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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pizza & The Italian Police Officer

Allison and I made a Bucket List for Italy and Greece. One of the Items on the Bucket List was to eat an entire Pizza by ourselves. I really thought this was going to be a harder task than it was. Turns out every time we got pizza (which was kind of a lot) we ordered our own pizza. The only time we shared a pizza was when we had also ordered other food but still wanted a pizza (which we had told the waiter to surprise us on which kind because the menu was in Italian and we didn't know what any of it was anyway... which he surprised us with this... cheese on the inside of the crust and pesto sauce on top. YUM). Other than that we would order our own pizza and then usually caught it in half so we could each try each other's pizza.

I have always loved Pizza... but Italian Pizza is an entirely different ballgame. I love their pizza even more. Why don't they make it like that here? I don't know... but I'm sad about it. I can't even tell you if I had a favorite kind, because I loved everything that I tried. Our first pizza was in Rome. Our last pizza we thought was going to be in Milan (our last night in Italy) but as it turns out, we also had pizza in Greece. It was a Greek Pizza (different toppings) still good.

Our favorite pizza out of all of them? Well... let me tell you a story.

While on our trip we wanted to try couch surfing. I had hosted people, so I wanted to stay with other people and get this great experience abroad that I have heard people talk about. As it turns out... nobody could host us, so it was a total fail. Well... not a complete fail. I got a message from Francesco, who lives in Florence. He couldn't host us, but he said he would meet up with us and give us a tour of Florence and take us to get the best pizza in the city. So we agreed. Why not? We met up with Francesco our first night in Florence. One of the first things I learned about Francesco, is that he is a police officer... so we were safe. He was SUPER helpful and so nice to show us around the city and give us lots of information and history on Florence. Took us to a beautiful view point of the city and lots of other fun stuff. He took us to what he claimed to be the best pizza place in the city. I would have to agree with him. It was the best pizza we had. Not only that... when he ordered for us, he ordered in Italian, so we had no idea what was going on, but not only did he pay for our pizza's... but he also requested that they were made in the shape of a heart. How cute is that? Those Italian boys sure know how to treat women. :)

We ended up hanging out with Francesco again the next night. Kind of loving Italian and people's accents. I also love how friendly everyone is. They are also very forward. Most of the time... I didn't mind. Kind of nice to get a little attention. Which also helped me cross another thing off of my bucket list (kiss an Italian guy). The End.


Lynette Mills said...

Oo la la

Liz Bailey said...

oh girl!

jamie hixon said...

Wait, what? Did you kiss Francesco? He paid for your heart pizza? Oh my.

I feel like I had really good pizza in NY somewhere that looked like one of these. I can't wait to go and try some actual Italian pizza.