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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 238

This week I am thankful for comforts of home. After being abroad for 2 1/2 weeks and doing public bathrooms and showers and sharing dorm rooms and living out of a backpack, it's been nice to relax at home and take nice warm showers in my clean bathroom and sleep in my comfy bed and have my space.

I can't believe I have already been back for a week. Time really flies. I haven't even done much this week... just going through pictures and video from the trip and trying to get it organized and put together.

I'm surprised how warm it has been since I have been back. It's been nice. I should have been laying out this week because I have a feeling it isn't going to last too much longer. I did run outside today though and that was nice. I even had someone tell me tonight that I looked tan. What? I know. It's a rare comment for me to get.

I went to the food truck roundup tonight. It was the first time I went by myself. I just got a crepe and left. It was a GOOD crepe too. It was like a cheesecake filling with a little nutella and fresh peaches. So good. I just stopped by on my way home from church.

Why was I at church? I got a new calling. That's right. It's been a while since that has happened. I think with the new Bishopric and the big ward split and losing 75 people in the ward and getting 30 new people... they are reorganizing everything. I'm still keeping my old calling (which was taking pictures for the ward directory) but I now have a new calling. Any guesses on what they called me to? It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. I am the new Activities co-chair. This is a very familiar calling to me. Activities is my life. Just can't escape it. I guess that is what I get for being 96% Extrovert AND super fun. It has been a while since I have been in charge of activities and not just on the committee and I feel like it is a little bit of a new ball game doing activities for an older singles ward rather than a young college ward. I will have to step up my game. I guess I won't be moving to the family ward after all. I was planning to. I told them I should be in the family ward. I told them that I'm old and I have checked out of the ward because I'm old and don't feel like I fit anywhere... but they didn't seem to care. They still wanted me in charge of the activities in the ward. This is a big task... especially since we haven't had any activities pretty much for the past year and our ward really fell apart. I need to get our ward back to the way it was before... in it's Prime (the Liz & Oliver Days).  I guess I am supposed to stick around a little longer. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

It's quarter end at work. SO far it has been pretty slow. It's my turn to stay late... so we will see how late they keep me on Tuesday. I don't know if it will get super busy or not... what I DO know, is that they are going to make us fat either way. So much food! Then after Q-End... it's movie time. I hope there is something good out for us to see.

With all the food... and my trip, I have sadly gained weight. I told myself I wasn't going to do that when I got off my diet. So much easier said than done. I wish I didn't put it on so easily. Doesn't help that I have a desk job. I sit all day. I should set an alarm a few times a day and take the stairs all the way up and down every time my alarm goes off. So easy to get busy and side tracked and forget to do that. I need to do something, my pants are all tight. It's the worst. I have decided to get back on the diet... even though I told myself I wasn't going to do that. Hopefully I can fix some mistakes I made getting off it the first time and do it better the second time.

I came back from my trip and my corals in my tank are suffering. I'm not sure why... if it is just from not having a water change for a couple of weeks. I have done a couple of water changes since I have been back and I can't tell if they have really gotten any better. I hope I can get them looking healthy again. I don't want to kill my corals! I would be so sad. All my fish seem to be doing well though. So there's that.

I watched the 3rd season of New Girl this week and am half way done with the last season of How I met Your Mother. Yeah... I'm behind. I have to wait until it comes on Netflix. I'm going to be ready to start something else soon. I saw the last half of the movie "Noah" in the gym this week. What a terrible and inaccurate movie. It was painful to watch even the small portion that I did. Yikes.

Besides that, it has been a pretty uneventful week. I did get a new phone. It was time. For the past almost two years, I have been using an iPhone 4 that my old roommie (Meg) gave me. So nice of her. Always nice to have a free phone and not have to pay for that. However... it was broken when she gave it to me... just in the fact that it was stuck on vibrate and I think there was something else that didn't work. Not enough wrong that I couldn't get great use out of it for almost 2 years, but I figured it was time for me to update. So... I upgraded this week to the new iPhone 6. Let me tell you what. It was quite the change to go from the 4 (not even the 4s) to the 6. The 6 is SO much bigger! Thinner too. I'm getting used to it. It's nice. I use my finger print to log in. I like that feature. I know there is tons that I have to learn about everything the phone can do.... but I'm excited to learn. Always fun to have new stuff. I have a lot more space on this one too. Technology is pretty amazing. I love it.


Lynette Mills said...

Can't wait to see your new phone. Your work should go see Maze Runner or this new one that's coming out with Resse Witherspoon called The Good Lie. I've heard it's really good.

Liz Bailey said...

you'll be such a great activities co-chair! jealous of your wardies :)

jamie hixon said...

I always think it takes a week to recover from vacation.

I wish I could lose weight. I think you look good in all your pictures, but I get it. I've been going to a private pilates class and trying to eat well and doing the elliptical at home, but if anything I'm gaining weight. And I don't look good in anything. So, at least you are doing better than me! ;)

That is cool about your new (old) calling. You really are perfect for it. When I'm in charge of things like that it gives me major anxiety.