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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 2

Last week I wrote a post labeled "Random Thoughts". I went back and renamed it "Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet" since that is me, and the name of my blog. Every time I want to share my random thoughts, this is what I will call the post... plus which number it is.

First. I am pretty happy about the Winter Olympics being on right now. I am a little jealous of all my friends that have posted on facebook or blogs that they are going to be there. I would love to be at the Olympics one day. Just once.... maybe I should add that to my bucket list. I should have gone when the Winter Olympics were in SLC. What was I thinking? Until then... I will watch from the comfort of my home. Last night I was enjoying the couples figure skating. Love it! I am always amazed that they can hold each other up gracefully while skating across ice.

Second. Another one of my New Years resolutions is to lose more weight. This means I actually have to start exercising again. I have the hardest time wanting to exercise in the winter. It's dark and cold and I just don't want to do it. Well... last week I am happy to report that I started exercising again regularly and it feels good. Hopefully along with eating healthy... the weight will come off too. If I HAVE to do the HCG diet again... so be it. But I hope I don't. Also... I am trying something new with my exercise. I bought a Yoga video. This might seem like no big deal to many people... lots of people use this as their only exercise and they love it. I have NEVER liked yoga. I still don't. I would rather do dance aerobics, or kick boxing... something where I am jumping around and really getting my heart rate up. Why am I doing yoga then? Well.. I am only doing it a couple times a week.... but I know how important it is for us to stretch... also, I am hoping it is going to help me improve my posture. I think it is working. I still don't enjoy it (probably because I am not good at it) and I am sure I look pretty retarded doing it... but I will continue to do it.

Third. Speaking of eating healthy, I am doing a cleanse right now. I try to do one at least once a year. I am not too particular to the exact cleanse that I do. In fact I have tried many different kinds. It started with the Master Cleanse. Then I did one where I just took different types of pills from Nature's Way. I did Isegenix and others. This one I am doing right now is called The 3 Day Belly Bulge Cleanse (or something like that) I got it from my co-worker. It is not that bad, my roommate Ashlee is actually doing it with me which is nice. You just eat all natural foods, 5 mini meals a day and you add a lot of extra fiber to your diet with the foods you eat and supplements. I am feeling good... but not as cleansed as I have with other ones.

Fourth. Why do people feel the need to be mean and rip people off. Remember the whole ordeal with my roommates and I all having to move out and what a pain the people were that bought the house? For after everything they put us through... we continued to be nice and not make a big deal out of it. We have been trying to get our security deposits from these people for almost 3 months now and they finally give it back. They decided to keep $500 of the $800 of our deposit. What is normal to keep? About $150 NOT $500. Totally ridiculous! Don't worry, they gave us each a whole letter of all the ridiculous reasons of why they kept all that money. Non of them are valid. Do you know how much better this world would be if everyone was nice?

Last. On Friday, I realized that shopping makes me happy. Only a couple people at work + getting paid that day = shopping on my lunch break. Getting new things makes me happy. Why? I never thought I was materialistic, but maybe I am? I never considered myself high maintenance, but maybe I am? Being in love used to make me happy.... but since Brent and I broke up... buying things has made me happy. Don't worry... I'm not in any debt and I am still responsible with my money. Maybe I should watch "Confessions of a Shopaholic" again.


THE LIZARD'S said...

yay for shopping ... its exhilirating and sometimes.. well worth it. ha.ha. but I am a recovering shop a holic..what do i know? ps.. boyfriends come and go...looking and feeling fab in a new outfit is forever.

politicchic6 said...

I bought three pairs of shoes on President's Day. It was a delight. But shopping doesn't generally make me happier. As for the gym. I hear you sister. I have been pretty valiant these last few weeks, but I am training to a Hut to Hut snowshoeing backpack trip... so that might give a little extra motivation. I have also clensed (via Isagenix) and I really liked it. I had TONS more energy afterward. I was toying with the idea of doing it again but a nine day cleanse (the one I like) is like 170.00 and I don't know if I like it THAT much... especially when there are shoes that need to be bought.

jamie hixon said...

1- I have never had the desire to be at any Olympics, ever. Maybe I'll change my mind someday.
2- I used to hate yoga, now I love it! Maybe we can do a class while you are here.
3- Good luck on the cleanse. I wish I was allowed to do one right now.
4- There is serious power in retail therapy. Going shopping can really lift my mood too.

Lauren Graff said...

Tracy! You are so funny!! I love it. I wish we worked together still... So we could talk about all of these things when we should be working! And shopping makes me so happy too, its like theraputic to buy new things for me--i know horrible!

Kel said...

good luck with everything Trace!

have you tried pilates? I think it's better for posture and stretching. I have bad knees and holding the positions in yoga really hurts!

my apologies if you've tried it and hate it :)

Abby Wright said...

Its so hard for me to be pregnant, becuase all my life I have been on a diet and I am jelous of your resolution and that you are always motivated and every time I see you you are smaller. I admire you Tracy!

Desiree said...

I've wondered myself what makes a person superficial or high maintenance. I don't think I am, but I'm sure some peopel do. jerks! just kidding. But no, I don't think you are. If it makes you happy and you don't go over the top, go for it!