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Saturday, September 20, 2014


Another item on our Italy Bucket list was to eat Gelato everyday. Don't judge us... but we accomplished this goal. We had Gelato at least once a day. One day we had 3 because we thought it was our last day to get gelato (not that we needed an excuse. We loved them... plus it was hot and the gelato was just so darn refreshing.

Because we tried Gelato in every city we were in and at many different gelato shops... we would like to consider ourselves gelato experts. Ok, we aren't, but maybe a little bit more than the average traveler?

My first gelato was the first night we got to Rome... on our night tour of Rome. This is when I fell in love with gelato and I had no idea that we would have better ones than this.

After my first picture with my yummy gelato, I decided to take a picture EVERY time I had a gelato. I don't know why. To keep track of how many I ate? To be funny? I did it though... so now it get's it's own blog post. I tried to get fruit ones sometimes, and they were good... but I just love my chocolate the best, so it was hard to get anything else.

After all of our gelato's in all the different cities we were in, we can tell you where the best gelato is. It is either the place that the Italian Police officer took us in Florence OR this place in Verona. Either way, Verona wins for consistently having amazing gelato at several different places. Our last gelato was actually in Athens, Greece. We didn't know we would be able to find gelato out of Italy. However, it wasn't even close to being as good, so we didn't have anymore after that.

Having gelato was always a highlight of our day. Never got old. You can tell by the expression on our faces. WE LOVE GELATO!!!! I miss it already!

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jamie hixon said...

We have an excellent gelato place here in Gilbert called Frost. Next time you come, we will have to go there.

Oh great, now I really want gelato. ;)