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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 237

I'm Back!!!! The trip went by so quick, but it also seemed like we were gone for a long time. 2 1/2 weeks is kind of a long time. Especially to take off of work. I'm so glad my work is so understanding of my love for travel. I always bring them chocolate from wherever I go though... so I feel like I'm rewarding them for that behavior. :)

The trip went so quick mostly because we were seeing everything so quickly. 1 day here, 2 days there. It was a sampler of Italy and Greece, but we just weren't willing to cut anything out. Wish we could have added more in honestly. There are only a few places that we wish we could have stayed longer. It is interesting on these trips... a part of me wishes that I can keep going and stay longer. You meet lots of people that are traveling for months and months and you want to join with them! There is so much I want to see, you just wish you could stay as long as you want and see it all. The other part of me was tired. Tired physically from going on the fast track with our travels and tired of being lost. Tired of public transportation. Tired of dealing with certain types of people. Tired of seeing my money go so quickly. Tired of living in hostels and out of a backpack. Tired of being dirty... and so on. Traveling like this has it's ups and downs. In conclusion, I could have easily stayed and traveled longer, but I was for sure happy to come home to a warm shower and clean clothes and the comfort of my bed. And to see my fish.

I wasn't very excited to go back to work... just because I knew it would take me an entire day just to go through my emails... which is did. I went back to work to two new co-workers to get to know AND to find out that our company has been bought... again. Hopefully no Huge changes will come of that for me, but I guess I will find out in November when it becomes official. Speaking of work, we stayed at this hostel in Athens and the guy that checked us in asked us what we do. Allison job is way cooler than mine. She is a nurse. When people ask me I tell them I work in contracts at a software company. Not that exciting right? Well, this guy is from Australia and works on kid shows doing animation and he asks me what software company I work at. I figure there is no way he will have heard of Novell... people in Utah a lot of times have never even heard of Novell unless they have been around during it's thriving years. Anyway... he tells me to just tell him what company. I tell him Novell and he freaks out. Like... No way.. you work for Novell. I'm like.. you have heard of it!? Then I think about it for a minute and remember how well we actually do in Asia Pac. I guess Novell is huge in Australia. Made me feel cool for a second. ha ha.

The travel home was LONG. It always is. It's not like the way there when you are all kinds of excited for he trip. You are already tired from your trip and then you have to deal with your long way home. We got up at 5am Greece time which is 9 hours ahead of Utah time and took a half hour flight to Athens, waited there for a few hours... made friends with a couple of girls in the airport which are going to be my future travel buddies. Then it was a 10 hour flight from Athens to JFK where I watched 5 movies and took a nap. At least it was a comfy plane and we had our own screen to watch whatever movies we want... always a bummer on those long flights when you don't have that. The food was actually good as well. Then we had to wait 4 hours in JFK and then another 4 1/2 hour flight from JFK to Salt Lake... which I slept for most of. Then our good friend RJ came and picked us up at the airport and we were home close to midnight. That is like 26 hour travel day for us. By the time I got home... I was past the point of being tired... because I was still on Greece time and in Greece it was the next day. So I took a shower and did laundry and unpacked... I was up until 3am and then finally went to bed. Don't worry... I totally had to work the next day which totally sucks, but I think only helped me get back on my normal time schedule easier. I woke up before my alarm, which is unheard of especially going off the little sleep that I was. I went into work early and it was back into the swing of things. Except that I felt like I had been hit by a truck.

I worried about my fish while I was gone. Only because I know the salt water tank is so sensitive. I had full confidence that McKenzie was taking great care of it... but I wondered how it would do without the weekly water changes and me cleaning the tank. Everything was still alive when I got back.... which is great, but my coral looked sad. They were suffering. I'm hoping that with a few water changes, they will go back to healthy looking. Fingers crossed. As soon as I got off of work today I went to the fish store to get to work on the tank. Can't neglect the tank or things start falling apart.

I was also excited to come back and have the next day be the food truck roundup. John asked me if I wanted to go, so we went tonight. First time we have hung out since I left him in Peru. He got back while I was in Europe. It was nice to hang out again. We ran into Steph, Stewart, Liz and Ben on a double date. It made me realize how much I missed hanging out with Liz and Steph. That is the sad part of your friends getting married... you don't get to see them as much anymore, but hopefully we can get together soon. I want to.

I guess that is all from me. I have a lot of things to catch up on. The blog, editing pictures, putting together all the video's to start working on the movie of the trip. Let alone my other projects I have given myself on the side... such as making sure all of my music is on my computer and tossing my CD's, still need to make my Southeast Asia book, I'm still slowly going through my stuff (crafts, my closets, clothes drawers) and getting rid of stuff. I'm trying to de-clutter my life and get rid of stuff I don't need or don't use anymore. It is a very cleansing process. Maybe I should shut myself off from the world for a while so I really make some progress. Maybe get a book on tape. Ha ha... I don't know. I'm too much of an extrovert and that sounds depressing... but productive. :)

Side note, my post about my singing with my neighbor, Jed... I meant to post the recording with the song with it... but was on my way out for my trip, so I didn't end up posting it. Well... I went back and posted it. So if you want to listen to it, you can now.

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jamie hixon said...

That is crazy that the Aussie knew Novell, and that your company got bought again! Dan and his boss keep thinking they are going to get acquired, but then the deals fizzle out.