall pedestal plate holders? (If that makes sense?) They are totally cute and I would love some. You are so creative Tracy. Keep up the good work.

rachel v. said...

you're such a nice roomie!!

jamie hixon said...

Who doesn't love funfetti? Nice work with that cake!!

Lynette Mills said...

Happy Birthday Ashlee.. thanks for being a terrific roommate to Tracy!